Bugged: Special Investigation Team (Growler, Herra, Ozzati, Cailly, Sara)

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Bugged: Special Investigation Team (Growler, Herra, Ozzati, Cailly, Sara)

Post by Freemage » Sun Mar 01, 2020 3:00 pm

When you indicate a preference for joining the SIT, you're quietly ushered into another office. Police Chief Lowell Grant enters a few minutes later. "We're being a little discrete about this because we don't want vigilante mobs forming. But as non-residents, you may be able to ask questions where we can't. So, for the most part, do NOT present yourselves as officially working for the city, unless you don't think there's any other way to get the intel." He pulls out a thin file with some papers and memos inside it. "Here's all the data we've gotten so far about the disease spread--obviously, it's pretty spartan, but that's where you come in. As we mentioned before, this is either a deliberate bio-warfare attack, or a Typhoid Mary case. If the latter, we need 'Mary', whoever she is, brought in so we can administer a cure once we find it. If it's a deliberate act of bio-terrorism, we need to find out both who did it, and what the long-term goal is. It's likely, in the case of a deliberate action, that the perpetrators also have at least some information about the disease, so if at all possible, you should try to catch the ringleader alive. But dead is still preferable to 'at large', so if you don't have any other choice, waste him, her or them."

He indicates a rather meek man in glasses, the only other person in the room besides yourselves. "This is Nick Colton. He's going to be your contact in the field--we don't want you coming in every day and making a report."

Nick stands up and nods to you all, pushing up his glasses as he does so. "I'm in Room 708 at your hotel. I will be staying there constantly from this point forward, and have a direct land-line to City Hall, which will be useful since we're jamming radio use. In addition to tracking the spread of the disease back to its origins, you might want to keep an eye out for organized efforts to breach the quarantine--while we expect some attempts to be made just normally by individuals or small groups who have had enough, it's likely that the people behind this--assuming it's not a Typhoid Mary, of course--are going to be trying to get infected individuals out of the city, rather than try to escape themselves. After all, going themselves means risking getting shot in the woods, but if they can spread the disease to other towns, the quarantine will basically be over, because there's no point to it."

We'll be using VV's rules for Opposed Investigations, with a few minor tweaks.

Investigation is going to be slow work. Every roll below takes 2 days, so this first set of rolls will cover days 2 & 3.
First, you should pick a Lead Investigator. This person can roll any of the following Skills:
Research (may use Investigator or Scholar Edges)
Intimidation or Persuasion (May use Streetwise Edge)--I will note that Intimidation has some downsides, but those are immediately evident.
Everyone else is working Support. You can use the above Skills, or other Skills if you can describe it in a useful fashion. Every support success adds +1 to the Lead; a Raise means you roll on the Gumshoe Table, below--you can either take the Gumshoe Roll, OR you can just add +2 to the Lead.
At this point in time, there are no scene modifiers to your rolls. Note that Hindrances to Persuasion apply if you're using that Skill--only the D-Bee Hindrance doesn't apply (since D-Bees are common here, and mostly tolerated, outside a small percentage of the human population). On the other hand, Persuasion also has one option no other skill gets--you can throw down cash to boost your Support roll (the Lead cannot do this, however): 5K gets you +1; 10K gets you +2; 25K gets you +3; 50K gets you +4.

Currently, you have 8 Morale Tokens, while the opposition has 10. (They have a one-day head start on you, and active contingency plans.) So they will be getting a +2 bonus to their roll, and they do get support rolls, as well.

