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Leethe (SWADE Conversion)

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Leethe (SWADE Conversion)

Post by Leethe »

Character Sheet

Player Name: Michael
Google Handle:
Character Name: Leethe
Rank: Advances Left:
Race: Antiverse Human
Iconic Framework: MARS Psi Operator
Attributes Agility: d8; Smarts: d12; Spirit: d10; Strength: d6; Vigor: d6
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 5 (0)

  • Academics(Smarts):
  • Athletics(Agility): d4
  • Battle(Smarts): d12+2
  • Boating(Agility):
  • Common Knowledge(Smarts): d6
  • Driving(Agility): d4
  • Electronics(Smarts): d8
  • Faith(Spirit):
  • Fighting(Agility): d8
  • Focus(Spirit): d8
  • Gambling(Smarts):
  • Hacking(Smarts): d6
  • Healing(Smarts):
  • Intimidation(Spirit):
  • Language
    • American(Smarts): d8
  • Notice(Smarts): d6
  • Occult(Smarts): d6
  • Performance(Spirit):
  • Persuasion(Spirit): d8
  • Piloting(Agility): d4
  • Psionics(Smarts): d10
  • Repair(Smarts): d10
  • Research(Smarts): d6
  • Riding(Agility):
  • Science(Smarts): d6
  • Shooting(Agility): d4
  • Spellcasting(Smarts):
  • Stealth(Agility): d4
  • Survival(Smarts): d4
  • Taunt(Smarts):
  • Thievery(Agility):
  • Weird Science(Smarts):
  • {Racial} Arcane Background (Gifted)
    • darksight
    • Protection (Added by New Power edge)
    • Smite (Added by New Power edge)
  • {Racial} Low Light Vision:
  • {Racial} Skill: Focus d6
  • {Fame and Glory} Command:
  • {Fame and Glory} Followers:
  • {Iconic Framework} Arcane Background (Psionics):
    • mind link
    • detect/conceal Arcana
    • boost trait
  • {Iconic Framework} Major Psionics:
  • {Iconic Framework} Telemechanics:
  • {Iconic Framework} Gadgeteer (Psionics):
  • {Hindrance Bonus} Spirit + 1 die:
  • {Hindrance Bonus} new powers (gifted): Protection, Smite
  • {Heroic Journey} training: gain +1 die to repair and mr fix it
  • {Heroic Journey} magic: gain power for gifted arcana background higher then rank, blast power.
  • {Heroic Journey} education: natural leader
  • {Novice 1 Advance} attribute: agility +1 die
  • {Novice 2 Advance} edge: power points (psionics)
  • {Novice 3 Advance} skills: psionics +1 die and fighting +1 die
  • {Seasoned 1 Advance} edge: Smarts +1
  • {Seasoned 2 Advance} edge: power points (psionics)
  • {Seasoned 3 Advance} skills: shooting +1 die and battle +1 die
  • {Seasoned 4 Advance} edge: elan
  • {Veteran 1 Advance} edge: Master Psionics
  • {Veteran 2 Advance} edge: Concentration (gifted)
  • {Veteran 3 Advance} edge: Fervor
  • {Veteran 4 Advance} attribute : vigor +1
  • {Heroic 1 Advance} edge: Command Presence
  • {Heroic 2 Advance} edge: Hold the Line
  • {Heroic 3 Advance} edge: Inspire
  • {Heroic 4 Advance} Attribute: Spirit +1
  • {Legendary 1 Advance} edge: professional with battle
  • {Legendary 2 Advance} edge: expert with battle
  • {Legendary 3 Advance} :
  • {Legendary 4 Advance} :
  • Schizophrenia(Major): She hears voices of her former self talking to her. Or are they?
  • Phobia(Minor): She has a phobia of flying due to crashing on the planet, She subtracts 1 from trait rolls when flying.
  • Wanted(Minor): Federation of Magic
  • D-bee(Racial): D-Bees and are often mistrusted by everyone but their own people and immediate friend circles--at least until their words and deeds prove positive. For 1 point, the species is near-human in appearance, and is occasionally shunned or provoked (socially or physically) by the ignorant. Reactions typically start at Uncooperative, or Unfriendly for human supremacists, and those with an Unfriendly or lower Reaction will refuse to sell their wares or provide services such as healing, repairs, etc.
  • Bad Reputation(Hostile)(Racial): The society or species is known for its terrible deeds or other reprehensible behavior. If a nonplayer character knows the reputation or is scared by it, and doesn't know the hero's better nature, his Reaction starts at (see Reactions in Savage Worlds) Hostile. Concerned locals might alert the authorities, taunt to provoke the hero, or even attack out of fear and ignorance. If the character's initial Reaction is already penalized (as with D-Bees or Mutants, below) it starts one or two steps lower, respectively. If already Hostile, an immediate social skill check is required to avoid violence.
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Status Tracker

