Billy Shag, Justice Ranger

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Billy Shag
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Billy Shag, Justice Ranger

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@Ndreare Work in progress but this is pretty close

Woolly Billy aka Billy Shag aka Marshal Bill
Seasoned Male Sasquatch, MARS Vagabond
Iconic Framework: MARS Vagabond

Billy hides in plain sight with his "We Got Both Kinds" persona and band. He really plays up the sasquatch "myth" and overdoes it to the point that almost everyone thinks it is just a gag.

Sasquatche (the plural of Sasquatch, also see, "Mirage" of Sasquatche - Woollypedia) are mostly pacifists but Billy doesn't take too kindly to anyone mistreating those around him or letting innocent people suffer. He will break a pool cue when necessary.

"Oh, maybe you ain't herd o'us. We're the Shagmuffins. We used to be the Shagwoolies and before that, The Shag Rangers and the Shagbaggers.

It's a gimmick but you'd be surprised at how many of the ladies go for -- HEY - WE DON'T OPEN FOR AN HOUR, THANKS!

Sorry. Anyway, we are here on Fridays and Saturdays til spring and then we take spring and most of summer to tour. We do unplugged shows 'round the fire at night sometimes, too. Depends on how good the smokes are.

Ya don't see none of them teenagers around here lately, dooya? All the time they're messin' with me - always hangin' around messin' with my stuff and leaving jerky wrappers everywhere. Anyway those kids should be learning how to contribute to society and not harassing their elders!

We could use another roadie. No? Well, I tried. It's the best life! Rex, give this guy a round on me and let me see if I can remember the chords to this one. Sit back and relax there, sonny."

Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d8

Skills: Athletics d8, Common Knowledge d4, Fighting d8, Healing d6, Language ('Murican) d8, Notice d8, Performance d6 (+1 Unnerving Presence) (+1 Fame), Persuasion d8 (+1 JR) (+1 Fame), Psionics d12, Shooting d8, Stealth d6, Survival d8+2

Pace: 6; Parry: 6 (9); Toughness: 16 (5); Size: Normal (2)
skill_bonus:Common Knowledge+2:
Strain: 8/8

Hindrances: Code of Honor, Mild Mannered, Pacifist (minor), Vow (major, ), Wanted (minor, by all Squatchers)

Edges: Adept (Boost Trait, Warrior's Gift), Brawny, Elan, Fame, Hard to Kill, Justice Ranger, Luck, Major Psionic, New Powers (Boost/Lower Trait, Warrior's Gift), New Powers (Healing, Arcane Protection), Woodsman

Armor: Dino Bone shield (+3 Parry, -4 Cover), Huntsman Medium Personal Armor (Armor 5)

Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str), BigBore BB-6 Revolver (Range 6/12/24, Damage 1-3d6+1, ROF 1, AP 3), Elvis Dino-Bone Pool Cue (Range Melee, Damage Str+d6+1, AP 3, M.D.C.), Survival Knife (Range Melee, Damage Str+d4), Viggo's Custom Legacy Bolt Action Rifle (Range 30/60/120, Damage 2d10+2, ROF 1, AP 4, +1 Parry), Wooden Stakes (Range Melee, Damage Str+d4)
Gear: NG-S2 Survival Pack, Wooden Cross, White Gibson Elvis-Embossed Guitar, Amplifier

Languages: 'Murican, 'Murican (native, d8)

Current Wealth:

Arcane Background: Psionics (Rifts® TLPG)
I.S.P.: 20

Arcane Protection (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p148),
Boost Trait (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p156; Limitations: One Aspect, Self (limited); Skill Bonus: +2),
Detect/Conceal Arcana (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p158),
Empathy (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p160),
Healing (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p162),
Mind Link (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p164-165),
Speed (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p167); Limitations: One Aspect
Warrior's Gift (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p169-170; Limitations: Touch (limited))

