Part 5: The Rocking Zone Ranger(Interlude)

Adventures south of the border. Wait, that doesn't sound right.
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Part 5: The Rocking Zone Ranger(Interlude)

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Fri Apr 06, 2018 9:41 pm

Spoon Fed Recap

The CS certainly seem to be responding to Vela's words, and Krys' excellent commands. They kick it into hi gear. Commander kurling goes back to back with Ndeare and the remaining skelebots form a protective screen against any squishy targets. The commander laughs as he sees the raw fury the vamps have for Ndeare, " Whew that Jag knows how to speak to us soldiers I'll tell you that. I have not seen the men so motivated since we last caught a glimpse of the Lady Prosek's in uniform. Say did you do something to piss those vamps off?" He does not wait for a response as he hears Fizz. The commander's mechanical voice cries out, " The Fail-safe!!"

Did Fizz say Balm or Bomb? Definitely Bomb! Fast asleep with no way to get to the ticking time bomb, the daisy chained fusion blocks blow sky high wiping out the encampment... A massive fireball consumes everything and through trauma, force, and just good ole fashion destruction the heroes known as the Resolute to some, and vampire hunters to others are laid low... Down but not out.

The rumbling and jostling of being inside a vehicle coupled with shrieking sounds of p-beam fire and a roaring engine awake the heroes. You find your self in the back of a Zone Ranger, Fizz's Zone Ranger to be exact. Bodies are strewn everywhere, the clattering of gear in the large storage compartment would indicate your weapons while not on you personally are perhaps nearby. The heroes find your armors are beyond singed and and vicious wounds lacerate your body. Vela in particular you notice a very sharp, and ornate vibro sword sticking out of your abdomen... Its painful to say the least. That being said while wounded, the vampire hunters can tell they were not dealt the brunt of the blast. The bald headed CS mindmelter looks like a crispy body over cooked and blacken, and yet somehow from the telltale groans he is alive. He whispers with the last of his strength, " I am sorry... The fail-safe, I panicked..."

The bloodied sack, hopefully containing Doc Reid while charred beyond belief stirs slightly. A few other CS soldiers are on the ground missing limbs but not yet dead. Karl... Karl looks bad real bad like roasted hamburger with wings, yet somehow he still draws breath. Rod... a faint intermittent beep, beep comes from the storage hold. Perhaps Rod is more broken than dead. No sign of Serena, hopefully she went back home before the blast erupted.

From the front of the ranger a female Dwarven voice calls out over the roar, " Glad you theives are awake! Goddamn miracle how any of you survive a 10d10 blast like that is beyond belief. You guys must have some guardian magic angels looking out for you." The word thieves was said with a bit of levity or sarcasm. It is common knowledge most Dwarves play a 10 sided dice games where 10 10-sided dice is the worst outcome. The zone swerves followed by a thudding, " Haha take that you fraking vamps, Terra Silverforge is gunning for you!" The zone swerves again to the other side, a few rapid shrieks from the what must be newly installed p-beam cannon fire's off into the night. A voice from the turret says something, muffled and barely made out.
Terra yells up and over, " Hold onto your britches Taylor Thomas, I see it! We can loose this horde in there for sure! Grab hold of something!" The zone lurches and for a moment everyone has the stomach sicking feeling of being weightlessness. Then the zone hits the ground with a moan-full groan. Cachunck!

Commander Kurling is sitting near in the back yells out trying to keep his seat. His face is half missing, so is his right leg. His left arm has no hand, and his shiny exterior looks like it will need weeks to buff out the char. He is holding a bloody CS soldiers body in his good hand across his lap. The soldier is shivering, and looking to his commander for hope... Hope to keep on living. The mechanical voice from sthe commander fritz and spits, " Don't worry Daniel, this is not so bad. You will live because I have seen worse. Do you remember the time we hit the hive in Duluth? Seven weeks were in that mound placing charges at every access point and structural weakness. Those bugs got us good didn't they...". The commander laughs clearly mechanical and his good eye grows dim and dark. The soldier grabs his frame begging for story to continue, "Uhh. Zzttzz... You remember they had us cornered and cut off from the rest of raven squad. They dragged us beaten and bruised to the queen. She shoved her lance through my heart Daniel, through my heart. And yet here I am... Zzz.. You...must... Zztzz.. Surviv---" The commander's grip on the soldier fails as the commander stops working. It would appear his injuries are very extensive. Soldier Daniel's blood slicked body slides down in front of the heroes, he reaches out needing and wanting to hear stories of hope, or situations like this that have been overcome. Looking around the floor of the zone perhaps indeed, while the zone is lurching to and fro, words more than skill or power are needed right now to keep folks alive.

