Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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Arthur "Art" Helstrom
Novice Male Human, Chi-Town Rising Stars, and Holo-Vid Repairman

Iconic Framework: Chi-Town Rising Stars
Art, short for Arthur, has spent most of his life, as far as he can remember, in the backroom of Doc Hammond's shop, repairing older electronic entertainment media.

He barely remembers his mom's bright smile, and holds onto that memory most every night when he is falling asleep. The other thing Art does is have frequent dreams of "The Night Avenger". It's a character he cobbled together in his imagination from the various illustrated stories that his best friend KIle has told him over and over.

Kile is a pre-Rifts electronic book that holds many stories near and dear to Arthur's heart. These histories of "old earth", as Art thinks about it, contain inspiring stories of heroes questing on horseback as well as more urban heroes who had all kinds of amazing powers.

Doc Hammond, unknown to Art, is a cyber-knight who lost both his legs fighting Xiticix and woke up to find out they had been replaced with cybernetic prosthetics.

As far as Art knows, "Doc" was a father figure to his mother when she was younger and has lived here all of his life, repairing older eletronic appliances and entertainment units.

Because of the cybernetics, Doc is wracked with severe pain if he tries to summon his Psi-Sword, which is why he'll only do so in the direst emergencies.

His Dad, Handsome Jack, was a traveling Cyber Doc, based on the flyer that Arthur has. "Look better today, pay tomorrow!" Someday, Arthur thinks, he may come back this way and Art will get to meet him.

His Mom he last saw when he was three years-old. She was excited to be going to interview for a job with the Coalition. All of Doc's inquiries have met with a lot of bureaucratic red tape and half-answers. He hasn't given up trying to dig up more information but has mostly given up hope, though he'll never admit that to Arthur.

The Siege of Tolkeen Narrative Hook. Doc, Arthur and his mother were all refugees from the fall of Tolkeen. Rather than running from the enemy, they sought refuge within Chi-Town, looking to blend in amongst the lowest level, where the Coalition's attention would likely to be the least focused.

Several years ago Arthur found an old vibro sword in the back of the repair shop. He bugged Doc to teach him how to use it but it lacked an energy charge. Through his small salary and saving religiously Arthur was finally able to afford to pay for charging the sword.

Doc was impressed by the boy's tenacity and has been giving him weekly lessons. Arthur would like it to be more frequent, but without the sword being "on" it's too heavy for Arthur to wield effectively and he doesn't want to use up all of the sword's power just on training exercises.

Arthur is a lithe youth of 18-years old with bright, blonde hair. He has piercing blue eyes and is quick to laugh at almost any joke, as if he's desperate to cover up some deeply held pain.

He wears his favorite possession, a midnight-black cloak only at night when he is "patrolling the burbs".

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Athletics d8, Common Knowledge d4, Electronics d6, Fighting d8, Hacking d4, Language (Native) d8, Notice d6, Persuasion d6, Psionics d10, Repair d6, Riding d6, Shooting d6, Stealth d6, Thievery d4
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 13 (6)
Edges: Arcane Background (Psionics), Major Psionic, Master Psionic, Psi-Blade, Quick
Armor: Armored Cloak (Armor 2), Plastic-Man Light EBA (Armor 4)
Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str), Psi-Blade (Range Melee, Damage Str+d8, AP 20, M.D.C.), Colt Peacemaker (.45) (Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, ROF 1, AP 1), L-20 Pulse Rifle (Range 24/48/96, Damage 4d6, ROF 3, AP 2, M.D.C.), NG-33 Laser Pistol (Range 12/24/48, Damage 3d6, ROF 1, AP 2), Survival Knife (Range Melee, Damage Str+d4)
Gear: Clothing, Casual, Holy Symbol, Infrared Distancing Binoculars
Language: Native (native, d8)
Current Wealth: 900 credits
Arcane Background: Psionics (Rifts® TLPG)I.S.P.: 20Powers: Detect/Conceal Arcana (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p158), Relief (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p166), Smite (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p168; Limitations: Self (limited))
Special Abilities
Narrative Hook: Choose your Narrative Hook

Mountain Bike (Size: 0 (Normal); Handling: +1; Toughness: 7; Top Speed: 16mph/26kph; Notes: ATV, Exposed Crew, Tabletop Pace:Double rider's Pace and running die result)
RH100 Series Robot Horse (Size: 2 (Normal); Handling: +2; Toughness: 24 (12); Top Speed: 75mph/121kph; Strength: d12+5; Notes: ATV, Exposed Crew, Nuclear-Powered, STS, Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d12+5, Vigor d12, Skills: Athletics d8, Fighting d6, Notice d6, Survival d6)

Kick:Str+d6 MD

Novice Advances
Raise Attribute: AgilityRaise Skills: Fighting/Athletics

Current Load: 39 (41)
Books In Use: Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition, Rifts®: Arcana and Mysticism, Rifts®: Blood and Banes, Rifts®: Empires of Humanity, Rifts®: Savage Foes of North America, Rifts®: The Tomorrow Legion Players Guide, Rifts®: Tomorrow Legion Field ManualSetting Rules: Character Frameworks, Cyberware Tab, Rifts® M.D.C.Validity has been disabled
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Re: Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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Custom Hero’s Journey Table: Training, Psionics, Experience & Wisdom
1-2 (Training)
Constant battle, for cause or survival, means your hero knows a great deal about
combat. Select one Combat Edge; you may ignore all requirements except other
Edges (e.g. to take Improved Frenzy your character must have Frenzy first).

