Attack on Geist

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Attack on Geist

Post by Lars »

Savage Combat vs Geist

...continued from
As you watch the events play out in the Command Room you see that both Geist and the Phase Mystic named Zan (some of you met him in the arena) are holding hands and touching the wall behind them. It’s an odd way to be standing and undoubtedly means something.

Geist laughs a loud and is holding the scepter (Rift Dominator) above her head, threateningly, as she mocks the base commander who is tied up in his chair.

Zan keeps the blaster he is holding pointed at the head of security woman across the room who quietly holds her hands high and looks peeved.

Zan is dressed in a mix of grey armor that looks like a full EBA combat suit. With his dark eyes and permanent frown he looks annoyed. You hear him say, ”Alright Victoria, we got the card, can we go now?”

Victoria Geist is a tall woman who looks to be in her mid forties. With brown eyes and long blonde hair. She is dressed in black combat boots, black jeans and leather coat. Her shirt looks like a rock concert shirt, saying something about Sick Pence opening for Tres Marbles Left. Her only jewelry is a thin leather necklace with a crystal on it.

In response to Zan she says, “I don’t know why you care about these instruments of the Arcane Company. They mean nothing, but yes, we can go Zan.”

Zan nods and looks like he is concentrating.

Zan, the Phase Mystic, has a look of concentration on his grizzled face. Eyes partially closed, they open wide and he says, "Company incoming!"

The psychic mystic from Phase World digs the fingers of his right hand into the wall. The metal wall tears in his grasp. His left hand is holding tight to Victoria Geist's right shoulder.

Victoria laughs aloud as the members of the Black Company suddenly snap into existence in the Command Room. Her voice dripping with sarcasm, she says, "You are early - I like that!"

Map of the Command Room
Location of Characters is where you were each teleported in by Hans. Firing at Geist or Zan is considered Firing Into Melee (not Flint, Gargamel or Steele). Hans, Charon and Tula are considered to be under medium cover and are at a -4 to be hit, because of Gargamel. At the beginning of the combat Geist has speed/quickness on her. Also has Arcane Resistance active due to Jobbi, for a -4.
Initiative Order
Action Cards
1.) Sammy - Ace Hearts - On Hold, Athletics Roll for Interrupt
2.) Joe - Ace of Clubs - On Hold, Athletics Roll for Interrupt
3.) Steele - King of Diamonds
4.) Tula - King of Clubs
5.) Geist - Jack of Hearts
6.) Stan - Jack of Clubs
7.) Hans - 9 of Clubs
8.) Zan - 7 of Diamonds <— dead now
9.) Charon - 3 of Clubs
A > K > Q > J > 10 >....2
Spades > Hearts > Diamonds > Clubs

Tula 38 King of Clubs
Charon 28 Three (3) of Clubs
Stan 1 Two (2) of Spades … Bennie from Stan 1d54: [51] = 51 … duplicate, reroll B RR Stan 1d54: [36] = 36
Hans 38 (duplicate, reroll 1d54: [34] = 34 Nine (9) of Clubs
Hes 2nd roll Hans 1d54: [38] = 38 , seriously? Reroll HH 1d54: [26] = 26 Ace of Hearts
Joe 39 Ace of Clubs
Steele 51 King of Diamonds

6d54: [38, 28, 1, 38, 39, 51] = 195

Geist 23 Jack of Hearts
Zan 30 Five (5) of Clubs, reroll due to Quick Zan 1d54: [45] = 45 Seven (7) Diamonds

