Savage Realms

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Savage Realms

Post by TheGriff »

1st concept background ("barbarian")
1d10: [2] = 2
1d10: [1] = 1

2nd concept background ("spellsword")
1d10: [8] = 8
1d10: [4] = 4
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Re: Savage Realms

Post by Technospawn »

The 8, 4 would would work well. You are the greatest swordsman alive and some like @Roland needs you to babysit him.

The 2,1 works well also. You finished your tour in the army and returned to you village and you idiot sibling had lost of your families treasures. You now seek glory and fortune to store your family standing.
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[b][color=#BF0000] Initiative[/b]
I will roll 1d56 for each of your initiative cards. I do not reroll duplicates, instead there are 2 extra Joker positions. Ties can be broken by an athletics roll.
[list][*][b]Lowest card goes first[/b]
[*][b]Quick rerolls 41 or higher[/b]
[*]1, 2, 3, 4 are considered Jokers
[*]Cards divisible by 4 are considered Clubs for hindrances affected by Clubs (excepting 4 which is a joker).[/list][/color][/b]
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