Part 6.1: Reid Rangers Interlude by campfire

Heroes of the Vampire Kingdoms
GM: Pender Lumkiss
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Part 6.1: Reid Rangers Interlude by campfire

Post by Pender Lumkiss » Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:36 pm

This thread is where the interludes go and you can RP umongst yourselves as well. If any questions are asked of the NPCs the GM will try to respond in a timely manner. But really this is a player driven space.
The evening draws to a close with the maddening crowd aptly mollified. The darkness seems heavy in the dwindeling light of the fires of the once sturdy fortress that most of these rangers called home. Despite what could be a moment that breaks the rangers many of them heard the words of the heroes and gathered round one of the only standing buildings: the well house. Doc and Sir Lazerous approach the group weiry from the last week.
Doc nods to the heroes having seen their wisdom, ” Well, looks like Zacatecus is on the menu, eh? I’ll see if I can’t dig up the pertinent maps and materials...” His eyes shine in the fire light gazing about the men and woman who have gathered arround the heroes. The smell of something tasty is rising up from the nearby fire pit.

Sir Lazerous finishes for Doc, ” It seems like the rangers wish to know who you are. Try not to stay up to late, we have much work to do in the morning. We moved a table and cots into the werll house here. You should be comfortable.”

The two depart heading into the rubble. Grizzly Carter approaches with a pot and several cups. He sighs looking at the brown mush, ” Its not much, but its warm and well seasoned.” He offers the food to the heroes and the 100 or so men come by the roaring fire pit to get their own. The chatter is rather subdued but not because the gathered rank and file rangers are tired or scared. Instead it would seem all eyes and ears are on the resolute Heroes.

Tycho the resident burner comes over with the four armed Akel-Rah Skysinger. The grim faced burner looks a bit more hot under the collar than normal. Akel-Rah has his customeriy look of superiority in his eye.
Tycho stubbornly says to the heroes, ” I don’t mean to interupt, but me and chicken wing were wondering if you guys are really from the Tomorrow Legion?”
The birdman adjusts his well situated tunic nodding methodically, ” Tycho, of course they are from the tomorrow legion. It is all over their faces.”
Grizzly laughs looking at the heroes, his elven ears twitching slightly, while he still pours the hot gruel nearby with a heavy ladle into the next persons cup, ” Perhaps you should just ask the Resolute Heroes for their story which has brought them here. Heck, I bet even Kir and Raynard have interesting stories on what brought them to this very poignant moment.” Grizzly turns back to his pot frowning at the disaperence of his laddle. He shrugs and just starts dipping the cups into the pot until his ladle if ever is returned.

Grizzly’s comments are not without merit. The 100 or so men gathered arround listen, watch, and wait for the heroes to share the story of how they arrived at this moment. The crackling of the nearby fort smoldering fills the night air awaiting the words of the amazing heroes.

This is where you will be doing your interlude for the quad. I am not going to require a “theme” however roll on the below table to see how in general your specific squad of rangers common edge. Most of the ranger stats are d6s and they are extras.

Players have until the end of the quad to post the interlude: Upon completion you gain a benny and 1xp to be spent immidiately.

Also include a 1d10 roll for your squad’s common edge/ability (1 reroll is allowed):
  • 1) Elan and Fleetfooted (Pace 8): These idividuals put heart into their efforts (The “leader” is a WC with the natural leader edge).
    2) Killer Instinct and Combat reflexes: The desire to win is strong in these heroes: +1d6 rangers.
    3) Brave and strong willed : Fearless and able to follow their leader into the darkest of depravities: Spirit is a d8.
    4) Luck and greater luck: The squad is among the most luckiest SOBs known to the rangers: +1d6 rangers.
    5) Theif and Woodman: These rangers are apt trackers and sneaky bastards in the wilds and cities of the vampire kingdoms, Notice, Tracking, and Stealth is a d8.
    6) Marksman and Deadshot: Some of the best snipers the rangers have at their disposal are in this group: d8 in shooting.
    7) Improvational fighter and martial artist: Some might look down on these scrappy rangers. But their stake to kill ratio is some of the highest: Fighting is at a d10.
    8) Dodge and block: A lithe group of rangers that are hard to target from range and melee: d8 agility and parry 6
    9) Rock and Roll and steady hands: this is where the heavy artilery lies. Half the rangers have the auto firing plasma ejector, the other half has mini rail guns. D8 shooting.
    10) Alterness &Danger Sense: These rangers have a reputation for being the ones that know when an attack is going to happen. Notice d10
Your number of rangers is tracked here: Rangers.
Also that link contains a table for Karl the imp and the rangers. Anytime you critfail roll on the table for the additional trouble your rangers cause indirectly due to Karl’s adolescent machinations.
Field Team Six Bennies