Pace: 6 Parry: 6 Toughness: 12(5)
Note: When she has shroud up, all attacks against her suffer -1 penalty and she gains +1 to stealth trait rolls.
Wounds: 0 / 3 ; Fatigue: 0 / 2
ISP: 38 / 40 ; Energy: 10/15 Item Energy: 20/20
Bennies: 1 / 3
Golden Bennies: 0
Q4 2019
  • 10/1: Benny spent for reroll of Psionic skill
  • Benny reset
  • 11/26: Benny for Soak and Benny for Reroll
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Diamond Patron
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Re: Leethe (SWADE Conversion)

Post by Leethe »


Energy: 15/15
ISP: 40/40

Arcane Background Gifted
Arcane Skill: Focus (Spirit)
Edge Requirements: Character Creation
Starting Powers: 1
Power Points: 15
Power Points Type: Standard
Required Power Activators: None
Techno-Wizardry Gear Manipulation: No
The eldritch energies crisscrossing the globe in great rivers have forever mutated the denizens of Rifts Earth. The Gifted are those with uncanny abilities unlike those of mages or psionics. Arcane Background (Gifted) may only be taken at character creation. It is only available to character frameworks which specifically list it. Gifted mutants may use most powers except resurrection, and are created according to a concept or theme
with Trappings appropriate for that concept.
Gifted’s powers are not psionic or magical, and the background does not allow the character to manipulate TW gear. On the plus side, the character has access to the Mega Power Modifiers for all Gifted powers possessed.

Power List

Darksight (1 Energy) Novice
Duration: two hours
Range: Self (Limitation)
Trappings: Eyes have a dark glow (black light)
Effect: Darksight allows her to see in the dark. With success, she ignores up to 4 points of illumination penalties. With a raise, she ignores up to six points and can see in pitch darkness.
Modifiers: Due to range limitation, reduce final cost by 1.
  • Shroud (+1): Shroud dims and slightly obscures the target so that attacks against her suffer a -1 penalty and she adds +1 to her Stealth rolls.
  • Hurry (+1): Hurry increases pace by 2.
  • Exalted Darksight(Mega) (+2): Her senses extend so far into the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums that he can also see anyone using the invisibility power and ignores all illumination penalties.
Protection (1 Energy) Novice
Duration: 10
Range: Self (Limitation)
Trappings: A dark glowiing (like a black light) energy field
Effect: Protection creates a field of energy or armor around the character, giving her +2 points of armor or +4 with a raise. Protection stacks with other armor.
Modifiers: Due to range limitation, reduce final cost by 1.
  • More Armor (+1): Success grants +4 points of Armor or +6 with a raise.
  • Toughness (+1): Protection provides Toughness instead of Armor and is not affected by AP (Magical or otherwise).
  • Hurry (+1): Hurry increases pace by 2.
  • GREATER PROTECTION (+3): Protection provides 6 points o f MDC Armor (+8 with a raise), which stacks with all other armor, natural or worn. May be combined with the Toughness Power Modifier, but not More Armor.
Smite (2 Energy)
Duration: 10
Range: Touch (Limitation)
Trappings: weapon has a dark glow (black light)
Effect: While the power is in effect, weapon's damage is increased by +2 or +4 with a raise.
  • Armor Piercing (+1 to +3): The attack is focused to defeat armor or seeks out exposed areas. Each point spent grants the power AP 2, to a maximum of AP 6.
  • Heavy Weapon (+2): She pours her energy into the weapon creating a focused attack of dark energy. The attack counts as a MDC weapon.
  • Lingering Damage (+2): The target is hit by dark energy that continues to cause damage after the initial attack. On the victim's next turn, they suffer the power base damage minus one die type. (not sure this is available for smite)
  • GREATER SMITE (+2): The weapon’s damage is increased by +4, or +6 with a raise—it also deals Mega Damage, if it didn’t already. Additional Recipients costs +2 Power Points (instead of +1) in combination with Greater Smite.
Arcane Background (Psionics)
Arcane Skill: Psionics (Smarts)
Edge Requirements: Novice
Starting Powers: 3
Power Points: 10
Power Points Type: ISP
Required Power Activators: None
Techno-Wizardry Gear Manipulation: Yes
Many of the humans of Rifts Earth are individuals with the powers of extra sensory perception (E.S.P.), telepathy, telekinesis, and more; these people account for nearly a quarter of the remaining world population. Those with more limited or undeveloped powers are known as minor psionics.
Unlike other Arcane Backgrounds, the psionic powers available to minor, major, and master psionics can be quite different; unless
otherwise specified (Iconic Framework, Race entry, etc.), psionics have access to the following powers (Rank permitting):
(ISP cost is original costs, built in limitations are noted, cost cant be reduced below 1)
  • arcane protection* (1, -1 limitation)
  • bolt (1)
  • boost Trait† (2, -2 limitation)
  • detect/conceal arcana*
  • confusion (1)
  • darksight* (1, -1 limitation)
  • disguise* (2, -1 limitation)
  • divination (5)
  • elemental manipulation (1)
  • empathy (1)
  • entangle (2)
  • environmental protection* (2, -1 limitation)
  • farsight* (2, -1 limitation)
  • fear (2)
  • fly* (3, -1 limitation)
  • havoc (2)
  • healing (3)
  • mind link (1)
  • mind reading (2)
  • object reading (2)
  • relief (1)
  • telekinesis (5)
  • warrior’s gift* (4, -1 limitation)
Powers marked with an asterisk (*) have the reduced Power Points cost from the Range (Self) limitation, while those marked with a dagger (†) have both the Range (Self) and Aspect limitations (see Trappings in Savage Worlds).
Psionics gain access to Mega Power Modifiers by taking the Major Psionic then Master Psionic Edges. Psionic combat powers have a telekinetic force Trapping with an appearance like molten glass, possibly arcing with energy and tinted with color.
Major Psionic:
  • A greater control of mind, body, and spirit combined with the overwhelming power available on Rifts Earth means this hero can do much more with her inner strength. Major Psionics double the ISP gained from the Arcane Background (Psionics) and Power Points Edges.
  • Before attempting a Psionics skill roll, Major and Master Psionics may spend 2 ISP to gain +1 to the roll, or 4 ISP for +2.
Master Psionic:
  • The psychic has unlocked the penultimate powers of the mind and spirit—the Master Psionic gains access to the Mega Power Modifiers for all known psionics powers.
  • Those with mind link may take mind reading.
  • They also add elemental manipulation to their power list applying either an ectoplasm (equivalent to earth), electrokinetic (air), hydrokinetic (water), or pyrokinetic (fire) Trapping to the power.
  • Master Psionics may either apply the chosen Trapping to their powers or the standard telekinetic force Trapping. Mind Melters who take elemental manipulation may freely choose among all of these Trappings or the standard telekinetic force Trapping when activating powers.
Psionic Gadgeteer:
Some mechanical gurus can build incredible devices out of most anything.
A Gadgeteer can spend up to three ISP to "jury rig" a device from most any reasonable collection of spare parts. This allows her to use any power normally available to Psionics of her Rank or lower with a Power Point cost of 3 or lower.
The total cost of the power plus any modifiers or minus any limitations (note: page 153 of SWADE core states "Arcane devices may benefit from Limitations) cannot exceed the points spent to create it. But she may create multiple devices as long as she has the points to do so.
This takes one entire turn, during which she can do nothing else but make a Psionic roll at -2 (she cannot take Multi-Actions that turn.)
The inventor uses ISP directly from her pool for the device, but once its initial Duration is finished (it cannot be maintained) it falls apart into its component pieces.