Gumshoe Table
2 Recover 1 Token
3-4 Opposing hero is -2 to Spirit roll for Resolve check
5-9 Add +2 to leaders roll
10-11 Apply -2 to opposing leader’s roll
12 Big Break. Opposition immediately loses one token (this doesn’t subtract from his Research or Thievery roll but does cause a Resolve check even if he wins)

I Want To Do All The Things: Anyone rolling both for the QEB and the SIT will need to take a -2 MAP to both sets of rolls.
GM Bennies (7th SET, Joker's Jokers): 8/8
OOC Comments
GMC Bennies:
Sir Blurre, 18th COT/New West
Gaspard Gillead, 12th AAT/Dirty Dozen
Ryder, 101st COT/Trailblazers
Serival Drumm, 24th COT
Ophelia Monk, Field Team 6
Hexx, Rising Stars SPC
Malaetheryan, Phase World/Relentless
Jaenelle, Beyond the Wall
Yeitso & Alicia Forsythe, Prestige Unlimited

Gorgeous George, 4th COT/Murder Hobos(Frozen)
Nomel Sagia, Nameless (Frozen)
Libertas Magicorum, 13th SET/Silent Ones(Retired)
Savant, 3rd SET/Losers(Frozen)
Other Mother, Ravenloft (Frozen)
Lance, 24th COT/Kingsdale (Retired)
Ramson Gourdaine, Phase World (Blazed)

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Re: Bugged: Special Investigation Team (Growler, Herra, Ozzati, Cailly, Sara)

Post by Herra » Mon Mar 02, 2020 5:47 pm

Herra wastes little time getting to work, she has a passing familiarity with the city but also knows how to spread her wings a little. Returning to the Kingsdale home for the friendless she asks around about who would like to make a little extra money then sends them to watch various exit and entry points to the city to determine if anyone is making an organized effort to leave the city. Sher promises to split 5,000 credits among them with a bonus to the one who finds out anything important.While her network spreads about the city, not unlike a virus, Herra goes to the hospital to watch for large movements of patients, she takes up residence in a shop nearby to watch from all hours of the day, laying down a big tip to keep the owner happy (5,000).

Notice 1d8 = 3: 3 +2 from money = 5
Wild 1d6 = 2: 2
Character Information
Herra, Psychic Warrior
30/30 I.S.P.
1/3 Bennies
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Re: Bugged: Special Investigation Team (Growler, Herra, Ozzati, Cailly, Sara)

Post by Growler » Wed Mar 04, 2020 8:50 pm

Day 2/3 Assisting with Stealth 8 - -2 to Opposing Leader's Roll
Stealth (d8... +1 due Thief, -2 due MaP, -> d12+1 (Cloak of Stealth)
  • Stealth: 1d12+1 = 3: 2
    Wild: 1d6+1 = 3: 2
    • Bennie Reroll: 1d12+1 = 7: 6
      Wild: 1d6+1 = 7: 6
      • Ace: 1d6+7 = 8: 1
    Result: 8 - Success with Raise. +2 Assist or Gumshoe Roll. Taking Gumshoe Roll.
    • Gumshoe Roll: 2d6 = 11: 5, 6
      • 10-11 Apply -2 to opposing leader’s roll
During his QEB patrols, Growler sends Pack Leader SnackHappy a quick message and sneaks off when he happens to hears something that could lead to some leads to find the Typhoid Mary or whoever is intentionally spreading the disease. While he does not actually catch anyone, he finds some hints at some plans of someone behind the scenes. Passing these hints on to the rest of the investigation team, Growler hopes that they can hurt any contingency plans that they have in place.
Main Character: Tiny Tim
Alternate Character: Tony Vreski
Pace: 8 [12] (d8); Parry: 6 (8); Toughness: 15 (6)
ISP: 40 / 40
PP: 15 / 15

Active Powers:

Conviction: 1
Bennies: 2/3
Base Amount
-1 due Reroll Stealth Assisting

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Re: Bugged: Special Investigation Team (Growler, Herra, Ozzati, Cailly, Sara)

Post by Sara Turner » Mon Mar 09, 2020 3:54 am

Psionics Support 7; +1 support
Psionics 1d12 = 5: 5
Wild 1d6 = 6: 6
Ace 1d6+6 = 7: 1
Round 0

Sara sat down with some of the earliest patients to have started showing symptoms of the disease. She talked with them about what they remembered, who they came in contact with. Pulling out a couple psychically sensitive crystals, she put together a device to allow her to read their minds and help them remember, leading them in guided meditation to recall details their senses had picked up but their memories weren’t recalling.
Item being built
A module with:
  • Speed power, Self Only limitation, Quickness, Exalted Quickness, Greater Speed.
  • Wall Walking, Self Only limitation, Greater Wall Walker

