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Corporal Antone Jaxson

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 4:54 pm
by JAXSON, Antone
Character Sheet

Rank: Novice-2 Advances Left: 0
Race: Human
Iconic Framework: Combat Cyborg
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d12+2, Vigor d12
Pace: 10 D8; Parry: 9; Toughness: 33 (17); Strain: 0/6

  • Athletics d6
  • Common Knowledge d4+2
  • Fighting D10+2 (+2 with unarmed)
  • Notice d8
  • Piloting d6
  • Persuasion d4-1
  • Shooting d8 (+1 calibrated weapons)
  • Stealth d8+2
  • PTSD (Minor): Roll spirit each session. Lose benny on failure
  • Vow: Coalition Fanatic Patriot (Major): Follow orders.
  • Driven (Minor): Antone will make any sacrifice to get citizenship for his momma.
  • Heroic (Major): You can not lead from the back.
  • Illiterate (Minor): No time for school
  • Obligation (Minor): Nothing comes for free. Your benefactor “asks” for favors.
  • All those moving Parts (IF): can not be healed, has to be repaired, no golden hour
  • Heavy (IF): -2 to all trait rolls if the vehicle is not equipped for borgs.
  • Inhuman Appearance (IF): -1 persuasion rolls when dealing with most beings
  • Lost of Dexterity (IF): -1 to agility and all linked skills not directly related to combat.
Racial Abilities
  • Ambidextrous (Human): No off hand penalties
Edges and Iconic Abilities
  • Brawler (Hinderance): +1 toughness and +1 die of unarmed damage
  • Bruiser (Hinderance): +1 toughness and +1 die of unarmed damage
  • Martial Artist (HJ): +1 fighting and +1 die of unarmed damage
  • Martial Warrior (HJ): +1 fighting and +1 die of unarmed damage.
  • Luck (HJ): 1 extra benny
  • Well Equipped “Rich” (HJ): armor upgrades are not cheap but someone in command likes you kid.
  • Fleet Footed (IF): +2 pace and +1 die running
  • More Machine (IF): +2 recover from shaken and stunned, ignore 1 wound penalty, immune to disease, drowning, poison. +4 to resist cold, heat, and radiation.
  • Size 1 (IF): +1 toughness
  • Upgradeable (IF): +6 strain
  • Unarmed Combat (IF): Str+d4 MD in unarmed combat and always armed
  • Frenzy (Cyber): Extra fighting die on 1 attack
  • Improved Frenzy (Cyber): Extra fighting die on 2 attacks
  • Iron Jaw (1st): +2 soak and vigor rolls to avoid knockout
  • First Strike (2nd): Free fighting attack when a foe moves into range verision

Cybernetics and Bionics

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 4:55 pm
by JAXSON, Antone

Adrenal System (1) - Strain: 0
  • +2 to recover from shaken or stunned, stacks with edges.
Armor Plating (3) - Strain: 0
  • +6 MDC arnor, stacks with other MDC Armor
Audio package (1) - Strain: 0
  • +2 hearing notice checks
Bionic Strength Augmentation (1) - Strain: 0
  • +1 strength die
Core Electronics Package (1) - Strain: 0
  • +2 Common Knowledge, Electronics, Hacking, Research, and Repair. Radio (20 miles), gyro-compass, Clock
Cyber-Wired Reflexes (1) - Strain: 0
  • +1 agility die
Internal Life Support (1) - Strain: 0
  • Immune to disease, drowning, and posion. +4 to resist cold, heat, and radiation
Nuclear Power Cell (1) - Strain: 0
  • Powers systems and weapons
Optics Package (1) - Strain: 0
  • +2 to all sight based notice checks and versus blinding flashes and effects. Ignore illumination penalties
Reinforced Frame (3) - Strain: 0
  • +3 toughness
Synthetic Organ Replacement (1) - Strain: 0
  • +1 Vigor die
Hand to Hand Reaction Wiring (VWC) (1) - Strain: 1
  • +2 fighting and +1 parry
Leg Upgrade (VWC) (1) - Strain: 1
  • +2 pace and +1 jump
Embedded Combat Coding (VWC) (1) - Strain: 2
  • Frenzy
Embedded Combat Coding (VWC) (1) - Strain: 2
  • Improved Frenzy


Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 4:55 pm
by JAXSON, Antone

Standard Adventurer Gear Package
CS-S2 Survival Pack (20 lb)
  • • Climbing kit with cord, pitons, and hammer; +1 Athletics (climbing).
    • Compass/inertial mapper with a mirrored back for signaling; +1 Survival (navigation).
    • Emergency Kit with a survival knife, signal flares, and one week of sealed minimal rations.
    • Fire starter kit with pocket lighter and flint sparker.
    • First aid kit with three uses (each refill costs 100 credits).
    • Flashlight and radio (five-mile range), crank and solar powered.
    • Hunting/fishing kit +1 to Survival checks to gather food via fishing and trapping small game.
    • Sanitation kit with water filter, canteen, mess kit, soap and sterile cloth.
    • Two-person tent, insulated with a water collector, providing +2 versus cold or heat environmental Hazards. Paired with an insulated sleeping bag.
    • Survival Knife
    • Wooden Cross
    • Mallet and wooden stakes
    • 1 set extra clothes
C-18 Laser Pistol
  • • Range: 12/24/48
    • Dmg: 3d6, AP: 3
    • ROF: 1
    • Shots: 10
    • Weight: 3 lbs. (Min Str: d4)
    • Notes: Cauterize, No Recoil
    • Rarity: +2 (Common) Cost: 12,000
CX-13Sig Silver Vibro-Vambraces
Using stolen tech this close combat weapons have ben enhanced. The claws have been upgrade with a neuro-synaptic nanite system. The system can be used on 2 settings. The first setting activates a strong EM field within the nanites. As the nanites spread this forces the limbs and mobile parts of the target to become stuck together. The second setting activates the nanites to stun a target buy absorbing all electrical impulses including those of the central nervous system. The system has a limited capacity of nanites and time is required to produce more.
  • • Damage: Str+2d12 silver, AP 8
    • Weight: 2 (Min Str d6)
    • Notes: Parry +1 (must be worn as a pair for the bonus). Count as Claws. Harmonic Blades, MD, Powered Weapons
    • Major mod 1: Entangle, limit touch, triggered by fighting 2 PP (cost 60,000 and -1 rarity)
    • Major Mod 2: Stun, limit touch, triggered by fighting 2 PP (cost 60,000 and -1 rarity)
    • Minor Mod 1: 5 PP (cost 5,000)
    • Minor mod 2: 5 PP (cost 5,000)
    • Rarity: -4 Cost: 251,000
CA-6C "Dead Boy" Cyborg Armor:
  • • Armor: +9 Toughness: +3
    • Weight: 60 lbs (Min Str: d10)
    • Notes: Multi-Optic Helmet, EBA, Public-address loudspeakers, Communications system with a 10 mile range, Built-in mini-computers for basic functions, The light areas of the skeleton portions of armor are light sensitive and darken 20% in low light.
    • Rarity: -4; (Rare) Cost: N/A
Coalition Arms C-200 "Dead Man's" Infantry Rail Gun
Image Falcon Jet Pack
  • • 3 hours run time (cool 1d6 hours)
    • Handling +0
    • Top Speed 120 MPH
    • Max Range 700 miles
    • Weight 35 lbs, Cost: 400,000
Utility Belt (3 lb)
  • • First aid kit (+1 Healing roll, 1 use).
    • Canteen (half gallon).
    • Communicator (5-mile range).
    • Compass/inertial mapper.
    • Flint & steel
    • Whetstone
    • Multi-tool.
    • Flashlight/signal light (two modes, LED, and IR).
    • Magazine/E-Clip storage slots (4).
    • Meal Ready to Eat (1 use, can sustain a normal human for one day).
    • Vibro-Knife
    • Fragmentation grenades: 2/2
    • Smoke grenades: 2/2
Mission Loadout

Coalition Arms C-12 Heavy Assault Laser Rifle
Image Mag-5 Jet Pack
  • • Handling +1
    • Stealth +2
    • Top Speed 60 MPH