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Re: Part 6.2: Reid Rangers Interlude by campfire

Post by Kir Gloryspirit » Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:52 pm

Ranger Type 7
1d10 = 7: 7
7) Improvational fighter and martial artist: Some might look down on these scrappy rangers. But their stake to kill ratio is some of the highest: Fighting is at a d10.
Reid's Rangers: Tycho's BBQ Shish Kabob Squad. This particular group of rangers formed around Tycho. His flame abilities make him a powerful threat to all vampires. His rangers trained heavily with stakes and crossbows as well as hand to hand combat against superior strength. They know that any vampire they shish kabob or behead are as good as dead with Tycho around. During the fight to save Kir, Doc Reid, and the others, the Shish Kabob squad took heavy losses. However, that is war with vampires. Their faith in Tycho and Doc Reid are unshakable, and Tycho has no bad words for Kir. Mistakes happen upon the battlefield, and Tycho can see greatness within the Mystic. The squad follows Kir without question.

Kir accepts a cup of soup, smiles, and tells the assembled men his story, "Our journey here was one of necessity. Before our journey to this world, we were but a simple mediator and worshiper of Asnir. He is the god of Peace, Righteousness and ultimately War in our homeland of Valorheim. He is also the guardian of the gates to the Halls of Honor - where all worthy warriors find peace after death."

"Our faith in Asnir was unshakable, and so he chose us to become one of the god-touched - once mortal men imbued with a fragment of divinity. Once touched, he told us of the vampires of this land we are in now. He spoke of their numbers, their strength, and their voracity. As we conversed, we traveled steadily north into the perpetually frigid lands of the coast."

"Along the coast was a rocky peninsula which held a perilous secret. Once a year upon the darkest night of winter, a shimmering portal appeared there. I was told that once I stepped through I would find myself in an arid land near a bastion named Fort Reid. I learned that my mission would be to stop these vampires from gaining a foothold in the lands of Valorheim. Asnir made it clear - should the vampires find the portal it would spell uncountable years of war and misery for our people."

"This was how we found ourselves amongst Reid's Rangers. The rest, you have all witnessed," Kir finishes his story and listens to the others.
Kir Gloryspirit, God-Touched Mystic of Asnir, God of War
Kir Gloryspirit, God-Touched Mystic
Charisma: 3; Pace: 6; Parry: 8(1); Toughness: 10(5)
Combat-Relevant Edges & Abilities:
  • Alertness: +2 to Notice
    Champion: Add +2 damage vs supernaturally evil creatures and +2 Toughness vs damage from supernaturally evil sources.
    Cosmic Confluence: 2 PPE to 1 ISP & Vice Versa (use immediately)
    Crapsack World: Roll an additional Wild die per Trait roll. Tripple 1's = roll a new char?
    Danger Sense: Notice -2 to know something is about to happen; On hold if success
    Even Stronger Willed: +2 Taunt/Intimidation, +2 Smarts/Spirit vs Tests of Will, +2 vs Fear/Puppet
Wounds: 0/3; Fatigue: 1/2
PPE: 8/25; PPE: 0/10; PPE: 10/15; ISP: 8/20
Bennies: 0/3; Sun Dogs: 2/4
Adventure Cards
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Asnir, god of war speaking (directly into the mind)
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Re: Part 6.2: Reid Rangers Interlude by campfire

Post by Raynard Lucas » Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:00 pm

Ranger Type 8
1d10 = 8: 8

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Re: Part 6.2: Reid Rangers Interlude by campfire

Post by Sir Ndreare » Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:11 pm

Watching the interaction Ndreare decide there is no point in not answering. Many of these men will be expected to take orders from him and they needed to know something about him if he wanted to help ensure their loyalty. “No, I am not part of the Tomorrow Legion, although if I ever made it to their fort I would likely seek a commision. The work they are said to do is the type of work I would like to be about.”