Player Directions: Tell a story that you would find fitting to inspire those dying to keep on living.
+1 benny for a well told story.

Sword inside Vela: Vibro sword with +4 damage, extra +4AP, silvered, and integrated Plasma laser

P-beam baby Shriek Cannon: +4AP(2minors), Stun spell as part of the shooting+1ppt(Major, thunder trapping), Smite as a power: (Major, Thunder trapping- only works on the weapon itself), RoF:2(Major)
13th GM bennies GM Bennies
Vampire Kingdoms GM Bennies
-1 to hit Vela with MW
-3 for benny rolls on challenge
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Re: Part 5: The Rocking Zone Ranger(Interlude)

Post by Penitent » Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:08 pm

Penitent stirs, the soot and blackened bits of flesh covering his armor making his condition appear much worse than it is.

"Harry ... bush ... nuns," he whispers, as consciousness starts to return.

Whimpering, Karl nuzzles in closer to the awakening apok, who elects to ignore (but allow) the display of affection for the time being.

"Did someone say something about nuns, or did I dream it?" Penitent asks, to no one in particular. "Memory, perhaps, and not altogether unpleasant."

He clears his throat, then begins to tell a tale:

"On my world, you see, the church - we call it the Cathedral - is nearly all-powerful, at least in the territories where its power is unchallenged by the Unholy. There are many orders pledged to the service of the Cathedral, including some that are all-female. One is the Order of the Weeping Bush. Known for their compassion and healing art, they were also feared on the battlefield, where they wielded heavy censers, on chains, filled with holy water."

"I recall one battle, near the Twisting Spire of Loyn ... just as the forces of the Cathedral crashed into the demonic armies of the Unholy, one side or the other triggered a magical device that exploded like a volcano, killing or maiming more than half the warriors on the battlefield. Bruised and burned, each side fled, hoping to reach safety and reinforcements before the other could mount a counter-offensive."

"A force of nuns from the Order of the Weeping Bush gathered some of the survivors and enemy combatants and tried to escape through a series of a narrow ravines, all twisted upon themselves like a maze. They were being harried by flying demons that were like fanged frogs with the wings of bats, dripping poisonous acid from open sores on their skin. I remember being carried along, bound to a stretcher, by a nun whose beauty was so fierce, or fierceness so beautiful, that I could think of nothing else."

"After two days, the frog-bats had cornered the nuns in a blind canyon after picking off stragglers one by one. As they mounted a full assault on the survivors, the nun carrying me stood defiant, cutting down half a dozen of the creatures before one drove a spear into her chest. She coughed blood, but pulled the spear free and killed the beast with it. It fell on me and I used the acid it wept to cut my bonds."

Karl looks up at Penitent fondly.

"And then what happened, papa? Did you and the pretty nun kiss and become girlfriend and boyfriend?"

Penitent gazes wistfully into the distance.

