🟑 NPC [ Erin Tarn - Rogue Scholar ] RST!

RST! Savage Rifts: opens in 68 P.A. (42 years before canon time line) and located in the badlands of the old Texas frontier. Players are Independent Mercenary Bikers (tread and hover) not affiliated with the Legion, who race across the Freelands and are part of the history of the region, known as the Pecos Empire.
GM: Lars
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🟑 NPC [ Erin Tarn - Rogue Scholar ] RST!

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I’m a sassy rebel according to @Venatus Vinco ... go figure.

NPC: Seasoned human female Rogue Scholar, 28 years old.
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Rogue Scholar and Author of "HUMANKIND'S RISE FROM CHAOS", published in 63 P.A., 5 years ago in game.

I have taken it upon myself to capture human history before it is entirely lost. Mini say that it is of little importance since the planet earth is forever transformed in the human race will never be as it was. All the same, I believe there are generations who will wonder how and why things came to pass as they did and I hope my works will help to answer their queries.

I am not an educated woman. Thus, my words may not read as eloquently as those spoken by the new gentry rising to power in the middle America’s. I am a nomad who has come to see and hear many things in my travels. Things, that I now realize are pieces of our vanishing past. Things that too few people remember. Such as the 52 United States, the names of the old empires like Japan, Korea, China, Canada, and even our own USA. I’m told that I am a fool, because so few people today read American, or what was once called English, or read at all. Still, I will try to capture our past for the sake of our children and their children. So when the day comes that they ask why, when, how, and who, that they will have at least a few of the answers.

Ancient history of the world I will leave the old books and video disks that still exist. I’ve seen the astonishing number of civil and private Library of incredible proportions. It makes me glad to see that so many books and recordings have survived. My own humble collection number 72 paperbacks and 31 video discs, as of this writing. Of course, no library can compare to the library of Chitown. It is without exception the greatest library in the world! Books, magazines, antique computer disks and films, video tapes and video discs, microfilm, and original art works. I am told that many of the books were found in the catacombs of a place called the Smithsonian and other sites in the city of Washington, DC, which served as the USA Empire’s seat of government and knowledge. The months I spent pouring over those volumes was one of the greatest thrills of my life. I look forward to my return there one day in the years to come.

The Pecos Empire, located east of the Pecos River, 90 miles south of Odessa, is a barbaric community of marauding bandits who claim to rule all of the land south of the Colorado River. They remind me of the ancient barbarians of Europe. They are savage, cruel, and wild. Their base of operations is small farm and sheep grazing areas. They have no industry and low technology, stealing what they want or need, plundering neighboring communities, and travelers. The Pecos empire will attack as a mass army or send out much smaller raiding bands of 8 to 60 members. These Raiders are a mix of mutants, monsters, D-Bees, and humans. Juicers, Crazies, Headhunters, Psi Stalkers, and brutes of all races ride among those of the Pecos empire as marauding speed tribes. The forces of the Coalition States rarely bother with the old badlands. The overall empire has been estimated at over 1 million people, but only about a third are the barbarian Raiders. These Raiders have been known to travel as far north as Iowa, as far east as Alabama, and as far west as Nevada. They seldom travel beyond the Rio Grande River because there is nothing to steal and it is the domain of vampire bandits.

[ Rumor is Erin Tarn is back in Texas to get a better understanding of the Lone Star State and it’s peoples to expand on her limited knowledge of the area for her next book. ]

Erin Tarn

Rank: Seasoned
Race: Human, female
Age: 28
Iconic Framework: Rogue Scholar
  • Agility d6
  • Smarts d8
  • Spirit d8
  • Strength d6
  • Vigor d6
Pace: 8 (running d8); Parry: ?; Toughness: 5 / Armor: 13 (3); Strain: 0

  • Typical
  • Curious (Major):
  • Thrill Seeker (Minor):
  • Clock Calendar Headjack:
  • Wired Reflexes
Edges and Iconic Abilities
  • Fleet Footed
  • Scholar
  • Attractive
  • Several more
  • Wastelander Motorcycle (Size: 3 (Normal); Handling: 1; Toughness: 22 (10); Top Speed: 120mph/194kph; Notes: ATV, Exposed Crew, Nuclear, Rarity +1)
  • Anti-Personnel Laser (Fixed Front)
  • Survival Pack
  • Pens, paper, notebooks, personal computer
  • Vibro Knife
  • TX-16 Pump Rifle
  • TX-5 Pump Pistol
  • Custom Cannonball Riding Armor +3 A and +3 T
  • TW Amulet +2 T
Discord: Daniel (Lars)

  • Game Master: CS Disavowed (110 PA)
  • Game Master: Rifts Speed Tribes! (68 PA)

Damien - Momano (Rifts: 1st SET, Far From Home)

Monza Lena - Altara (Phase World: Remorseless)

Sergio - Gunman (Deadlands)

Clay - Fighter (Savage Forgotten Realms)

Dred - Mega Juicer (Rifts Legends)

Jackal - Artificial Construct (21st SET)
NPC Accounts:
Zieja Kasbrook (RST!)
Erin Tarn (RST!)
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