3-5 (Training Table)
After serving in a military, paramilitary, militia, or security force for some time, your hero has some solid combat training. She gains +3 Skill Points which may be spent on Athletics, Fighting, or Shooting in any combination.

6-7 (Psionics Table)
More ISP means more power to work with, and your character has it. He gains the Power Points Edge. Psionics who already have this Edge should reroll.

8 (Psionics Table)
Some powers become second-nature to the psionic. Choose a power your character
knows; when she successfully activates it, she gains the raise effect automatically.

9 (Experience & Wisdom)
A split second often means the difference between alive and a smear on the
landscape. Your character has the Quick Edge. If he already has that Edge, he gains
the Level Headed Edge instead.

10-11 (Experience & Wisdom Table)
Some experiences take a person back to the beginning, reconnecting her to her foundations. Select one Background Edge, regardless of requirements, so long as it makes sense and the GM agrees with it.

12-13 (Training Table)
Functional machines and technology often mean the difference between life and death in the world of Rifts®. Fortunately for any group your hero runs with, she’s pretty good with tech, giving her a one die type increase for the Repair skill, and the Mr. Fix It Edge.

14 (Experience & Wisdom Table)
There are times when no amount of skill, talent, or training is enough. Fortunately for your character, Lady Luck is in her corner. Take the Luck Edge, or Great Luck instead if she already has Luck.

15-16 (Experience & Wisdom Table)
There are moments when everything comes together and an opportunity presents
itself. Your hero knows how to make the most of just such a moment. Gain the Elan
Edge, Luck if you already have it, or Great Luck if you have Luck.

17-18 (Psionics Table)
Many psionics develop a powerful presence that aids them in influencing and unnerving others. Your hero gains +1 on all social skill checks. If he has empathy, or fear, he gains a free reroll when using those powers.

19-20 (Any Table)
You may choose any one of the results on this table.

Custom Fortune and Glory Table

1 - Up Close and Personal

2 =- Way to Get Around

3 - Agile and Dextrous

4 = Smart and Learned

5 - Spiritual and Determined

6 - Strong and Powerful

7 - Vigorous and Tough

8 - Choose Your Fate
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Re: Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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Interlude 1: The Latest Buzz (July 109 PA)

In the shanty town of Roadside, some Tolkeen Revenger unleashed a ritual that infects a parade of returning soldiers freshly in from Tolkeen. He had accomplices in the crowd to help him shield and unleash the ritual at the proper time. The Deadboy were completely caught off guard. The illness that the spell infects is alien, but largely mundane in nature. It spreads into Prosekville and Jospehtown immediately. Little Chi-town locks itself down quickly enough and only allows people in environmental armor who undergo intense biohazard procedures. The CS goes into overdrive to cure the disease and is questioning everyone about everything.

Most of the patsies and support were captured or killed, but the mastermind of the attack got away. Three cells of Tolkeen Revengers are found and executed - or so the CS News Reports say. Still, it's best to keep shenanigans to a minimum, or at least low key. Within a week it's clear the disease affects nearly every sentient being, as well as dogs and cats. The rat population explodes as their natural predators begin to die. Coincidentally, rat burgers become very popular among the shanty towns.

The city is under quarantine, with increased presence of troops (all in environmental armor) to keep martial law and they take extensive bio-hazard procedures when they return to Base. Chi-Town is locked down, though there are rumors it spreads in the lower levels of Chi-town as well. Into the Flames has a three episode arc about the plague, but one of the main characters actually stumbles onto the vaccine, and sees to it the underpriviledged in Chi-Town and the 'Burbs of Prosekville and Jospehtown are treated.

Writing Prompt: You were instrumental in bringing down one of these cells. On your own you tracked down a runner working for one of these cells and followed him back to his hideout. You then retreated and brought that information to one of the gangs called the Roadside Militia. You knew they were working with the ISS, and what no one needs is Roadside, your 'Burb, being a warzone. You led their main force and helped take out some sentries and hold a position while the main force of the gang and the ISS with them moved forward. After the battle you were given a reward of a suit of armor used by the Militia. It was given to you by a young man named Briyan (Andy's character) at the behest of one of the leaders of the Roadside Militia. It doesn't have their colors (thankfully), it was simply black. You spent some time customizing it for yourself with paint.

Reward: Take an Additional HJ Roll from your custom Table and 1 Advance. Also, one suit of Plastic Man Body Armor.

