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Inchoations / Opening Scene: Raziz

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 6:52 pm
by Lars


Rifts Speed Tribes!

Inchoations & the Great Brouhaha
  • The start of a noisy confused disturbance in 68 P.A. (2354 A.D.)
  • 42 years prior to the creation of the Tomorrow Legion
  • Somewhere on old Highway 87 (Amarillo to Lubbock TX)

The cracked asphalt roadway wavered in the heat of the Texas badlands. On your (Hovercycle or Motorcycle) you cruise across the wastelands with purpose.


Texas was simpler before the Coalition States decided to claim the region in late 68 P.A. (has not happened yet in our game). A post, post apocalyptic wasteland where gangs raged and traded goods and fought off each other and more often monsters that emerged from Rifts in space and time.

The oldest Speed Tribes of the badlands of Lone Star, or Old Texas, were mostly racing up and down the paved remains of Highway 87 (north - south) and Highway 20 (east - west). The old American state was referred to as either Lone Star or more often, the Texas Freelands.

No CS from the mid west were in the area, Texas was a sort of unofficial no mans land. Gangs, Comanche, and ancient ruins often occupied by demons and monsters, it was simple enough: live or die, kill or be killed, pray for freedom and find a tribe for safety. Ride Fast. Fight Hard. Stay Alive.

The entire region would soon be transformed by a epic discovery. That story is still to be told... I digress.


A few moths ago an up and coming mercenary leader, Captain Sabre Lasar, had the foresight to convince several mercs/tribes of wanderers to join forces and beat down some supernatural monstrosities he called the
The Splugorth are an evil Lovecraftian-like inter-dimensional race of conquerors in the Palladium Rifts Megaverse roleplaying universe. Beings whom are malevolent and sadistic, enslavers and manipulators.
. You found yourself hitching up with the charismatic Captain Lasar and another esoteric mercenary named Hudson Blackwell. Lieutenant Blackwell was one of three lieutenants who worked for Lasar in the retaliation on the invading and slaving Splugorth. For the month you were working with the Lasar Mercs, you were assigned to Blackwell's platoon. During the month with Blackwell defending Texas from slavers you learned the Lieutenant was in fact a rare Black Dragon, originating from a far off dimension. Hudson, as he insisted you call him, shook your hand and thanked you after the mercenaries defeated the slavers and separated into smaller tribes of mercs. One of the nice finds, loot, you picked up while working with Lasar and Hudson was the vehicle/mount you now have.

Raging across the badlands you have run a few small jobs on your own. Now, roughly six months after the gathering Lasar put together, you have been contacted by Hudson Blackwell. While racing across the badlands over cracked and ruff asphalt a "magic" pigeon swirled across your view and started circling you with unreal speed as you rode. Stopping and eyeing the bird warily it suddenly spoke in perfect American.

"Greeting my old friend! It is I, Hudson! I could use a mercenary of your caliber right about now, someone I know I can trust. I got a job. It pays well. If you can, meet me at the Snake Pit in Crossroads. I'll introduce you to our client, Erin. Semper Celeritas"

You have been to the city of Crossroads before and know it is less than a days ride from where you are.


Crossroads is a town with a regular population of just under 8000 and quite often up to another 2000 transient visitors at any given time. It is located near where pre-rifts Kernville used to be, and, for the Pecos Empire, is a relatively modern and safe community. The town gets its name for being in a geographical, center more or less, of the Pecos Empire.

Since it is relatively large, as empire towns go, and located centrally, it is a major trade center in the budding Empire.

Located in the Pecos Empire, the Lone Star State, the people of Texas have had very little contact with the East Coast including entities such as the Coalition States (CS), who most have heard of and most have never actually been in contact with. And absolutely no contact with the west which is cut off by the great barrier mountains with its dimensional anomalies.

