Kara’s team

Sci-fi solo game for Paro and Padawan_GM1
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Kara’s team

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Corporal Alex Ranger (seasoned+wildcard)
Hand to hand specialist
A bit too immature for sergeant but is still the most experienced with combat (excluding the squad leader). He has some family issues that he hardly likes to talk about. This has resulted in a psychological disconnect preventing him from empathizing properly. Fortunately instead of becoming a serial killer he has become an extremely effective soldier.

Pfc Calvary
Light mortar operator
More of a musician than a soldier. He tries to pretend that using his mortar and other explosives is an art form. Although his attention to detail with them allows him to do a good job and convincing others that it is art.

Private Emily Calvary
Marriage within your work is typically a bad idea but infantry aren’t exactly the brightest to begin with. Luckily this one hasn’t gone bad. Emily is willing to admit that being a female in the military has given her a complex towards trying to prove that she belongs among the men.

Local guide.
Hari was pulled through the rift a few years ago without anyone ever realizing. She managed to barely survive through sheer force of Will. She knows more about the surrounding area but she is far from a soldier.
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