Savage Robotech Characters

In this archive lies the much honored characters and concepts that have served us through the first incarnation of Savage Worlds. Never Forgotten!
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Savage Robotech Characters

Post by High Command » Tue May 21, 2019 7:34 pm

Zentraedi One Shot Characters

All will have Regult Tactical Battle Pods or Nousjadeul-Ger Power Armor
These pre-gens will be available (and folks can build them if they want, just reply in thread.
  • Power Armor Shocktrooper (Male) in Nousjadeul-Ger Power Armor (one or two as long as they are not the same)
  • Battle Pod Pilot (Sensor Specialist; Male) in Regult Tactical Battle Pod
  • Sudai Commando (Infantry Close Combat Specialist; Male) in Regult Tactical Battle Pod
  • Salvage Specialist (Tech Character responsible for battlefield repairs and ship maintenance; Male) in Regult Tactical Battle Pod
  • Junior Infantry Officer (In a Gluuhaug Regult Light Artillery/Anti-Aircraft Battle pod; Should have the Rank: Officer edge; Male)
Concept: Start with a general idea of what you want to play. Do you want to play a kid who was the star of his father’s flying circus? An aspiring pop star? A no-nonsense bridge crew member? Work with your group and GM to make sure your concept fits with the group.
Race: Zentraedi (Male) only
Racial Features
  • Resizable: The Masters modified their Zentraedi clones to allow them to undergo a massive increase in size and stay that way. The Zentraedi became used to the size so much, they began to think of themselves as “normal”, and other races stunted and “micronian”. Only a few in the high command had enough contact with the Tiroleans to realize they were “micronian” as well.
  • Environmental Weakness (Sonic): The Masters long ago utilized their racial susceptibility to music to control their race. Zentraedi suffer a -4 penalty to resist sonic/music attacks. Should the attack do damage, Zentraedi suffer 4 extra damage. Social attacks like Persuasion do not count as sonic attacks.
Your character’s Hindrances are determined normally per the Savage Worlds rulebook.
Your character’s attributes are determined normally according to the Savage Worlds rulebook.
Secondary Statistics
Your hero’s Pace, Parry and Toughness are determined normally.
Your character’s skills are determined normally per the Savage Worlds rulebook with the exceptions noted below. Each character has 15 points to distribute among the skills.
All Military Characters are strongly encouraged to take at least a d4 in Shooting, Driving, Electronics and Language [Zentraedi].
Edges: Your character’s Edges are determined normally per the Savage Worlds rulebook and the Robotech: A Macross Saga RPG. Limited choices from Freedom Squadron may also be available, ask the GM.

Setting Rules
The following setting rules are in place in the Robotech Macross setting.
Born a Hero
Heroes may ignore the Rank qualifications for Edges during character creation. They must still meet any other Requirements as usual. The usual rules for Rank Requirements apply afterward.

Gritty Damage
Whenever a Wild Card takes a Wound, roll on the Injury Table and apply the results immediately (but roll only once per incident regardless of how many Wounds are actually caused). A hero who takes two Wounds from an attack, for example, rolls once on the Injury Table

More Skill Points
Thanks to technology and improved education, characters in the Robotech Macross setting has 15 skill points at character creation rather than 12.

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