Background Tracker

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 4:57 pm
by JAXSON, Antone
Personnel Record
Name: JAXSON, Antone
Service Branch: Coalition Army
Service Number: IL10-B12-091-C46F-2941
Pay Grade:
Pay Rate: /month
Rank: Corporal
Date of Birth: 12 November 91 PA
Primary Specialty: Experimental Cyborg, Tier 1 Operator
Military Education: ATF
Decorations, Medals, Badges, Citations, and Campaign: Field Experience Badge, Archway Defense Service Ribbon, Iron Star with 3 clusters, Crimson Heart with gold stripe, Cybernetic Heart
Disciplinary data and court martial record: None
Combat Tours:
12 May 107 assigned 177Th heavy infantry group. Deployed to Devil’s Arch.
29 May 107 unit engaged by large group of demons breach the border in sector 3X145F. Awarded Iron Star for saving commander from being eaten by class 4 demon.
18 June 107 patrol engaged enemy Walkers and their pets. Only 5 survivors of the original 12 man patrol made it back to base. Patrol’s psi-stalker killed in combat. Awarded Iron Star for carrying 2 of his wounded comrades back to base under heavy fire.
07 July 107 base perimeter breached by d-bee raiders. Wounded during the initial breach after sounding the alarm gave away his position. Awarded Crimson Heart.
07 July 107 reassigned to medical due to injuries. Both femurs and left pelvic arch broken. Recovery followed by PT to return leg mobility.
04 November 107 reassigned to unit.
13 December 107 patrol spots group of broadkil and pursues. Minor wound to left shoulder during skirmish. Awarded Crimson Heart Gold Ribbon.
08 January 108 base besieged by Federation shock troops. Awarded Iron Star for single handedly repelling the assault on the southern fence line for over 2 hours until reinforcement could arrive.
22 February 108 patrol encounter unknown force. No details or casualties are noted.
06 April 108 battalion order to advance on troops masses near Arch. Engagement lasted over a day. No wounds or actions are noted.
29 April 98 assigned the 195th Operation Support Group. No actions or wounds noted.
7 May 109 assigned 53rd Civilian Engagement Group. Deployed to burbs of New Chillicothe.
19 August 109 assigned to protect convoy 1A76F3 loaded with supplies heading to ( Redacted ) 0730 hours convoy engaged. Escort vehicles Bravo 2 and Bravo 4 are destroy in initial contact. Cpt Milliken orders evasive maneuvers and diverts the convoy to a new route. Engagement intensified as convoy is caught full fledge ambush. 0815 unit unable to establish com signal and request reinforcement., Cpt redeploys escorts to defensive position. 0830 ( Redacted Redacted Redacted ). 0840 escort personnel retreat with heavy losses. under orders from Cpt Milliken. During retreat all personnel lost except Cpt Milliken and Jaxson. 0950 Jaxson found severally wounded and the convoy is missing. All bodies except Cpt Milliken found at site. When found Jaxson body is severely mangled and missing 3 of 4 limbs. All internal organs damaged beyond repair. Medical team does not know he survived this long. Jaxson conscious and reports to medical team that ( Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted ). He continues to describe the assault. He then confirms that ( Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted ) Before finally passing out he begs to be assigned to a full conversion cyborg unit. He can not fail his family. ( Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted )

Antone Jaxson
Antone is a refugee from the Federation. Antone does not remember living in Federation. He only remembers that his Uncle Louie was killed by a demon summoned by a pretty wizard. He was only 4 when his family founds it way to the burbs of New Chillicothe. Momma always talks about how way back when her family came from some island way to the south. And how they have been working their way north trying to find a better life. Momma says life is hard now, but it is better than it was in the place they left. She refuses to say Federation out loud. Antone wonders how bad it was back there because life sucks in the burbs. Life has been hard, there was never time for schooling. We always had to work and struggle just to survive.
Antone knows the only way to make life easier is to become a citizen. Only then can he save his family from the burbs. The day Antone enlisted is the day Jamie quit speaking to him.

Raul – general handyman. Makes living fixing odds and ends for other people.
Momma Millie – maid. She cleans other people’s houses and laundry.

Siblings (Listed by age)
Jamie – Oldest brother. High ranking member of the triple deuces street gang.
Ralphie – Older brother. Runner for the triple deuces.
Louie – Older brother. Named after our uncle. Not sure what he does but he has always protected me from my other brothers and anyone else that wants to hurt me. Was sad to see me join the army but knows why I am doing it.
Marie – Younger sister. She has always been aloof. Antone is not sure she is all there.
Henry – Younger brother. Henry looks up to Antone.
Lenore – Youngest sister. Lenore is the baby and dislikes all of us that take any attention away from her.