“I am Ndreare, I was born on a world far from here, in the contested space bordering the Kreghor Empire and the United Worlds of Warlocks. I have worked many dozens of jobs and roles. But chief among them is as a Soldier in what this world would consider Space Marines or Perhaps a Space Navy. you see the Empire does not divide the military up in the same way as many on this world do. A soldier who is successful is promoted and one who fails is demoted. But we all serve as needed.”

“But after a few centuries of battle I took my retirement for reasons that I may share another time. When those issues were settled I found myself wondering from world to world, eventually ending up here. Without a job or a role to fulfill I simply started helping people a little here and there, until I had a nasty showdown with some vampires and ended up needing to flee.”

“Shortly after that I found myself at a diner where the rest of this team was. When i found like me they had military experience and where interested in hunting vampires I joined them. We have been together for the months since then mostly killing vampires, but occasionally killing Kreghor.”

“What I am best at is coordination and the necessities of battle. I can fight when I need to fight, but my skills in battle have very few rivals and most of those are demi-gods. Work with me and I can teach you how to win, efficiently and with minimal losses.”

His words spoken Ndreare goes to work with the Rangers who he had found. They had potential to be very efficient and valuable resource for killing vampires. Finding out the nature and passions of the rangers was important to him.

“So Yodh how did you come to lead all these fine warriors? Last I saw you were working a contract for a man I was considering killing.”
OOC Comments
1d10 = 5: 5

5) Theif and Woodman: These rangers are apt trackers and sneaky bastards in the wilds and cities of the vampire kingdoms, Notice, Tracking, and Stealth is a d8.
Sir Ndreare (Rob T)
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Toughness: 22 (8)
Wounds: 0/3
Fatigue: 0/2
PPE: 27 of 35 base 20 without gear

Gear Charges:
  • Amulet of the Archmage: 0/5
  • Abrandis’ Honorblade PPE: 10/10
  • Night's Kiss PPE: 0/10
  • T.W.-B.A.G.: 5/5
  • Wilk's 237: 16/16 x2
  • Wilks 447: 20/20 x2

Current effects:
  • Armor Features Activated

Bennies: 4 +1 Red Benny (Roll d10 extra effort, or reroll with a d10 wild die)
  • +5 Quarterly Reset + Great Luck.
    +1 Benny for some outstanding RP!
    +1 From GM for Art of Maker.
    -1 For Vigor Roll to Soak critical failure wound.
    +1 Benny for choosing not to use second action after critical failure per Pender in Hangouts.
    -1 Benny, Agility to interrupt Hammers after everyone went on hold for chit chat.
    -2 Interfere with Rifts rerolled twice.

Adventure Cards
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Re: Part 6.2: Reid Rangers Interlude by campfire

Post by Penitent » Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:57 pm

Ranger Type 7
1d10 = 2: 2
Reroll 1d10 = 7: 7 = Improvisational Fighter, Martial Artist and Fighting 1d10.
Fires glowed around the camp, a ward against darkness, if not dark thoughts, as Penitent wandered aimlessly. Karl had been grousing all day, making increasingly paranoid claims that the dark elf, N'dreare, was either jealous of him or infatuated, and had tried to swipe his "sweet stubbled nards." Penitent had forbade the imp from stabbing N'dreare in his sleep -- Karl's plan was to make it look like he'd "accidentally" stuck a vibro-knife in the ceiling above N'dreare's bed, and it just "happened" to fall -- which had set off a fresh wave of muttering so abysmal the apok excused himself for a walk.

"You're not half as ugly when you're not wearing that mask," a voice calls from a nearby fire, and Penitent turns to see Audrey, the techno-wizard from El Paso. Around her, almost a score of rangers sit in the sand, honing silver blades or sharpening wooden chair legs into stakes.

