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  1. Up Close and Personal: Add two die types to Fighting. Your hero gains a personal Close Combat weapon of choice or Trademark Weapon for a starting melee weapon.
  2. Reach Out and Touch Someone: Add two die types to Shooting. Gain a Personal Ranged weapon of choice or Trademark Weapon for a starting ranged weapon.
  3. A Strong Suit of Armor: Your hero may choose any one suit of Body Armor and one of the modifiers listed on the Body Armor table in the Hero’s Journey section.
  4. Agile and Dexterous: Your hero adds one die type to Agility and begins with either the Ambidextrous or Quick Edge.
  5. Smart and Learned: Your hero adds one die type to Smarts and two die types to any three Smarts-linked skills.
  6. Spiritual and Determined: Add one die to Spirit and begin with Strong Willed.
  7. Strong and Powerful: Add one die to Strength and begin with the Brawny Edge.
  8. Vigorous and Tough: Add one die to Vigor and begin with the Nerves of Steel Edge.
  9. Fortune Favors the Bold: Your hero begins with the Brave Edge (or Elan if he already has Brave). He also begins each session with one additional Benny.
  10. Live, Die, Live Again: Your hero is a survivor. Begin with the Fast Healer Edge, gain a free reroll on the Death & Defeat Table, and halve all recovery times from the table.
  11. Shiny and Chrome: Your hero is harder, better, faster, and stronger. Choose up to 2 Strain of Cybernetic Systems, and add two points to maximum Strain.
  12. Choose Your Fate: Select any other result on this table, or gain two rolls on the Hero’s Journey tables of your choice.
2d12: [11, 12] = 23
3d20: [12, 7, 8] = 27

2d4: [1, 3] = 4
4d6: [5, 3, 5, 6] = 19
5d6: [1, 4, 4, 3, 6] = 18
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