"No, my boy. She bled out in less than a minute - the spear sliced an artery in her stomach. But I picked up her sword when she fell and killed more than a dozen of the frog demons, then the witch that commanded them. It was a very good day, and a lesson that you can be bound to a stretcher one minute, then up and killing hordes of demons the next. No matter how dark the future appears, odds are good you'll get to carve another notch in your blade before you, too, bleed out on some demon's spike."
Quick Stats
Wormwood Apok
Bennies: 5/3
Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d10 (1d12), Vigor d8 (1d10)
Charisma: -2 (-4); Pace: 8 (d10); Parry: 8 9; Toughness: 20 (8) or 22 (8) with mask; 32 (18) with greater armor
Hindrances: Heroic, Death Wish, Overconfident, Delusional (Dunscon is the Unholy), Vow (Find daughter)
Notice d6, Intimidation d6
Edges and Abilities of Note: Level-Headed (draw 2 initiative cards); Immune to Fear, +4 vs. mind control and possession; Notice roll to detect surprise attack or ambush by supernatural/magic foes; Ambidextrous + Two-Fisted; Gain AP 2 with melee attacks for 1 PPE; Champion
PPE: 16/20 + 10/10 from demon mask + 10/10 (Karl)
Powers (all Mega): armor with shroud trapping (ranged attacks are -1), auto-raise, cast as free action; blast with flammable and hallowed trapping (counts as cold and silver); fear with hallowed trapping (supernatural and magic are -2 to resist); quickness; smite with hallowed trapping (holy and silver), auto-raise, cast as free action.
Adventure Cards: 43 Arcane Inspiration: When playing this card, a character with any sort of Arcane Background can either use one of his powers as a free action or use a power he doesn’t have. 18 Karma Thief: Take a benny from any other Wild Card (this may include other player characters).
Active Effects: Exalted Quickness, Greater Armor (w/raise and Shroud trapping for -1 to hit at range), Speed, Greater Smite (w/raise and sunlight trapping), super-charged Durendal for +2 Fighting

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Re: Part 5: The Rocking Zone Ranger(Interlude)

Post by Ndreare » Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:20 pm

Seeing the injuries on the cyborg Ndreare looked at Rodney. He voice did not raise and he obviously was not excited, but somehow the droid still understood the urgency. “See to him, Rodney.”
With a huff, as if he had lings to huff with Rodney floated over and starting looking over commander Kurling to see what could be done for him. “Well, I suppose as you are simply sitting around and not doing much of anything it may as well be me who gets to work.”
Looking around Ndreare starts to be a little off put. “Rodney, where is the old beast?”
Still speking with the tone of a teenage knowitall Rodney answered. “The old beast is still parked outside that horrible in we stayed at before the cyber-knight tricked you all into risking your lives for nothing.”
Ndreare nodded and hummed a second to himself. Cleaning his gear and checking it as he put it on, he mind drifted as the familiar work helped his head clear.

Shortly his voice cleared and he began to speak, somehow the tone changed as if he was only half here in the moment while the other half of his mind was in another life.

“It was a little while ago, maybe 300 years or so. A small rebellion formed and we were sent to investigate. It was only one planet and I was new to the fleet so I was given this chance to prove myself.

“You see the rebels, a group strange reptilian men had been secretly purchasing and stealing ships from the United Worlds of Warlocks.

“But we thought they only had a couple of frigates and a light cruiser. I was given command of a flotilla of seven ships and told that if I lost one I would be demoted and if I lost more than one I would never see command again. My orders where simple ‘Destroy the rebel floatilla and secure the system.’

“I was brash and still under 100, so I thought this would be an easy assignment and prepared myself only for the risk of ambush that could cost me a ship. I did not realize that they had so many and this was my first fleet level command so I still thought I could teach everyone what may tactical genius was best used for.”

Interrupting the story Rodney tries to ruin the moment. “Genius is relative, or in your case limited to relatives.”

Looking at the robot as if he had been broken from his trance Ndreare said. “Just keep to your work and do not interrupt unless someone is at risk or it is important.”

Thinking for a moment Ndreare starts up where he left off. “So I strolled in thinking being in charge of two battlecruisers, and a fist of destroyers made me the most important person in the system.

“Hailing the rebels I asked to speak with their representative so we could work out something that did not involve bombarding their planet with asteroids. The meeting was arranged and we all met on the largest moon of the fifth planet.” Consulting his watch for a brief moment he looks up and says the name. “Gilderain, was the planet and the moon was simply Gilderain 1.

“So as I am sitting in a large room with a company of marines for security. These cunning devils rift in their fleet right on top of the moon and destroy the my flagship the Brentari and cripple the Romag my other battle cruiser.

“We were teleported onto the Romag and forced to flee. I took what was left of the Floatilla and ran, we hid in an asteroid field only about 17 standard units away and sent out a call for help. I thought at the time I would be executed in Court Martial for what had happened, you see the Trans Galactic Empire, or Kregor Empire, mandated Court Martial for any captain who lost a ship and survived.