"I'd be uglier without it," he replies, rubbing the whiskers on his jaw as he walks over. "My bare face isn't particularly suited to absorbing the blows of swords and axes, yet it seems to attract them. The mask has saved me considerable expense at the bone-setters."

Audrey grins, flashing white teeth as she motions for Penitent to take a seat next to her. A young woman with a tattooed band across her eyes passes a flagon of wine that tastes of pepper and nutmeg. The others around the circle look up and nod, acknowledging his presence, but say little, each intent on his or her own preparations.

"Most of these grew up in Juarez, where the vampires are just one of the gangs that roam the streets, and not always the most bloodthirsty," Audrey says, absently rubbing the scar that runs down her neck. "They've been fighting for survival, tooth and nail, since they were kids. Not a lot of formal training, but they've picked up some tricks or they wouldn't be here."

Gazing around the circle, Penitent sees the tell-tale signs of experienced hunters: blades pulled a quarter-inch from their sheathes, making them easier to draw; silvered crosses and armor spikes; spiked wooden collars. He sees scars, as well, missing eyes and ears lost in life-and-death scrambles in close quarters.

Worse would be the wounds they carried inside, Penitent knew. He'd grown up on the edges of battlefields himself, surrounded by demons and the worst of men. In the youth around him, he saw kindred spirits. They were hard -- as hard as they needed to be -- but not dead. Adversity had sparked a fire inside, and each had stoked it. Now they waited only for fuel.

"They look like they know what they're about," he says. "As do you."

Audrey laughs at the compliment, then rubs her crippled leg.

"I was afraid I'd be rusty -- it's been a few years since I left the shop to do any field-testing. The hermetic servos I added to my armor kept me moving pretty well during the battle, but I'm feeling it now. My leg can't decide if it's on fire or about to go numb."

Her eyes glitter as she takes a drink from the flask before passing the wine back to Penitent.

"I'd ask you to help loosen up the muscles ... but I don't want to offend your delicate sensibilities."

Penitent's expression gives nothing away as he accepts the flagon and drinks deeply. The taste summons memories of wine drunk in the past, with other company, but he banishes the thoughts before they can take root. The fire crackles and for the moment, the darkness is held at bay.

"I find that my sensibilities are not so delicate after a flagon or two of strong wine," he says. "And it would be unfortunate if your fighting ability was impaired for want of a masseuse."

Audrey's smile is the only response. If any of the nearby rangers notices the exchange, they hide it well, filling the night with rhythmic scraping sounds as they sharpen stakes, the coiled shavings feeding the flames of the campfire.

Redemption takes many forms, Penitent thinks.
Quick Stats
Wormwood Apok
Bennies: 0/3 +1 Red Benny (1d10 for EE or 1d10 Wild Die on a reroll)
Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d10 (1d12), Vigor d10 (1d12) -1 Fatigue
Charisma: -2 (-4); Pace: 8 (d10); Parry: 8 (9); Toughness: 20 (8) or 22 (8) with mask; 32 (18) with greater armor
Hindrances: Heroic, Death Wish, Overconfident, Delusional (Dunscon is the Unholy), Vow (Find daughter)
Notice d8, Intimidation d8+2
Edges and Abilities of Note: Improved Level-Headed (draw 3 initiative cards); Immune to Fear, +4 vs. mind control and possession; Notice roll to detect surprise attack or ambush by supernatural/magic foes; Ambidextrous + Two-Fisted; Gain AP 2 with melee attacks for 1 PPE; Champion
PPE: 4/20 + 10/10 (demon mask) + 10/10 (Karl - ?)
Powers (all Mega): armor with shroud trapping (ranged attacks are -1), auto-raise, cast as free action; blast with flammable and hallowed trapping (counts as cold and silver); fear with hallowed trapping (supernatural and magic are -2 to resist); quickness; smite with hallowed trapping (holy and silver), auto-raise, cast as free action.
Adventure Cards:
Active Effects: quickness with a Raise (Gains an extra round of actions, redraws Initiative of 8 or less), greater armor with a Raise (+10 Armor), and fly(at Pace)

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Re: Part 6.2: Reid Rangers Interlude by campfire

Post by Vela » Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:53 pm

Huevos Rangeros 1d10 = 6: 6

Vela considers the question, and settles in for a story.