Interlude 2: The Filter Run

It's been a few months since the attack, and a cure has been developed, but it's only being given to citizens, especially police, ISS, and soldiers. Healthcare workers and some first responders are also getting the vaccine, but definitely not the poor residents of Roadside or any other Shanty Town. Still, in spite of this, life has more or less settled into a new normal. Use of protective gear is common and filters for masks and suits are common trade items, with people setting up side hustles making them. You would come to a local operator's shop (Annika's father's shop), where the two young ladies that lived there had come up with a very effective set of filters and they charged enough to make a profit, but not enough to gouge people. Thsi worked out well for your family and those around you. You, having the only set of environmental body armor, would make the trips, purchase filters, and bring them back. There you met old man Aire and his shop manager, as well as Annika. You met the force of personality that is Spanner as well.

Writing Prompt: Getting home from one such trip proved eventful. Some unnamed gang (you can name them if you like) decided you were easy prey and began hounding you with taunts, pot shots (with conventional firearms mostly), near misses, and otherwise herding you towards a place you knew existed. There was only one way out of this neighborhood and back to your own. They would be waiting for you there. Because they'd been strung out harrasing you, only 4 members, their biggest were at that choke point. You can imagine they had the other three exits to other neighborhoods similarly covered. There's nothing for it but to push through. Describe these encounters. Describe how that fight led you to your F&G roll.

Reward: Take a Fortune and Glory Roll from your custom table and 1 Advance. You may also take one NG-33 Laser Pistol and one L-20 Laser Rifle from the gang's members as well. See this post for how to make your own Fortune and Glory Table; you can add it to the same post as your custom Hero's Journey table.
Tales of the 17th SOG
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Re: Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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Interlude 1: The Latest Buzz (July 109 PA)

Arthur couldn't believe it! Well, he could barely believe it. He'd used the vibro sword against an actual person, in actual combat! Sure, he may have only had a couple of swings that actually connected, but still, real live combat! Arthur was so excited he could barely sit down when he got back to Doc's.

Arthur used to bug Doc when he was younger about a better name for the shop. Doc's just seemed too plain for Arthur's wild imagination. He also thought a bigger, bolder name would bring in more customers. Maybe if they had more customers Art wouldn't have to go stand in MIlna's Necessity Line every month. Sure, Milna always found some way to have her "customers" help out with the bio-nutrient packs she handed out, so people wouldn't feel like they were taking charity. But charity is what it was, plain and simple.

It was worse when Milna's daughter came with her. As Arthur got older he couldn't help wanting to look at Francesca longer than was polite. And when he had shot up in height suddenly his pants looked silly on him and it had taken him six months to get new ones! So embarrassing!

Now, however, Arthur could only imagine how Francie would look at him, his vibro sword humming in the night air, his black cloak swirling as he took sudden turns and strident steps. Oh, and the new armor that Briyan got him was so cool! Arthur had a hard time explaining it to Doc, but then again, with Doc getting ill from the disease, meant Doc was mostly in bed these days.

Briyan, wearing that CS wannabe uniform made Arthur a little uneasy. He wasn't too fond of the Coalition nor the Roadside MIlitia. Still, he didn't agree with terrorists either. That disease killed several people Art knew. The food line for Milna's went on hiatus too. And in another way Arthur could relate to Briyan. No, he didn't want to be part of the Deadboys or any other part of the CS, but he would dream most every night of being like one of the mighty heroes he read about in Kile.

Also, Arthur couldn't help but notice all of his practice was paying off. The sword katas Doc had taught him were becoming more fluid and sometimes he would just lose himself in the movements and a whole hour would go by in the blink of an eye. Also, adding the bat ears to the armor Briyan got him was just the coolest thing!
{Taking Agiliity-->d8 for Advance and got the Quick Edge from HJ roll.}

HJ Roll Interlude 1 1d20: [9] = 9
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Re: Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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Interlude 2: The Filter Run

Arthur couldn't believe he'd been herded into this dead-end alley trap by the Hangdogs! The most stupid gang with with dumbest name! Of course, Arthur had made the mistake a couple of years ago to explain to some of the gang members what hangdogs were in regard to other Daemonix. They had seen a picture in some anti-Tolkeen CS propaganda of the massive creatures with their prominent horns. Sure, the pictures looked intimidating but Doc Hammond had told Art that these creatures were at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Now, they had been hounding him ever since, usually just with hurled insults, especially about his high rider pants during that six month period when he had added a few inches of height. Gunfire, though, this was new! Arthur wasn't sure what had happened and he didn't want to find out. He needed to get out of here and fast!

Arthur flashed with a body shaking moment of fear and then suddenly everything went still. He remembered all of Doc's lessons flooding into his mind, his sinews, even the cells in his body seemed to have a new aliveness of their own. He charged straight towards the four of them, surprised that he was nearly eye to eye with the biggest of them, though lacking his foe's bulk.

This initial charge caught them off guard and Arthur brought out his vibro sword and the familiar hum in the air served to further calm him. His attacks were precise and faster than he had ever previously made before. The adrenaline was working with his training for some amazing results! In an instant one of them was laying on the ground, matching cauterized wounds on both of his legs.

