Final Bear Platoon Interlude

Adventures of the Coalition States Fighting Joes: Chicago Company.
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Final Bear Platoon Interlude

Post by High Command » Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:23 pm

Roll on the Special Forces version of the Modified Fortune and Glory table here. Then narrate me 3 to five paragraphs about the mission that gave you that edge. If you get an enhancement, wait to gain it until later when you get new gear.

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Re: Final Bear Platoon Interlude

Post by Logan Wright » Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:34 pm

Fortune and Glory
1d20 = 10: 10
Spiritual and Determined: Your hero adds one die type to Spirit and adds the Strong Willed Edge.

Seed: Grace under Pressure - You have it under control now. Something happened while blowing something up that should have caused panic and didn't. What was it?
Chaos reigned supreme as Bear Platoon prepared to rotate out of Old Chicago. Logan was doing the initial inventory of all of the unit's explosive ordinance and related gear when Sgt. Dansk approached him and said "Pvt. Wright! Grab your armor and get suited up in the back of this Sky Lifter. I just got word that you're getting requested by Bull Platoon 2-3 for a patrol. Intel came down an hour ago about a building that is booby trapped that supposedly used to hold nuclear materials, which is why High Command doesn't want to just flatten the building with an air strike. You'll get briefed en route." Logan looked at the corporal from supply who was helping him conduct the inventory, now scowling at him like it was Logan's fault that he was getting assigned somewhere else. Sheepishly, he hands the corporal the clipboard, before breaking into a run toward his locker to retrieve his armor, then double timed it outside to the waiting flying armored personnel carrier.

Logan started suiting up with the help of other people two other people whose names and ranks he didn't pay attention to as he was standing in front of Captain Jordan, who said "Good to have you aboard, Private Wright. I personally requested you for this mission because I have heard how good you are." He simply shrugged at the compliment like it was no big deal, which caused the captain to squint at him and try to figure out if Logan was merely trying to act out of place. "Continuing on," the captain drawled out, "We've known for a while that Loyola University in Chicago did research into nuclear science during the Golden Age, but a couple of hours ago, we had found out that some Feds had discovered the secret location of a workshop where they were experimenting with nuclear weapon systems. The only two pieces of information we know of for sure, is the location of the building, and the fact that the Fed is sending a surgical strike team to get everything that they can." The captain turned on a holographic projector showing aerial composite scans of a building that were taken with regular cameras, IR cameras, as well as radiation sensors. "According to recon scans that we had gotten by way of robots, we suspect that if this building was in fact the site of a nuclear weapons workshop, we suspect that it is in a sub-basement as the radiation levels surrounding the building don't indicate anything out of place."

Turning off the projector, the Captain said "Our orders are first and foremost, confirm the presence of nuclear weapons, and what types are there. Secondly, in the even that nuclear weapons are discovered, we are to retrieve them. Any questions?"

"Yes, actually. What if there are nuclear weapons but we are unable to move them for whatever reason. How do we proceed then?" Logan asked.

"By removing the nuclear components themselves, and planting explosives to destroy the rest of the device, but only after documenting as much of the design as possible. The nuclear material will be placed in this case for storage and transport." Jordan said, indicating to a silverish hard case with shoulder straps. By this point, Logan was fully suited up in his armor and he could feel a change in the APC's momentum as it came in for a landing so that the soldiers could disembark. Finally looking at the rest of the squad, it was apparent that they were fairly experienced as the lowest ranking person, other than him, was a sergeant. The doors opened with a snap hiss, and they filed out, each covering a different direction before hustling off to a safer area.

With practiced grace, the lock on the door is easily picked and the enter the facility without any problems. After searching for fifteen minutes or so, they find a stairwell that leads down into the basement, which they post a guard at the top and follow the stairs down. Three flights down, the bottom level is filled with water that is shin deep. An old Golden Age mechanical security door was jammed shut, so Logan looked at some scans he was taking of the building as they were making their way down there and said "That room is pressurized with negative pressure, lots of it by the looks of it, but I should be able to create an entry point for us one level up."