"I am from far," she begins, waving a hand at the horizon. "South, where it is all trees and there is water. The hunting is good. But everywhere there is the Dead. We move, and for a time things are good, but then the Dead...always pushing. Every year a few more of the People are killed. Every year, it is harder to keep the territory. And there are humans, part of the territory. They would fight too, but the Dead also take them...grow from them."

The werejaguar sighs and shakes her head.

"So the decision is made. We must move again. Only this time, we will move FAR. To a place where there are no Dead, no Dead-slaves. But the People, we have not gone so far before. We do not know the way."

Now Vela smiles to herself, allowing herself a memory of some pride.

"I was one chosen to go first. To find a place we can go. To find the path to take to that place. Not just me, but I was youngest. Because I am strong with the spirits, and they will help me." She nods at that. "They have helped. The jungle became all sand and rock, but I follow the river. I meet a river god who gives me this..."

Vela indicated her cloak at that.

"It is full of hate for the Dead, and helps me fight."

She went one with her story then. "I find humans are stronger here, even though there is less food and water. There is a city, Del Rio." The young woman shakes her head. "They do not rule well. They do not respect the territory or each other. But there are many humans and others there. The Dead attack them, many times. Then finally the Dead try to take all of it. When I decide to fight, I meet some others here with me now."

"All this time, we have walked and fought the Dead, and their slaves...and sometimes other things. All this time, I keep looking for a place for MY people. But I think it is not here." Vela sighs. "Farther north, maybe...though I have heard it is cold there."
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Parry: 8, Toughness 13

Parry: 8,Toughness 18 (4)
Edges: Frenzy, Improved Frenzy

ISP: 10/10
Detect/Conceal Arcana: +2 Pace on Detect, +1d Stealth on Conceal; 3ISP
Smite: +2 Damage, can give ally opportunity to Unshake
Deflection: -2 to hit ranged and Melee, vampires are at additional -1

Combat Edges:
Danger Sense: Reflexive Notice-2 to detect ambushes or surprise attacks
Fast Healer: +2 Vigor for natural healing checks

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Re: Part 6.2: Reid Rangers Interlude by campfire

Post by Ashlyn Alvarez » Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:48 am

Ranger Type: 1d10 = 3: 3 - Brave and strong willed : Fearless and able to follow their leader into the darkest of depravities: Spirit is a d8.
Notice 9
Alertness +2, Mystic Awareness
Notice 1d6+2 = 5: 3
Wild 1d8+2 = 9: 7
Common Knowledge 6
Smarts 1d10 = 6: 6
Wild 1d8 = 5: 5

Ashlyn sipped at her gruel. It was surprisingly better than she had expected. But it was still gruel. It could use some hot sauce.

Her dark eyes took in the eager and expectant faces as they listened raptly to the tales of her team. She wasn’t used to such attention. She took a steadying breath before she spoke.

“My parents were killed by vampires,” she said. “A very evil master vampire named Soledad. I was six. I remember hiding in space below floor, peeking through slats as mi madres hot blood dripped on my face. The cyber-knights and Magdalenas of New Alamo found me and took me in. They raise me.

“When I start showing abilities, I taken into training. I become a Magdalena, taught to wield the power of my mind and of faith for protection of others.

“Then man comes to New Alamo. He say he from somewhere called Castle Refuge, something called the Tomorrow Legion. He very handsome and persuasive.”

Ashlyn blushed.

“The Council decide to send representative to castle, to help. It is another force for good in this world of too much evil. So I go. I join this team.”

Ashlyn gestured to her companions, some of whom were new and had never been to the castle

“We fight vampires. We fight…” Ashlyn’s words choked. “We fight my mother. She had survived and turned. I kill her with my own hands.” Ashlyn held up her hands, staring at them, seeing the blood of her mother on them.

“We fight her twice before we put her down. Then we fight Soldad. We kill him and his army of vampires, help save city of Gloom, though they do not know.

“We defeat aliens, Kreeghor, who built device. I fight shadow man…”

Ashlyn visibly shivered and grew quiet, remembering in fear the silhouette she had defeated by herself. She took a deep breath to steady herself.