Power List
Mind Link
detect/conceal Arcana
boost trait
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Status Tracker

Pace: 6 Parry: 6 Toughness: 12(5)
Note: When she has shroud up, all attacks against her suffer -1 penalty and she gains +1 to stealth trait rolls.
Wounds: 0 / 3 ; Fatigue: 0 / 2
ISP: 38 / 40 ; Energy: 10/15 Item Energy: 20/20
Bennies: 1 / 3
Golden Bennies: 0
Q4 2019
  • 10/1: Benny spent for reroll of Psionic skill
  • Benny reset
  • 11/26: Benny for Soak and Benny for Reroll
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Diamond Patron
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Re: Leethe (SWADE Conversion)

Post by Leethe »


Legendary Table: Badass Clothing Proposal
Pendant: Badass Clothing, 4 TW upgrades
Proposed item
Crystal Star Pendant
Activation Cost: 2 PP
Stores: 20 PP
  • Power: Protection
  • +10 Stored PPE
  • +10 Stored PPE
  • Edge: Champion
Huntsman Lightweight Personal Armor
  • Toughness: +2
  • Armor: +5
  • Environmental: No
  • Strength minimum: d6
  • Weight: 16
  • Rarity: +1
  • Range: Melee
  • Damage: STR+d6
  • Mega Damage
  • AP: 6 when powered
  • Weight: 2
  • Range: Melee with Reach 1
  • DMG: STR+d10
  • Mega Damage
  • AP: 10 when powered
  • Min STR: d8 when non powered.
  • Notes: Reach 1, Requires 2 Hands, (full Cost: 18,000 credits)
  • Weight: 8
  • Note this was augmented by Mac. Stats do not reflect that currently. Need to rebuild it in SWADE