2d54: [23, 30] = 53

Player Instructions
Regular SWADE Rules
Note - it was pointed out to me a few of the below are not up to date so FYI - I'll work on updating me stuff.
    • Rounds are six seconds.
    • Initiative is “rolled” every round by drawing from a deck of cards and acting in order Ace to Deuce. If you draw a Joker you can go at any time, and also gain +2 to all trait and damage rolls for your action.
    • You can perform multiple actions in a round (you get a free move on top of your action). These actions must be different things or at least involve different wielded weapons (e.g., you can’t attack twice with the same weapon). You take a -2 to all actions for each extra action you perform.
    • Melee: Roll Fighting vs. a difficulty of the target’s Parry.
    • Ranged: Roll Shooting or Throwing (at a -2 penalty for each extra range increment beyond short) against difficulty 4 (may be further modified by cover, concealment, or attacking armed targets point blank).
    • Raise on the attack roll adds +1d6 damage.
    • Rifts dice explode.
    • You don’t roll a wild die for damage, but the dice do Ace.
    • All damage dice are added together.
    • The damage total is compared to the target’s Toughness/Armor total.
    • If the roll is a success, the target is Shaken. If the target was already Shaken, he takes a Wound. Each Raise also deals a Wound.
Shaken and Wounds
    • Shaken characters can only take free actions (such as moving) and attempt to remove Shaken.
    • On your turn, you must make a Spirit roll to remove Shaken. You may spend a Benny at any time to remove Shaken.
    • When you are about to receive one or more Wounds, you can spend a Benny to attempt to Soak the damage. Roll Vigor: each success and Raise reduces the Wounds taken by 1.
    • Wounds apply penalties to Pace and all trait tests (-1 for each Wound).
    • A character with four Wounds is Incapacitated and must roll Vigor to avoid dying.
Situational Rules
    • Aim: Take a round aiming (no movement either) to get +2 to next round’s ranged attack (or ignore up to 4 points of penalties from range, cover, called shot, scale, or speed).
    • AoE: Any AoE attack rolls one attack roll but separate damage against all affected.
    • Bound and Entangled: Entangled characters are unable to move and Distracted. Bound characters are also Vulnerable. See page 98 for rules on breaking free.
    • Breaking Things: Items have a Hardness rating. Damage must equal or exceed the Hardness to break that item with an attack. You can use these rules to break shields and cover.
    • Called Shot: Get around Armor by taking a penalty to hit unarmored locations (Limb -2, Hands/Head -4, Armor joint -6) or similarly hit a small target. Head shots deal +4 damage. Hand shots count as a Disarm.
    • Cover and Obstacles: If target is covered, attack rolls suffer -2 (light), -4 (medium), -6 (heavy), or -8 (near total). Your attacks might punch through certain types of Cover as if they were armor.
    • Defend: A defense as your action (no multi-actions) increases Parry by +4. You can move but not run.
    • Disarm: Make a called shot at -2 or -4. The defender must beat the damage with a Strength test if it hits the item. If the defender is hit instead, he must roll Strength at -2 or -4 plus Wound penalties if the attack shakes or wounds him.
    • Distracted and Vulnerable: Both states last until the end of your next turn. Distracted makes you take a -2 penalty to all trait rolls. Vulnerable grants opponents +2 to attack you.
    • Drop, The: If you are unaware of an opponent, she gets +4 to attack and damage against you for one action (this does not stack with Vulnerable). If you are Shaken or worse, make a Vigor roll (-2 if hit in the head) or drop unconscious.
    • Evasion: Some slow attacks may be evaded if you succeed at an Agility roll (with a -2 penalty).
    • Fatigue: Certain effects apply Fatigue rather than damage. You become Fatigued, then Exhausted, then Incapacitated. Each level of Fatigue applies -1 to all trait rolls.
    • Finishing Move: You can automatically kill a helpless target with a lethal weapon as an action.
    • Firing Into Melee: Use the innocent bystander rules.
    • Ganging Up: Each ally adjacent to and attacking a target past the first gives +1 to all allies for the attack. Each adjacent ally of the target cancels a point of this bonus.
    • Grappling: Make an Athletics roll against the target’s Athletics to Entangle the target (Bound on a Raise). See page 101 for additional rules.
    • Illumination: Attack rolls suffer -2 in dim light, -4 in darkness (and targets can’t be attacked more than 10” away), and -6 in pitch darkness/target is invisible.
    • Improvised Weapons: Take -2 to attack rolls, and deal Str+d4 for light objects, +d6 for medium, and +d8 for heavy.
    • Innocent Bystanders: If you miss with a ranged attack and roll 1s on both dice, you hit a random victim adjacent to or otherwise in the line of fire of the original target. Shotguns and automatic weapons may have an easier time hitting bystanders (see page 102).
    • Nonlethal Damage: You can do nonlethal damage with fists or blunt melee weapons (-1 to attack for edged melee weapons using the flat). A target Incapacitated by nonlethal damage is knocked out for 1d6 hours instead of being in danger of dying.
    • Prone: Gain medium cover against ranged attacks from 3” or further away, but -2 Parry and Fighting rolls in melee. Standing uses 2” of movement.
    • Push: Make an opposed Strength or Athletics test. On a success, push the target 1”, or 2” on a Raise. Running, Shields, and Size affect this (see page 104).
    • Ranged Weapons in Melee: You cannot use long guns in melee. The TN is the target’s Parry instead of the normal 4. If you try to attack a non-adjacent target while opponents are threatening you in melee, you immediately become Vulnerable.
    • Recoil: Automatic weapons can impose a -2 penalty when taking multiple shots.
    • Reloading: Arrows and sling stones can be reloaded once per turn as a free action. Bolts, clips, magazines, or single bullets require an action to reload. Some specific weapons reload even more slowly. You must roll Agility (at a -2 penalty) to reload successfully when running.
    • Shotguns: Shotguns are weird. See page 105 for shotgun attack rules.
      Size and Scale: It’s easier to hit proportionately larger targets and harder to hit proportionately smaller ones. Creatures have scale from -6 to +6 (humans are 0). See page 106.
    • Stunned: If you are stunned by a power or stun weapon, you’re Distracted, Prone, can’t move or take actions, don’t count towards Gang Up, and are subject to the Drop. Make a Vigor roll at the start of your turn to remove Stunned (but you become Distracted and Vulnerable without a Raise).
    • Support: Make a relevant skill roll to assist. Add +1 to the target’s roll for a success, or +2 for a Raise. Support bonuses are usually limited to +4.
    • Suppressive Fire: See page 107.
    • Surprise: Ambushers are automatically on Hold (can go whenever they want in the first round), but draw cards to check for Jokers. Roll Notice to be dealt in on the first round. Otherwise, you can’t act the first round of combat.
    • Test: Roll Athletics or Fighting opposed by Agility, Taunt opposed by Smarts, or Intimidate opposed by Spirit. On a success, the target is your choice of Distracted or Vulnerable. On a Raise, the target is also Shaken (or other situational effects, like being tripped prone). Modifiers may apply, and repetitive tests may have less effect over time.
    • Touch Attack: Simply attempting to touch the target (e.g., for a Power) adds +2 to your Fighting.
    • Two Weapons: Without edges, a second melee weapon adds +1 to your Fighting rolls against opponents with one or fewer weapons and no shield (does not help against creatures with natural weapons).
    • Unarmed Defender: If you aren’t armed, melee attackers gain +2 to their Fighting rolls to hit you.
    • Wild Attack: Add +2 to your attack and damage for the action, but you become Vulnerable.
    • Withdraw from Melee: All non-Shaken enemies get a free attack (but you could Defend).
Additional Info
    • Agility is used to resist physical Tests.
    • Smarts is used to resist Taunt and generate Power ranges.
    • Spirit is used to resist Intimidate and remove Shaken.
    • Strength defines encumbrance and adds to melee damage rolls.
    • Vigor controls Toughness and is used to recover from Incapacitation (and Wounds with a Benny).
    • Pace determines movement speed.
    • Parry is the target number of melee attacks against you when you are armed.
    • Toughness is the difficulty of a damage roll against you (it usually includes armor as well).

