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Duplicate post

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Larsen's Brigade
By C.J. Carella & Kevin Siembieda
A. Sponsorship: None 0 Points
B. Outfits: Specialty Clothing. 20 Points
C. Equipment: Unlimited Equipment 50 Points
D. Vehicles: Unlimited Vehicles 50 Points
E. Weapons: Extensive Weaponry 40 Points
F. Communications: Superior Communications 40 Points G. Internal Security: Iron-Clad 20 Points
H. Permanent Bases: Headquarters. 10 Points
I. Intelligence Resources: Psionics and Magic. 20 Points J. Special Budget: Large Loans. 25 Points
K. General Alignment: AnarchistlUnprincipled. 4 Points L. Criminal Activity: Prostitutes (6) 10 Points
Smugglers and Sellers of Contraband 15 Points
M. Reputation/Credentials: Excellent Reputation. 25 Points N. Salary: Excellent Salary 20 Points
Total Points Spent: 349 Points
Size & Orientation: Mercenary Army
Larsen's Brigade is one of the largest and best equipped mercenary armies on the planet. The Brigade is very well-trained and organized. Hiring an entire army can be incredibly expensive. Just paying for their basic expenses costs about 30 million credits per month and can be twice as much for hazardous combat duty. Of course, whenever the Brigade enters combat, the fighting is not expected to last more than a month or two. Larsen is also willing to hire out "Special Forces" squads and platoons to handle smaller and specialized "jobs." However, he will never risk weakening his army below 70% of its full strength.
Several officers deserting from the Coalition States started the Brigade, who recruited half a dozen smaller mercenary bands. Over the years, it has grown enormously and continues to make good profits, much of which have been reinvested into the company to maintain and purchase even better weapons and equipment. The Brigade's comman­ der, Colonel Larsen, is a brilliant strategist and administrator. He has developed the company from a disorganized band into a highly discip­ lined and effective army.
Colonel Larsen is a master of armored warfare, very possibly a match for Generals Cabot and Underhill, the Coalitions' best. He is an expert at combining all the armed forces and mixing up ground troops, artillery, air strikes, power armor, cyborgs, and lightning infantry assaults to shatter enemy formations.
Colors and Banners
The army's insignia is a black circle with a clenched silver fist, obviously cybernetic, in the center. A few units jokingly paint an up­ raised finger in the middle of the fist, but only the toughest veterans can get away with it; several mercenaries have learned not to mess with that particular logo.
Uniform colors vary with the terrain: Camouflage, mottled green and brown for forest warfare, grayish for mountains, white for winter oper­ ations, and green for jungle settings.
Colonel Marcus Larsen
Colonel Larsen served in the army of the Coalition States starting at age 16, when he lied about his age and enlisted for duty at Lone Star. From his first posting, a frontier station that was nearly overrun by vampire marauders, Larsen distinguished himself and received numer­ ous decorations for bravery in the face of the enemy. He also earned several commendations and the equivalent of seven Purple Hearts for wounds received in combat. In a fight with bandits from the Pecos Empire, Larsen lost his left hand, seared away by laser fire. Soon the silver cybernetic replacement he received became his trademark, to­ gether with the intimidating camera-eye that replaced his own (he lost it in an explosion that consumed the cockpit of his Spider Walker).
At age 23, Larsen was promoted to Major and was put in command of the Odessa outpost. There he gained a reputation for being a fair commander who gained the respect of both his human and mutant animal troops. Around this time, he started speaking out for the rights of mutant animals and other non-humans. Mutants, he claimed, were as good and spirited soldiers as humans and should be treated with respect and dignity. At first his superiors ignored his outbursts, although he made no new friends among the military establishment. Despite his radical views (some whispered, treasonous), his talents as a military commander could not be obscured. During his second year of duty at Odessa, he and his 400 troops ambushed and soundly defeated a raiding
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