NG-S2 Survival Pack
  • two person tent, insulated
  • sleeping bag, insulated
  • flashlight with concealed pocket knife. Solar recharged built-in
  • Biometric compass/inertial mapper, mirrored back.
  • short-range radio, 5 mile range
  • first aid kit, 3/3 uses (+1 to healing)
  • hunter kit (+1 to survival for gathering food)
  • 3 saw wires
  • Solar-powered fire starter with 7 flints
  • Survival Knife
  • Small Hatchet
  • Wooden Cross
  • 4 Signal Flares
  • Climbing Kit
  • 30 feet of lightweight code
  • climbing gloves
  • 4 ceramic spikes
  • small mallet
  • Bar of Soap
  • sterilized cloth
  • canteen
  • 14 days of survival rations in sealed pouches.
Altess Eviscerator (Patron Item) (This needs updated)

Originally developed by an Altess aristocrat who had been literally burned one too many times, the Eviscerator was deliberately designed as a technological equivalent to a lesser rune weapon for a fraction of the cost. As an added bonus, the AI driving the system has become expert in using its personality mapping to deliver just the right amount of flattery without being too obvious a kiss-ass about it. This powerful, two-handed weapon is a bit much for your average Altessian noble, but looks very nice mounted above a fireplace.
  • Damage: Str+2d10+2, AP 2, MD
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • The A.I. built into the weapon acts as a grade IV field computer (TLPG p. 104), using its nano-telepathic bond to pass on its knowledge. It can also use minor electrical discharges to interact with nearby devices.
    • The A.I. also has a quirk of delivering just the right amount of flattery without being too obvious a kiss-ass about it.
    • Communicates through nano-telepathy. Nano-telepathic bond is maintained through contact only; broken if separated from bearer. When a bearer bonds with the weapon, it injects nano-machines into the character. It then uses these to map the character's genetic I.D. and to communicate with the bearer. This process takes one hour to complete.
    • Personality: The personality and ethics subroutine of the A.I. is unique and develops over time as the weapon maps itself to its bearer.
  • Electrical Discharge:
    • Range: 10/20/40
    • Damage: 1–3d6, AP 0
    • ROF: 1
    • Payload: 4; regenerates 4 charges per hour
    • This is a shooting attack: A raise on shooting creates a 2d4 Electrical Damage Field that lasts until the beginning of the character's next turn, instead of the normal extra d6 of damage
  • Modifiers: Two-handed weapon
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
CAF Elite Corps Load-Bearing Chest Rig (Patron Item) ... b298b3.png
• 12 attachment points
• Characters with Super Strength (TLPG p. 65) will multiply their Load limit by 1.4 (or 2.0 if they have Brawny), while normal characters will increase their load limit to Strength x 7 (or Strength x10 if they have Brawny) in pounds.
• Integrated IRMSS: 20,000 credits to recharge (TLPG, p.104)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: sidearm, magazine, E-clip, grenade, canteen, food ration pack, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:

Repair Kit, Field:
Designed for military and frontier use, this advanced tool kit holds supplies to help get machines running again. It carries quick-weld patches, a backup laser torch, scanner, extra wires, circuits, and other items. It requires a Repair skill of at least d4 to use. The Field Repair Kit grants a +1
to all Repair rolls. Frequent use necessitates replenishing the supplies, per the GM (10 lb, 4000 credits)

Credits: 5,600

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Status Tracker

Pace: 6 Parry: 6 Toughness: 12(5)
Note: When she has shroud up, all attacks against her suffer -1 penalty and she gains +1 to stealth trait rolls.
Wounds: 0 / 3 ; Fatigue: 0 / 2
ISP: 38 / 40 ; Energy: 10/15 Item Energy: 20/20
Bennies: 1 / 3
Golden Bennies: 0
Q4 2019
  • 10/1: Benny spent for reroll of Psionic skill
  • Benny reset
  • 11/26: Benny for Soak and Benny for Reroll
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Diamond Patron
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Re: Leethe (SWADE Conversion)

Post by Leethe »


The universe was an alternate reality to our own. In this reality, the nothingness was filled with light and stars radiate darkness. This universe is the antiverse. In the Sol system, civilization had developed on all the planets and the moon. The planets were known by their greek named. Collectively they were known as the Celestial Kingdoms. These kingdoms were ruled by princesses who were possessed by divine spirits. The divine spirits would select a youth from their planet and merge with them, granting them great powers. But remember, this is an antiverse, so these divine spirits were evil. The princesses of the Celestial Kingdom become family and take on a family name, Tsukikageno, or Moonlight. They bond as sisters. Each of the princesses had an artifact that allowed them to change into a battle form of great power. The people of Terra, however, did not like the rule of the Evil Celestial Kingdom and a great war was started that lasted for a millennium. 