Then, Gareth, the biggest of them came charging at Art with a massive spanner wrench in his right hand. Art didn't have time to bring up his sword to parry. His back was against a dumpster. Arthur's survival instinct kicked into high gear. At the last moment he grabbed the metal handle behind and flipped himself on top of the dumpster. Gareth crashed right into the side, leaving a sizable dent, but also knocking himself clean out.

Two down, two to go. Arthur saw his opening down the end of the alley. He ran towards the edge of the dumpster and made his leaping get away. Or, at least that's how he envisioned it in his mind. However, his gangly form was still learning to be fully coordinated and a moment of awkwardness and the small puddle of water at the end of the dumpster dashed his plans.

Instead of leaping over his assailants he came crashing down into them. Too quickly for Arthur to think his arms were pinned behind him by the uglier one and the other had the barrel of his NG-33 pressing uncomfortably hard against Art's temple.

Sheer fear shot through his entire body. Thoughts of his mother's last smile, Doc's feeble condition and a strange man knocking on his door that turned out to be hid father all swirled in a mental kaleidoscope. He peed himself and then something broke through into his consciousness. Almost like an alien presence a power exploded in his mind.

A loud noise, grunts and commands seemed to flood the alleyway. It sounded just like a Dog Pack was heading directly their way. Only Art knew it wasn't real. the two gangers holding him, however, immediately let go and ran, the one even dropping his laser pistol he was in such a hurry. The other ran straight into the dumpster, knocking his laser rifle off his shoulder where he had slung it to grab Art.

Neither looked back as they both ran from the phantom sounds in their heads.

Arthur didn't know what to make of it and somehow he knew he had been the cause. However, he had no time to think more about it now as the other two gangers were beginning to stir. Quick as a scrounger at an unguarded supply depot Art grabbed both the NG-33 and L-20 and ran for home.

{ Confusion activates with a raise when successfully activated and Frenzy Combat Edge}

F&G Roll Interlude 2 1d8: [8] = 8

Custom HJ Roll #1 1d20: [19] = 19

Custom HJ Roll #2 1d20: [1] = 1
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Re: Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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Interlude 3: Training Montage

Looking back now perhaps it would have been better if i had been more open with the boy. However, the loss of his mother at such an early age would have been a difficult thing experience for anyone, but even more so for such a sensitive child. Not necessarily in terms of his emotions; being a refugee tended to toughen one up quickly, more in terms of his psionic potential.

Yes, the boy definitely took after his mother in that respect which is why I tried to downplay his native abilities. I don't have solid proof yet, but I'm sure the Coalition was behind the disappearance of Arthur's mother because of her raw psionic ability. Had I been more cautious with her she might still be here today.

Regardless, that is all water under the bridge. When Art told me about his encounter with the Hangdogs I didn't pay too much attention to it at first. Too much time being an electronics repairman has dulled my soldier's senses. So, I shouldn't have been surprised the day they showed up at the shop, while Art was away buying filters from Annika.

They all had the Daemonix's image prominently tattooed on either their arm or neck; the leader, the biggest of them all, had shaved his head so his leering cranial tattoo had a giant horn coming down towards his nose.

They made no pretense of business but started cursing and yelling and breaking stuff. What really set me off, because lets face it, most of the things I fix don't have a lot of credit value, was the rusted RH100 a customer had left in lieu of being able to pay. Garnick, the leader, as the others called him, had cybernetic right arm. A lot of power in those cybernetics. He almost clean tore off the horse's head with a backhand slap.

I jumped up and started yelling. Another mistake, because I've been trained to never let one's opponents see the attack coming. At first they just laughed and at Garnick's orders a couple of them came over and pushed me to the ground and gave me a couple of kicks in my ribs. These gangers, not even disciplined or trained well enough to do real damage.

I would have been better off laying there, but my anger got the better of me. I was planning on fixing up the robot horse with Art and giving it to him for his birthday 19th birthday. So up I got and I could see that big brute wasn't happy with just almost tearing the head off. Seems he was fixated on destroying the horse entirely. I lost all sense of myself and summoned my Psi-Sword and with one quick flash I had severed half of Garnick's metallic arm.

A look of sheer terror crossed his face and that's when the pain slammed into me like a tidal wave. My knees buckled and it was all I could do to keep from falling to the floor. Unfortunately, Garnick was more shrewd that he looked. His look of terror turned into rage as he saw me falter. Still, while he wasn't eager to get close to me again he did notice my concern for the horse. While quickly backing away he ordered his gang to attack the metallic equine.

It was more than I could take and I steeled myself and strode forward, blade flashing in front of me. That had them all quickly turning tail and running. Had I left it at that we might be in a different place. Fool that I was, I ran to the door and took a couple steps outside of the shop, yelling at them to never darken my door. And that's when the pain struck again worse than before, my blade winked out and the gang stopped their retreat.