Special Abilities
Animal Appearance: Sasquatch suffer a −1 to Persuasion.
Cyber-Resistant: They cannot take any Iconic Framework that includes cybernetics as an inherent ability (including the biocomp system needed to be a Juicer), nor may they roll on the Cybernetics benefits table.
D-Bee (Major): Initial reactions typically start at Unfriendly, or Hostile for human supremacists. Those with Unfriendly or lower Reactions refuse to sell wares or provide services such as healing, repairs, etc. Failed social checks with Hostiles often result in violence.
Natural Woodsmen: Begin with the Woodsman Edge and a d6 in Survival.
Low-Tech: They use simple melee weapons—including those that do Mega Damage like Vibro-Blades—and non-powered body armor. Most do not use guns, but a few make use of simple rifles. They dislike vehicles, choosing not to learn to drive and preferring not to ride inside of them.
Natural Psionics: Begin with the Arcane Background (Psionics) Edge and start with the following three powers: detect/conceal arcana, empathy, and mind link. If a Sasquatch chooses an Iconic Framework providing Arcane Background (Psionics), he follows all the normal rules for the Framework except three of his starting powers are the ones listed above (even if not normally allowed to that Framework) and the Sasquatch gains two additional power to his starting total (so a Sasquatch Burster starts with five powers, for example).
Near-Human Physiology: Those unfamiliar with Sasquatch biology are at a −1 penalty to Healing skill rolls.
Non-Standard Build: Sasquatch subtract 2 from Trait rolls when using equipment not designed for them, and can't wear commonly available armor or clothing, these items must be custom tailored at triple normal costs. Glitter Boy armor (and the Iconic Framework) isn't an option, neither is most power armor. Equipment and food cost double the listed price.
Pacifist: They are vegetarians. They have the Pacifist (Minor) Hindrance.
Powerful: Start with Strength d8 (Trait maximum d12+2) and Vigor d6 (Trait maximum d12+1).
Restricted Path: Cannot take any Arcane Background using PPE, nor any Iconic Framework that includes it.
Size +2 (Normal): Have a height of 9–12 feet. Their size grants them +2 Toughness.
Wild Men of the Woods: When in the city for more than a day, they grow irritable and depressed and suffer a −2 to all Trait rolls. They must make a Spirit roll every day to remain calm; if they fail, they must leave the city for the nearest natural habitat.
Psionics: Power Points: 20; Powers: Arcane Protection (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p148), Boost Trait (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p156; Limitations: One Aspect, Self (limited); Skill Bonus: +2), Detect/Conceal Arcana (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p158), Empathy (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p160), Healing (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p162), Mind Link (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p164-165), Sloth/Speed (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p167), Warrior's Gift (Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p169-170; Limitations: Touch (limited))
Begin with +4 skill points.:
4 Advances: MARS Packages start with 4 advances at Seasoned
Gifted Learner: Vagabonds make all unskilled checks at d4 (instead of d4−2).
Vagabond: Begin with Elan, Luck, Hard to Kill, and one more Edge of choice
Add a power from the Mind Melter's list (Hero's Journey): Add a power from the Mind Melter's list
Unnerving Presence (Hero's Journey): Your hero gains +1 on all social skill checks. If he has empathy, or fear, he gains a free reroll when using those powers.

Starting Bennies: 4

MARS 1: Strong and Powerful
MARS 2: Smart and Learned
HJ1: Unnerving Presence (Psionics)
HJ2: New Powers, Choose 1 Power from Mind Melter List: Sloth/Speed

Novice Advances
Raise Attribute: Vigor
Edge: New Powers (Boost/Lower Trait, Warrior's Gift)
Edge: Adept (Boost Trait, Warrior's Gift)

Seasoned Advances
Edge: Major Psionic
Edge: New Powers (Healing, Arcane Protection)

Current Load (normal/combat): 60.25 / 40.25 (101)
Books In Use: Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition, Science Fiction Companion, Rifts®: Arcana and Mysticism, Rifts®: Blood and Banes, Rifts®: Empires of Humanity, Rifts®: Savage Foes of North America, Rifts®: The Tomorrow Legion Players Guide, Rifts®: Tomorrow Legion Field Manual
Setting Rules: Character Frameworks, Cyberware Tab, Rifts® M.D.C., Strain Characteristic (for Cyberware), Super Strength
Setting Modlines: skill_bonus:Common Knowledge+2
Validity: Character appears valid and optimal
Billy Shag

Pace: 6; Parry: 8 (+3 w/shield); Toughness: 16 (5); Size: Normal (2)
Relevant Edges: Adept (Boost Trait, Smite), Block, Brawler, Chi, Elan, Justice Ranger
ISP: 19/20
Wounds: 0
Fatigue: 0

Bennies: 3/3

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