During the war, a new princess was needed on the planet Kronos. A young girl was selected and the ceremony was held for her merging. The girl's name was Seiko. She became Tsukikageno Seiko, with her name meaning Force of the Moonlight. The divine spirit of Kronos was not evil like the others and she did not want to do evil acts like the other princesses. She let Seiko's personality remain, normally it is altered to the liking of the possessing spirt. She however had to fall in line and follow the orders she was given.

Seiko became very interested in technology and advanced the development of her world greatly in this regard. She created a means to travel to other realities. She kept this secret at first as she journeyed to other worlds. However, the divine spirit of Kronos could not go with her, yet it was still linked to her. Traversing through the gate altered those who go through it so they will not cause harm to the other reality, because antimatter and matter mix together so well in an explosion. She learned a great many things during these adventures and on return found that it was like as if time had not passed in her home reality.

On her last adventure, she went to a world that was a prison dimension. When she arrived on this world, she was found by a group known as The Black Company. The black company was a group of black mercenaries that fought in the wars(1). They rescued her and brought her to the main city. She joined a group of newly arrived adventures and they spent quite a bit of time exploring and adventuring in this world. There was no way to open a gate back. At some point, she revealed her powers as a magical girl to fend off an attack from the undead at a remote base. They had found a mysterious girl at the remote base and brought her back to the main city. She became a friend to the girl. Later after they had returned to the main city, there was a massive attack by the Undead King on the city. During this attack, she was killed. The mysterious girl turned out to be a great being on that world that had power to control the seal gateways. The girl saw that Seiko's spirit was connected to the outside and longed to return there. The girl opened up the gates briefly to let her spirit return to her true self. Another spirit was also taken with her to her home reality. However her artifact was lost to that world. On return to her reality, she was again with physical form. She devised a plan to free her sisters of the evil spirits within them. She altered her gate so it would extract the divine spirit essence when they went through it. She invited them to go on an adventure to see other realities. As each went through, the gate extracted the essence from them and they were no longer connected to the spirits. They did not know what had been done.

In this new world however, being free of the influences of the evil divine spirits, things did not go as expected. They still had power using their artifacts to transform themselves. Many of them started developing weird quirks(2). They found that their alternate versions of themselves also existed in this reality they went to. They were vastly different in personality then their normal universe selves. Seiko started developing psionic abilities here. A handful of powers and the ability to use her psionics to enhance repairs and build gadgets. She worked on building a massive complex spaceship so they could travel to other realities and explore them. The ship also was designed to break into many smaller ships so each of her sisters could go where they wanted too. The smaller ships were capable of transferring to other realities but would have to recharge for a long time to do it again. 

Meanwhile in the home reality. With the Princesses gone, the war was not fairing well. In fact the Celestial Kingdoms were outright losing. The spirit that returned with her from the prison world had also reincarnated. He joined forces with the Terra Kingdom and helped them in their war against the Celestial Kingdom. He knew there was an exit portal and he wanted to escape this reality. Kronos needed to act. She came up with a plan that Seiko didn't know of. She used the extracted essence of the divine spirts to advance herself to a higher level of power. Seiko immediately felt the change as Kronos became a goddess. But Seiko's connection with her did not make her an avatar of Kronos. Perhaps if she were to return to the anti universe, she would become fully empowered. 

Unfortunately, at this point, it was far too late. The Terra Kingdom was making their final assault. The new goddess tried to defend herself and made a mistake that killed most of the people in the universe. The assault team escaped through her gate. The gate lead to another gate on the ship Seiko had built. This was quite a shock as their enemies showed up on the ship. Some of Seiko's sisters were already off exploring on their own but the rest were on the ship. Those that were left split up and fled in their personal ships. With her sisters escape, Seiko set the main ship to self destruct and escaped in a her personal ship, engaging the drive to travel to another universes. A few of the attackers managed to secured some of the personal ships that were left and went after the princesses. Those that remained on the main ship died when it exploded. 

Due to the devastation she unleased, Kronos was the only one left in the antiverse. She had made the mistake of killing everything in the antiverse in her awakening to power. In order to restore the anti universe, she needed her lost artifact. Using her new found powers, she created many avatars to go out to other worlds and find the world the artifact was lost in.

Seiko with her space ship transferred to another universe. But that did not go so well as she arrived in the universe of Rifts Earth. The automated defense around earth knocked her ship out of the sky and she crash landed. Not taking the crash well, she has lost her memories and gained amnesia. The ship crashed in what was northwest Tennessee, inside the magic zone. The Federation of Magic were the first to arrive on the scene and secured the area. Capturing both the ship and Seiko. Seiko didn't know who she was and was resisting them. The ships AI put itself in lock down as well, preventing access to it. The second group to arrive on the scene however was The Black Company.(3) They rescued Seiko and returned her to Castle Refuge. 

