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Nomel Sagia, Fennodi Glitterboy

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 8:34 pm
by Nomel Sagia
Narrative Hook: [dice]0[/dice] Hidden Away. Your character may have already been on the road to Castle Refuge,
or headed somewhere else. Regardless of destination, his travels drew him near a
place off the beaten path, undiscovered and untouched for a very long time. Whatever
he discovered in that place, it ultimately led him to seek out the Tomorrow Legion.

Hero's Journey:
Psionics: [dice]3[/dice] Some powers become second-nature to the psionic. Choose a power your character
knows; when she successfully activates it, she gains the raise effect automatically.
Training: [dice]4[/dice] After serving in a military, paramilitary, militia, or security force for some time,
your hero has some solid combat training. She gains +5 Skill Points, which may be
spent on Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing in any combination.
Psionics [dice]5[/dice]: More ISP means more power to work with, and your character has it. He gains +10
ISP to his base

Trade In 10 & 13 for:
Training 6-7: Part of your character’s extensive training including full understanding of a
particular occupation or area of focus. You may give her one Professional Edge,
ignoring requirements, subject to the GM’s approval. (Major Psionic)

Starting Cash: [dice]6[/dice] x100 = 1200

Re: Nomel Sagia, Fennodi Glitterboy

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:19 pm
by Nomel Sagia
Player Name: Soren/Freemage
Google Handle: Soren
Nomel Sagia
Rank: Novice Experience: 19
Race: Fennodi
Iconic Framework: Glitterboy
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Charisma: +2; Pace: 6 (Run d6)/10 (Run d10); Parry: 6; Toughness: 11 (5A/1T)/26 (18MD/3T); Strain: 0
  • Shooting d8 (HJ Combat 3, 1 CP)
  • Fighting d8 (HJ Combat 2, 2 CP)
  • Psionics d10 (5 CP)
  • Notice d4 (1 CP)
  • Knowledge: Battle d8 (3 CP)
  • Knowledge: Electronics d8 (1 CP)
  • Streetwise d4 (1 CP)
  • Investigation d6 (1 CP)

  • Curious (Major): Just what it says on the tin
  • Illiterate (Minor): No readin’, writin’ or ‘rithmatic.
  • Anemic (Minor): -2 to resist Fatigue

  • AB: Psionics (Racial): 10 ISP Base, armor, intangibility, telepathy
  • Major Psionic (HJ): Double Base ISP, spend ISP for bonuses
  • Power Armor Jock (IF): I can do my job
  • Master Psionic (Hindrance): Mega-Powers
  • Telemechanics (Hindrance): +4 to interface with computers and electronics
  • Power Points (N2): +10 Total from Major Psionic

Re: Nomel Sagia, Fennodi Glitterboy

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:20 pm
by Nomel Sagia

Nomel grew up in a ranching community of Fennodi in the New West. But unlike the rest of his clan, he was not interested in herding animals or blacksmithing. Instead, his eye-flaps constantly gazed towards the horizon, wondering what lay beyond--particularly the mountains he could just barely make out to the far west.

Finally, at 17, he left home and went out, seeking his fortune--or at least, a role in life. He somehow miraculously was not killed by monstrous beasts, murdered by bandits, nor eaten by Simvan riders. Instead, he'd made it as far as the foothills before the weather grew unnaturally severe. High winds, lightning and driving rains drove him to seek shelter. At first, it seemed his luck had run out, but then he heard a rumble, as the rains caused a massive mudslide to expose a structure that had been hidden in the earth. Amazingly, the great metal doors still had a blinking light on top of them!

A historian might have been taken aback by the giant NEMA logo; many others would've been thrown by the large warning, "Authorized Access Only; Lethal Automated Force Will Be Used Against Trespassers." But Nomel, who'd never learned to read, just went straight up to the door and raised his hand at the panel by the side. Even as the re-emerged base started to come to life inside, assessing the interloper, and the crude AI began to assess what weapons it could bring to bear, the young Fennodi reached out to the electronic system, just as he had, a few years earlier, managed to break into his pa's electronic safe to get a taste of the good whiskey.

A few psychic nudges, and the system recognized him as an authorized personnel, the doors opening and letting him in. Once inside, he found a room lined with old beds, and fell asleep. When he woke, he began walking around the place. It had obviously been unused for years, but was in magnificent shape regardless; having accepted him as 'authorized', the systems began coming online, attempting to make him comfortable as it had so many before him.