“Then we come here, fight massive army of vampires, undead, and necromancers. We fight to save you, because your lives worth much. Throw them not away needlessly. Gracias for your hospitality.”

There were cries and cheers, and someone found a case of tequila that had managed to survive and started breaking out the bottles to pass around.

Ashlyn smiled and blushed. She was a bit embarrassed and unsure what had happened last time she got gob-smacked drunk, but she took the bottle when it was handed to her and took a healthy drink.

Ashlyn Alvarez Character Sheet
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Parry: 8; Toughness: Melee: 18 (9)/Range: 22 (13) + 2 vs supernatural evil
Encumbered: -2 to Str and Agi related rolls
Wild Die always a d8
Whenever you cast a spell with a Raise, reduce the PPE cost by 1 (min 0)
Dodge: -1 to by hit by ranged attacks
Champion: +2 damage and Toughness vs. supernatural evil
Nerves of Steel: Ignore 1 point of Wound penalties
PPE: 20/20
ISP: 20/20
Shield: 10/10 PPE
Rangers: Nestor Calis and 16 rangers
  • Brave and strong willed: Fearless and able to follow their leader into the darkest of depravities: Spirit is a d8.
Bennies: 11/3
Adventure Cards
  • Speedy Gonzalez: Expend this card to gain +2 to your Pace for the rest of the scene.
  • Extra Effort: Play to add +1d6 to any trait roll. This roll may Ace.
Character Tracker
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Remember Blanca (WC; d8 all attributes, Strength d12+4)
Ashlyn Alvarez Character Sheet
Parry: 8; Toughness: Melee: 18 (9)/Range: 22 (13) + 2 vs supernatural evil
Encumbered: -2 to Str and Agi related rolls
Apocalypse Now: Enemies in direct confrontation with Ashlyn crit fail on a 1 or 2, even Extras.
Wild Die always a d8
Whenever you cast a spell with a Raise, reduce the PPE cost by 1 (min 0)
He Who Fights Monsters: +1d6 damage vs supernatural evil and you are always considered to have the drop on them the first round of combat. You also gain a +1 bonus to resist their powers and are more difficult for them to hit by that bonus.
Dodge: -1 to be hit by ranged attacks
Champion: +2 damage and Toughness vs. supernatural evil
Nerves of Steel: Ignore 1 point of Wound penalties
All Thumbs: When roll a 1 on Trait die while using tech, the device breaks.
Brave: +2 Fear tests
PPE: 15/25
  • Banish, Bolt, Boost/Lower, Detect Arcana, Divination, Healing, Holy Warrior, Entangle, Succor
ISP: 18/25
  • Telekinesis, Mind Reading, Puppet
Shield: 7/10 PPE
  • Deflection
Wand: 7/10 PPE
  • Dispel
Rangers: Nestor Calis (Leader) and 12 rangers (2 sleeping); 1 sun dogs (can be sacrificed as if like a benny)
  • Brave and strong willed: Fearless and able to follow their leader into the darkest of depravities: Spirit is a d8.
Bennies: 0/4
Adventure Cards
  • Once More With Feeling: Play to take any one Adventure Card from the discard pile.
  • Second Wind: Play on your hero to automatically remove all wounds sustained in this combat (but not crippling injuries). If Shaken, he is un- Shaken now as well.
  • Adrenaline Surge: Your hero gets an additional and immediate turn (including new movement).

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Re: Part 6.2: Reid Rangers Interlude by campfire

Post by Krysesia » Thu Aug 02, 2018 6:35 am

Ranger Type - 1d10 = 3: 3: 3) Brave and strong willed : Fearless and able to follow their leader into the darkest of depravities: Spirit is a d8.

Krys sits down. "I'd just as soon hear from the great Grizzly Carter my father told me so much about, but I'll answer a few questions."

One of them, a young earnest lad called Tomas speaks up first. "Are you really from Atlantis? I heard someone calling you Atlantean. I thought those Slaver monsters controlled that."