Following Logan's lead, they back track to the previous level where Wright finds the sealed air conditioning ducts for the heat exchangers. Since the area was hermatically sealed, the only way to keep it cool was to run water through a sealed set of pipes that go into the level past some fans which blow air past the pipes, the cold water would then proceed to cool the air down. The pipes had burst further up, having been subjected to years of Chicago's brutal winters, but the panel in the floor in the boiler room was still secured tight, but was thinner there than the door the floor below. Logan set a charge and blew the panel, causing it to implode and suck him right into the hole.

The next thing that he knew, three members of the team were scanning the area as he lay on his back in a new setting, the captain and the team's corpsman stood over him tending to his injuries. "What happened?" Logan barely makes out, and the captain fills him in.

"The crate you had hid behind was far lighter than anyone had thought, and it had a short length of rope attached to it that must have gotten wrapped around your leg. causing you to follow the crate." the captain says. He helps Wright stand back up and gather his gear before making their way into the workshop area itself. Their Geiger Counters begin spiking and one of the other members of the team says "Shit man, I hope my dick don't start glowing green after this mission."

"The only way for that to happen is if you paint it green, or wear neon green glow in the dark rubbers." Wright informs him, causing everyone to turn and look at him, causing him to elaborate. "The whole irradiated items glowing green was an American Hollywood myth based on the fact that during the early years of the Atomic Age, many places would coat tools that had been exposed to radiation with bright, typically neon green paint." Logan starts walking forward when offhandedly says "Besides, your far more likely to develop cancer in that area, as well as produce mutated offspring, if you can still reproduce!" Everyone glances at Logan once then to the corpsman who meekly nods in agreement, causing the other three non-comms to cover their crotches with their hands for a moment until they realized just how futile that really was.

When they finally enter the workshop area, they find a nine foot long cruise missile with the warhead opened on one side, and by the looks of the, the nuclear core had just been placed inside the sphere of explosives that served to start the nuclear chain reaction when the apocalypse caused the facility to be abandoned Logan took several scans of the weapon while starting his cybernetic eyes to start recording video of what he was seeing. "Sir, the radioactive material in here seems to be an unknown element as scans are showing that it is definitely not plutonium or uranium." The rest of the team had secured the area and Logan was able to confirm that was the only nuclear weapon in there, however there were two other radioactive cores which were placed in the case they had brought with them. "Remove the warhead and let's get the hell out of Dodge." Captain Jordan had said, which had turned out to be easier said than done. The warhead was firmly stuck to the missile, and even the two heavy weapons soldiers who were wearing the CS exo-skeleton armor couldn't get it to even begin to turn.

At that time, a loud clang had echoed down the stairwell and into the hole that Logan had created to access to level, which was followed by a scream that ended with a wet gurgle. The captain looked to the rest of the group and said "I'm guessing that missile is too heavy for us to move it, huh?" before getting on the radio and calling in their situation saying "Blackhawk 2-1, we have contact, over." Looking back at the group then to Logan specifically, he says "Arm and prep the warhead for detonation, then get out of here."

Logan simply said before continuing with "Keep them off of me while I get the core out." And with that he set out a number of tools from his tool case before he diligently started about his self appointed task with meticulous precision. He had gotten most of the way through his task when a monstrous looking creature entered the area they were in, surging toward Wright were he sat, apparently oblivious to all that was going on around him when the beast was wrestled to the ground mere inches from Logan, bellowing out a howl right in his ear. Wright had just finally exposed the core when a mage who seemed to be controlling the creature stepped into view and tossed a grenade that would have landed right next to Logan had he not jerked his arm away from the nuclear weapon to catch the grenade and throw it back at the mage in one smooth action. However, in doing so he had allowed the nuclear core to fall from the warhead. As quick as a snake, he grabbed the core and stopped it from impacting on the ground. The others had finally managed to wrestle the creature so that Captain Jordan could put two rounds in its skull while the grenade exploded and killed the mage.

