Homebrew Iconic Framework: Apok (from Wormwood)

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Homebrew Iconic Framework: Apok (from Wormwood)

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Hey Folks,

Long time reader, first time poster =)

I put together a write-up for the Apok for use in my tabletop game.

I'm aware that others have done this as well. There's nothing wrong with those versions (I took inspiration from bits of several), it just wasn't precisely what I was looking for. In case you're interested: here are the other write-ups I found when I started: So why'd I do mine? The O.C.C. has a special place in my heart, and I wanted to take a stab at a version at a version that included the "All of the Apok's attacks inflict double damage to supernatural beings" mechanic from the original. Walking up and murdering something scary with a ridiculous weapon instead of a vibroblade always hit me as super cool in a Riddick kinda vibe.

As per Savaging: Rifts, I started with the Cyberknight as a chassis. They're very close mechanically. My goal, then, was to bring over that specific mechanic, and as much of the original vibe, while keeping the following idea as my guidepost: The Cyberknight should be better in general, but the Apok should be better against evil monsters. I think the way I've handled Trapping, Horror, and the Iconic Feats does so, is as faithful a reproduction as I could manage, and again really nails that, "I can end you with whatever I find lying around" feel.

This write-up is definitively less powerful than the Palladium Rifts, as well, but then so are most of the Savage Worlds Frameworks, and I think the game is generally better (and better balanced) for that.
In general, I'd expect most other melee combat Frameworks to be more effective than the Apok in the a normal fight for several reasons:
  1. The Apok is a specialist, with a focus on supernatural evil. Most enemies (the entire Coalition, for one) don't necessarily fall into that category. So non-specialized combatants will fare better.
  2. How thin the Apok is spread. In trying to recreate the original, there's a lot more "circumstantial" benefits than most of the by-the-book classes, which tend to be more narrowly focused on an objective/role.
  3. The original Apok is a soak tank, and soak tanks tend to be both more expensive and more vulnerable in SWADE than dodge tanks.
Here's my math (I used Tribe of One's excellent breakdowns in combination with the Super Power Companion's power costs to evaluate).
HJ roll x2: 4 pts
Communion with Wormwood: 6 (+2 for Innate Powers as per Cyberknight, +1 for Modifier as per Mystic, -1 for reduced power access as per Spirit Warrior)
Impervious to Horror: 2
Impervious to Mind Control: 3 (took Arcane Resistance as per Vampire Familiar B&B p.177 and priced it as Resistance: Mental (2) +1 for Immunity)
Supernatural Might: 9 (2 for Strength, 3 for Toughness, 2 for Fighting d6, & 2 for Healing)
The Demon Mask: 12 (2 for Fear, 2 bonus to Intimidate, 2 for Pace as per Crazy; Armor was 7 + 4 for MDC -5 for not stacking with base armor = 6 total)
The Demon's Bane: 15 (2 for Choose an Edge; I took a spreadsheet of Melee and Ranged Weapons. With this modifier, the average Melee comes to 3d6 AP:10, and the average ranged comes to 4d8 AP:3. The latter is more expensive, so I priced the power as 9 for 4d6 +3 to go to 4d8 + 1.5 for AP 3, + 1 for MDC -2 for requires ammo +1 for switchable to melee weapons -1 for being devices = 13 total)
Wield Whatsoever They Find: 1 pt (Edge = 2 / 2 since it's temporary)
Badge of Shame: -2
Cybernetics: 0
Feared and Distrusted: -2
Power Activators: 0
Refusal to Siphon: -1 (essentially get the worst of Psionics and Magic since they get lower PPE and can't draw from others)
Symbiote Aversion: 0
Tip of the Spear: -2

I changed Demon's Bane to apply to everyone (which is much stronger than just vs Supernatural) because otherwise the weakest grunt rolls the Superhuman Apok because their mojo doesn't apply. The idea here is for it to be prohibitively expensive for general use (3 might be too low, will test and may revise up to 5), but free vs Supernatural. That way the novice doesn't have to go full witcher and carry one medieval and one vibro-sword to fight normies.
I also added the temporary access to Improvisational Fighter because it plays super well into the theme, but scales awfully. On balance, the gutting of starter items and Heroes Journeys tables to prevent them from starting with decent weapons is probably worse for them rather than better (but more fun).
That left the Apok potentially a bit underwhelming at Novice, so I modeled some excellent Iconic Feats, mostly off of the Dragon Hatchling.
Detect Places of Evil was a utility power loosely based on the spell in Palladium and Ley Line sensing in SWADE.
Enhanced and Greater Demon Mask help the Apok reach a spot as more survivable than Full Conversion Borgs (whose benefits stack with their heavy armor) and but less than Dragon Hatchlings.
Improved and Demon's Bane imitate the Cyberknight's upgraded Psi-Sword and open up some unconventional weapons in a really fun way.
One with Magic is a really close imitation of the Invisible to Magic Seeing.
Supernatural Speed was for the +1 Melee Attack per round of the original O.C.C as a variant of Split the Seconds, designed to reward interesting combat actions.

Curious as to what other folks think - I hope you like it! If not, try the links above. Maybe one of those will suit you better :D
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