Corporal Antone Jaxson

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 5:00 pm
by JAXSON, Antone
Character Back Story as Generated from High Command's tables.

Date of Birth = [dice:1urykj50]64265:50[/dice:1urykj50] [dice:1urykj50]64265:51[/dice:1urykj50]

Racial Ethnicity = Black

Background Origin = Refugee
Refugee follow up roll = Burbie

Parents = Both parents made it out alive with me

Siblings = should have been a d10 not d100. So if we round down by 10 the I have 6 siblings
Sibling 1 = [dice:1urykj50]64266:1[/dice:1urykj50]
Age [dice:1urykj50]64265:4[/dice:1urykj50]
Disposition [dice:1urykj50]64265:5[/dice:1urykj50]

Sibling 2 = [dice:1urykj50]64266:2[/dice:1urykj50]
Age [dice:1urykj50]64265:6[/dice:1urykj50]
Disposition [dice:1urykj50]64265:7[/dice:1urykj50]

Sibling 3 = [dice:1urykj50]64266:3[/dice:1urykj50]
Age [dice:1urykj50]64265:8[/dice:1urykj50]
Disposition [dice:1urykj50]64265:9[/dice:1urykj50]

Sibling 4 = [dice:1urykj50]64266:4[/dice:1urykj50]
Age [dice:1urykj50]64265:10[/dice:1urykj50]
Disposition [dice:1urykj50]64265:11[/dice:1urykj50]

Sibling 5 = [dice:1urykj50]64266:5[/dice:1urykj50]
Age [dice:1urykj50]64265:12[/dice:1urykj50]
Disposition [dice:1urykj50]64265:13[/dice:1urykj50]

Sibling 6 = [dice:1urykj50]64266:6[/dice:1urykj50]
Age [dice:1urykj50]64265:14[/dice:1urykj50]
Disposition [dice:1urykj50]64265:15[/dice:1urykj50]

Tours of Duty
[dice:1urykj50]64265:16[/dice:1urykj50] +1

Tour Type
Tour 1 = [dice:1urykj50]64265:17[/dice:1urykj50]
Tour 2 = [dice:1urykj50]64265:18[/dice:1urykj50]

Combat Zone Tour
Location = [dice:1urykj50]64265:19[/dice:1urykj50] St. Louis Gate
Number of actions [dice:1urykj50]64265:29[/dice:1urykj50]
Action 1
Type of combat = [dice:1urykj50]64265:20[/dice:1urykj50] Large Battle
Did I get wounded = [dice:1urykj50]64265:23[/dice:1urykj50] No
Did I get a medal = [dice:1urykj50]64265:24[/dice:1urykj50] Iron Star
Action 2
Type of combat = [dice:1urykj50]64265:30[/dice:1urykj50] Major Combat
Did I get wounded = [dice:1urykj50]64265:37[/dice:1urykj50] No
Did I get a medal = [dice:1urykj50]64265:38[/dice:1urykj50] Iron Star
Action 3
Type of combat = [dice:1urykj50]64265:31[/dice:1urykj50] Wounded
Wound in Combat = [dice:1urykj50]64265:39[/dice:1urykj50] Broken Bones
How many Bones = [dice:1urykj50]64265:46[/dice:1urykj50]
Recovery time = [dice:1urykj50]64265:47[/dice:1urykj50]
Action 4
Type of combat = [dice:1urykj50]64265:32[/dice:1urykj50] Wounded
Wound in Combat = [dice:1urykj50]64265:40[/dice:1urykj50] Minor gunshot wound
Combat Action = [dice:1urykj50]64265:48[/dice:1urykj50] Minor combat
Action 5
Type of combat = [dice:1urykj50]64265:33[/dice:1urykj50] Minor Combat
Did I get wounded = [dice:1urykj50]64265:41[/dice:1urykj50] No
Action 6
Type of combat = [dice:1urykj50]64265:34[/dice:1urykj50] Large Battle
Did I get wounded = [dice:1urykj50]64265:42[/dice:1urykj50] No
Did I get a medal = [dice:1urykj50]64265:43[/dice:1urykj50] Iron Star
Action 7
Type of combat = [dice:1urykj50]64265:35[/dice:1urykj50] Minor Combat
Action 8
Type of combat = [dice:1urykj50]64265:36[/dice:1urykj50] Large Battle
Did I get wounded = [dice:1urykj50]64265:44[/dice:1urykj50] No
Did I get a medal = [dice:1urykj50]64265:45[/dice:1urykj50] No

