Captian Claude

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Captian Claude

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:42 pm

Most think he is an ex CS soldier who has seen the error of his ways. Thats only half the story for this vet of the weird west.
Bad Dreams: -1 benny
Loyal: hell or hi water he is not leaving his men behind
Lyin’ eyes: -2 to intimidation or persuasion if tellin’ even the smallest of white lies. -2 to gamblin’
Edges: veteran of the weird west: 20xp and 1d54 = 49: 49
  • Jack (Infected): The last creature this hombre tussled with left a mark that won't go away The hero has some sort of strange wound or possibly the glows, giving him the Ailin' (Major) Hindrance: -2 fatigue checks
Edge: Right hand of the devil: favor hand weapon gets an extra die type.
13th GM bennies GM Bennies
Vampire Kingdoms GM Bennies
Legends of the Black Bennies

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