While at Castle Refuge, she was given a list of names to pick from. The list was on a computer and she discovered her telemechinics ability while looking at it. She realized the names were synonyms of amnesia and looked through the computer data to find other. She found and picked Lethe [ˈlēTHē] because its meaning the Lethe flowed around the cave of Hypnos and through the Underworld, where all those who drank from it experienced complete forgetfulness. Lethe was also the name of the Greek spirit of forgetfulness and oblivion, with whom the river was often identified. However, to make sure it is pronounced correctly, she spells it as Leethe, which would also allow it to be shorted to Lee.

EDIT (12/7/2017) Additional post approval information as established in her first post.

based on her introduction, she has been at Castle Refuge for some time and there is need to establish her known starting point as of now. 
I am thinking that due to her amnesia, the Tomorrow Legion has put her through some evaluation testing to probe out what she can do. 

The Tomorrow Legion did physical, magical and psyche examination on her. They also preformed skill and ability evaluation based on those examinations.

Physical Examination
The legion knows that her reaction abilities during the night or darkness seem to not be as impaired as other people.
Magical Examination
The legion knows she is a powerful psionic, as part of her physical and magical examinations would have included someone probing out these things with exalted detect arcana.
Psyche Examination
She has been given a full psyche evaluation to make sure she won't crack under pressure or in battle. In fact they found she seems to be good at persuasion and has a commanding presence about her. She seems to be instinctively familiar with battle.
Her phobia of flying is as yet unknown, and is related to the crash.
Skill Evaluation
She has proven to be a skilled pilot and driver due her skills and ace edge.
Skill evaluation has also shown she has skills to fix things, it is also noted that her psionics come into play in this area.
She has zero training with guns and seems to oppose them.
Melee weapons on the other hand, she did show some talent with. Her preferred weapon seems to be polearms. Or more specifically she seems drawn to Glaives. She has jury rigged a Vibro Knife into a halberd.
Power Evaluation
Her first discovered psionic ability was her telemechanics power. To note, her spaceship was controlled via this power.
Quickly afterwards she discovered her telepathy power, due to the fact that the telemechanics is actually telepathy used to talk to machine.
Through power evaluations, she has also discovered her detect arcana abilities. With the discovery that power, they have also worked to train her in the conceal side of the power as well.
Knowing that she is master psionic, due to her telemechanics ability, they have worked to train her with her abilities to enhance her psionics.
She has not discovered her gadgeteer ability but it will likely quickly come into play when she needs to jury-rig a device.
Her armor power has not been discovered yet. This power is related to her battle form and may have a weird trapping.
Her blast power has not been discovered yet. This power is related to her battle form.
Her smite power has not been discovered yet. This power is partially related to her battle form.
Note: Need to explore a trapping for her magical girl form. perhaps retrapping Holy Presence from Mystic to be a magical girl transformation. on her armor power. 

Update from 12/27/2018 The Nightmare
Leethe is in a deep sleep and having a nightmare. She is speaking out in her sleep.

The girl is looking around for a place to hide. They will catch up to her soon but there are no places to hide on this alien crystalline like world. She hears a load shriek and looks towards the direction for a second. They are coming.

She starts running away from the noise as fast as she can. Everything will be lost if the catch her. They already got all the others. She sees a flash of light ahead of her. Leethe calls out in her sleep, "Not good, not good." The girl thinks this as she changes her heading. One if them is in front of her. She hopes that one doesn't know about her yet. She might still have a chance. If only she can get back to the ship.

Unfortunately the heading change was a bad call as she runs into one of her former companions. The girl she runs into has been turned into a machine, their skin turned into metal, like a skin tight outfit. Their hair is also metal fibers, a material matching the color their hair used to be. She spots the girl and holds up her hand. A sliver tear dropped shaped device appears in it.

Leethe called out in her sleep, "Oh shoot, not good at all. I may be done for now." as the girl thinks this.

The machine girl points the tear at the girl and it shoots at her. The girl does her best to evade it but as it closes, a wire shoots out of it, striking her.

The point of the wire striking the girl in the dream combine with yelling and fighting going on in the real world, Leethe wakes up in sweats and is currently shaken. Left confused from both the nightmare and the events in the real world.
Update from March 28th, 2018 "The Voice"
Leethe sits back in the APC, for the purpose of keeping it ready if it needs to move in. However something has distracted her greatly.

Leethe hears a voice whisper to her. "You should shoot something with those powerful vehicle weapons. Maybe that giant fuel truck?"

Leethe responds, "What? There are hostages...."