He finally walked into a room that had an odd seat, with a kind of helmet with wires attached. Intrigued, he took a seat--and, believing him to be a new recruit, the chair activated, and lowered the helmet on his head--painfully, as it forced the eye-flaps to their fullest back-position. Distressed, he reached out to the system telepathically again--and was rewarded with a tumultuous flood of information, mostly on combat techniques and the art of warfare. The Instruction Chamber was meant to train a soldier over a period of weeks, but with the psychic connection he'd forged with it, it happened over a few hours. When the chair released him, he was a fully trained soldier--and furthermore, he knew where to go next.

Walking down the corridor, he discovered a wonder unlike any he'd ever seen. A great suit of glittering armor, like one of the knights in the stories his grandmother used to tell he and his siblings when they were little. Without thinking about it twice, he used his racial ability to shift out of phase, and simply slipped into the armor. "This is GB-RL-A, please identify yourself."

He responded, "Gabrielle, huh? That's a nice name. I'm Nomel. And I'm your pilot now." Once more, he used his power to get the machine to accept him as a legitimate operator. The training pod had included a crash-course in this, too--so when he emerged from the facility, gleaming in the sun, it was as a fully trained Glitterboy.

Over the next few weeks, he had some minor adventures, until he finally ran across some folks who were in need of help. Seems they had fled west from someplace called "Tolkeen", and were now being harried by the First Apocalyptic Cavalry. His heart went out to them, and he agreed to keep them safe as they traveled to a safe place they'd heard of--Castle Refuge. He rarely even had to fire the great gun on his armor--more often than not, just leveling the barrel at anything that threatened the good folks he was guiding was enough to dissuade them into finding easier marks.

After seeing to the disposition of the refugees when he arrived at the Castle, he was approached by some of the Legionnaires there, who told him about their mission--to forge a better world, one where people could live in peace. It struck Nomel as a fine idea, and he enlisted on the spot. The commanders were disappointed when he told them the facility had only had the one Glitterboy left, but they were more than happy to sign him up. They were going to send him out to a group they said had recently had their current Glitterboy depart--some group called the Nameless, which seemed a bit of a contradiction to Nomel, but, well, outsiders sometimes had strange ways.

Re: Nomel Sagia, Fennodi Glitterboy

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:23 pm
by Nomel Sagia

Glitter Boy Armor
  • Size 3, +18 M.D.C. Armor, +6 Toughness, Pace 10 (Run d10), Swim Pace 6
  • Notes: Enhanced Strength (d12+4), half-damage from lasers, Life Support (self-contained breathing, immune to heat, cold, radiation, environmental toxins, and disease), Full Electronics Suite.
    Boom Gun
    • Range: 250/500/1000; RoF: 1; Shots: 1,000
    • Damage: 4d12+6 MD, AP 25, MBT
    • Str(d12+4)+d6 MD, not considered Unarmed
Giant Nymbu Staff
This unique version of the iconic Fennodi weapon was designed specifically for use by Nomel Sagia by one of the Techno-Wizards at Castle Refuge, who was intrigued by his exceptional ability to integrate himself with his Glitterboy.
  • Base Item: Impact Maul
    Damage: Str+1d8+1d6 MD, Raise Damage +d10; The Staff may be used to deal non-lethal damage at no penalty, Parry -1
    TW Mods
    • Minor (x2): +2 Fighting
    • Major (Unique Mod, approved by GM): The Staff has been designed to accommodate Nomel's Telemechanics ability--when in the Glitterboy, he can use that to become sufficiently integrated with the suit to then charge the weapon. As always, this means he must use the telepathy Power to activate Telemechanics first.
    • Major: Get Their Attention (stun Power; Trapping: Aiming the staff at a point within range, at which point a thunderous boom covers the MBT, affecting all targets within)
    • Major: Sweep
    • Major: Improved Sweep
Bandito Arms Branaghan Armored Overcoat (Rifts Patron Item)
The overcoat or long-coat — also known as a duster — is a favorite among cowboys, gunfighters and sheriffs because it is both stylish and offers a surprising amount of protection, as well as making an excellent raincoat (waterproof and a good article of clothing in which to hide a shotgun or rifle under). The entire coat is lined with (relatively) lightweight armor padding with plates over the shoulders and torso (often concealed under the fabric). It offers 8 small but usable internal pockets (four on each side).
• +1 Toughness
• Characters with Super Strength (TLPG p. 65) will multiply their Load limit by 1.4 (or 2.0 if they have Brawny), while normal characters will increase their load limit to Strength x 7 (or Strength x10 if they have Brawny) in pounds.
• No Minimum Strength Requirement (10 lbs.)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: small, one-handed weapons, canteen, minor items or individual tools. Most items on Nomel's coat are actually taken from his NG-S2, other than the pistol and eclip.
• Attachment: Canteen
• Attachment: Saw Wire
• Attachment: Wilk's Pulse Pistol
• Attachment: Spare Eclip
• Attachment: Flashlight
• Attachment: Firestarter
• Attachment: Shortwave Radio
• Attachment: Wooden Cross