“But I wanted to retain as much of my honor as possible and at least take as many of them as I could.

“Reinforcements where three weeks away, and it was only our flotilla of 6 crippled ships versus their flotilla of 24, only two injured.

“What followed was two weeks of the hardest on the run battles and most stressful days of my life. As we played hide and seek. I lost four more ships including the Romag. But we took all of their ships with us.

“When it came time for my Court Martial The Emperor's Attache herself interfered and issued me pardon and a commendation for the action.

“Sometimes the battles we are in are difficult and some of our men are lost or we are pushed to our limits. But in the end when you look around and see you are alive and your enemies dead. Those are the times you have had the most impact. Let's do the same to these enemies that hat this land. Be it weeks, or years let us ensure they are the ones driven extinct and the living are the ones who inherit this earth.”

Deleted Healing per GM request to stick to Interlude.

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Re: Part 5: The Rocking Zone Ranger(Interlude)

Post by Ashlyn Alvarez » Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:21 pm

Ashlyn drifted in and out of consciousness and pain. Occasionally when she was semi-lucid, her cracked lips and dry throat croaked out a weak tune, the same melody her mother had sung to her as a child when she was frightened of the dark. The same melody she had sung while she had been killing them in the Raven Squad camp.

Ashlyn listened to others tell stories. She glanced over at the Coalition soldier, Daniel. She reached her hand out, finding Daniel’s, holding it feebly, offering him human contact in these final moments.

“Daniel.” She smiled. “Is strong name. Good name,” she said in her accented voice, the American coming harder for her with her brain fogged by pain. “You know story of Daniel? They tell it to me as little girl, growing up in convent. He strong man, good man. He serve an emperor, like you. Others jealous of him for the emperor’s favor. They spy on him. They lie to emperor with flattery. They say bad things about Daniel’s beliefs, his practices. Get emperor to outlaw them. But Daniel is good man. He stay true. So jealous men denounce him to emperor. Emperor is troubled. He know cannot go against his own law. So he has Daniel thrown to lions. But Daniel true man of God. He trust and believe, and lions not touch him. In morning, emperor recognize Daniel as better than jealous men. He has Daniel brought up to new life. He throw bad men to lions. They torn to pieces and eaten.”

Ashlyn coughed. “You alive, Daniel. Alive is good. Alive is hope. There worth things than this. We have seen. We have fought. We will fight and protect. Is who we are. Like Daniel. Death comes, but we do not have to let it have us now.”

She rolled over, her body pressing into Daniel, gazing down into his eyes with fierce determination. She leaned down, gave him a gentle kiss, reaching deep inside of her for those divine healing energies to give to him, to all of them.
Ashlyn Alvarez
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  • Auto-raise on a successful Banish
Combat Edges:
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  • Power Surge: When dealth a Joker, recover 2d6 PP
  • Danger Sense: Get a Notice roll to avoid surprise
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Dodge
  • Champion
Bennies: 7/3
Adventure Cards:
  • Florence Nightingale: Play this card to gain +2 on heal checks on the current patient. Spend a Benny: Gain +4 on heal checks on the current patient.
  • Ace: Play instead of rolling to make a trait test with a single automatic raise.
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Re: Part 5: The Rocking Zone Ranger(Interlude)

Post by Vela » Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:39 am

"Gah!" Vela sputters and grips the hilt of the sword stuck into her with both clawed hands. The pain is intense...a by-now familiar white, cold metallic pain that rings in her ears. As she pulls the weapon out, all she can do is yowl with the agony. Blood flows freely from the wound as she grabs some bandages to staunch it. With the silver out she'd start to heal, but it would be a slow healing.

After a moment she shifts back to her human form, though it sends yet another stab of pain snaking into her guts. But in this shape she was smaller and it was a little easier to bind the wound. Also, she would be depending on human care to help her heal, and it stood to reason they'd be most familiar with their own bodies. And maybe she just felt more comfortable being more like the others around her. Blending in.

Vela listened to the stories silently. Her English wasn't perfect, but it was good enough to get the gist of most of them, she thought. She frowned slightly when Ashlyn kissed the man. It was a peculiar gesture, a kiss. Vela was never entirely sure what it meant. A greeting between friends? An invitation to mate? Something casual? Something intimate?