  • The following information isn't really known by your Characters, but presented as Meta info to you the Players.

Victoria Geist ~~
  • Supernatural Witch & Avatar

At the beginning of the combat she has speed/quickness on her and will have two attacks per round. No MaP. Also has Arcane Resistance active due to Jobbi, for a -4. No longer has.

Agility d8
Smarts d12+2
Spirit d10
Strength d12
Vigor d12

Athletics d6
Common Knowledge d6
Fighting d8
Focus d12
Intimidation d8
Notice d10
Occult d12+4
Spellcasting d12+2
Stealth d10
Survival d10

Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 21 base, wearing amulet (Jobbi, who "belongs" to Sammy) 33 (6). NOW JUST TOUGHNESS OF 21.

Gear: NG-57 Ion Blaster, one clip.

Hindrances: Arrogant, Ruthless (Major ), Bloodthirsty, Vengeful (Major)

Edges: Arcane Background (Magic), First Strike, Frenzy, Hard to Kill, Level Headed (Imp), Nerves of Steel, Super Powers (60), Woodsman

Spells: Barrier, beast friend, blind, boost/lower Trait, confusion, darksight, deflection, detect/ conceal arcana, disguise, dispel, divination, drain Power Points, elemental manipulation, entangle, environmental protection, farsight, fear, healing, illusion, light/darkness, object reading, protection, puppet, shape change, sloth/ speed, slumber, sound/silence, speak language, stun, summon ally, telekinesis, teleport, wall walker, zombie.

Power Points: 80.

AVATAR (self proclaimed Goddess) SPECIAL ABILITIES
  • Ageless: Very Old (+2 to Smarts and Common Knowledge).
  • Dodge –4: –5 to be hit with ranged attacks.
  • Growth: Level 4 (Size 4 (12' tall),+4 Size, Strength, and Toughness). Swat (Ignores 4 points of scale penalties).
  • Possession: Alternate Trait (Spellcasting).
  • Push: Alternate Trait (Spellcasting).
  • Ranged Attack: Spellcasting. Range 12/24/48, Damage 5d6. May use Cone Template.
  • Super Skill: Spellcasting.
  • Super Sorcery: She is a witch.
  • Environmental Resistance: Immunity to Fire & Plasma
  • Unstoppable: The villain takes a maximum of one Wound (after Soaking) from any damaging attack unless the attacker's Action Card is a Joker.
  • Shared consciousness: Multiple bodies can be inhabited and all share one mind. Additionally, all her actions and thoughts are shared with the entity that created her, the Abraxlidone.
  • Lifeforce of an Avatar: Can only take one wound per attack due to unstoppable and can take three wounds in human size. If size 4 she can withstand 5 wounds before being killed.

I.F.: Phase Mystic (Modified thematically, originally in Rifts Phase Word book of 29)
Race: Human Male
Born: On Phase World in the city of Center
Physical Appearance: Black and grey (peppered) hair, pale white (not albino, just sun deprived) skin. About six feet tall and stocky (well muscled).
Disposition: Quiet. Moody. Intelligent. An observer with little to say usually but when he does talk it’s often important.
Gladiatorial Notes and history: Born in Center he has lived his whole life here. At 44 years old he has spent a long time learning Phase powers which is rarely taught to non promeatheans (the “native” race on Phase World). He is rumored to have betrayed the promeatheans and was caught smuggling weapons off world and was handed over to the arena to die or try to earn his freedom (pay off his debts). He has proven to be an adept killer and gladiator and has stayed alive near a year now in the Blood Dome. He primarily uses his psychic phase powers and a gravitonic blaster in combat. He is also quite good with a energy trident and mounted on about anything from a hovercycle to most mounts.

Stats of note:

Agility d6
Smarts d8
Spirit d10
Strength d10 (12 in armor)
Vigor d10

Skills of note

Athletics d6
Common Knowledge d6
Fighting d8
Shooting d8+2
Intimidation d8
Notice d10

Pace: 6; Parry: 8; Toughness: 24 (6)

Special Abilities of note: Psionic powers, Spacial Awareness, Phase Powers, Resistance to Magic.

Resistance to Magic: A Psionic field surrounds the PM, can use dispel any time (automatically interrupting actions) as a free action, rolling Spirit at no penalty for different Arcane Backgrounds. When activating dispel ISP costs are paid normally, and they may use Modifiers they has access to.

This ability reduces damage from all arcane sources (including poison and disease) by 8 points. All Arcane Backgrounds are included, as are inherently supernatural or psionic monstrous abilities. Arcane skills targeting the PM suffer a −6 penalty, and she gains +6 to opposed Trait rolls to resist powers. They may take Arcane Resistance and the improved version to further increase these modifiers.