Krys shakes her head with a soft smile that indicates patience. Its a look those gathered nearby would see often. In fact it was Krys' default expression when working with normal humans. Few had the breadth of experience of her people, and fewer still the ability to back it up. "Yes I am Atlantean, but I am not from Atlantis. My people were in ages long past, but we lost it to an unknown dimension after a catclysmic accident so long ago my people talk about it as much as a legend as they do history, and we are as long lived as the elves. Though much like the elves, we can be young too." She offers a smile to Bet'ni who blushes red to her ear tips. Across the fire from her a young human lad also blushes red, though he is most definitely watching the young mystic. "I am a dimensional traveller, called a shifter by some. In ages past, we searched for Atlantis as part of our rite of passage. These days, we just go on trips to all the worlds we protect, including Earth. Since the Splugorth have such a hold over Atlantis, we stay in our exile and help where we can. My family has fought the vampire lords of Mexico for as long as they've been back. I am actually the first in my family not to become an undead slayer, though I'd argue I still am."

"I'll second that," smiles Grizzly. "Sebazio was never worried about your dedication. Your common sense some times, but never you dedication. I mean who takes a trip to a star for kicks."

Serenia can't help but laugh as she sits down near the elder elf and her friend. "To be fair, that was an accident."

Grizzly grins, but shoots back. "The first time, but not the subsequent times."

Serenia shakes her head, with her hands up in defeat. "You have got me there."

Bet'ni looks up in surprise. "Wait, you actually went to a star? As in like the sun!?"

It's Krys' turn to smile. "Yes, I did. It's more than a star though. It's a being of immense age, power, and love of life. Its name roughly means Lord of Light in the Void, Warming the System of Twelve Gardens. Its much like a blue giant star, but older still. Like its name suggests, its system has 12 garden worlds on it. Earth is a garden world, so you know what I mean. Each one is for a different kind of life. Once I knew where I was going and what I needed to survive, just being able to sit there in the endless void and listen to this ancient being fill my entire heart and head with its wisdom, it was too much a chance to pass up. I think I spent a year there, talking with the star being Lord of Light, visiting its worlds, meeting its people. I made multiple friendships that year and made contact with Serenia while meeting with the Lord of Light. When I bring forth light onto the battlefield, it is not just any star, but points in space surrounding the Lord of Light. How wide I open the pinhole rifts I use determines its spread and potency. Among the three dozen realities I visited, I think I enjoyed my time in his system among the best of all. Of course I took my time in all those realities. A year or two each."

One of the younger men, the one who'd been watching Bet'ni, spoke up. "Forgive me Senorita, but how old are you? You look perhaps in your twenties, not fifties."

Serenia, Bet'ni, Carter, and Krys all erupt into laughs. Bet'ni speaks up. "I'm fifty Carlito. and I'm young comparatively, though probably not by too many years." The young man blushes again, obviously uncomfortable and embarrased.

Krys doesn't even blink. "I'm only ninety-nine Carlito. I have friends I studied with who waited until they were one hundred and fifty before really venturing out, but I don't see the point. I've learned more by getting out here to hunt vampires. When the Tomorrow Legion asked for volunteers, I took them up on it. Mr. Taylor Thomas over there, and by extension, his mentor, Ms. Terra Silverforge, equipped us to head out. But we never really agreed to anything beyond shared interest. I went there because the cyber-knights had sent a representative and my cousin and I thought it was a good idea. So too did the Apoc, Penitent. I'd help them in a heartbeat, but my crusade is larger than their interests. Still, as fellow champions of life, I can't say I'd have an issue following their needs."

Around this point, Serenia leans over to Bet'ni, whispers something to her, who whispers back, surprised. The young elf giggles and steps away from the circle. A few minutes later, Serenia excuses herself and walks over to young Carlito and extends a hand down to him. "Can you assist me with something?" The boy thinks nothing of it and leaps up to help. "Of course Senorita! How can I assist you." She leads him off and comes back five minutes later and sits next to Krys.

Krys looks up at her friend as she sits down. "Done playing matchmaker for the night?"

Serenia grins. "For them, sure. You should go get some sleep. If you're interested, young Tomas over there would jump at the chance to warm your bed. And he looks like it would be an interesting time as well." Krys just smiles and shakes her head. She does leave the circle though and so too does young Tomas.

