Gwentshire Rifles

The men of the Gwentshire Rifles contend with foes both human and otherwise in the cauldron of WW2.
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Gwentshire Rifles

Post by stormwell »

2nd Battlion, Gwentshire Rifles

C/O: Lt.Colonel Charles Hibberd

B Company

C/O: Captain James Haynes

No.10 Platoon

C/O: Lieutenant Reginald Snell
Plt Sgt: Serjeant Robert Soward

1 Section

Corporal Morris
Lance-Corporal Watkins
MG Gunner -
Loader -
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Re: Gwentshire Rifles

Post by Dr_B »

I had a go at creating a Rifleman, jumping from the SW WW2 book to the SWADE adaptation notes.
I chose Service: Army, MOS: Infantry. Used 12 skill points, and gave him 1 Advancement as specified.
Gave him the Basic Gear Issue for Army men, plus 1 rifle and 1 pistol from your list.

Please take a look if all looks OK.


(created on but had to add custom edges, etc. from the book - because the site does not support the WW2 setting book)
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Re: Gwentshire Rifles

Post by Snake Eyes »

I've put together an MG gunner. I'm going to work on gear next, but Clive Weatherby is excited for action!
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