Later that night as Logan was shaving before going to bed, he could have swore he noticed a gray hair in his head...
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Grenade: 0/2 Plasma 0/2 Frag
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Re: Final Bear Platoon Interlude

Post by Steelcreek » Sat Dec 01, 2018 1:26 am

F&G Result 7: Increase Agility, Gain Quick Edge
1d20 = 8: 8
-3 EP to move down one result to get Agility and Quick
Steelcreek sat, waiting for something to happen. Really, waiting for anything to happen.

Perry was still as a stone beside him, that massive rifle she carried around set up on a bipod and trained at the killing field while she lay prone, her eye trained on the scope. For his part, Steelcreek had the Frankenstein monster of a pistol that Colton had rigged up for him pointed in more or less the same spot, scanning for targets. If he got someone in his sight, he could use the built in targeting scope and direct Perry exactly where to place her shots, always to devastating effect.

While he waited, he practiced a mental exercise his uncle had taught him for just such occasions. See, many hunters missed their shots because they got bored with all the waiting, so it was important to keep your mind alert. He worked his scope slowly and steadily across the killing field, making up names for each spot where their eventual prey might appear. Someone could hide behind that burnt out husk of a car, right? Blue beetle, Steelcreek christened it in his mind. What about that bush over there? Bristly bush. That semi-tall pile of rubble? Bubble of rubble.

Each time he named something, he would tense a muscle, preparing to move. He scanned the field and named every single good hiding spot, and then went back through them in different orders, over and over, using the silly names to keep himself alert.

When, finally, their quarry came into view, Jaren was ready. A D'norr Devilman mage popped into view, quite literally out of thin air, and an escaped Altera, of all things, slipped out from behind the Bubble of Rubble to meet him, a backpack in hand. She gave a slight nod to the D'norr, who was already beginning to summon a new rift to make their escape, but it was too late. It had been too late from the moment Steelcreek had spotted them.

He lined up his scope and gave Perry the signal, and she didn't hesitate. Her massive weapon barked, and the D'norr disintegrated. The Altera moved to hide behind the rubble again, but concealment from a rail gun was not the same thing as cover from a rail gun, and Perry just shot the Altera through the pile of stone.

Steelcreek gave Perry two taps on the shoulder, confirming each kill, and then gave another scan of the field. They hadn't camped out here for hours just to get careless now.

Once they were sure the area was clear, he holstered the pistol, unslung his shotgun, and moved silently across to what remained of the targets' bodies. He kept his senses alert for the slightest sign of magic, and checked both corpses before radioing it in. He checked the Alteran's case, which was predictably carrying several fusion blocks and an unsecured cred card, and let command know they'd need demo's attention on this one.

He stretched out his sore muscles and gave Perry the thumbs up, which he knew she could see through her rifle scope. "There are many kinds of quickness," his uncle had used to say, "and they are all fine to have. But there is a special kind of quickness that comes from just always being ready and willing to get up and move. Always be moving in your mind and your body will follow when you need it to."
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Re: Final Bear Platoon Interlude

Post by Solène Bouchard » Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:39 am

1d20 = 1: 1
1 or 2: Roll on the Legendary Special Forces table below. Also you may roll on an occupational table from Freedom Squadron, or one of the Hero's Journey table of choice from TLPG.

Legendary Special Forces: 1d20 = 11: 11
“Run and Gun”: Special forces troops are often outnumbered and outgunned, where moving and shooting is their best chance for survival while still dealing with the enemy they were sent to fight. You have the Steady Hands Edge, but you suffer no penalty when making a Shooting roll after Running.

Infantry Table 1d20 = 13: 13
“Bullet Radar”: They say you have a sixth sense about where bullets are going to hit. You’ve got the Dodge Edge, and you also get a +1 on all Soak rolls against bullets and shrapnel.

Adventure Seed: This LRP has been hell. You've covered large parts of the Ruins, mostly on foot. Sometimes you get to ride, but most often its a slow walk reconnoitering a route for the APC to follow. It of course holds all your food and camping gear. Being back in a Mauler is comforting, but you are also very aware of how land bound you are. Before long, you've become a master of the hit and fade and anticipating land mines and incoming grenades and fireballs.