SFD Huntsman Lightweight Personal Armor
  • +5 Armor
  • +1 Toughness
  • Strength Minimum: d6
  • Environmental Protection: No
  • Weight: 16 lbs[/size]
Wilk’s 227 Pulse Pistol
  • Range: 18/36/72; Damage: 2d6+1, AP 2
  • RoF: 2; Shots: 24; Notes: Semi-Auto, 3RB
  • Weight: 3 lbs
NG-E4A Heavy Plasma Ejector
  • Range: 30/60/120; Damage: 3d10+3 MD, Plasma Armor Bypass
  • RoF: 1; Shots: 42
  • d12 Strength Minimum (used as sidearm on GB)
  • Weight: 50 lbs
NG-S2 Survival Pack
This Northern Gun classic is a fairly common starting item those roaming the wilds. It contains just about everything needed for basic survival. (30 lb)
  • 2 person tent, +20% water supplies
    Sleeping bag
    Flashlight w/knife; solar
    Inertial compass (+2 to Survival to navigate)
    Short range (5 mile) radio
    First aid kit (+1 to healing; 3 uses)
    Hunting/Fishing kit (+1 to Survival to forage)
    Three ‘saw wires’
    Fire starter
    Survival Knife, hatchet, wooden cross
    4 signal flares
    Climbing kit w/30 rope
    Soap and washcloth
    2 weeks rations
  • 11,000 Cr in TW-grade gemstones
Credits: 1200

Encumbrance (Out of GB): 19/49 lbs
  • No Penalty/-1 Penalty with Pack

Re: Nomel Sagia, Fennodi Glitterboy

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:28 pm
by Nomel Sagia
ISP: 40

Shine in the Night (smite)
  • 2 ISP (+1 per additional target, up to 5 more), Touch Range, 3 (1/rd)
  • Success/Raise = +2/+4 Damage
  • Trapping: Sunlight. Weapon glows with solar radiance, and attacks are considered sunlight for purposes of weaknesses; however, wielder suffers a -1 to Stealth and illumination penalties to attack/notice the wielder are reduced by 2.
Perfect Calibration (greater smite)
  • 4 ISP, Touch Range, 3 (1/rd)
  • Success/Raise = +4/+8 Mega-Damage
  • Trapping: Chosen at time of use; can only affect Boom Gun or Staff
Empathic Connection (telepathy)
  • 2 ISP, 1 Mile Range, 3 (1/rd)
  • Voluntary communication only; Opposed by Spirit if unwilling; -4 if cannot see target when casting
  • If no common language, can communicate crudely via emotions and images
  • Power also can be used to trigger Telemechanics by targeting electronic systems.
  • Trapping: Empathic projection; efforts to deceive by either party can be detected by the other at a simple (unopposed) Notice roll, due to the emotional content being included in the transmission.
Community Outreach (exalted telepathy)
  • 4 ISP, Range Varies, Duration 3 (1/rd)
  • Allies: No roll w/in 1 mile; beyond 1 mile, roll at -2
  • Other: Normal roll w/in 1 mile; beyond 1 mile, roll at -4
  • Broadcast mode: Send message to all sentient minds within 1 mile
  • Switchboard mode: Link up to 8 minds in a single conversation; -2 all Traits while doing this
  • Power also can be used to trigger Telemechanics by targeting electronic systems.
  • Trapping: Empathic projection; efforts to deceive by any party can be detected by the others at a simple (unopposed) Notice roll, due to the emotional content being included in the transmission.
Ghost Walk (intangibility)
  • 6 ISP, Touch Range, 3 (2/rd), Become Incorporeal
  • Trapping: Silence. While Incorporeal, cannot Run. However, he gains a die-type in Stealth.
Secured Projection (astral form)
  • 10 ISP, Self, 1 min (1/min)
  • Trapping: Power can ONLY be activated with Telemechanics (and thus, telepathy) active, while inside the Glitterboy suit.
Shine! (armor w/Auto-Raise)
  • 2 ISP, Touch Range, Duration 3 (1/rd), +4 Armor
  • Trapping: Reflective sheen overlays target: -4 Stealth, no penalty when attacked in Dim/Dark, +4 Armor vs. Lasers
Glitter Power (greater armor w/ Auto-Raise)
  • 5 ISP, Touch Range, Duration 3 (1/rd), +10 M.D.C. Armor
  • Trapping: Reflective sheen overlays target: -4 Stealth, no penalty when attacked in Dim/Dark, +4 Armor vs. Lasers