Weapons carried
C-20 Laser Pistol (2 reloads)
Character Tracker
Sara Turner Character Sheet
Parry: 5; Toughness: 20 (10); Pace: 6
ISP: 40/40
  • Powers: Smite, Telekinesis, Mind Link
Pistol Ammo: 21/21
  • Reloads: 2 x 21 shots
Frag Grenades x18
UEMC: 10/10 PP
  • 1 spare E-clip 10 PP
First Aid Kit: 3/3
Artificer (1h/power): arcane protection*, bolt, boost Trait†, detect/conceal arcana*, confusion, darksight*, disguise*, divination, empathy, entangle, environmental protection*, farsight*, fear, fly*, havoc, healing, mind link, object reading, relief, telekinesis, warrior’s gift*.
Automated Repair Unit: Make a Vigor roll as a free action once per day to attempt to heal a Wound, gains +4 on rolls to resist “Bleeding Out”.
Construct (Improved Nerves of Steel): Ignore 3 Wound modifiers, +2 recover from Shaken, immune to poison and disease, doesn’t breathe.
Major Psionic: Spend 2 ISP to gain +1 to the roll, or 4 ISP for +2
Mentalist: +2 on opposed Psionics rolls
Mr. Fixit: Halve Repair times with a Raise.
Synthetic Immortality
Bennies: 3/3
Creeper stats
The Creeper
Size: 6
Acc/TS: 3/11
Toughness: 39 (21)
Crew: 2+6
Handling: +1
Weapons: Heavy Railgun: Range: 100/200/400; Damage: 4d10+4 MD, AP 18; RoF 3; 120 Shots; 5 Mod Slots
Amphibious: Cross water at half-speed
All-Terrain: Difficult terrain only costs 1.5x movement
Targeting System: +2 to all Shooting rolls with Vehicular Weapons
Sensor Suite: +2 to Notice rolls made by the driver or co-pilot
Handling I: +1 to Drive rolls for maneuvers

Minor Upgrades:
+2 Driving
+10 PPts, useable for Wall Walker (see below)
Major Upgrades:
Edge: Sidekick (Drivebot, see below)
Special: Leaper (double distance when making jumps)
Power (2 Upgrades): Molecular Adhesion Locomotion (Mega Wall Walker): Vehicle Only, Activated with Driving Roll, Costs 4 PPts and has a duration of 5 rounds; Success: bypass vertical obstacles, on battlefield move at 6" easily or 12" with Driving roll when going up walls; On Raise, speed doubles).