Crossroads is a thriving community of artists and craftsmen. In addition to stage performances, primarily comedies and song and dance, and musical events, there is a full-time movie theater that offers a good selection of pre, and post rifts films. There are two dozen pawn shops, large and small, plus a handful of Shoppes that specialize in artifacts both pre, and post rift, and even alien artifacts. In addition to pottery, various knickknacks, customers can purchase and or commission objects of art such as paintings and sculptures or specialty items. Custom made saddles, saddlebags, boots with ornate unique designs, gang insignia etc. are in high demand among the Pecos bandits in the region. Over a dozen tattoo parlors also thrive in town.

A large Carnival has set up shop in the town of crossroads. There are gambling halls and sporting arenas that can seat up to 8000 people. Besides gambling, these halls provide a variety of entertainment in which the same manner as a saloon halls of the old wild west ones did.

There are even some red light districts with brothels, cockfighting and dogfighting and drug dens, houses of illusion, psychic experiences and a host of unique pastimes for a reasonable price. The local law-enforcement is mostly made up of a militia or basically a large gang well outfitted with weapons and armor. They are referred to as the City Guard.

Hover vehicle racing is a common occurrence and there are Juicer games. About the only thing that Crossroads draws a line at is actual blood sports, they are forbidden within city limits. All in all this could be considered a Las Vegas of the Pecos Empire.

The town is run by a board of commissioners. The Guard, or militia is made up of citizens and full-time freelance military forces. One perk of signing up with the militia is after two years you are given citizenship and a license to work in the city and have your own shop. It is illegal for unlicensed persons to set up businesses within the city, this does not in anyway affect independent mercenaries working in the area.

Roughly 30% of the population is human, another 8% are augmented humans such as cyborgs, juicers and crazies. The majority of Crossroads is made up of roughly 62% dimensional beings (D-Bee's). The commissioners for the city of Crossroads are currently starting a new project of building a wall around the city, although this may take several decades to complete.

One of the more famous bars within Crossroads is known as: the Snake Pit.


Now you find yourself sitting at a table located in the seedy bar, the Snake Pit, waiting. A few drinks later the double doors to the bar swing open and you recognize your old Lieutenant.


Literally the piano players stops playing, as everyone eyes the newcomer, then the music starts back up and murmurs and conversations carry on. Dressed in black leather pants, biker jacket and cap, Hudson grins and you recognize the dragons large golden dragon ring on his right hand. The evening darkens outside, silhouetted behind Hudson as he walks deeper into the bar after eyeing you. With night, the hot day starts to cool off. As the black dragon settles haphazardly into the seat across from you he smiles and before he can say anything a D-Bee bar maid, Harriette, an easy to look at mole-like humanoid female bustles up to the table and asks Hudson what his pleasure is.

"A refill for my mate and I'll have what he is having. Lace mine if you please."

Returning his attention to you, Hudson continues:

"It has been a second hasn't it mate. By the Dragon Kings of Tolkeen, so many stories to tell and we were only together a ... what five weeks or less!"



To start out, you can recant (like an Interlude) a story of the time you spent being a mercenary working with Hudson and Captain Lasar fighting Splugorth and defending Texas from slavers! Feel free to embellish and make it a truly worthy of being a bar story tale.

After your post I will carry on with more narrative. Thanks and enjoy.

Re: Inchoations / Opening Scene: Raziz

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2020 6:27 am
by Raziz Kelraz
Seeing Blackwell breeze into the bar, Raziz Kelraz stands to greet him, the chair groaning in relief from being relieved of the troll’s bulk. Squeezing the man’s hand with force that would kill a normal human Raziz feels Blackwell crush his hand back in a display of supernatural strength. The big troll holds on as long as he can until finally releasing first, no need for a broken hand today.

”Blackwell. Why do you insist on such ugly human forms? You could be a mighty troll or even an ogre. They aren’t as pretty but their females will do in a pinch.” For his part Blackwell, a dragon in disguise, just laughs.

”If I were a troll even the orc ladies wouldn’t look your way Kelraz.”

The pair sits down as their drinks arrive.

”Five weeks?” Raziz says in guttural American. ”The Battle of Big Bend feels like a lifetime ago. We won, but I still haven't got the taste of it out of my mouth. Like eating Butter Troll.” To emphasize his point, he downs his drink in a single gulp and signals for another.

