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Post by Corrigon » Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:26 am

The building itself has been attached to the side of the mill and is a modular, bland building, which looks a little out of place attached to the mill. The sign stating Garnet Casino is in bright lights (if visited at night) or subdued lights (during the day) is not too large and, whilst not tastefully done, it is at least not obtrusive.

The entrance (apart from any staff entrances) is firmly in the middle of the front of the building, directly below the sign, with a couple of steps or a small ramp to traverse in order to enter the building proper.

Inside the foyer, the only way in for patrons is past on the left hand side a raised counter, behind which a well-dressed employee is stood.
OOC Comments
Notice or repair roll -2 or knowledge engineering
Success notes that the counter is reinforced,
Raise probably with MDC materials
On the opposite wall that everyone has to walk past is a large ornate mirror, taller and wider than a person, going up almost to the ceiling.

From where you are stood, the actual casino area itself is not as large as you would expect, only taking up a third of the floor, with a bar most of the other accessible area.
GM bennies 6/8

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