Serenia leans over to Grizzly. "So I hear your married."
He nods. "Though it has been some time since I've seen her."
"Should you need a shoulder to console upon, I can honestly say I am ready and willing to be that shoulder."
"And if other things come up," He asks dryly.
"Well grief is a harsh thing and can distract. One must do what one can to keep the mind fresh and healthy."

The two of them talk quietly for some time, but leave to talk in private.
Krysesia of Clan Skellian, True Atlantean Shifter
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Weapon in hand: Manoan Firebolt Pistol (Ammo: 20/20) or Clan Blade Tattoo
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Perception Notes Sense Vampires: She can roll Notice to detect any vampires within line of sight. Sense Ley Lines.

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Re: Part 6.2: Reid Rangers Interlude by campfire

Post by Grynn » Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:57 pm

Notice at -4, 10 total for the Mission thread
Accidentally rolled (and originally posted my post) here instead of the other thread).

Conservative (so 2 PP spent and no Ranger lost) so -2.
Notice die 1d6 = 6: 6, Ace 1d6 = 3: 3, Wild die 1d6 = 4: 4.
Extra Effort for fun 1d6 = 5: 5.

Squad Type 9
1d10 = 9: 9.

Rock and Roll and steady hands: this is where the heavy artilery lies. Half the rangers have the auto firing plasma ejector, the other half has mini rail guns. D8 shooting.
Grynn stretched out a bit, his tail partly curling near Ashlynn and Krys. He blinked a bit as some of the people asked about and assumed about the 'Tomorrow Legion'. He cut a yawn short so as to not frighten anyone. "This...Tomorrow Legion you speak of? I have heard the name." He shook his head. "I am not a member, so far as I know, but maybe one day I will be. I think I might like that." He chuckled wryly, "Assuming I live that long."

He raised one eyebrow, the smile still tugging at his lips. "You want to know how became caught up with these messy, often intensely-emotional and semi-religious, deadly vampire hunters? you know what a psi-pony is?" He didn't really want for there to be agreement or response. "I used to be one. Well, not really I suppose, but I was stuck in the shape of one. An old broken-down one to boot!" Irritation crept in to his voice lightly as he didn't quite mutter, "Stupid magic saddle."

He chuckled again and shook his head. "I can change my shape as easily as breathing, as most of you have no doubt seen. I found a small group of wild psi-ponies and thought it might be fun to play with them and be one for a while. And it WAS! We ran and talked with our minds and played lots of games!" He let out a theatrical sigh. "But alas it did not last. One night, men crept in and captured us. I didn't reveal what I was, because when I woke up we were all crammed in to a shipping container of some kind together...and well...that would have been unpleasantly messy. So I bided my time."

He frowned. "Unfortunately, I think one of the people was a magic-user of some sort, and they saw what I was, or guessed it. And so they put a magic saddle on me that forced me to forget who and what I was, to make me TRULY become a psi-pony for all intents and purposes! And then I was sold to a cruel master. It was awful. I lived that way for many years. Until I was freed by these people. Things have been spiraling out of control ever since!" He let out a laugh.
Character Summary
Flame Wind Dragon Hatchling
Special: Cursed with Awesome (You can reroll a 1 on the wild die - unless it is a crit fail. Once per session you can declare an awesome moment and before rolling decide to add your wild die to your trait roll); Fear (in dragon form); Flight 12 (in dragon form); Impervious to Fire; Infravision; Size +6 (in dragon form); Slow Regeneration; Spirit rolls (+2)
Active effects:
Parry: 5 ; Toughness (Dragon form): 34(16); Toughness (Human form): 17(8)
Weapons: Claws/Bite, Fire Breath, Powers, Tail Lash
Edges: AB Magic, AB Psionic, Attractive, Metamorphosis, Power Surge

Charisma: 0 (+2 with Dragons)
Bennies: 3 from Blaze of Glory

ISP: 15/15
PPE: 20/30
Powers: Bolt, Boost/Lower Trait, Deflection, Detect/Conceal Arcana, Invisibility, Light/Obscure, Slumber, Smite


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