The voice continues to whisper to her, "No need to sort the hostages from the bandits if they are all corpses."

Leethe says, "But we're here to save them not kill them." Leethe looks around her for where the voice is coming from but sees nothing.

The voice, "You're not going to find me there."

Leethe, "Where are you? Who are you?"

The voice just laughs and fades away.

(1) I believe the GM of this adventure had pulled some of the world out of The Black Company novels by Glen Cook. But it was also an original world as well.
(2) I'm not going to go into detail of what those quirks are. 
(3) There has to be some level of cosmic irony going on here.

Antiverse Human

This race are humans from an alternate reality. A universe made of anti-matter, they are the opposite of our understanding. In order to come to the normal universe, they passed through a gate that converted them be compatible with the normal universe. So no, they won't explode by touching something. The process however still left them with a distinctive trait. That being the sclera or whites of their eyes are black in color. This makes them noticeably a d-bee and as such are an enemy to the Coalition. But it can also be easily hidden with sunglasses, a visor and helmet. This trait to their eyes allows them to see in low light conditions.

Her name is Seiko. She appears to be a 17 year old human female. She stands around the height of 5 foot, 4 inches tall with a petite build. Her eyes are the color of amethyst but also appear odd due to her irises being black in color. Her hair is the color of silver, cut just above the shoulders as it hangs evenly. Shadows appear oddly as they cast about her, the nature of her being altering the light. She appear lighter then they should be. Her race can not die of old age due to a regenerative ability granted to them by the gate when they left their universe. Due to the fact that in her universe, there was light everywhere and the stars emitted darkness, her race can see in darkness and has some trouble seeing in bright light. bright light would be like total darkness to them.

The following was the outfit she was wearing when she arrived.

She wears an outfit that appears to be made of silver. She wears mismatched tall boots, the right extends to her upper thigh and the left only extends to just above her knee. She wears a form fitting dress. The dress didn't cover her shoulders and the skirt was angled, hanging lower on the left side. She wears long gloves that extend to her upper arm. She wears a belt of many discs that are connected to each other, with a larger disc as the buckle, engraved with a moon on it. On her left arm, she wears a gladiator bracer and a heavy armor plate is attached to the glove at top as well. She wears a long wrapped scarf around her neck.
Include for Plot Purposes only
She was on a space ship that teleported from another reality into earth orbit. The killer satellite screen around earth engaged and assault the ship. The ship crash landed on earth. It landed in the pre-rifts area known as North West Tennessee. The ship was captured by the Federation of Magic as was the pilot. The ship is not usable currently and needs repaired. It may not be repairable with the technology level on earth.

Type: Small Starship
Size: 6
ACC/TS: 35/550
Climb: 3
Toughness: 20(5)
Mods: 20+9 (1 point left)
Crew: 1+8
Hanger: 8 points of vehicles
Energy: 25

Speed Reduction: 3 (0)
Artificial Intelligence: 1 (0)
Atmospheric: 1 (3)
Crew Space: 2 (2)
Dimension Drive: 1 (6)
Deflector Screens: 1 (2)
FTL Drive: 1 (3)
Hanger: 1 (4)
Passenger Pod: 3 (3)
Sensor Suite, Galactic: 1 (2)
Sensor Suite, Planetary: 1 (1)
Shields: 1 (3)
Targeting System: 1 (1)
Dual Linked Fixed Light Lasers: 2 (1)
Note: This section needs some revisions
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Status Tracker

Pace: 6 Parry: 6 Toughness: 12(5)
Note: When she has shroud up, all attacks against her suffer -1 penalty and she gains +1 to stealth trait rolls.
Wounds: 0 / 3 ; Fatigue: 0 / 2
ISP: 38 / 40 ; Energy: 10/15 Item Energy: 20/20
Bennies: 1 / 3
Golden Bennies: 0
Q4 2019
  • 10/1: Benny spent for reroll of Psionic skill
  • Benny reset
  • 11/26: Benny for Soak and Benny for Reroll
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Re: Leethe (SWADE Conversion)

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Character Build

Race Design for Antiverse Human
Low Light Vision (1)
Arcane Background(Gifted) (2)
starting power Darksight
Skill, Focus at d6 (2)

D-bee (-1)
Bad Reputation: Hostile (-2):

Antiverse Human are a race from an alternate inverted reality. There the void is filled with light and stars produce darkness. Due to this the white part of their eyes are black. This leaves them marked as d-bees but gives them low light vision and darksight, allowing them to see in darkness, as that is their normal. Many of this race that have ventured from their reality have caused trouble to the places they have visited, this has earned them a bad reputation. Some among them have expanded their natural gifted abilities.

