1.1 The Bunker in Arkansas

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1.1 The Bunker in Arkansas

Post by Olek »

Out of Character Flashback …

December 28, 2098

The NEMA gunship lowered violently again. Lurching closer to the ground. The ash in the air was hampering the pilots ability to see and the gunships engines. Several tornadoes tore across the horizon and sheets of ice and ash blotted out the sun.

Captain Oleksander Vovk, NEMA Intelligence Agent, frowned and felt his stomach churn in unease. The last few days were a living hell and now it seemed the gunship might crash and kill them all.

As the gunship lurched downward again Olek saw one of insane portals in the distance. Two blue lines crossed and where they did a rip in the dimensional fabric was present.

Looking at the other passenger, the egghead who was being escorted to Bunker 66X to install the new ARTIE F1 AI unit.

ARTIE or Artificial Robotic Traction Intelligence Executive was a big black box on treads like an old tank. Designed to assist combat units in combat or scientists on trips basically the AI was a mobile assistant with several robot arms.

Olek has been ordered to take the egghead, David Blake, to Bunker 66X and make sure scientist and robot were safely in the bunker and out of the hell that was now on earth.

The pilot started to say something over the radio when suddenly the gunship spun and the engines cut out.

Captain Vovk groaned. Tasting blood and feeling bruised everywhere he rolled away from the intense heat of the engulfed gunship burning close by. The gunship was scattered across the field. It’s cargo a mess and tossed about. Several highly classified experimental projects out in the open. From his vantage point he could see the only project he’d been ordered to secure here in at Bunker X66. The other experiments had other destinations. No transportation meant they were not going to be delivered.

Dropping the box that housed ARTIE to the ground next to the main bunker doors he was thankful for the many cybernetic enhancements he had. The damned robot was heavy. Leaning against the doors Vovk punched in the access codes to the bunker. Scientist dead. Pilot dead. ARTIE delivered. For whatever that was worth…

As the doors slid open Olek pushed ARTIE inside. Looking back at the wreckage he sighed heavily, blood dripping from his injured body. He’d try to get as many of the other experiments into the bunker as he could.
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Re: 1.1 The Bunker in Arkansas

Post by Lars »

Tracking down the Brodkil who took the strange device and the D-Bee boy leads the mercenaries to a hill. Several hovercycles are parked outside large bunker doors that lead into the hill.


The doors are closed. The site looks very old. The eight hovercycles are newer. There are fresh recent tracks around the closed doors. The doors look blast proof.

Once everyone gets a chance to post their thoughts on what you’re doing I’ll get next GM post up. So your post is planning. No rolls. Just RP. Also if you need details - ask - I’ll post responses.

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Re: 1.1 The Bunker in Arkansas

Post by Dale »

Dale brightened on seeing the door, then bestowed an almost childlike smile on everyone else as he approached the door. He pointed at it.

"Hey, I...this is something I can help with," he said happily. "Yes...yes...look at it. Look at how well it weathered."

He got in closer to look at the armored box the keypad was set into. The years had not been kind of course, but it had held together admirably well; the advanced composites not suffering as much from rain, oxidation and temperature as metal might have.

"Give me a few minutes and I can get this open, and if there's power...well now." The cybernetic 'city rat' smiled beautifically. "Then we can make something special happen. Yeah."

Then he glanced back at the others.

"And if there's no power, well, we just find the hydraulic lines that keep the doors shut, release the pressure and...poof. These doors are just paperweights. Really heavy paperweights."
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Re: 1.1 The Bunker in Arkansas

Post by Yumi Overdrive »

Yumi was covering the door with her mecha's railgun as they approached, but moved it out of line as Dale excitedly headed for the controls. "Can you tell if those guys picked the lock before you?" she asks on the comm. "They must not have expected to be tracked and there doesn't seem to be any sentries... so that means it's a Dismounted Recon to take them by surprise. We should disable their bikes while we have a chance too."

"I hate Dismounted Recon" she grouses to herself.
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Re: 1.1 The Bunker in Arkansas

Post by Claudia »

”They may still be expecting us.” Claudia whispered out quietly as she stood between Yumi’s mecha legs. After speaking the words she simply stared at the others for several minutes, then turned and took several steps to the side of the door, positioning herself so that in the unlikely event of a sudden explosion or hail of gunfire that she wouldn’t be a sitting duck.

From there she stared at Dale while chewing her lip and breathing heavily. The distracting sound possibly getting his attention while he assessed the doorway and made plans to bypass the doors security. If he ended up looking her way, she would startle and take several more steps back before resuming the action as if nothing untoward had occurred.

”If you die, I will make sure that you are buried in accordance with what I think would be your wishes. But I would prefer it if you did not.” Would then come a confidence boosting platitude. The sort that she was certain would help keep him calm while opening the potentially deadly trapped passage.
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Re: 1.1 The Bunker in Arkansas

Post by Berk »

Maneuvering Stompy carefully to right beside the bikes to help deal with them if any Brodkil get out or are invisibly nearby, Berk gets out his Storm Rifle and gets ready to open his third eye to see if there are any Brodkil invisibly hiding.

"Stompy here may be able to help open the doors if brute force is needed, but otherwise the two of us are just going on watch. When we get in, Stompy can stand guard at the entrance and attack any of the Brodkil that leave... or just smash any bikes that seem to be leaving without a rider... some of the Brodkil may not have cybernetics and can still go Invisible."
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Re: 1.1 The Bunker in Arkansas

Post by Ox Devras »

Ox nodded at Dale. "I agree. There should be something keeping the doors closed. If the mechanism isn't buried inside then we may consider ourselves very lucky."

It took a moment for Claudia's comment about burial to register, and without hesitation, Ox depanned a response. "Don't waste my body burying me. You are welcome to consume my body and organs however you wish. Perhaps a bit of my strength and spirit will remain in what you consume and I may strengthen you." WIth great difficulty he kept his facial expression steady and serious as he looked to each of the others to see their reactions.
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Re: 1.1 The Bunker in Arkansas

Post by Nerak »

Nerak looked at the bikes then the door. "I can disable the bikes so they won't move. Then if needed I can shut down the security system for the bunker."

Nerak's hand begin to cackle with electricity as he centers himself for the coming fight. Hopefully the others would not get in the way. Eight against one was not fair odds but the group did not want to wait for more brodkil to arrive to make it a fair fight. As long as the others did not get in the way the brodkil would never see another sunrise.
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Re: 1.1 The Bunker in Arkansas

Post by Sparky »

Sparky chuckles at Berk's comment. "Heh, heh, not even Stompy is going for force THOSE doors. I don't even think I have enough explosives to get through them though I'm willing to give it a try." Pausing a moment as if to mentally calculate how many pounds of plastique it would take to blow a hole in those doors Sparky grins, "no I think Dale has the right idea. I think it may be a two person job though. At least it should improve the odds anyway. I do know my way around the inside of a service panel so I can play nurse to Dale's doctor and we can do a little surgery on that keypad."
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Re: 1.1 The Bunker in Arkansas

Post by Fields »

"I have done a fair bit of explosive works. I think if we all work together we can figure this one out." Then as if in after thought he adds. "But just in case something in there is upset we need a couple of you bigger guys ready."

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