Bouchard's Mauler power armor crushed some ancient rubble beneath it's heavy metal foot. Slowly and steadily she plodded along, keeping a loose patrolling formation with the infantry squad around her. Long Range Patrol always meant a lot of walking. It was literally covering the ruins of Old Chicago inch by inch to have human eyes on the situation and human boots on the ground. Fly bys, drones, and skeletons were useful but could miss things that close inspection might reveal.

The steady crunch of metal on old concrete was suddenly drowned out by a whoosh of incoming flame bolts. The massive ball of fire erupted in a gout of flame consuming an infantryman on the flank.

"Immediate action drill!" Bouchard yelled as she swung her C-40R rail gun in the direction of the bolt and laid down a blanket of suppressive fire. The other flanks pivoted and opened up with laser blasts while the squad medic used the cover fire to pull the burned trooper back behind the Mauler. With their man recovered the fire team kept putting ordinance down range as they backed away from the threat and got under cover as flame, bullets, and even grenades burst around them. It was a mixed magical and mundane assault. Could be Federation of Magic, but more likely mercenaries or so-called "adventurers" .

The squad leader gave a few signals while the RTO called up to battalion for fire support. On her signal Solène stood up and rained magnetically accelerated metal toward the source of the fire, while two scouts broke off to put eyes on the target. Fire erupted around her, heating up the external plating of the Mauler Suite and causing a myriad of temperature alerts to sound in her ear. Sweating despite the suit's environmental control's best efforts to keep up, Bouchard made herself a target, zig-zagging from cover to cover - drawing fire and - literally - dodging bullets.

After an eternity, the scouts were in position and radioed the enemy composition, "Two dozen armed bandits." That was way too many for a fire squad to take down. The Sergeant ordered a fighting withdrawal back toward battalion command, once the Mark V was in missile range the odds would change.

Standing again Solène opened up with missiles to provide massive cover for the squad's movements. Then walking backward she followed it up with more cyclical fire from her rail gun. The sudden onslaught of ordinance gave the bandits pause and the team scrambled backward. Once they found new cover the used their underslung grenade launchers to lob indirect fire down on the enemy. As the plasma grenades erupted - fighting fire with fire - Bouchard withdrew back then took her turn covering the squad.

The leap frigging gun battle wnet on four almost twenty minutes and ammo was getting dangerously low. As Solène switched to plasma ejectors to conserve ammo the RTO gave a thumbs up. Unleashing one last volley of hot plasma, Bouchard took cover behind a derelict building as short range missiles came screeching in on target, fire support had arrived.

Regrouping under cover of missile cover, the squad hooked up with two more squads and began to flank the enemy, who were now being pinned down by Bouchard's rail gun, and the massive rail guns on the Mark V APC. The rail gun rounds kicked up massive dust clouds forcing the bandits to take cover. While they laid prone waiting for the din to die down, three fire came at them from three different directions, swiftly and accurately taking down all targets.

As the dust settled, someone shouted, "Clear! Taking the pause Bouchard reloaded her C-40R and took up watch on the left flank.

Never a dull moment.
PFC Solène Bouchard
Pace: 6; Parry: 4; Toughness: 7; Strain: 0;
Weapon in hand: C-40R Rail Gun (2d8+4 (AP: 6, MD), 75/150/300, ROF: 4)
Ammo: 50/50
Bennies: 3
Toughness in Flight Suit: 8 / Toughness in Power Armor: 20 (10)/ Toughness in CA-4 Body Armor: 16 (7)

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Re: Final Bear Platoon Interlude

Post by Dina Perry » Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:17 pm

1d20 = 13: 13
Strong and Powerful: Your hero adds one die type to Strength and adds the Brawny Edge.
The final mission. everyone's favorite activity. Long Range patrol on foot, carrying all your gear you need. Dina was just thrilled with this one when mission was given to her. Actually she was not.

Dina packed up all her gear in the backpack. Then with her orders, she went to the reclamation depot to get the rations she would need.

She enters the depot and waits in line for her turn. When she gets to the front she puts her form down on the counter. "I need these supplies for my mission. Here are the forms signed by my commanding officer."