Re: Nomel Sagia, Fennodi Glitterboy

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:30 pm
by Nomel Sagia

Iconic Framework
  • Fully Trained: Power Armor Jock Edge
  • Glitterboy Armor
  • Heroic Legacy: +2 Charisma
  • Many Have Fallen: 250K Cr for Serious Repairs; 500K Cr for Severe Repairs
  • Big & Shiny: Size 3 (+2 for human-sized opponents to hit, -2 to hit same); -8 Stealth
  • Closed Off: Cannot use Powers in suit, other than telepathy w/ Telemechanics
  • Digging In: No move, 180 degree arc of fire, +2 to be hit; if not Dug In, Boom Gun = 2d6" Knockback + Shaken
  • Enemies: CS/Federation of Magic
  • Sonic Boom: LBT around GB; Vigor -2 or Major Hard of Hearing 3d6 Mins and Shaken; 1 on Vigor die = Incapacitated, may roll Vigor to become Shaken
  • Stand By To Fire: Cannot move and shoot BG in same round

Racial Traits
  • Infravision: ½ Illumination Penalty vs. heat-generating targets
  • Natural Psionics: AB: Psionics, armor, intangibility, telepathy
  • Visual Acuity: +2 Vision-based Notice
  • Issues with Cold: +4 damage from Cold, -4 to resist Cold
  • Distinctive D-Bee: -4 Charisma with C.S. citizens

Hero’s Journey
  • Psionics
    • 4
    • +10 ISP
  • Psionics
    • 11
    • Auto-Raise: armor
  • Training
    • 2
    • +5 Combat Skill Points
  • Training
    • 6-7 (Traded)
    • Pro Edge (Major Psionic)

  • Initial Advances: (From Hindrances): Master Psionic, Telemechanics
  • Novice 1 Advance: Vigor d6
  • Novice 2 Advance: Power Points
  • Novice 3 Advance: Skill Advance: K: Electronics to d8 and Investigation to d6
  • Seasoned 1 Advance:
  • Seasoned 2 Advance:
  • Seasoned 3 Advance:
  • Seasoned 4 Advance:
  • Veteran 1 Advance:
  • Veteran 2 Advance:
  • Veteran 3 Advance:
  • Veteran 4 Advance:
  • Heroic 1 Advance:
  • Heroic 2 Advance:
  • Heroic 3 Advance:
  • Heroic 4 Advance:
  • Legendary 1 Advance:
  • Legendary 2 Advance:
  • Legendary 3 Advance:
  • Legendary 4 Advance:

Re: Nomel Sagia, Fennodi Glitterboy

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:24 am
by Nomel Sagia
10/1/18: Power Points (N2 Advance)
1/1/19: d8 K: Electronics, d6 Investigation (N3 Advance)

Re: Nomel Sagia, Fennodi Glitterboy

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 10:42 pm
by Freemage
Piloting d6, Electronics d6 (with last boost, to d8), Persuasion d4+1
In-GB Toughness 35 (20)

Size 3 (Normal), +20 M.D.C. Armor, +10 Toughness, Pace 14 + Run d8 (60 MPH), Swim Pace 6
Notes: Strength d12+4, laser resistant (halve damage and AP from lasers), all standard Power Armor
features (see page @@) plus built-in language translator and depth gauge. Jet Boosters (Jump +6"
horizontal, +3" vertical).
● Boom Gun (Range 250/500/1000, 4d12+6 Mega Damage, AP 30, RoF 1, Shots 100; +1 Shooting,
considered a shotgun for ​Innocent Bystanders​, see ​Savage Worlds​)
● Melee (Str+d4 Mega Damage, is considered armed)

Digging In:
Activating/deactivating the stabilization system is an action. Firing the Boom Gun without these
measures knocks the Glitter Boy 2d6" back and prone, leaving the pilot Stunned. While dug in, the
Glitter Boy cannot move, can only fire to the front and sides (180 degrees), and attackers gain +2 to
attack rolls against the power suit.