ISP 40

Phase Powers

D Shift Distance
Dimensional Leap
Fast Draw
Multi Phase
Phase Warp: Confuse
Phase Blast

Psionic Powers

boost/lower Trait
detect/ conceal arcana
drain Power Points
object reading
sloth/ speed
speak language

Start of Combat GM Info
GM bennies 6
Geist bennies 2, using 1 to get rid of Shaken from Steele = 1 left
Zan bennies 2 💀 Dead.
Sammy bennies 2

Sams 1d12!!: [7] = 7
Geist vs Stan, STR check to hold onto scepter: STR 1d12!!: [11] = 11
Jobbi vs Stan, Intelligence to allow “breaking off”: INT 1d10!!: [7] = 7

VG save vs Slumber (Charon 4) 1d10!!-2: [9]-2 = 7
VG save vs Grapple (Flint 18) 1d12!!: [10] = 10

Geist is Bound (Cannot move, Distracted: -2 to Trait rolls & Vulnerable: +2 to actions targeting her, and cannot take physical actions except trying to break free), and Flint is Vulnerable (attack rolls against him are at +2)

1d12!!-4: [11]-4 = 7
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Re: Attack on Geist

Post by sammy »

Sammy wasn’t teleported by HANS device. He simply walked from the snowy outside to the warm inside of the Command Center room. The tabby never really gave it any thought. He just went were he wanted. In this instance he wanted to tag along with the others of the Black Company.

Taking a seat on the counter behind Joe and by the base commander the cat reflected on how the commander was defiantly not as lucky as Joe was. The old smuck had let himself be tied up with some silver duck tape.

“Meow, now Joe you remind me of the green rabbit foot I got in my pocket. Too good to be truth. Sticking to your side fur sure.”

Lazily reaching a paw out, the cat uses a sharp claw to cut away at the tape, keeping an eye on how things progress.

Card: Ace of Hearts. On Hold Roll: AI 1d8: [8] = 8 Explode AI 1d8!!: [5] = 5 =13
Parry:5, Toughness: 14(7), +2 shooting with armor on
ISP: 30/30
Active Powers: None:
Combat Edges:
  • Level Headed
Other Edges of note:
  • Elan
  • Notice d6
  • stealth d8
Weapon in Hand: Sunshine TW revolver
Bennies: 4/3
  • +1 optional dream state
    +1 High post rate
    +1 F and G
    -1 Skill trick
    -1 hell pillars
    -1 Fetetic hand to hand combat
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Re: Attack on Geist

Post by Joe Smith »

'Uh, OK. Guess it's go time,' Joe thinks as he appears next to a tied up guy in a chair.
sammy wrote: Tue Nov 15, 2022 1:49 pm
Taking a seat on the counter behind Joe and by the base commander the cat reflected on how the commander was defiantly not as lucky as Joe was. The old smuck had let himself be tied up with some silver duck tape.

“Meow, now Joe you remind me of the green rabbit foot I got in my pocket. Too good to be truth. Sticking to your side fur sure.”
Joe glances at Sammy, the newcomer and apparently a cat, and mutters, "Ooookay...weirdly specific."

Remembering that his role is to manage any unfortunate circumstances, Joe takes stock of the current situation and
Athletics (Interrupt): 7
Athletics 1d8!: [2] = 2
Wild 1d6!: [3] = 3
Athletics 2 1d8!+2 (Elan): [5]+2 = 7
Wild 2 1d6!+2: [4]+2 = 6
at a moment's notice.
Joe Smith, Luckster Survivalist Mega-Super
Pace: 6(d6); Parry: 8(1); Toughness: 16(7)
Notes: Ranged attacks are at -2 to hit Joe, he ignores the -2 penalty to Agility for Evasion attempts, and Joe gets to make an Evasion attempt at -2 for any applicable attack he would normally not get to roll Evasion for.
  • Free Soak roll using Focus when Wounded (Relevant Edges apply). For each wound soaked, gain one token which can: Add +1d6 per token to any damage roll (max three per damage roll), Increase Toughness by +1 per token until the end of the encounter, or be used exactly like a Benny to perform a Power Stunt.

    Ignore -2 points in penalties to attack a target (created by that target). This does not affect Joe's attack penalties / environmental penalties / the target's Parry.

    Joe gains the is awarded a Benny each time his power goes out of control due to a Critical Failure. Additionally, if he uses a power in a risky manner (GM's call), the GM can award a Benny and say it went a bit wild, complicating the situation. For example, a heat ray sets the room on fire or radar sense is detected by enemy sensors.
    Even the most powerful supers lose control of their abilities from time to time. Those with this Hindrance cause more mayhem than most.
    Whether from lack of control, reckless abandon, or carelessness, anytime the character Critically Fails a roll to activate or use a power, it goes wildly out of control. It affects the wrong target, has the converse effect, or causes massive collateral damage. The exact effect is up to the GM based on the situation, but it should be memorable and potentially disastrous!
    A super must have powers that require an activation roll to take this Hindrance.

    Comic Book Combat
    Using coping techniques and physical conditioning, this character has learned to push her body to its limits. She gains a +2 bonus to rolls made to resist interrogation (social checks made to elicit information from the character) and ignores 1 point of Fatigue penalties.