See this page for details. ... sp=sharing
Status Tracker

Pace: 6 Parry: 6 Toughness: 12(5)
Note: When she has shroud up, all attacks against her suffer -1 penalty and she gains +1 to stealth trait rolls.
Wounds: 0 / 3 ; Fatigue: 0 / 2
ISP: 38 / 40 ; Energy: 10/15 Item Energy: 20/20
Bennies: 1 / 3
Golden Bennies: 0
Q4 2019
  • 10/1: Benny spent for reroll of Psionic skill
  • Benny reset
  • 11/26: Benny for Soak and Benny for Reroll
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Re: Leethe (SWADE Conversion)

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I will be able to look at this later.
Not sure how intuitive your spreadsheet will be for auditing

Note, she should be Legendary 1, not legendary 2.

Phase World - The Remorseless Game Master Bennies 8;
July 20, 2020 update
Mission: Up in The Air
  • +8 Players

Nightbane Game Master Bennies 0,
July 20, 2020 update
Mission: Up in The Air
  • +0 ADVENTURE Reset

Legendary: Death Seekers Game Master Bennies 5,
July 20, 2020 update
Mission: Up in The Air
  • +5 Players

Legendary: War Breakers Game Master Bennies 4,
July 20, 2020 update
Mission: Up in The Air
  • +4 Players


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[b][color=#BF0000]Initiative without rerolls.
I will roll 1d56 for each of your initiative cards. I do not reroll duplicates, instead there are 2 extra Joker positions.
[list]see Cards in Rob's games bellow for exact card.[/list][/color][/b]

  • 2D6 EFFECT
    2 Catastrophe: Something goes terribly wrong. The GM must decide what, but some ideas are a new and permanent Minor Hindrance, the inability to use powers for several days, or an explosion of some sort. The backlash should be thematic if possible. If the hero tampers with dark forces for his abilities, for example, he might become corrupted or summon something sinister into the world. If he’s a weird scientist the device might explode for 3d6 damage in a Medium Blast Template, or he might develop a Quirk, Phobia, or other “madness.”

    3 Backfire: The power succeeds as with a raise but affects a different target with the worst possible results. A bolt hits a random friend, boost Trait increases an enemy’s skill or attribute, etc. If there’s no likely target, he’s Stunned instead. If the power has a Duration other than Instant, it lasts its full term and can only be negated by dispel (the caster can’t voluntarily end it herself).

    4–5 Short Circuit: The power fails but the Power Points allocated to it are spent, along with an additional 1d6 Power Points.

    6–8 Stunned: The caster is Stunned (see page 106). She subtracts 2 from arcane skill rolls for the rest of the encounter (the penalty remains –2 even if she gets this result again).

    9–10 Overload: The character’s synapses crackle and overload with power. He takes 2d6 damage plus the cost of the power in Power Points, including any Power Modifiers the player declared.

    11 Fatigue: The character suffers Fatigue.

    12 Overcharge: The power draws ambient energy from the air, automatically succeeding against the target with a raise and costing the caster no Power Points!

1 = 2 of Clubs
2 = 2 of Diamonds
3 = 2 of Hearts
4 = 2 of Spades
5 = 3 of Clubs
6 = 3 of Diamonds
7 = 3 of Hearts
8 = 3 of Spades
9 = 4 of Clubs
10 = 4 of Diamonds
11 = 4 of Hearts
12 = 4 of Spades
13 = 5 of Clubs
14 = 5 of Diamonds
15 = 5 of Hearts
16 = 5 of Spades
- reroll line for quickness & activation for Calculating -
17 = 6 of Clubs
18 = 6 of Diamonds
19 = 6 of Hearts
20 = 6 of Spades
21 = 7 of Clubs
22 = 7 of Diamonds
23 = 7 of Hearts
24 = 7 of Spades
25 = 8 of Clubs
26 = 8 of Diamonds
27 = 8 of Hearts
28 = 8 of Spades
- reroll line for Hyperion Juicer -
29 = 9 of Clubs
30 = 9 of Diamonds
31 = 9 of Hearts
32 = 9 of Spades
33 = 10 of Clubs
34 = 10 of Diamonds
35 = 10 of Hearts
36 = 10 of Spades
37 = J of Clubs
38 = J of Diamonds
39 = J of Hearts
40 = J of Spades
41 = Q of Clubs
42 = Q of Diamonds
43 = Q of Hearts
44 = Q of Spades
45 = K of Clubs
46 = K of Diamonds
47 = K of Hearts
48 = K of Spades
49 = A of Clubs
50 = A of Diamonds
51 = A of Hearts
52 = A of Spades
53 = Jokers = They are equal
54 = Jokers = They are equal
- If no reroll is being used then there are 2 extra jokers -
55 = Jokers = They are equal
56 = Jokers = They are equal
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