I supposed I could be grateful is was just my legs they battered beyond repair and didn't kill me on the spot, but somehow the bitterness I've been swallowing all of these years from my experiences with the Xiticix just came boiling to the service. I sure didn't help how Art was about it when he returned.

So, hobbling along on crutches I poured every ounce of training, of experience of anything I could think of to help the boy. It was clear I wasn't going to dissuade him from seeking revenge, even if I had had the mind to do so, so preparing him for war was the best option.

We closed the shop temporarily and spent everyday, from sunrise to sunset and sometimes even later than that. I poured everything I had into the boy. Taught him all I knew. Used all of mental energies to will some of the knowledge directly into him. He was ready and his mind expanded with the potential. What would have normally taken years we accomplished in months.

The crowning achievement was the day he summoned his Psi-Blade for the first time. He was ready, I knew it and he knew it.

The next morning Arthur strode out of the shop. He returned just as the sun was setting. Battered, bruised, bloody in places but no broken bones and a steel look in his eyes I have never seen before. "The Hangdogs won't bother us anymore." We never talked about them again.
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Re: Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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Arthur is excited and also nervous. He doesn't like the idea of leaving Doc by himself while he's still relying on crutches to get around. However, if he's ever going to be able to afford to pay to have his legs repaired he'll need to amass a small fortune in credits. And he's also going to get the opportunity to work with some of his friends. He knows they've been doing some good thing in the 'burbs and he'd like to help out.

We all meet at a cyber-café and and are hired via our vid screens by a square-jawed man who gets right to business. We have four locations to check out: A parking garage, office, warehouse and a bar. Art is not sure what we are looking for, he keeps on getting distracted during the meeting, remembering how it felt to be able to summon a psi-blade for the first time.

After the meeting is over someone floats the idea of the person who hired them being a Prosek. What a wild idea! Arthur is not that familiar with the ruling family but he's pretty sure they aren't involved in any of this.

The parking garage is the closest location so we start there first, arriving about 9pm. It's not so late that we wouldn't expect to still see a few people out but the streets are strangely empty. It's under one of the roads that gives Roadside its name. The kind of area with plentiful alleyways and cover to allow people to undertake secretive activities.

Tonight, though, the only people we see are off the streets, watching from the safety of windows. There's a tension in the air that's not normal, even for a place like this, where clandestine meetings are par for the course.

Looking around, we find a summoning circle. It was left in the middle of the road, in front of several numbered, reserved parking spaces. It turns out one of the spaces is where Mr. Montague parks, our benefactor, if I understand correctly. We believe he was expected to be here in the morning. Fortunately Spanner rubs out the control element of the circle right before something comes through. Whew! That was a close one.

Our next stop is the warehouse. We see a Butcher Boy looking out on the street. He's not breaking the rules, because even though he's outside of his own territory, he's inside and not out on the street. The BB's are affiliated with the Hang Dogs, so they definitely have a beef with me. This guy recognizes my arrmor and Briyan's too. Fortunately my enemies don't include the Chicago Network nor the Roadside Militia. Neither of them have a problem with my vigilante activities.

I parkour up the side of the building (14 on Athletics roll) while the rest of the group looks for access. Looking inside the warehouse, I don't see much except a light in one of the offices and that there are no cars parked outside.

Spanner is able to keep up with me and drops into the warehouse and goes into the office. She notices something weird about the lights in the office. I'll need to find another way to access the building. I find a door that's ajar. Whether someone else was breaking in or perhaps it was left open after someone took a smoke break, I don't know. I close it behind me and hear the click of the bolt as it automatically locks behind me.

We're just about to turn off the office light when Annika notices something about the light switch. Pulling out a toolkit she quickly has it open and discovers a light more wire crammed in there than what would be expected. More concerning they are connected to the computer. Turns out there is a Type IV Fusion Block primed to explode. Most of us evacuate and Annika stays behind to disarm the bomb.

Thankfully the whole block doesn't go up and Annika walks out of there with all of her limbs still connected to her body. Next stop the warehouse. . .
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Re: Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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Interlude 4: Holding out for a Hero

Arthur couldn't believe how close he came to now only blowing himself up but some of his new friends, along with several strangers and a great hang-out bar. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

Doc let him sulk around the shop for two days and then on the third day, when Art came home with several prominent bruises and slight limp, he knew it was time to step in. Art wouldn't tell him much other than he had had a run in with the Rude Boys. "You should have seen the other guy," he tried laughing it off but a spasm of pain caught him in the middle of his forced chuckle.

What Arthur wasn't saying was that if it hadn't been for a random ISS patrol he might have come home with some broken bones instead. Yes, he had gone looking for trouble and it hadn't been too hard to find.

That's when Doc grounded him and to Arthur's surprise he complied. Sure, he could have easily ignored it, Doc's new legs still weren't completely functional and his walking was mostly trips to the bathroom, something Art couldn't do for him, unlike making meals and the minimal housework they both thought was necessary, at least the keep the customer facing area somewhat neat and tidy.

