4.1 The Nova Spaceport Lounge and Bar.

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4.1 The Nova Spaceport Lounge and Bar.

Post by Lars »

Pilot of the Sive Rose waiting at the Nova
The Sive Rose which is parked in a nearby dock

As you enter the Nova Lounge and Bar your senses are immediately assaulted by sight, sounds, smells and an utter alien place.

Every few moments the lighting changes and it’s strangely relaxing after a initial jolting to the mind. The smells change every few feet. Putrid breath, then alluring foods, cat piss as you walk by a odd fuzzy alien hunched over a bottle of .. oh the bottle of amber fluid smells delightful. So many voices all talking loudly in multiple languages. Laughing. Arguing. In one corner there is a thrupple of beings either fighting or fu…who can tell.

At the far end of the lounge is Scix, the pilot you now apparently own along with his ship. As you make your way towards the table he is at small hovering robots offer to take your orders.

Kruff berrys are in stock. Would you like a Kruffin pie or some Jacks Slog beer?

What is your character offered? And what, if anything do you order?

You can see that Scix is playing a game of some type of version of poker. It looks like the keys to the spaceship is in the bet pile.


1.) Describe your experience as you make your way into the bizarre bar.

2.) Reunited! Wormy is here!

3.) Either join the gambling table and either help Scix win and keep the spaceship or win the pile of credits and ship yourself. Probably best to just win it yourself it looks like Scix is a bad player at this game.
(How to win:
Make a roll using an appropriate skill at -4 (the other alien playing is very good at this game). Others can assist you.
Crit Fail: You lose the loot. There will need to be some RP on how to get it back or another one. The winning alien doesn’t want to play anymore. If a crit happens GM will post more info.
Failure: You lose the ship but the winning alien is willing to keep playing and you might win it back in the next game.
Success: Back and forth, almost losing but in the end the 50k credits and ship are yours! The loser is mad and in next GM post will call you cheaters!
Raise(s): It’s plain as day that you fairly won! Good job. The losing alien excepts his lose and leaves.

4.) Geist only has about an hour headstart on you in her own ship, even though you can afford to spend a little time here gaming, eating etc you should let Scix know that you really do need to get after her. Supposedly Scix can track Geist but the success of that gets lower the long the time.

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Re: 4.1 The Nova Spaceport Lounge and Bar.

Post by Action Stan »

Stan feels like he's walked into the Mos Eisley cantina when the team enter the dive where their pilot is alleged to be. To be fair the whole thing since they rode a pyramid into an alien city has been some Farscape inspired fuckery by The Writers but he just did his best to roll with it. Clips was practically having a fit trying to shoot their surroundings and everything going on around them. The Man of Action considered stashing the bot in his pack for a bit after the third time it got froze up trying to do too much at once and just spun in place but he decided to put in the work and edited the drones "targeting" protocols to lighten the load a bit.

Stopping at the bar Stan orders a Jacks Slog and asks the bartender about the pilot.

"Scix, aye seen 'im come in. Prolly find 'im at the tables in back betting more'n he has too no doubt." The being shares after Stan tips.

Looking at the rest of the BC Actuals he shrugs, "It would be a shame to hit up a pandimensional dive and not gamble, wouldn't it?" With a grin he heads back to the gaming area and his grin gets wider. "Wormy, you wiggly sumbitch!! Ya gotta stop freaking us out like that brother... Oh hey sorry to interupt." he appologizes to the other Wormy is playing with, their pilot and a large alien being the notable participants. The alien, a type Stan believed were call kree-gore or the like, was notable not only for his size and unpleasant demeanor butr for the fact that he seemed close to winning their ship.

"Shut da fuck up or join the game and shut the fuck up human."

A glace at the game showed it to be like enough to poker that He thought he could get the hang of it, especially with a little help. He leans over to Hans and quietly asks "Think you can find me some strat guied on the local net and radio em to me?"

Then he sits down. The kreeghor looks him over again and the game begins. He follows the guides and instructions from Hans while working in tandem with Wormy to win the ship outright.
Task roll, Notice
Modifiers: scene -4, perceptive+2, cyber +2, support from Wormy +2. Net (so far) +2
Notice d8!!+2: [7]+2 = 9
Notice Wild d6!!+2: [1]+2 = 3
Action Stan
Pace: 6; Parry: 9; Toughness: 12 base/15(2) in body suit/23 (8) in body suit and armor; Strain: 2/16
Fatigue 0/3 Wounds 0/3
Bennies 2/3 1 Zombie Benny
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Re: 4.1 The Nova Spaceport Lounge and Bar.