With a grunt, she moved over closer to the stricken soldier, so she wouldn't have to speak up too much to be heard. Talking hurt a little...perhaps the sword had nicked a lung?...but not so much that she couldn't do it.

"Daniel," Vela grits, wincing at the fresh throb from her abdomen from having moved. "I am not good at the stories. I forget much. But...I will tell you something I will not forget. I was...younger. Far away from here, in the jungle. The People, my people, were always fighting with the Dead, who pressed into our territory. They smelled our humans." She chuckled at that, and winced again.

"My father was a hunter, before the Dead were bad, and then a warrior. He taught my brother to be one. I wanted to be too, but mother wanted me to be shaman, like her. The shaman see the Dead before they come...the warriors send the Dead back to xibalba..." Vela trailed off for a second, losing her train of thought. Then she shook her head and resumed.

"My brother was...proud and stupid, like every cub. Sees only the adventure and the hot in the blood. One night I was at home and mother jumped, and ran outside. I went with her. I did not understand. The Dead had attacked and lured the warriors into a trap. They do not like silver, but they used it now."

Vela paused at that. "My brother," she went on, "was hurt. Very much. His first silver hurt. He lay there, moaning and thrashing, and when father came to him all bloody on the ground he just...looked down at him. He had silver hurts too, bleeding stripes all over. And my brother asked, 'papa will I die?' Like he was still a cub. Little voice." She pitched her voice higher. "Like that."

"And he said, like stone, 'Fight the Dead, or join them and make room for someone who fights harder.' And I was...angry, and afraid. His own son. But I think I know better now. Being a warrior means fighting death not just for us, but all the people behind us. If our warriors die, the village dies. Our humans die. The Dead grow. If all warriors die, then all villages, all People, all humans die."

She leaned closer to Daniel.

"Fight death with all of you. Win the fight with death in your head, and heart...your body will follow them. Win for yourself, and win for all who stand behind you. A warrior's life is never only their own. Remember who you protect, and prove that there is no one who will fight harder for them."
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Parry: 8, Toughness 13

Parry: 8,Toughness 18 (4)
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ISP: 10/10
Detect/Conceal Arcana: +2 Pace on Detect, +1d Stealth on Conceal; 3ISP
Smite: +2 Damage, can give ally opportunity to Unshake
Deflection: -2 to hit ranged and Melee, vampires are at additional -1

Combat Edges:
Danger Sense: Reflexive Notice-2 to detect ambushes or surprise attacks
Fast Healer: +2 Vigor for natural healing checks

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Re: Part 5: The Rocking Zone Ranger(Interlude)

Post by Grynn » Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:20 pm

Grynn had just arrived back from....well, where ever the Archons were at...still stuck in cat the middle of a literal battlefield...just in time for a bomb to go off? Not a great time was had by all, for sure, but par for the course, he supposed. He let out a frustrated meow and the last thought he had was "Not again" before everything went black.

To his surprise, he woke up again. They were in a different place, a moving vehicle. That in and of itself was surprising. Everyone else seemed to be taking the vehicle at least passingly familiar so Grynn did as well. He looked around in his cat form once more, wrinkling his nose at the bad smells of burnt things and people - including to his dismay himself being one of those burned! He let out a pained, quiet meow. He licked at his fur a bit, though as he wasn't truly a cat, it didn't quite have the same effect.

Thieves? They were heroes, not thieves! Were they not? Who was this dwarf-lady-person? Then the vehicle lurched and bounced and he ungracefully fell off the seat he was in. He rolled on to his back, showing his oh-so-pettable tummy to the soldiers as if to say "I totally meant to do that - and also pet me humans!"

After a moment the cat, surprisingly to anyone not in their group normally, spoke up. "I remember talking to an older cat one day, and he told me a funny little rhyme. I'm not saying it will save your life, but you should totally listen and take it to heart."

He cleared his dainty throat and recited.

"In the world of cats and kittens,
Laws are spoken, not written,
Better forgiveness than permission.

Mice are for prey and play,
Chasing them around all day,
Life lived, what better way.