However, what Doc did have, other than parental punishment, was opening Arthur to a deeper layer of his subconscious and teaching him methods for advanced memory recall and heightened learning. In addition to stimulating his electronics repairing ability Doc also worked with Arthur to have more awareness regarding his surroundings and being more alert for hidden dangers.

The week went by so quickly that it was only at the end of it that Arthur noticed how much he was looking forward to seeing his new friends again.

{I rolled an 8 on my F&G table which is Choose Your Fate and I took Smart and Learned (+1 die to Smart and +2 die to any three Smart-linked skills. Smarts-->d10, Electronics-->d10, Notice-->d10, and Repair-->d10). For my advance I took the Danger Sense edge.
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Re: Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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Game 5 Write-up

Another meeting at the cyber cafe. Arthur liked the Fizzy Fizz soda they served; something Doc told him would rot his teeth, but hell, he was young and his teeth seemed fine. Art was happy to see Briyan and Annika. However, he noticed Spanner wasn't around; looked like this mission was going to a trio.

Well, he was confident in the abilities of his teammates so he wasn't too concerned. They were being offered 500 credits for what sounded like a pretty simple mission. However, they were going to have to cross into two other territories, Josephtown by way of either Proskeville or LIttle Chi-Town. There was also the river that was an option to take.

Art was a little distracted thinking about Doc. Sure, he could focus on the rebuilding of Doc's cyber legs taking something out of him but it was more than that. Lately he noticed that Doc was being forgetful about simple things and sometimes getting upset for seemingly minor things. The thought of Doc losing some of his mental faculties wasn't somewhere he was prepared to go and yet, the evidence was beginning to build.

After some discussion they decided to tap Annika's contact, Dirty Shen. Apparently they needed to retrieve a data chip or program or something similar from the Bugsy Automotive parts plant. Art hadn't been listening closely to the details but turned out Shen had some legit business with this place so could provide them not only transport but a driver to get them in and out.

Briyan took the lead on the negotiation. At first it looked like they were going to have a hard time convincing Dirty Shen but in the end they worked out a deal. We all to fake identities in with us. Briyan was Ibram Fars. When we got to the plant Briyan left his rifle in the transport truck but took his NG-33 and a concealed vibro short-sword and a pair of concealed brass knuckles.

Art just took his laser pistol, figuring if things got out of hand he'd like to summon his psi-blade and use that for any combat. His false identity was Donald Banks. Annika chose the moniker Maxine Power. Art and Annika both psionically shielded their psi-ability as they drove into the plant.

The driver was Gary Pushkin. His brother, Jarod, Briyan knew from the militia. Also, guy guy was armed to the teeth. Hopefully it wouldn't be necessary but if it was, Gary was ready for all sort of trouble.

Mostly the mission went very smooth. Just one moment when Annika almost blundered right into view of a security cam walking into a place where she didn't have proper access or a legitimate reason to be, but, it worked out in the end. Also, her computer skills were once again exemplary and
they soon had what they needed and were well on their way!

Also, a 1,600 credit payday made returning home that night very nice for Arthur, even if Doc had lost the vid remote again. . .
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Re: Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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Interlude 5: Passing the Psi-Blade

Arthur was stunned. Sure, they said your first crush was the hardest, your first love the longest to leave one's memory. . .

Well, first love may be a a little strong, considering the closest Art had been to Francesca was when he stood in line for her mom's foodbank, Milna's Necessity Line. That had been some time thanks to the work he had been picking up with his new friends. It felt good to be able to help Doc out with more than just repairing broken holo projectors. Now he was bringing in some real credits!

But, the image still haunted him. Probably would haunt him for some time to come. He wanted to talk to her and he didn't even know where to begin to look for her. He wasn't even sure he would be able to talk to her. All of his pubescent romantic imagery shattered!

Francie, Francesca, whom he hadn't seen since Milna's Necessity Line had inexplicably closed down, was working with a cell of the Tolkeen Revengers! WTF??!!

Arthur didn't want to believe it. Kept on thinking of some preposterous explanation for how this wasn't true. But, he kept on coming back to the reality. It had all started at the cyber cafe. Art had just come there to connect Kile to the data link to see if he could download some new books. The ones he had he'd read at least a dozen times each. Then, that guy, Art, couldn't even remember his name, just his square-jaw, came over Arthur's screen had gave him an urgent mission. Not enough time to tell the others, but seemed simple enough; just a tail mission, follow a group of Revengers who were in the area.

All he had to do was tail them for an hour or so, see where they were going, what stores or shops they stopped in and what they were purchasing. Everything went well for the first half of it. Arthur was really perfecting his ability to blend into the shadows. When, out of the blue, he saw Milna. So, she hadn't closed up shop after all, just moved locations. But, what a weird part of town to be in. This wasn't one of the poorer sections where she'd be more accessible to those who needed her. Yet, her she was and these Revengers were actually getting a charitable food donation from her!