The officer look down at her, he is taller then her, and then picks up the forms and looks them over. "Long range patrol, eh? One moment private, I'll get what you need." He goes into the back and comes out with a bunch of rations for her and hands them to her. It also seems like he gave her extra stuff just to make it harder on her.

Dina took the supplies back to her room to finish packing everything up for the mission. She went to bed that night to get a good night sleep, the Mission started in the morning. The next day, with her gear packed up, she suited up in her frame style backpack. Then she grabbed her huge railgun in hand and headed out for the mission.

Several days later.

The long range patrol had not been too bad so far. With her cyber augmented arms and legs, plus her load-baring harness. Carrying all the gear was more of a decent workout, rather then a strenuous one. The mission itself was to patrol to a number of checkpoints. Basically campsites she had to make it to everyday. She'd check out the area. If it was safe, she'd get some sleep. If it wasn't safe, she'd radio in for backup. So far everything had been clear.

Day Six

Murphy's Law, if Things can go wrong, they will go wrong. Today was very much that. Woke up in the morning and there was an unidentified convoy moving threw the area. They even had radio jamming. That left Dina with a few choices. Lay low and wait it out. Attempt to combat them herself. Or hoof it back to base to call in reinforcements.

Trying to go it allow against this force, the second option really was out. Waiting too long might let them get into position if they were planning on a strike on the base. So the only option left was to get back to base or at least out of the radio jamming area of effect. At least for her patrol, she was already on her way back. So Dina dropped her back off and made sure to hide it. She grabbed her gun and waited until she could sneak out.
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PFC Dina Perry - CS Ranger - TAG Specialist
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CP-30 Laser Pistol (DMG: 2d6+1, AP 2 RANGE: 12/24/48 ROF: 3, 3RB)
CM-940PR Precision Rifle (DMG: 2d8+5, AP 5 RANGE: 30/60/120 ROF: 1, Snapfire)
CM-RG-15X Manpack Electromagnetic Rail Gun (Patron Item) (DMG: 3d10+5 AP 15 RANGE: 125/250/500 ROF: 1)
2 Fragmentation Gernades
Vibro Knife
Toughness in Armor: 12(6)

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Re: Final Bear Platoon Interlude

Post by Cassandra Maverick » Fri Dec 21, 2018 5:52 am

F&G Special Forces
1d20 = 20: 20
Choose Your Fate: Select any other result on this table, or roll twice on your choice of the occupational tables from Freedom Squadron, or the Hero's Journey tables from TLPG.

I will be rolling twice on the Psionics table.

1d20 = 2: 2
1d20 = 2: 2
Bumps me up to Improved Rapid Recharge.
Cassandra collapsed wearily behind a wall, taking a moment to recover her breath. She undid the seals on her helmet and yanked it off, wiping at the sweaty strands of hair that fell into her dark eyes, pushing them back. She pulled the canteen from her hip and took a long drink.

This run had taken longer than they had expected. The platoon had gotten cut off from their exit point and reinforcements. The enemy hit them hard and fast in hit and run attacks meant to harry them more than kill them. They were stringing them along, cutting off their avenues of escape back toward help.

“So what do you think they’re doing?”Cassandra asked no one in particular as she slid her helmet back on. She was running low on juice, her brain tired, her thinking slowed. They had done a lot of building to building searching and she had used her clairvoyant talents a lot before the fighting even started. Now keeping herself and the team enhanced and in peak fighting condition was taking its toll on her. Her head throbbed with a migraine that left her cross eyed when she tried to use her psionic abilities. She was tapped out.

They moved to another building, clearing it the mundane way they had all learned in training with no help from Cassandra. She felt like a drag on the team now, not pulling her weight. The building was clear, so they hunkered down to wait for nightfall and the cover of darkness to try and make their way back.

Cassandra leaned back against the wall. Like all soldiers, she’d learned to catch sleep when she could. Had they lost their pursuers? Or were they just waiting, building up for the final kill?

When the attack came, Cassandra sat up quickly grabbing her rifle. She figured maybe she’d gotten an hour of sleep. But it felt like more. Her headache had lessened. And here came a larger, more concerted attack than any that day.

Cassandra focused, finding a well of power inside of her she didn’t expect. She reached out, racing knowledge and ability through the minds of her teammates and herself.