Did I Screw Up = [dice:1urykj50]64265:49[/dice:1urykj50] No

Tour 1 = Garrison
Type of Garrison = [dice:1urykj50]64265:21[/dice:1urykj50] Nothing happened

Tour 2 = Occupation
Type of occupation = [dice:1urykj50]64265:22[/dice:1urykj50] Convoy duty
Combat action = [dice:1urykj50]64265:25[/dice:1urykj50] Sole Survivor
PTSD = [dice:1urykj50]64265:26[/dice:1urykj50] Yes
Psyche Degradation Roll = [dice:1urykj50]64265:28[/dice:1urykj50]
Medal = [dice:1urykj50]64265:27[/dice:1urykj50] Iron Star

ID Number [dice:1urykj50]64265:52[/dice:1urykj50]

Hero's Journey (Tables rolls below were ignored by order of High Command)
Roll 1 4 possible tables = [dice:1urykj50]64265:53[/dice:1urykj50] Training
[dice:1urykj50]64265:57[/dice:1urykj50] = EXp & Wisdom = Quick
Roll 2 7 possible tables = [dice:1urykj50]64265:54[/dice:1urykj50] Education
[dice:1urykj50]64265:58[/dice:1urykj50] = Cybernetics = Hand 2 Hand wiring
Roll 3 8 possible tables = [dice:1urykj50]64265:55[/dice:1urykj50] Body Armor
[dice:1urykj50]64265:59[/dice:1urykj50] = EXP & Wisdom = Background Edge (Rich)
Roll 4 8 possible tables = [dice:1urykj50]64265:56[/dice:1urykj50] Ranged Weapons
[dice:1urykj50]64265:60[/dice:1urykj50] = Exp & Wisdom = Luck

Rich HJ Rolls
[dice:1urykj50]64265:61[/dice:1urykj50] and [dice:1urykj50]64265:62[/dice:1urykj50]

Very Rich HJ Rolls
[dice:1urykj50]64265:63[/dice:1urykj50] and [dice:1urykj50]64265:64[/dice:1urykj50]

Starting common items

Re: CS New Recruit

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 5:11 pm
by JAXSON, Antone
Family Details
Ethnicity = Black
Origin = Refugee
Refugee follow up roll

Parents = Both parents made it out alive with me
Siblings = should have been a d10 not d100. So if we round down by 10 the I have 6 siblings
Sibling 1 = [dice:2gqdrv5w]64266:1[/dice:2gqdrv5w]
Sibling 2 = [dice:2gqdrv5w]64266:2[/dice:2gqdrv5w]
Sibling 3 = [dice:2gqdrv5w]64266:3[/dice:2gqdrv5w]
Sibling 4 = [dice:2gqdrv5w]64266:4[/dice:2gqdrv5w]
Sibling 5 = [dice:2gqdrv5w]64266:5[/dice:2gqdrv5w]
Sibling 6 = [dice:2gqdrv5w]64266:6[/dice:2gqdrv5w]

Advancement Tracker

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 5:13 pm
by JAXSON, Antone
Hero’s Journey
Training (IF) (XX): Martial Artist (used The Rob to change number)
Training (IF) (16): Martial Warrior
Experience & Wisdom (GAME) (10): Rich
Experience & Wisdom (GAME) (14): Luck
Body Armor (Rich) (9): Optical camo +2 stealth
Body Armor (Rich) (5): +2 armor

• Novice 1 Advance: Iron Jaw
• Novice 2 Advance: First Strike
• Novice 3 Advance:
• Seasoned 1 Advance:
• Seasoned 2 Advance:
• Seasoned 3 Advance:
• Seasoned 4 Advance:
• Veteran 1 Advance:
• Veteran 2 Advance:
• Veteran 3 Advance:
• Veteran 4 Advance:
• Heroic 1 Advance:
• Heroic 2 Advance:
• Heroic 3 Advance:
• Heroic 4 Advance:
• Legendary 1 Advance:
• Legendary 2 Advance:
• Legendary 3 Advance:
• Legendary 4 Advance:

Re: Corporal Antone Jaxson

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2020 2:55 pm
by JAXSON, Antone
Height 6'4"

weight 126 lbs