Blackwell laughs at the mention of Big Bend, ”It was an amazing strategy. Lead the slavers right into the clutches of their mortal enemies and let them kill each other.”

”Amazing for Lasar. We had to act as bait for the vampires!”

”Yes, how many did we drum up? At least a hundred?”

”A hundred?” Kelraz questions, ”Felt more like a thousand. We crossed into Mexico looking for vampires and found more than we could handle. Fighting them was unpleasant, they did not die but chased us like a honry grigleaper in mating season. So arrogant, but we ride fast!”

”The fastest!” Blackwell agreed with a raise of his glass.

Raziz grunts, as if remembering something unpleasant, ”We broke a cardinal rule of the Freelands that day. No bridges on the Rio Grande. Still the uglies wouldn't cross,” Raziz grins, ”Until they saw the Splugorth on the other side!”

”Once they crossed we destroyed the bridge behind them guaranteeing a fight to permanent death. I have killed many people, even more monsters, but to watch those two go at it was worse than watching devil unicorns mate. Should have recorded it. The video would have made a killing with blood sport fans.”

”Somethings humans should not see,” Blackwell admonished quietly. ”It would remind them of their already precarious existence in this world.”

”I should be reminder enough!” Kelraz exclaims, ”Grind their bones to make my bread and all that.”

”Yes, you would do well living under a bridge I am sure.” Blackwell retorted with a grin.

Raziz merely shrugged, ”As long as it is not a bridge over the Grande. Those vamps can stay on the other side. The clean up sucked, tracking them all down to prevent an outbreak on this side was the worst part of the plan. A part Lasar didn't assign himself to. A few of our own got bit, had to put them down like dogs.”

A giant plate of steaming meat arrived and Kelraz began devouring it, snapping the giant bones and sucking out the marrow. Causing a few nearby humans to change tables. Raziz merely grinned at them and sucked loudly, as if to say You would taste even better.

Between gulps the troll looked to Blackwell, ”You said you had a job.”

Yes,” Blackwell responded with glee. ”Her name is Erin. You might even stand a chance, she’s very open minded for a human.”

Kelraz burps, ”Side benefits are nice, but what’s it pay?”

Re: Inchoations / Opening Scene: Raziz

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 11:23 am
by Lars
@Venatus Vinco nice opening post! Raziz has earned a bennie for that post.

Sounds of patrons drinking and eating in the bar, the Snake Pit, mingled with a cheap piano that played in the background.

Sitting at the table with Raziz, the night stalker dragon in human guise knocked back another drink.

A giant plate of steaming meat arrived and Kelraz began devouring it. Between gulps the troll looked to Blackwell, ”You said you had a job.”

Blackwell responded with glee. ”Her name is Erin. You might even stand a chance, she’s very open minded for a human.”

Kelraz burps, ”Side benefits are nice, but what’s it pay?”

Leaning back in the chair Hudson glances around the Snake Pit before answering the Troll. Other than the two pool players at a nearby pool table the majority of those in the bar are across the room. The Crazie and D-Bee players look engrossed in their game. Cash, candy and e-clips piled up as the stake.

”Tomorrow at noon. We are meeting a bloke by the name of Desmond Bradford. He says some of his contractors were captured and he wants them back. Sounds like his men are working for the Coalition States. Says he was contracted to search for oil here in Texas and some bandits snagged a few of his men when they were traveling. He’s going to give us details and instructions. Claims he knows who has them and where they are, but doesn’t want to send in his mercs or ask the CS for help. Seems to think that would piss off his employers. Says these captured fellas have some vital company info on them. He’s offering 100k for the info and 20k per man rescued.”

Letting that soak in a moment Hudson goes on after a sip of his laced drink.