    Environmental Weakness (Temporal Type)
    This adventurer has more lives than a herd of cats. He may ignore his Wound penalties when making Vigor rolls to avoid Bleeding Out (see page 95).
    He is also tougher to kill than Rasputin. If he is ever "killed," roll a die. On an odd result, he's dead as usual. On an even roll, he's Incapacitated but somehow escapes death. He may be captured, stripped of all his belongings, or mistakenly left for dead, but he somehow survives.

    The hero can shrug off even extreme blows. He adds +2 to Soak rolls and Vigor rolls to avoid Knockout Blows (see page 100).

    Anyone who fails an action that affects him, including area effect attacks, Tests, etc., becomes Vulnerable. On a Critical Failure, they’re Shaken or Stunned, player's choice, as well (in addition to any other effects).
    This might represent a related incident—a thug’s bullet ricochets off a wall and hits another; or a completely unrelated event occurs—a pot falls from a high window and smashes on a thug’s head just as he’s about to shoot. The GM should feel free to get creative in describing the bad luck that befalls those who tangle with this “black cat."

    Power Negation (Rabbits/Rabbit's Feet)

Wounds: 0/3; Fatigue: 0/2; PPE (Aviator Shades): 10/10
Bennies: 4/5(+1Z); Conviction: 1/1
Transmutation Tokens: 0
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Re: Attack on Geist

Post by Freemage »

Not an actual post, just need some rolls for later
Spellcasting 1d12!!+3: [5]+3 = 8
Wild Spellcasting 1d6!!+3: [3]+3 = 6

Occult 1d10!!: [5] = 5
Wild Occult 1d6!!: [1] = 1
GM Bennies (7th SET, Joker's Jokers): 8/8
OOC Comments
GMC Bennies:
PCs, 8 Active Slots, 3 Signature Items
*Gaspard Gillead, 12th AAT/Dirty Dozen
Serival Drumm, 24th COT
*Ophelia Monk, Mercy Team 6
Jaenelle, Beyond the Wall
Mille Visage, Northern Gun Mercs
*Charon, Black Company
*Hero, Lost Jungle/TL

Gorgeous George, 4th COT/Murder Hobos(Frozen)
Nomel Sagia, Nameless (Frozen)
Libertas Magicorum, 13th SET/Silent Ones(Retired)
Savant, 3rd SET/Losers(Frozen)
Other Mother, Ravenloft (Frozen)
Lance, 24th COT/Kingsdale (Retired)
Ramson Gourdaine, Phase World (Blazed)
Hexx, Rising Stars SPC (Frozen)
Sir Blurre, 18th COT/New West (Retired)
Yeitso & Alicia Forsythe, Prestige Unlimited (Frozen)
Malaetheryan, Phase World/Relentless (Frozen?)
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Re: Attack on Geist

Post by Steele »

Steel does not hesitate when the target appears before him. His swords hum as they sweep before him almost like a great pair of scissors scything for Geist's head.

Called shot head -4
Skill d12+2
Fighting 1d12!!-2: [21!!]-2 = 19
Wild Die 1d6!!-2: [5]-2 = 3

Damage 2d12!!+1d6!!+8: [4, 2]+[1]+8 = 15 AP 12 (AP 16 if target is MDC)
Benny for Damage reroll
Damage 2d12!!+1d6!!+8: [8, 4]+[9!!]+8 = 29 AP 12 (AP 16 if target is MDC)

Called shot head -4
Skill d12+2
Fighting 1d12!!-2: [11]-2 = 9
Wild Die 1d6!!-2: [11!!]-2 = 9

Damage 2d12!!+1d6!!+8: [1, 10]+[2]+8 = 21 AP 12 (AP 16 if target is MDC)
This damage roll was not a raise so subtract the d6 from total.

19 AP 12 (AP 16 if target is MDC)

Both swords bite into the woman's neck and anything mortal should have died right there but things didn't seem to be going as planned. Steele scowls mentally Something tells me I'm in biiiiig trouble. Ayep. Oh well go big or go home as my pappy used to say.
Ancient wisdom from the Golden Age: Don't Panic.

Player: Jim
Active Alts: Jim Cannon, Dorn GiantSlayer, Jame Graeme

Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d12+4, Vigor d12
Pace: 8; Running Die: d8; Parry: 10; Toughness: 18 (6); Size: Normal (1); Strain: 1/6; Bennies: 3 of 3

Agility: Athletics d8, Fighting d12+2, Shooting d8, Stealth d4
Smarts: Common Knowledge d6+2, Electronics d6+2, Hacking d6+2, Language (American) d8, Notice d6+2, Repair d6+2, Research d6+2, Survival d4
Spirit: Persuasion d4-1

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Re: Attack on Geist

Post by Tula »

Tula, following Sammy and Joe's example, slides to one side and holds her weapons at the ready. It is hard to not keep her gaze locked on Geist as the primary threat, but she knows her task is to handle interruptions. Tula drags her attention away to scan for other unexpected guests.
Athletics for Interrupt= 4
Athletics 1d6!!: [4] = 4
Wild 1d6!!: [4] = 4
Tula Embersnow
Pace: 5; Parry: 5; Toughness: 13(5); Strain: 6
Fatigue 0/3 Wounds 0/3
Bennies 3/3

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Re: Attack on Geist

Post by Lars »

  • Spend 1 bennie to get rid of Shaken that she look from Steele.
  • Active powers on her, speed/quickness.
  • Arcane Resistance active due to Jobbi, for a -4.
  • Occult d12!!+4: [1]+4 = 5 , O W 1d6!!: [4] = 4 ugh meant to do Spellcasting.
  • Entangle Being cast
  • Spellcasting d12!!+2: [2]+2 = 4 , SW 1d6!!: [5] = 5
  • Striking Flint with RD
  • F 1d8!!: [2] = 2 , FW 1d6!!: [3] = 3
Entanglement Spell
Entanglement Spell
4767D859-CF48-466B-A87A-ED434EDAEA80.jpeg (25.63 KiB) Viewed 725 times
Targets of spell: Gargamel, Flint & Hans.