Playing keeps cats feeling young,
As does bathing in the sun,
Stay healthy with food and fun.

Stay you young at heart,
Be bloody regal from the start,
But ready to leave scars.

Remember you these lines,
Keep them always in your mind,
Live long, it's not your time."

Long pause.

"And for gods' sakes, pet the cute kitten and tell him how adorable he is. Cats love that!"

The cat moved behind Ashlynn and then suddenly there appeared an armored humanoid form, kneeling in the middle of the floor, smoke or steam slightly sizzling off of it. It didn't seem familiar to the group. The armor seemed to be a modern-day take on medieval-style armor, black and red, hard-edged but decorated with dragon-stylings. The being slowly turned its head to look at the Coalition Soldiers. It couldn't stand in the confines of the vehicle so instead it stayed crouching.

When it spoke, its voice sounded oddly modulated. "Soldiers of the Coalition. Hear my words. I am Vampire Hunter 142. I come to you from the future. A dark future. I am but one of many, but we are falling one by one. We fight and live to keep the world safe, but the light is being extinguished. I was taught the values of right and wrong. I was taught of not just survival, not just eking out an existence, but most important of all - HOPE."

"The vampires must be stopped. Their unwashed tide of evil bloodlust must be ended. They must not be allowed to reign. You cannot die here. YOU are the hope of humanity. YOU are the saviors of the world. You must not falter. You must not give in to your wounds and the pain. You must live. Survive. Thrive. Lead the fight. Break the chains of time. Stop my future from coming to pass. Make a better world for us all. Heed my warning. Save humanity. Save the world."
He eyes one of the male soldiers at random. "Make us proud, great-grandfather."
Character Summary
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Special: Cursed with Awesome (You can reroll a 1 on the wild die - unless it is a crit fail. Once per session you can declare an awesome moment and before rolling decide to add your wild die to your trait roll); Fear (in dragon form); Flight 12 (in dragon form); Impervious to Fire; Infravision; Size +6 (in dragon form); Slow Regeneration; Spirit rolls (+2)
Active effects: Anti-Vampire Tattoo (+2 armor vs. attacks vs vampires; +2 to resist vampiric powers); Boost Vigor (to d12) - Toughness currently 36 (16) and +2 armor vs vampires; Smite (Silver) +2 damage; Light (Sunlight) on himself.
Parry: 5 ; Toughness (Dragon form): 34(16); Toughness (Human form): 17(8)
Weapons: Claws/Bite, Fire Breath, Powers, Tail Lash
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Charisma: 0 (+2 with Dragons)
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Re: Part 5: The Rocking Zone Ranger(Interlude)

Post by Krysesia » Sun Apr 22, 2018 10:45 pm

"Panicked indeed." Her tone betrays her superior attitude. "Still, one can hardly blame you. You were overrun. Standing orders and all. Reminds me of something my mother told me about. She and the other Amazons were doing guard duty at an outpost of ours. Deep in the jungle, separated from our home by miles of the roughest bush known to us. And that was before the lizardmen and their splugorth allies started trying to raid the outpost. They were 100 warrior women, and the raiding force was at least two or three thousand strong. Thankfully mostly full of lizardmen, not thousands of Slaver and Power Lord teams. Still the three Slaver Barges and 3 platoons of power lords were tough enough. Only terrain and their emplaced weapons saved it from being a complete massacre. Twenty Amazons walked away from that, but only a few actually died thanks to the healing teams from our homeland. The bombardment that followed helped, but in truth, that only shortened the conflict, not decided it. We did end up destroying the outpost though. We just couldn't hold it, and its location was compromised. As long as you get the people out, the things can be rebuilt."

She gives him some water and tries to do the same for some of the other wounded. "Anything you can walk away from is something you can defeat. Just don't walk away from the fight. The vampires certainly won't give up. Humanity has resisted them for literally thousands of years, no reason to stop now."
Krysesia of Clan Skellian, True Atlantean Shifter
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Weapon in hand: Manoan Firebolt Pistol (Ammo: 20/20) or Clan Blade Tattoo
Bennies: here
Perception Notes Sense Vampires: She can roll Notice to detect any vampires within line of sight. Sense Ley Lines.

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