And then the world exploded as a flight of SAMAS blasted down from the grey cloud cover. The afterimages left Cassandra blinking. They were saved, and apparently she could recover her psychic energy faster than she’d thought.
Character Tracking
Cassandra Maverick Character Sheet
Parry: 6; Toughness: 16 (8)
ISP: 30/30
Pump Rifle Ammo
  • Microgrenades: 1
    • Reloads: 2
  • Silver slugs: 16
    • Reloads: 2 x 16 shots
  • Regular shot: 16
    • Reloads: 2 x 16 shots
  • MPAS shot: 16
    • Reloads: 2 x 16 shots
  • Beanbag: 16
    • Reloads: 2 x 16 shots
  • Sling: 1 speadloader (8 rounds) MPAS shot.
Ion Rifle Ammo: 30
  • Reloads: 2 x 30 shots
Ion Pistol Ammo: 8
  • Reloads: 2 x 8 shots
Major Psionic
  • Spend 2 ISP when rolling their Psionics skill to gain a +1 to the roll, or 4 ISP for +2.
  • Spend 1 ISP to double the Range of a power, or 2 ISP to multiply the base range × 10. This ability does not affect powers that have Range of Self or Touch.
  • Ley line doubles these bonuses.
Powers: Boost/Lower, Clairvoyance, Fear, Warrior’s Gift
Elan: +2 Benny rolls
Empathic: +2 Notice to determine attitude, emotions, veracity
Danger Sense: Notice -2 to detect ambush; on Hold first round of combat is successful
Improved Rapid Recharge: Recover 1 ISP/15m
Basic Demolitions Training: Use Common Knowledge to plant preset explosives
CS Basic Weapons Training: Use CS weapons as melee weapons with no improvised weapon penalty
Bennies: 2/3
Adventure Card
  • Parley: All characters cease fighting and listen to the hero speak for at least 30 seconds. Others may only take defensive actions during this time. This has no effect on beasts and other creatures that cannot understand the speaker.

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Re: Final Bear Platoon Interlude

Post by Raleigh Ray Colton » Sun Jan 06, 2019 12:53 am

Modified Fortune And Glory: Special Forces Edition: 1d20 = 6: 6
Agile and Dexterous: Your hero adds one die type to Agility and adds either the Ambidextrous or Quick Edge.

Raleigh Ray purred like a kitten has he laid in bed, his overgrown woman BARbara by his side. While he was playing it on the dangerous side by spending the night in her bunk, he had it on good authority that she had the bases covered so they wouldn't be interrupted. Of course, as those thoughts passed through his head, a person burst through the door. That person's name with Sergeant Trask; Trask was no friend of BARbara's.

Instinctively and almost in a panic, Raleigh Ray rolled out of the bed and landed flat on the floor where his wadded up pile of clothing resided. The landing hurt like a son of a bitch as he hit his shin on some tools he kept in his pockets. Suppressing a shout, he reached over and grabbed one of the tools blindly, then popped his head up over the side of the bunk, tool held high to be seen.

"I think I found the problem with your wiring, ma'am! I can have it fixed for you in no time... Oh, hello, Sergeant. Didn't see you come in... Just making a friendly housecall."

Sergeant Trask was not buying it for a second. But being one to never look a good opportunity in the mouth, he smiled an evil smile and came up with a plan quick as he could blink. "Ah! Private Colton! Since you're being so helpful today, I have a job for you as well. And if all goes well, you should be able to do it with your pants on!"

"Uuuuh... o-okay..." the simple Ozark boy stammered, knowing he was busted but not sure why he wasn't already being crucified. "... just give me a minute to gather my... tools." Clinging onto to the delusion that he was not in serious deep shit, he groped around for his clothing hoping to get dressed without being too obvious about it.

Within minutes Sergeant Trask marched Colton down to a remote corner of the motor pool where came to a stop in front of a beat up, dilapidated, Mark 7 Slayer. The old war machine had clearly seen one too many days in the field, was chock-full of laser holes, blast marks, and still-imbeded chunks of shrapnel. It was clear as day that the APC needed to be shot and put down like a horse with a broken leg; its fighting days were through. Yet...

