Multiverse Mystic Warrior

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Multiverse Mystic Warrior

Post by Pursuit » Sun Sep 30, 2018 5:24 pm

HJ :
  • 1d20 = 16: 16 Experience & Wisdom: Life on the road, in the wilderness, and wandering the streets of the cities that remain gave your character special insight and some key experience with a particular calling. You may give her one Professional Edge, ignoring requirements, subject to the GM’s approval and it making at least some kind of sense.
  • 1d20 = 17: 17 Magic & Mysticism: Born to fight the toughest threats, your hero’s combat spells are inherently potent. All of her damage-dealing spells do Mega Damage, and ones which normally do Mega Damage gain +5 AP.
  • 1d20 = 19: 19 Training: Whether via formal training in a dedicated school, learning at the hands of a master, or just surviving a dangerous world, your hero’s picked up some serious fighting skills. He’s got the Martial Artist Edge (or Improved Martial Artist, if he already had the former), as well as the Brawler Edge.
  • 1d20 = 14: 14 Magic & Mysticism: Some arcane wielders learn how to use certain spells as almost second nature. Choose one power your hero knows; if she casts it successfully, she automatically gains the raise effect.
  • 1d20 = 12: 12 Magic & Mysticism: Often, one crisis is quickly followed by another, and your caster needs to get his energy back quickly. He has the Rapid Recharge Edge, or Improved Rapid Recharge if he already has the former.

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