Indigo Platoon, 17th SOG Company

Out of the Frying Pan and Straight into the Fires of Hades and Dyval.
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Indigo Platoon, 17th SOG Company

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When a soldier joins the Coalition States Army in Chi-Town or are among a group of levies provided by other states (10-25% of their incoming forces depending on the need), their first tour of duty is in the ruins of Old Chicago. In this period, most learn the one thing most other standing forces in the world (aside from the NGR) don't get: immediate combat experience under the care of a professional and dedicated cadre of officers and non-comms. They learn first hand the depravity of the Federation of Magic which continues to wage a near constant guerrilla war against the CS trying to reclaim their center of operations in the parking garage beneath the old Sear's Tower in downtown Chicago. They also learn of the brutality of other creatures including vampires, brodkil, demons, and worse. In short, soldiers assigned to Old Chicago come to instinctively understand what the Coalition is fighting, why, and why their methods have to be some over the top. This combined with a constant media barrage is what creates the widespread support for the policies of the government of the Coalition.

It's important to note that for most people joining the military is done for a relatively few number of simple reasons: They are scared and sometimes scarred survivors of d-bee or monster attacks, they are refugees of yet another place destroyed by the efforts of the monstrous and/or the evil, they are patriots doing their duty to protect their home against enemies foreign and domestic, or in a rare few cases, there is a benefit to be had for their own personal growth (citizenship opens up opportunities). Terrorists don't need to have bombs strapped to their chest or assault rifles to kill people. Some can do it with their bare hands or have energy blasts that come from their eyes and hands every bit as powerful. They have a national power that hates them for existing, and obviously all they can do is reciprocate the feeling. They recently destroyed one enemy only to have their old enemy ramp up their actions as well.

Into this stewpot of rage, fear, patriotism we drop a group of recently trained soldiers. All infantry. Some psychics, but few more than major psychics. Some are mutants (suffer distinctive appearance hindrances), but all are green inexperienced soldiers fresh from training. Welcome to Hell boys and girls.

When they get through their Hell tour, or maybe their third or fourth, they will be put to other commands. One such command is the 17th SOG, a Commando company that specializes in the hard missions too tough or too specialized for the regular infantry.

Platoon Chart
  • CO: Captain Roger Dooly
    XO: Staff Sergeant Danica Templar
Alpha Squad: Assault Squad
Squad CO: Captain Roger Dooly (Pilots: PA-08A Striker Special Forces SAMAS)
XO: Staff Sergeant Danica Templar (Pilots: PA-08A Striker Special Forces SAMAS)
Corporal (Pilots: PA-09A Super SAMAS)
Corporal (Pilots: PA-09A Super SAMAS)
PFC (Pilots: PA-06A SAMAS)
PFC (Pilots: PA-06A SAMAS)
PFC (Pilots: PA-06A SAMAS)
PFC (Pilots: PA-06A SAMAS)
PFC (Pilots: PA-06A SAMAS)

Bravo Squad: Demolition and Elimination Specialists
Squad CO: Sergeant Frost (Co-Pilot/Vehicle Commander of Demon Locust Helicopter)
Team Leader: Corporal Solène Bouchard (Pilots: PA-08A Striker Special Forces SAMAS)
-PFC Dina Perry (Jet Pack)
-Private Jason Gregg
-Private Steven Phillips
Team Leader: Corporal Raleigh Ray Colton
-PFC Cassandra Maverick
-PFC Jacob Somerset
Team Leader: Private Jaren Steelcreek
-Dogpack Soldier 1
-Dogpack Soldier 2

Charlie Squad: Recovery and Support Specialists
Squad CO: Sergeant Lucius Draper (Pilots: PA-08A Striker Special Forces SAMAS)
Team Leader: Corporal Logan Wright (Hovercycle)
Team Leader: Corporal Joseph C Marshal (Pilots: PA-08A Striker Special Forces SAMAS)
PFC Alan Klinger (Medic) (Hovercycle)
PFC Chai Son (Medic) (Hovercycle)
Private Jasper Maddocs (Hovercycle)
Private Anastasia FD97 - Dog Boy (German Shepherd) (Hovercycle)
CS 17th SOG
"In so far as you are concerned, I am the right arm of High Command itself. You are my Fist, be ready to strike at any moment." Major Killian Gregor, 3rd SOG Battalion, CSSD, Chi-Town.


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