Post by Wormy »

Wormy "
Hide in Plain Sight [Conceal Arcana]: Psionics 6
Conceal Arcana 2 ISP + Strong 1 ISP - Self 2 ISP = 1 ISP
Detecting arcana against someone or something that’s been concealed is an opposed roll of arcane skills (roll each time it’s attempted, but no more than once per turn). If the concealment wins, the character cannot see through the ruse with this casting, but may terminate this instance and try again. The detection roll is made at -2.
CA Psionics 1: 1d8!: [6] = 6
Wild 1 1d6!: [1] = 1
" slithers a mental tendril out towards @Action Stan's psyche and latches on tight. 'I think I've played this game before, Stan! So when I have these cards, isn't this what I need to...'

Wormy plays to win, but for some reason the odds always seem to
Performance: 8 (+2 to Action Stan)
Performance 1d8-3!: [5]-3 = 2
Wild 1d6-3!: [6]-3 = 3
Ace: 1d6!+3: [5]+3 = 8

Benny Performance 1d8!-3: [5]-3 = 2
Benny Wild 1d6!-3: [3]-3 = 0
I messed up my wild die above, and somehow the Ace didn't automatically reroll. I wouldn't have rolled these if I had noticed I had gotten a success already above.
. It surely doesn't have anything to do with Wormy quietly sharing his cards with Action Stan, nor how well the little zembahk can convincingly represent a strong hand turn after turn.
Wormy, Zembahk Expert Blaster Mystic
Pace: 5(d4); Parry: 5(1); Toughness: 7
  • Uncanny Reflexes: -2 to be attacked and +2 to evasion when aware.
Combat-Relevant Edges & Abilities:
  • Arcane Marksman: If the caster doesn't move in a turn and activates no more than a single bolt or similar damage dealing power as her first action, she may add a +1 bonus to her Arcane Skill roll, or ignore up to 2 points of penalties from Called Shots, Cover, Scale, or Speed.
  • Bizarre Physiology: Zembahk physiology gives a −4 penalty to Healing checks. Compatible medical supplies/services cost quadruple listed price.
  • Champion: +2 damage vs. supernaturally evil creatures.
  • Cosmic Confluence: Freely convert between PPE and ISP for activating powers. These converted PP must be spent immediately.
  • Your hero can sense when something bad is about to happen. When rolling for Surprise (page 108), he adds +2 to his Notice roll to act in the first round. With a raise, he starts the encounter on Hold.
    In other situations not covered by the Surprise rules (a sniper shot, pit trap, poisoned drink, etc.), Danger Sense gives him a Notice roll at −2 (or +2 if a Notice roll is usually allowed) to detect the hazard and take appropriate action. If this was an attack and the hero makes his Notice roll, the foe doesn’t get The Drop against him.
    : Notice roll at +2 to sense ambushes or similar events.
  • Low Light Vision: Ignore penalties for Dim or Dark illumination.
  • Spiritual Awareness: Wormy senses supernatural, evil, ethereal, and energy beings, and any beings using invisibility within line of sight with Notice (Alertness applies).
Wounds: 0/3; Fatigue: 0/2
PPE: 20/20; PPE: 10/10; ISP: 34/35
Bennies: 3/3(+1Z); Conviction: 1/1
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Re: 4.1 The Nova Spaceport Lounge and Bar.

Post by Humble »

Support for +1
Notice to Support 1d4!! or Wild 1d6!!: [1]+[3] = 4
Benny Notice to Support 1d4!! or Wild 1d6!!: [5!!]+[5] = 10
As Humble walks into the Cantina he finds it more comfortable than most of the team. The smells reminding him of his first life so many years ago. As he moves through the crowd of mixed aliens races he finds he lumber even over the majority of them. The cantina however was designed for Jotin and fairies both.

When the gambling begins he looms over the table watching carefully for signs of cheating. The pure intimidation of the 12' ogre looming was enough to discourage any casual risk. No words are needed as he waits for the pilot. having already made it clear to everyone the pilot would be freed immediately, he would have no part in slavery.

Parry: 9 (1 from swords)
Toughness: 16 (4)

Bennies and Resources

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Re: 4.1 The Nova Spaceport Lounge and Bar.

Post by Hans Greuber »

Assisting Action Stan
  • Electronics (+1 due Machine Maestro)
    • Electronics: 1d12!!+1!!: [4]+1 = 5
      Wild: 1d6!!+1!!: [5]+1 = 6
      Result: 6 - Success. +1 to Action Stan

Walking into the Cantina, Hans has to sigh as he sees their pilot with the ship as collateral in the game's pot.