"Private Colton, meet Lucy. Lucy, meet Private Colton. Lucy here has been my team's home away from home for more missions than I care to count. But as you can see, she's had some rough treatment over the past few. You are going to make her look like she rolled off the factory floor last week... AREN'T YOU, Private Colton."

As Raleigh Ray stood there, slack-jawed and defeated, the sergeant patted him on the back and then walked away with a whistle and a light-hearted song in his heart. The job for him seemed immense, if not outright impossible. Just the same it was now his job to take care of if he didn't want to be completely screwed over. With a sigh of resignation, he spied a tool kit to get busy with, rolled up his sleeves, and then got to work.

Hours had passed and Raliegh Ray had only really just begun. After giving the APC a thorough look-over, and having made a list of all the things he needed to do, he found himself inside the vehicle addressing the most important part; the main and auxiliary power systems.

With the main generator and its backup subunit just a meter apart under the floorpanels of the main bay, the mechanic from down south found himself surrounded by various salvaged parts for both to cobble together something that would breath life into the old Slayer. At long last his efforts were rewarded with the sound of the generators warming up and humming to life, followed by the flickering of the lights overhead.

But no sooner did he achieve his victory did the klaxons sound throughout the hanger. At first Raleigh Ray thought it might have been something he did, but then he realized it was scramble alert. And while the Power Systems were finally working, it was only due to his hands physically holding them together. His mind scrambled to figure out what to do next, but then...

"Good job, Private Colton!" Sergeant Trask said as he leaped into the APC, leading a platoon of troops eager for the fight. The soldiers scrambled in and maneuvered their way around Colton, semi-careful not to get their feet in the open generator compartments. "Now keep this bucket of bolts together as we go kick some ass!"

"What?!?!?" It was the only thing Raliegh Ray could get out in protest. Before he could get another word out, the platoon of riflemen had already flipped every on-switch in the APC, and the battle-scared Mark VII Slayer lurched forward. Its drive wheels sputtered a few times as Raliegh Ray struggled to maintain his grip on the crucial components in the main and auxiliary bays.

At break-neck speeds, the APC kown as Lucy plowed headlong into combat, its crew firing every weapon on her that they could get to work. All the while, Raleigh Ray suffered shock after shock as the generators cranked out extra voltage to supply juicy to the laser and plasma cannons.

Whether it was the adrenaline or his brain reaching some equilibrium of electricity, it occurred to Raleigh Ray that he needed to secure the fix-job to the two generators before he ended up cooked alive! But if he let go of the main power unit the strain be too much for the auxiliary. If he let go of the auxiliary unit the strain under combat conditions would fry out the main! The two would have to be finished more or less simultaneously!

As the battle raged on, with Lucy plowing its way through the bumpy field of the fray -- sometimes skidding to a dead stop to let some troops off and others on before speeding off again -- Raliegh Ray coordinated the movements of his hands in each of the respect generator bays. After kicking off his boots, he even got his toes involved to reach for different tools or hold things together. Occasionally a bystanding soldier was kind enough to hand him what he needed instead.

After what seemed like an eternity, the end was in sight. Having been bounced around, electrocuted, kicked around, burnt, and poked more times than a voodoo doll, his efforts under less than ideal conditions were about to come to an end. One last retaining pin to go and...

"That's the last of them, boys and girls!!" Sgt Trask loudly and victoriously proclaimed, followed by a round of celebratory hoots and hollars. "Driver, pick up our wounded and take us home."

Finally done with power systems, Raleigh Ray managed to stand up and scowled at Trask. In reply, Trask walked by and patted Colton on the shoulder, simply saying, "Good job, Casanova."
PFC Raleigh Ray Colton
Pace: 6; Parry: 4; Toughness:15(6); Strain: 1;
Weapons: (* indicates which is presently In Hand)
* CTT-P40 Particle Beam Rifle; Ammo: 1/1
CV-212 Laser Rifle; Ammo: 3/3
Vibro Bayonet
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Bennies: 2/4
(reset May 2019)
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