Geist flinched at the dual swords that struck her. Her grin spreads across her face immediately afterward. Ice blue eyes narrow at Steele and she utters a hiss of words, her attention turning to look at the large golem. Her actions are a blur as she moves faster than a human woman ought to be able to.

Crackling energy erupts from her blue eyes, the light flickers across the floor, ceiling and bodies of Flint, Gargamel and Hans.

Striking the Rift Dominator Scepter across the chest of the zombie, Flint, his body seems to shimmer for a split second before he looks a little shocked but solid and unharmed.

Geist’s smile falters again and she growls when Flint isn’t torn from this dimension into another.

Her enraged eyes swivel towards the tabby across the room and all signs of smiles are gone and she looks unhinged and spittle glistening on her teeth she barks, ”I’ll skin you demon cat!”

For his part, the cat look’s unfazed, like he didn’t hear her and Sammy continues making muffins on the base commander’s back.
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Re: Attack on Geist

Post by Action Stan »

After Geist flails ineffectually against the mummy, Flint, Stan sets his sights on the sorceress unleashing a
Action one: Disarm the Dominator via shooting
Modifiers: MAP -4, Trickshooter MAP reduction +2, Called Shoot -4, Sharpshooter penalty reduction +4, Half Advance +1, Cyber +2, HJ mod on gun +1. Net +2
Shooting Action 1 d12!!+2: [8]+2 = 10
Shooting Action 1 Wild d6!!+2: [1]+2 = 3
Damage one 4d8!!+d6!!: [6, 14!!, 3, 3]+[4] = 30
Action two: Shoot Strap Jobbi hangs from
Modifiers: MAP -4, Trickshooter MAP reduction +2, Called Shoot -4, Sharpshooter penalty reduction +4, Half Advance +1, Cyber +2, HJ mod on gun +1. Net +2
Shooting Action 2 d12!!+2: [2]+2 = 4
Shooting Action 2 Wild d6!!+2: [3]+2 = 5
Benny to reroll
Shooting Action 2 reroll with elan from gun d12!!+2: [7]+2 = 9
Shooting Action 2 Wild reroll with elan from gun d6!!+2: [4]+2 = 6
Damage two 4d8!!: [3, 5, 7, 1] = 16 d6!!: [1] = 1
Action three: Shoot Zan in head
Modifiers: MAP -4, Trickshooter MAP reduction +2, Called Shoot -4, Sharpshooter penalty reduction +4, Half Advance +1, Cyber +2, HJ mod on gun +1. Net +2
Shooting Action 3 d12!!+2: [11]+2 = 13
Shooting Action 3 Wild d6!!+2: [5]+2 = 7
Damage three 4d8!!+d6!!+4: [1, 1, 12!!, 7]+[2]+4 = 27
. The spray of fire first knocks the Rift Dominator out of her hand and to the floor, then severs the strap holding Jobbi, and the final shot takes Zan full in the face as he turns to say something to Geist. His final words are lost when the particle blast deletes his face and most of his head. As the promethean slumps to the floor and Jobbi floats across the room to reunite with Sammi Stan dryly quips, "Gee, I hope you didn't need any of those."

My rolls etc are in the above GM post. Results are as follows…

One, yes, Action Stan shoots the scepter out of Geist’s hand. It will fall to the ground. Once there it shimmers and looks incorporeal. If some one picks it up they will need to make a save roll. INFO ON THAT: Test mechanic. Taunt vs Smarts. The scepter has a roll of Taunt 1d10!!+2: [5]+2 = 7 . If scepter wins the opposed roll, it chooses to make foe Distracted and remains incorporeal. If someone does grab it a private message will be sent to the Player.

Two, yes, Stan is able to shoot the “leather” strap of the crystal called Jobbi. The strap snaps and the crystal drifts through the air towards Sammy the cat.

Three, your headshot at Zan hits. You killa. Zan is dead.
Action Stan
Pace: 6; Parry: 9; Toughness: 12 base/15(2) in body suit/23 (8) in body suit and armor; Strain: 2/16
Fatigue 0/3 Wounds 0/3
Bennies 2/3 1 Zombie Benny
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Hans Greuber
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Re: Attack on Geist

Post by Hans Greuber »

Hans commands Gargamel to grab the
Smarts Roll: 1d6!!: [2] = 2
Result: 2 - FAIL. Drops the Scepter and is Distracted.
it drops the item. With another command, the Golem kicks the scepter behind itself, away from the battle with Geist as well as any of Hans's companions.

Now that that scepter is free of Geist's grasp, I need to keep it that way.