Just great. At least Action Stan should be able to play the people as long as he gets the game rules and odds of any hand piped into his HUD.

Moving over to lean on a nearby computer console, Hans slips through its security, in spite of how sticky and grimy the the controls are. With a quick search, Hans finds the most common rules sets, determines which variant they have been playing after checking their security video, and feeds the odds into @Action Stan's HUD to support his reading of his opponents. Included in the display to Action Stan is a message of...

DON'T LOSE OUR SHIP!!! Getting a replacement fast ship will take a while and make it even harder to get Geist. NO PRESSURE!!!
:o :o :o :o
Hans Greuber

PPE: 5 / 25 (11 - 13 Invested into Gargamel, 1 Invested into Humble's Bracelet)
Silver Ring 1: 10 / 10
Silver Ring 2: 10 / 10
Active Powers:
Combat Edges/Hindrances:
OOC Comments
Arcane Machinist Gadgets Left: 5 /6
Created Gadgets:
Bennies: 3 (+1 Z) / 3
Base Amount
+1 Zombie Bennie

Toughness: 16 (8); Parry: 4; Pace: 5 (d4)
Gargamel (Invested PPE, Flying Pace 12, Mind Rider)
Huey (Mind Rider), Dewey, Louis
Alvin (Mind Rider), Simon, Theodore

  • Fatigue: 0
    Wounds: 0
Golems (*=Mind Link, #=Winged)
  • Gargamel*#
    • Fatigue: 1
      Wounds: 0
    • Fatigue: 0
      Wounds: 0
    • Fatigue: 0
      Wounds: 0
    • Fatigue: 0
      Wounds: 0
    • Fatigue: 0
      Wounds: 0
    • Fatigue: 0
      Wounds: 0
    • Fatigue: 0
      Wounds: 0
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Re: 4.1 The Nova Spaceport Lounge and Bar.

Post by Charon »

Support +2
Spellcasting as Support
Spellcasting 1d12!!+3: [9]+3 = 12
Wild Spellcasting 1d6!!+3: [2]+3 = 5
Charon considers options as the option of gambling for the ship becomes clear. A quick victory here would certainly aid us, both now and going forward; the ship could even aid us in our operations back home, assuming we can make planetfall safely....

As Stan moves to take his seat, Charon passes behind him, using the cover from his body to obscure her furtive summoning of a suitable ancestor for the human. Only Stan (and Charon herself) can see the spirit that assumes a spot on Stan's left, murmuring advice into his ear:
"Now, Son, what you want to keep in mind in a game like this is that luck is something you make. As my Pappy used to say, 'The only time to quit when you're winning is when you've won it all.' Take him to the cleaners." Throughout the game, he gives pitch-perfect advice on when the figure across the table is bluffing, and when traps are being laid.

As the game comes to an end, and Stan moves to collect his winnings even as the alien begins to scowl, the shade adds one more comment before fading. "Remember one other thing my Pappy used to tell me, Son. 'You can be a gentleman and still not forget all you know about self-defense.'"
Current Stats
Agility d4, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d6 (d12+1), Vigor d6
Pace: 8/d6; Flying Pace: 12/d6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 16(7); PPE: 15 (+10 Staff) (+24 Phylactery)
Athletics d4; Common Knowledge d4; Fighting d4; Intimidation d4; Language (American) d8; Notice d8
Occult d10; Persuasion d6; Repair d8; Spellcasting d12+1; Stealth d4
Hindrances: Minor Delusion, Can't Swim, Major Vengeful, Heroic, Major Wanted (Coalition), Major Enemy (Vampires, Evil Necro), Major D-Bee, Major Oath, Alien Physiology, Non-Standard Build, Spooky
Special abilities: 4 Arms (ignore 2 MAP); Low-Light Vision; Notice to see ghosts, ethereal, invisible; Natural Healing 2/day, may regenerate limbs; Re-Roll Social rolls w/Undead; +4 to resist Vampiric puppet
Bone Staff (Str+d6, 2 PPE for 5 rounds MD; Reach +1, Parry +1 [incl], Spellcasting +1 [incl])
Wilk's Classic (15/30/60; 3d6 AP 2; +1 Shooting)
Tommygun (12/24/48; 2d6+1 Silver; RoF 3)
TW Gladius Exoskeleton (+7A/+4T; Str d12+1/Pace +2 while Powered [incl]; 1 PPE/hr)
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