”Now here is the fun part. Erin. And I mean the Erin Tarn who wrote that underground book the CS hates. Yeah. She’s in town. Wants to write another book. More of a first hand experience book. So she and some Lazlo dudes stroll into Texas and come across a group of guys claiming they have fled from the CS and a contractor company after finding something amazing. Some relic. They steal the details saying where it is and try to set up a buy. But it goes badly. Erin’s group try to save these blokes from some tribe of mercs but only Erin escapes the firefight. The guys with the details are captured and her Lazlo escort all killed. She contacted me, I met her few years ago, and wants to hire us to find these poor captured fellas and then rescue them. She’s interested in the information too but actually seems more worried about the dudes. We are meeting her at 2 in the afternoon tomorrow.”

Grinning Hudson nods.

”One leads to the other. Now. Here’s how I wanna do this. We tell the guy Bradford we are down. No problem. Then we chat with Ms. Tarn and tell her we are down. We rescued the blokes and see what the relic is before deciding on how we play that. Lazlo has fronted 200 k for taking out the tribe, dead or alive and rescue of the men. We collect on that then maybe collect with Bradford too. I for one am not keen on a CS presence in Texas though. Unless the relic is too juicy to let go.”

Raising his glass up as a toast to Raziz, Hudson says, ”Whatcha think?”

A Crazie human and another D-Bee start yelling at each other at the pool table near the table Raziz and Hudson are sitting at. Swinging a pool stick at the D-Bee it ducks and the stick blasts into Hudson’s drink smashing it out of his hand. “ Déjà vu...” The piano stops.

Jumping up Hudson turns to face the ruckus as the eight ball is thrown and strikes another merc across the bar room in the back of his head. Knocked out the MERC drops and his friends turn mean eyes at the side of the room with Raziz, Blackwell and the pool players.

Decide on the course of action and narrate it. Blackwell looks like he is about to jump into a good old fist fight bar brawl. A common occurrence in the Snake Pit that surprisingly is usually nightly and non fatal. Fists fly and heads get kicked and everyone nurses wounds over drinks afterwards.

Additionally carry on with conversation with Hudson if you like. (Before, during or after the possible fight or calming negotiation you attempt).

Re: Inchoations / Opening Scene: Raziz

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 2:39 pm
by Raziz Kelraz
As Raziz tries, and fails, to keep track of all the moving parts in the job a good old fashioned bar fight begins too erupt. Wiping the grease from his hands and draining his drink the massive troll stand up and cracks his knuckles.

Looking at Blackwell he grins wide, exposing the bits of meat still stuck in his sharp teeth, "A brawl? You know how to sweet talk a guy eh?"

With that Raziz grabs the nearest combatant and hurls him across the room into the pair of pool players who started the ruckus.

Re: Inchoations / Opening Scene: Raziz

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:49 am
by Lars


Hudson nods at Raziz as they are the last two standing, the rest of the Pit’s patrons either flee or now lay on the saw dust floor.

Leaning in closer to Raziz, “Trust that I plan on double crossing the CS every chance I get. There is just the right amount of CS in Texas for my likings already. None official anyway. I saw the same BS in Belgium, Paris and on ...yeah.”

Hudson extends his hand to shake with the Troll.

“I knew I could trust you. Thank you. Welcome to the inception of malevolence. Let’s make credits and drink, ride and keep Texas free. Oh. Here. I picked this up from a rather interesting fella in my travels. Attach it to you cycle and hold on.”

Removing his hand from the shake a small cylinder device about the size of a energy clip is left in Raziz hand.

Grinning, Hudson Blackwell the Nightstalker dragon walks with an unsteady gait towards the exit and waves. “See you at the meet and greet with Desmond.”

Attach to you Hovercycle or Motorcycle to increase speed by 80 Miles per hour (128 kilometers per hour).
You can post more here if you want. Or. Just hang in there a bit until we all join up to play as a group.

Re: Inchoations / Opening Scene: Raziz

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:25 am
by Raziz Kelraz
Giving a satisfied nod at the mess sprawled out across the bar Raziz flips a table upright. Reaching behind the bar helps himself to a bottle of something strong, grabs a still in tact chair and sits back down. The big troll nods at Hudson, "Don't like what I hear about the skull heads either. Let's give 'em hell on wheels. See you at the meet n' greet."

Turning the cylinder over in his hands absent-mindedly Raziz turns his attention to the bottle in his hand, already thinking of having another.