Intelligent Construct
Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d12, Vigor d12
Skills: Athletics d6, Common Knowledge d6, Notice d8, Persuasion d4, Stealth d4, Driving d12, Shooting d12, Fighting d8, Repair d12, Survival d8, Electronics d8
Hindrances: Can't Swim, Loyal, Clueless
Edges: Ambidextrous, Brave
IC Mods (24 Base, 19 Drawbacks, 43 Features)
Neural Net AI (-2)
Technological System (-2); Must charge for 2 hours/day, only charger that works is the Creeper's engine
Medium Frame (0)
Base Locomotion: Tracks (Pace 6, d4 Run Die, Cannot navigate obstacles more than 1/2 height)
Advanced Senses (+2): IR/UV, Nightvision, Radar, 360 degrees; ignore Illumination, =4 Notice rolls
Obvious Construct (-2): If attempting to hide nature, opponents gain +2 Notice to spot
Standard Vocal Unit (0)
Obscure Construction (-3): -4 to all checks to Repair
Feature-Locked Physiology (-4): Cannot upgrade Strength, Agility or Vigor with Advances
Specialized Construction (-6): -2 to any roll not involving operating the Creeper or its systems
Automated Repair Unit (+2): Self-repair with Vigor roll 1/day, +4 to resist Bleeding Out
Attribute (+9): +3 Agility, +3 Strength, +3 Vigor
Edges (+10): Ace, Combat Ace, Steady Hands, Rock & Roll!, Strong Willed, Iron Willed, Combat Reflexes, Iron Jaw, Nerves of Steel, Improved Nerves of Steel, Rapid Fire
Hardwired Skills (+10): x5 Driving/Shooting, x2 Repair, x1 Notice, x1 Common Knowledge/Athletics, x1 Electronics
Vehicular Interface (+1): +2 Driving rolls
Universal Toolkit (+1): +2 Repair rolls
Computer Interface (+1): +2 Electronics rolls
Additional Action (+3): Reduce MAP by 2
Character Tracker
Sara Turner Character Sheet
Parry: 4; Toughness: 18 (7); Pace: 4 (Run d4); Charisma: -2
ISP: 35/35; PPE: 4/5
  • Powers: Smite, Telekinesis, Telepathy/Telemechanics
Rifle Ammo: 30/30
  • Reloads: 2 x 30 shots
  • Freeze: 20/20
    • Reloads: 2 x 20 shots
  • Burn: 20/20
    • Reloads: 2 x 20 shots
Pistol Ammo: 21
  • Reloads: 2 x 21 shots
Frag Grenades x18
Brave: +2 Fear tests
Gadgeteer (1/S): Jury-rig Psionics device, 1d20 minutes. - USED: Barrier device
  • Armor, barrier, blind, bolt, boost/lower Trait, clairvoyance, conceal arcana, confusion, damage field, darksight, deflection, disguise, dispel, divination, drain Power Points, entangle, environmental protection, farsight, fear, fly, havoc, healing, illusion, intangibility, invisibility, mind reading, pummel, puppet, slow, slumber, smite, speak language, stun, telekinesis, telepathy, teleport, warrior’s gift
Magical Entity: Susceptible to detect arcana, banish, dispel, and drain power points
Major Psionic
  • Spend 2 ISP when rolling their Psionics skill to gain a +1 to the roll, or 4 ISP for +2.
  • Spend 1 ISP to double the Range of a power, or 2 ISP to multiply the base range × 10. This ability does not affect powers that have Range of Self or Touch.
  • Ley line doubles these bonuses.
Mentalist: +2 on opposed Psionics rolls
Mr. Fixit: Halve Repair times with a Raise.
Mystical Construct: +2 recover from Shaken, don’t breathe, immune to disease and poison
Nerves of Steel (+Construct): Ignore 2 Wound modifiers
Powered: 1 PPE/h to remain active.
Bennies: 1/4
Adventure Card
  • Not Today: Play after any other character’s attack roll to cause it to automatically fail. This is a critical failure.
  • In the Zone: Gain +1 to Shooting, Fighting, Throwing rolls until the end of the scene.

Creeper stats
The Creeper
Size 6
Acc/TS: 3/11
Toughness: 35 (17)
Weapons: Heavy Railgun: Range: 100/200/400; Damage: 4d10+4 MD, AP 18; RoF 3; 118 Shots; 5 Mod Slots
Vehicle Mod Slots Remaining: 7
Crew: 2+6
Handling: +1
Amphibious: half speed
All-Terrain: difficult terrain only costs 1.5x movement
Targeting System: +2 Shooting with vehicle weapons
Sensors: +2 Notice for pilot or co-pilot
Steady Hands: Vehicle weapons don’t suffer unstable platform penalty
Leaping: 4” vertical, 8” horizontal
Driving: +1 Die Type

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Re: Bugged: Special Investigation Team (Growler, Herra, Ozzati, Cailly, Sara)

Post by Caily » Tue Mar 24, 2020 6:13 am

Persuasion 6

Persuasion 1d6+1 = 6: 5
Wild Die 1d6+1 = 5: 4
Naturally, Cailly finds herself falling in with the wrong crowds. She easily slips into her "criminal" persona and mingles, buying a few beers, refusing even more. She discretely inquires as to who might have been the first people to show up with this disease, and relays any information to the rest of the group.

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