Pulling out another programmable Nanite Hive, Hans quickly
Create Telekinesis Gadget (+2 due Iron Ring, -2 due MaP, +1 due GM Fiat... so +1)
  • TW: 1d12!!+1!!: [2]+1 = 3
    Wild: 1d6!!+1!!: [4]+1 = 5
    Result: 5 - Success. Telekinesis Gadget with 12 PPE
the Nanites to allow Hans to mentally pick up items at a distance, before using it for that express
Use Telekinesis Gadget on the Scepter (+2 due Iron Ring, -2 due MaP, +1 due GM Fiat... so +1; 5 PPE +3 PPE (Mega Telekinesis)=8 PPE)
  • TW: d12!!+1!!: [1]+1 = 2
    Wild: 1d6!!+1!!: [4]+1 = 5
    Result: 5 - Success. Grabbed Scepter with a d12 Strength.

Hans Greuber

PPE: 10 / 25 (11 - 13 Invested into Gargamel, 1 Invested into Humble's Bracelet)
Silver Ring 1: 5 / 10
Silver Ring 2: 5 / 10
Active Powers:
Combat Edges/Hindrances:
Arcane Machinist Gadgets Left: 2 /6
Created Gadgets:
Arcane Protection (6 PPE left)
Remote Viewing (6 PPE left)
Teleport (4 PPE left)

Bennies: 2 (+1 Z) / 3
Base Amount
+1 Zombie Bennie
-1 to Reroll Fear against Vithen Wraiths

Toughness: 16 (8); Parry: 4; Pace: 5 (d4)
Gargamel (Invested PPE, Flying Pace 12, Mind Rider)
Huey (Mind Rider), Dewey, Louis
Alvin (Mind Rider), Simon, Theodore

  • Fatigue: 0
    Wounds: 0
Golems (*=Mind Link, #=Winged)
  • Gargamel*#
    • Fatigue: 0
      Wounds: 0
    • Fatigue: 0
      Wounds: 0
    • Fatigue: 0
      Wounds: 0
    • Fatigue: 0
      Wounds: 0
    • Fatigue: 0
      Wounds: 0
    • Fatigue: 0
      Wounds: 0
    • Fatigue: 0
      Wounds: 0
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Re: Attack on Geist

Post by Lars »

Short GM Update

Action Stan shoots the Rift Dominator out of Victoria’s hand.


As it rolls away from her the golem tries unsuccessfully to pick it up, instead becoming distracted and simply kicks the scepter away from Geist. Hans uses a device to lift the dominator without touching it. Victoria’s eyes flick away from watching Jobbi drifting towards Sammy, to lock onto the dominator as everyone in the base hears a deep raspy and sultry woman’s voice in their mind.

”I̶ ̶c̴a̶n̸ ̷g̷i̷v̷e̴ ̴y̴o̶u̷ ̸u̷n̴t̶o̷l̸d̵ ̸r̷i̴c̵h̶e̷s̵.̷ ̷I̶ ̵c̶a̵n̷ ̸g̷i̶v̴e̷ ̵y̸o̵u̷ ̶t̷h̸e̵ ̴p̸o̶w̴e̸r̶ ̴o̴f̶ ̷a̸ ̴g̷o̵d̷.̶ ̴C̸o̶m̶e̶ ̴p̵i̴c̷k̸ ̸m̴e̶ ̸u̷p̵ ̵a̵n̸d̵ ̵w̶e̵ ̸w̶i̴l̵l̸ ̴c̴o̵n̷q̴u̵e̷r̶ ̵t̴h̴e̴ ̵M̷e̴g̸a̸v̸e̷r̵s̵e̵.̷ ̷”
I can give you untold riches. I can give you the power of a god. Come pick me up and we will conquer the Megaverse.

Sammy stops making muffins on the commanders head and purrs.

The female Security Officer starts walking towards the scepter, a distant look in her eyes.

The base commander frantically mumbles something, mouth still taped over as he starts shaking.

Geist grows: ”The Hell!”

It’s Charon’s turn.
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Re: Attack on Geist

Post by Charon »

OOC Comments
This takes place when the DR is dropped:
Fear Check, -4 and get a benny:
Fear 1d10!!-4: [7]-4 = 3
Wild Spirit 1d6!!-4: [4]-4 = 0
1d20+4: [18]+4 = 22
Heart attackackackack you oughtta know by now....
Vigor 1d6!!-1: [4]-1 = 3
Wild Vigor 1d6!!-1: [1]-1 = 0
Spend that Benny we just got (with Elan!)
Vigor 1d6!!+1: [9!!]+1 = 10
Wild Vigor 1d6!!+1: [1]+1 = 2
So, "only" Stunned....
Stunned characters:
• Are Distracted (this is removed at the end of the victim’s next turn as usual)
• Are Vulnerable (this remains until they recover from being Stunned)
• Fall prone (or to their knees, GM’s call)
• Can’t move or take any actions

So now, as a free action on her own turn, Charon can try to roll Vigor to shake off Stunned, but suffers a -2 for being Distracted:
Unstun 1d6!!-1: [8!!]-1 = 7
Wild Vigor 1d6!!-1: [9!!]-1 = 8
Wow, a Raise. So she can act normally this turn, though still Distracted and Vulnerable until her turn is over.
So, now she gets to actually do something...
Yeah, Greater Slumber it is:
2 PPE, +2 for Greater. Base roll is d12+3, -2 for Distracted:
Spellcasting 1d12!!+1: [5]+1 = 6
Wild Spellcasting 1d6!!+1: [3]+1 = 4
Spending a Benny w/Elan to make this a bit more effective.
Slumber 1d12!!+3: [2]+3 = 5
Wild Spellcasting 1d6!!+3: [3]+3 = 6
Okay, quitting with 1 Benny left. Geist needs to roll Spirit -2,and needs only a 4 to shrug it off.