Weird! This didn't make any sense. Then, that's when his whole world was shattered. Francie! There she was, Art hadn't seen her behind the stacked boxes of bio-nutrients. But, what was she doing?? While her mom was handing out the food to the Revengers, Francie had some small black box in her hands. Definitely not food, definitely something electronic, and she was slipping it surreptitiously into the backpack of a Revenger!!

No! What had happened to make her work with these scum? Art found himself ten minutes later in an unfamiliar alley, tears streaming down his face. He hadn't completed the mission and knew this meant he wasn't getting paid. And, the loss of the credits was nothing to the ache in his heart. Francie and possibly her mom were helping out a terrorist cell. What kind of bullshit propaganda had they heard? How could she have believed it? What was Art going to be able to do about it without exposing himself to the Revengers?

He'd gone back to the same spot a couple of days later but there was not sign of anyone there. It was an empty, deserted nook in an otherwise nondescript area. With nothing else to do Art spent time target practicing out behind Doc's shop and practicing fighting with his psi-blade. At the end of the week Doc even came out, getting better at walking on his rebuilt legs. "Well, Art, looks like you're getting better with your psi-blade than me!" It should have felt good to hear that, especially from Doc, but all Arthur could see was that black box in Francie's hands.
Hero Journey's roll was a '1' = FRENZY Edge and the Advance was Stealth d6-->d8 and Shooting d6-->d8
1-2 (Training) Constant battle, for cause or survival, means your hero knows a great deal about combat. Select one Combat Edge; you may ignore all requirements except other Edges.

Interlude 5: Take One Hero's Journey Roll of choice (any table) and 1 Advance.
This covers 1 week of time.
You've been hired or asked privately to go help with taking down some terrorists. Maybe it was the I.S.S., maybe it was a local militia, gang, or local vigilante group, or maybe it was a Network hit squad taking out malcontents. Whatever the case, you have been in conflict with Tolkeen Revengers. Maybe it was someone you thought you knew? Maybe it was a total stranger - but its made you wonder at the power of propoganda and misinformation. You took a hard look at the situation and found yourself questioning things you've never thought about. How could anyone look at releasing a plague as a good thing? Or wiping out innocents to cause chaos simply because. Both of these are things you've dealt with. So what were these guys doing that have made you wonder.
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Re: Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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Sizzle and Burn

Arthur liked Briyan in spite of himself. In some ways, the 'Roadsider' reminded him of some of the guys in the Hangdogs, a local gang Art had had more than one run-in with; sometimes being on the winning end and more often on the losing end. Briyan had that tough-guy attitude and looked so hard trying to be a CS wannabe. It was one thing to look tough and another to really be tough.

Arthur knew from personal experience. Doc Hammond didn't look like much to look at and wouldn't talk much about his past, but he did sometimes talk in his sleep. At first the word didn't make any sense. "Psychi...??" is what Art had thought the doc was saying. Something about Psychics? No, spending several nights with little sleep Arthur was able to eventually make out the word "Xiticix" Still, that didn't help much as to Art that just sounded like some weird, made-up word.

However, the internet café Art had been introduced to through his new friends helped out a lot. It was there he had found out about the invasion of humanoid insects in the far north, what was known as Canada pre-Rfits. It didn't take him long to piece things together after that. Doc had lost his meat legs fighting an invading army of alien insects with hive-like communities bent on the destruction of any other living life form. That he never complained, never talked about it; that was a real tough guy.

Thoughts of Doc were far from Art's mind as he got in Spanner's van. There was new guy joining them by the name of Aroud. Different, kind of weird but then again in a world with all kinds of things disgorging from other dimensions and universes, not that weird or different. Also, the guy had some cool mind linking power.

When they arrived at the site there was some scouting and reconnaissance and talking about how to approach this hideout of Tolkeen Revengers. It was a lot of noise in Art's head and his adrenaline pumping through his veins just wanted him to take some action. As soon as most of the talk had subsided to a low level Art was in through the door to the tattoo shop.

Someone was in the chair getting some work done. All Art cared about was that the back wall, through what looked like a door to the office, was adjoining to their target. Art was interested in seeing how easily his psi-blade could cut through the wall. Still, he bided his time and listened to the others through the mind link. He walked the wall, looking at the different tattoo choices.

It wasn't all a show. He had some interest in possibly getting a tattoo; just not sure what and where.

Art knew other stuff was going on, some wizard guy was a Revenger and something about computer files. However, it was all in anticipation of Briyan joining him, because he heard the tattoo artist talking on the phone and knew that he was going to let Briyan through into the back office. Only, Art couldn't wait and decided to head in himself first. That was his first mistake of the night.

Before he could flinch or fully cognize what was happening. one of the largest non-rifle guns Art had ever had the displeasure of being on the bad end of was pointing in his direction. He froze like a mouse who just discovered their escape hole wasn't there anymore. Fortunately Briyan came in before anything else happened and they were both allowed access into the back office.

That was when Art made his second mistake, though it felt like a victory at the time. He brought forth his psi-blade and quickly cut through the wall, making a nice doorway that would only need a slight push to allow them access. However, what he didn't realize at the time was how his overzealous expenditure of energy would come back to haunt him.

