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Uteni Faceman

Post by Paul Gilbert » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:04 pm

Character Sheet

Player Name: Mike
Google Handle: mike.e.morrison@gmail.com
Character Name Johnny Uteni
Rank: Seasoned Experience: 25 Advances Left: 0
Race: Uteni
Iconic Framework: M.A.R.S. Vagabond
Attributes: Agility d6 (1), Smarts d8 (Starts at d6, 1 from M.A.R.S.), Spirit d10 (1 from M.A.R.S.(2)), Strength d6(1), Vigor d6(1)
Charisma: 4 (2 racial, 2 from M.A.R.S. Roll); Pace: 0; Parry: 0 (½ Fighting +2); Toughness: 0 (½ Vigor+2 plus armor); Strain: 0


Intimidation (Sp) D4 (1 Skill Point)
Investigation (Sm) D8 (D6 Free from M.A.R.S., 1 Skill Point)
K/Computers (Sm) D4 (1 Skill Point)
Lockpicking (Ag) D6 (2 from Skill Points)
Notice (Sm) D4 (1 Skill Points)
Persuasion (Sp) D10 (4)
Psionics (Sm) D10 (D6 Free from M.A.R.S., 3 from Skill Points)
Shooting (Ag) D4 (1 Skill Point)
Streetwise (Sm) D8 (D6 Free from M.A.R.S., 1 from Skill Points)

Hindrance (Major): Overconfident
Hindrance (Minor): Greedy
Hindrance (Minor): Quirk (Snappy Dresser)

Edge: AB: Psionics (I.F.) (Free from I.F.)
Edge: Major Psionics (I.F.) (Free from I.F.)
Edge: Master Psionic (Major Hindrance)
Edge: Sidekick (Naruni Repo-Bot) (Minor Hindrances)
Edge: Charisma (M.A.R.S. Table)
Edge: Strong Willed (M.A.R.S. Table)
Edge: I Know a Guy (M.A.R.S. Table)
Edge: Corporate Infiltrator (Novice 1 Advance)
Edge: Mentalist (Novice 2 Advance)
Edge: Power Points (Novice 3 Advance)
Edge: New Power: Fear (Novice 4 Advance)

Powers (post background as a reply to character sheet)
Arcane Background: Psionics
PPE/ISP: 0 - Recovery: 1/hour/30 minutes/15 minutes/5 minutes

Trapped Power Name [Divination] (PPE/ISP Cost) [Power Rank]
Range: Range
Duration: Duration
Trapping: Chosen Trapping
Effect: Summary of power

Trapped Power Name [Mind Reading] (PPE/ISP Cost) [Power Rank]
Range: Range
Duration: Duration
Trapping: Chosen Trapping
Effect: Summary of power

Trapped Power Name [Puppet] (PPE/ISP Cost) [Power Rank]
Range: Range
Duration: Duration
Trapping: Chosen Trapping
Effect: Summary of power
Background (post background as a reply to character sheet)

Gear (post gear as a reply to character sheet)



Advances (post Advances as a reply to character sheet)
Please list all Edges and Advances taken for your character here

Iconic Framework: M.A.R.S. Vagabond
Expanded Awareness

Hero’s Journey
Table (17): Many psionics develop a powerful presence that aids them in influencing and
unnerving others. Your hero gains +2 on all Intimidation and Persuasion checks.
As well, if he has the fear power, he gains +2 when using it.

Table (7): Psychic awareness leads many to the ability to sense the feelings of others. This
empathy allows your psionic to determine the general emotional state of another
being within Smarts range by making an opposed Spirit check. On a raise, she can
tell if another character is lying or being evasive in a conversation.

Table (13): A cunning pair of goggles that speaks of a fashion that never goes out
of style, your character’s Magic Optic System is a favorite accessory.

MARS Fortune & Glory (delete if not applicable)
Fortune and Glory
(5}: Smart and Learned: Your hero adds one die type to Smarts and begins with a d6
in any three Smarts-linked skills.
(10): Charming and Well-Traveled: Your hero begins with the Charismatic and I Know
a Guy Edges.
(6): Spiritual and Determined: Your hero adds one die type to Spirit and begins with
the Strong Willed Edge.

Initial Advances: (From Hindrances):
Free Edge (Human): Delete if not human
Cybernetic Modifications:
Novice 1 Advance:
Novice 2 Advance:
Novice 3 Advance:
Seasoned 1 Advance:
Seasoned 2 Advance:
Seasoned 3 Advance:
Seasoned 4 Advance:
Veteran 1 Advance:
Veteran 2 Advance:
Veteran 3 Advance:
Veteran 4 Advance:
Heroic 1 Advance:
Heroic 2 Advance:
Heroic 3 Advance:
Heroic 4 Advance:
Legendary 1 Advance:
Legendary 2 Advance:
Legendary 3 Advance:
Legendary 4 Advance:

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Re: Uteni Faceman

Post by RFT » Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:29 pm

With a parry and toughness of 0 this guy will die quickly
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