Attempt to Grapple Geist:
Athletics 1d10!!+1: [17!!]+1 = 18
Wild Athletics 1d6!!+1: [5]+1 = 6
18... Damn.
So, Geist needs to roll Grapple to oppose:
If she gets an 18+, she ignores the grapple.
If she gets a 15-17, she is Entangled (Cannot move and Distracted: -2 to all Trait rolls)
If she gets a 16 or less, she is Bound (Cannot move, Distracte: -2 to Trait rolls & Vulnerable: +2 to actions targeting her, and cannot take physical actions except trying to break free), and Flint is Vulnerable (attack rolls against him are at +2)

Breaking the Grapple on her next action will require her to either make an Athletics roll (-2 for Distracted) or Strength (-4 for Distracted), opposed by Flint (who must roll either his base Athletics or Strength -2 to maintain the Hold). If she gets a Success, she improves her position by 1 step; if she gets a Raise, she improves it by 2.

I'll roll for Flint to maintain the Grapple once the next round's initiative is flipped.
Charon's arcane senses take in the full view of the unshrouded Victoria Geist. She knows what the... thing in the room posing as a human actually is, and the Necromancer feels an icy grip on her chest. For just a moment, it seems as if the world spins, a bit dim around the edges, but the enhancements Hans built into her armor, combined with her own resilience, suffice to get her heart beating again. Still, she is badly shaken to the core by the revelation. She manages to croak out a half-hearted funeral dirge to put Geist to sleep, but it seems unlikely to work....

While Flint and Charon have gotten their mutual tactics down pretty pat, they don't actually share any sort of telepathic link, and thus the Mummy has no idea of what Charon has just learned--and, in any case, it's not likely to change his intent. Sheathing the vibro-sword, he lunges at Geist, attempting to get her in a combination arm-lock and choke-hold. After all, the Boss wants this woman alive, so.... His technique is so masterful, it surprises even him. Even if she manages to slip free, she'll know it was a close thing....
Current Stats
Agility d4, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d6 (d12+1), Vigor d6
Pace: 8/d6; Flying Pace: 12/d6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 16(7); PPE: 15 (+10 Staff) (+24 Phylactery)
Athletics d4; Common Knowledge d4; Fighting d4; Intimidation d4; Language (American) d8; Notice d8
Occult d10; Persuasion d6; Repair d8; Spellcasting d12+1; Stealth d4
Hindrances: Minor Delusion, Can't Swim, Major Vengeful, Heroic, Major Wanted (Coalition), Major Enemy (Vampires, Evil Necro), Major D-Bee, Major Oath, Alien Physiology, Non-Standard Build, Spooky
Special abilities: 4 Arms (ignore 2 MAP); Low-Light Vision; Notice to see ghosts, ethereal, invisible; Natural Healing 2/day, may regenerate limbs; Re-Roll Social rolls w/Undead; +4 to resist Vampiric puppet
Bone Staff (Str+d6, 2 PPE for 5 rounds MD; Reach +1, Parry +1 [incl], Spellcasting +1 [incl])
Wilk's Classic (15/30/60; 3d6 AP 2; +1 Shooting)
Tommygun (12/24/48; 2d6+1 Silver; RoF 3)
TW Gladius Exoskeleton (+7A/+4T; Str d12+1/Pace +2 while Powered [incl]; 1 PPE/hr)
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Re: Attack on Geist

Post by Lars »

GM Update

Charon suggests a nap. Victoria Geist says no.

Flint, the mummy, decides to hug VG with all his strength.

VG save vs Slumber (Charon 4) 1d10!!-2: [9]-2 = 7
VG save vs Grapple (Flint 18) 1d12!!: [10] = 10

No Slumber however…

Geist is Bound (Cannot move, Distracted: -2 to Trait rolls & Vulnerable: +2 to actions targeting her, and cannot take physical actions except trying to break free), and Flint is Vulnerable (attack rolls against him are at +2)

Anyone on Hold want to go before new Initiative?
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Re: Attack on Geist

Post by Lars »


Next Round Prep
Sammy - 10 of Diamonds
Joe - 9 of Spades
Steele - 4 of Hearts
Tula - K of Hearts
Geist - also got K of Hearts, reroll: 6 of Diamonds - bennie JOKER
Stan - 6 of Hearts
Hans - 2 of Diamonds & H H 1d54: [6] = 6 3 of Diamonds
Charon - 6 of Spades
UDZ - 4 of Clubs
Rad the Immortal-

9d54: [34, 32, 11, 47, 47, 19, 2, 20, 9] = 221

1d54: [18] = 18

2d54: [53, 16] = 69 — Joker for VG and 5 Spades to UDZ

A > K > Q > J > 10 >....2
Spades > Hearts > Diamonds > Clubs

1.) Geist - Dimensional Teleport Home: Once per day and for 25 PPE, a Shifter can teleport himself home regardless of distance . Only the Shifter, his carried gear, and a possible familiar are moved this way—power modifiers cannot be used in conjunction with this ability . Being able to Dimensional Teleport means Shifters are sorely tempted to explore new worlds and dimensions, often heedless of danger. To do so, Growth. Ungrapple. D-Teleport.
2.) Tula

Round Two ~ Narrative

As ….
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