The rest of it was a brief blur. Seconds passing in a flurry of activity. The main thing that stuck in his head was the L-20 Laser Rifle in Briyan's hands. Art had thought the tough-guy think was an act, a charade. A covering of macho bluster. Then he saw the "CS wannabe" level two, three guys, with a single pulse of the trigger.

There was the smell of charred flesh heavy in the air and a hole in the far wall? Wow! Art was momentarily stunned. The magic-using guy was somehow still standing but not much else. Also, he was wavy and Art was having trouble seeing him. He made some attempt to target him but his head was still reeling from the way Briyan had handled his rifle and how much energy he had expended cutting through the wall in an effort to impress Briyan.

The end was quick and seemed almost too easy. There was an extra L-20 Laser Rifle for Art. He was going to ask Briyan to give him some lessons.
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Re: Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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Art threw up in his mouth, tried to swallow it and threw up again. Some time passed. Did he pass out? How much time had passed? He had no idea. Where was he? Again, he didn't know. Like waking up from a bender and having blacked out. God! That would be a relief. If only he'd been drinking too much, having fun, couldn't remember what stupid thing he'd said. Yeah, what a laugh he could have with Annika, Aroud, and Briyan.

Instead, he stood here with them and half-stammered as his eyes locked on the ground.

"You know when you were a kid and you couldn't sleep at night because you thought there was some weird D-Bee or a Rift's monster under your bed? And, and, uh, well, what if you saw something that was even worse than that? What if you saw it today and, and, he felt himself start to pass out again as the memory assaulted his mind. Memory? More like a living nightmare? What the f*&# was that thing?

Was he going crazy? Were they thinking he was going crazy? Were they looking at him weird? He didn't know, his eyes were still locked on the ground.

Did Annika say something? Or was it Briyan? Was his hearing going too? Was he sobbing? Oh no! How could he have let the team down and then come back to them sounding like a scared six-year old. Part of him wanted to take them back there to show it to them and the mere thought brought all of the revolt his stomach could muster. No, no way did he want to go back there.

Maybe Doc could help. Maybe Doc knew something that could remove this memory from his mind, permanently.

Until then, well, he was going to go back to sleeping with an nightlight.
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Rebuilding Art as a Cyber-Knight

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I'm rolling first on Psionics Table and then 2nd roll on Training Table.
/roll 1d20: [20] = 20
roll 1d20: [9] = 9
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Re: Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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From finale episode reward I'm rolling on my Custom Hero's Journey table.
Dice rolls
roll 1d20: [12] = 12
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Re: Arthur "Art" Helstrom

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Castle Refuge on the Horizon

Wow! Art couldn't believe how much things had changed in such a short while. His old life of repairing broken holo-vid projectors and reading about the adventures of other had been replaced by repairing broken holo-vid projectors and having his own, real-life adventures! I mean, he was able to summon a blade of energy using just the power of his mind! Doc had turned out to be a hero from wars with the Xiticix. His friends, wow, he had actual breathing, in the flesh (for the most part) friends who were also heroes in their own right!

Arthur appreciated Mr X's willingness to get Doc out of town and there was a part of him that seriously thought about joining Maddox in his quest for revenge. However, in the end Arthur knew he wanted to explore more the burgeoning awareness of his own internal power. Psionics he knew it was called; different than magic, relying on one's own inner reserve of willpower.

Castle Refuge, even from the little Arthur had heard about it seemed like the perfect place. Plus, he was sure they could help Doc get his legs fully rebuilt and he could finally retire! And perhaps he could find resources there that would help him find out what happened to his mother. Perhaps they even knew of his father! More than than that, though, there was something deep within Arthur, related to those old stories he had read and reread about another man name Arthur.

The other Arthur had a Castle too. A real castle! Wow! Arthur could not wait to see it.

The excitement he felt initially leaving Chi-Town had dimmed a little. There was the fight with the whatever that god awful creature was from that suddenly opened rift. One of its serrated claws, as big as a small tree left a nasty gash in Art’s leg. He had a limp now that would probably follow him for the rest of his life.

Doc tried to cheer him up. “At least it didn’t take your whole leg off!”

The rest of the journey was a prelude of things to come. One of the forward scouts took Art under her wing and showed him how to read the terrain. She also took him near some hotspots; places known to have an abundance of monstrous activity. Their goal here wasn't to engage in combat but to see and not be seen.

The Castle, now that was something else entirely. Not only were they able to equip Doc with a whole new pair of legs, they also provided first rate quarters and Arthur embarked on a training regimen that saw him crawling into bed every night. Yes, the work was hard and difficult and his instructors were exacting, but they also cared.

Art could tell they only drove him so hard because his life and the lives of others would depend on the training he was receiving.

The experiences he had with his friends in the Chi-Town burbs were like forging the raw metal into a sword and the training at Castle Refuge sharpened the blade to a keen edge.

Arthur was ready. He didn't know what was to come, but he was ready!
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