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Blurre: Quick-Flex Cyber-Knight

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:30 pm
by Sir Blurre
Hero's Journey Narrative Hook: 1d20 = 7: 7 Blood Is Thicker. When all else fails, there’s always family. Then again, for some, the loss of a family member is the driving force for what they do. This result directly connects your hero’s story to her relationship with one or more family members, or perhaps to the loss of her family in this savage, terrible world. Somehow, joining the Legion is a part of it all

Experience & Wisdom: 1d20 = 13: 13 He’s traveled far and wide, and he knows a lot about the world that could come in handy. Your character gains a +2 on any Common Knowledge rolls related to geography and understanding the people and places of North America. He also gains a +2 on Survival and Streetwise checks in North America.
Experience & Wisdom: 1d20 = 14: 14 There are times when no amount of skill, talent, or training is enough. Fortunately for your character, she has a bit of Luck (as in the Edge) on her side. Take Great Luck instead if she already has Luck
Experience & Wisdom: 1d20 = 3: 3 Your character doesn’t take kindly to threats, and no one messes with her head. She is Strong Willed.
Experience & Wisdom: 1d20 = 20: 20 Player's Choice: Life on the road, in the wilderness, and wandering the streets of the cities that remain gave your character special insight and some key experience with a particular calling. You may give her one Professional Edge, ignoring requirements, subject to the GM’s approval and it making at least some kind of sense. Major Psionic
Experience & Wisdom: 1d20 = 6: 6 Some folks come to understand that lone wolves don’t make it in a world as dangerous as this one. Your hero has Common Bond.

Cash: 2d6 = 11: 6, 5 x100 = 1100 Credits

Re: Blure: Quick-Flex Cyber-Knight (Ready for Review)

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:19 pm
by Sir Blurre
Player Name: Soren/Freemage
Google Handle: Soren
Character Name: Sir Blurre
Rank: Veteran Experience: 60 + 1 Advance
Race: Quick-Flex
Iconic Framework: Cyber-Knight
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6-1, Spirit d12+1 (+2), Strength d6, Vigor d6
Charisma: 0; Pace: 14/d12+1; Parry: 9 (-2 to be hit by technology, -1 to ranged attacks); Toughness: 14+2 (4)
With Shield: Parry 11 (-2 to be hit by technology, -1 to ranged attacks); Toughness: 14+2 (4) melee, 18+2 (8) ranged
Strain: 0

  • Psionics d6 (IF)
  • Fighting d12+1 (d8 IF, 3 Creation, Boon)
  • Shooting d6 (2 Creation)
  • Streetwise d6+2 (2 Creation, HJ Bonus)
  • Intimidate d6+2 (2 Creation, Edge)
  • Tauntd6+2 (2 Creation, Edge)
  • Notice d4 (1 Creation)
  • Survival d4+2 (1 Creation, HJ Bonus)
  • Persuasion d4+2 (1 Creation)
  • Investigation d4 (1 Creation)
  • Common Knowledge d6-1 (d6+1 for Geography/People in North America)
  • Overconfident (Racial)
  • Code of Honor (IF)
  • Vow (Major): Redeem his sister
  • All Thumbs (Minor)
  • Poverty (Minor)
  • Arrogant (Major, Earned)
  • Arcane Background: Psionics (IF): See Powers
  • Champion (IF): +2 Damage/Toughness vs. Evil Supernatural
  • Charge (IF): May Run as a Free Action if followed up by a Fighting Attack
  • Overrun (IF): If moving faster than normal Pace before Fighting Attack, do +2 Damage, and knock prone if Shaken
  • Ambidextrous (Racial): No Off-Hand penalty
  • Strong-Willed (HJ): +2 to use/resist Taunt/Intimidate
  • Luck (HJ): +1 Benny
  • Major Psionic (HJ): More ISP, spend ISP to boost Powers
  • Common Bond (HJ): May give Bennies to allies
  • Improved Psi-Sword (Starting): Increases Damage/AP
  • Master Psi-Sword (Starting): Spend ISP before attack to increase damage
  • Two-Fisted (N1 Advance): Attack once with each hand, no MAP
  • Fleet-Footed (N2 Advance): +2 Pace, +1 Run Die
  • Elan (S1 Advance): +2 to rolls when spending a benny
  • Improved Cyber-Armor (S3 Advance): +4 to Toughness from Cyber-Armor
  • Great Luck (V2 Advance)(: +1 Benny
  • HJ Ability: Psychic Bolster (Bonus HJ Roll): As an action, grant allies a free attempt to resist puppet, mind control, illusion, deadly illusion or mindwalk, with a +2 bonus on the die
  • Dodge (V3 Advance): Ranged attacks suffer -1
  • Power Points (V4 Advance): +10 ISP
  • Power Points (Q3 19 Bonus Advance): +10 ISP

Re: Blurre: Quick-Flex Cyber-Knight (Ready for Review)

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:24 pm
by Sir Blurre

Five years ago:

"Blurre, Runnin--come here." Miss Annie, the kindly human woman who operates the orphanage, calls out to the Quick-Flex brother and sister as they played in the small yard behind the neat brick building. Next to Miss Annie stands a powerfully-built man, dark hair and beard, with gray showing at the temples and speckled along his jawline. As the two come running up (Blurre first, he has always been the quicker of the two; Runnin the more spirited), she continues. "This is Sir Antoine." At the "Sir", the two look over the stranger again, seeing the armored mail he wears under his clothing.

He nods to them. "A pleasure to meet you both." Then he turns to Miss Annie. "Yes, these two are the ones I seek." The old woman nods her fluffy gray head, and turns to the young teens.

"Sir Antoine is a Cyber-Knight." Their eyes grow wide at that--even here in the quiet backburg of Haven, New Mexico, they've heard tales of Lord Coake's far-traveling heroes. "He says he's heard about you two, though how that could be I do not know, I'm sure. He wants to take you on as--what was the word again?"

"As my squires. I am long past the point when I should have begun training another generation, so I need to catch up a bit with my peers. Training two fine siblings such as yourselves would be an excellent start." His voice is rich and deep. "What do you say?"

Runnin is the first to think it through, and then nod eagerly. Blurre is just as happy to agree, and so there are a few small formalities, and the trio head off down the road, the pair given packs full of traveling supplies by their new mentor as welcome gifts. Once they are away from the orphanage, Runnin speaks. "You didn't tell her the whole truth, did you?"

Sir Antoine stops short, and raises a brow, then chuckles. "You are correct. I did not just 'hear about' you two. I learned that I was meant to take you on as my apprentices in a much more direct fashion. You will learn the details later. Now, as we walk, let me explain the Knight's Code to you...."


18 Months Ago

Blurre embraces his sister. Both tested, both passed, both Cyber-Knights! Sir Antoine smiles proudly at the pair. "You two are both everything I had hoped for, and more. Now, demonstrate your newfound status, if you would." He steps back to give them space.

Blurre--no, Sir Blurre, now--is first. He holds both hands out, and calls up a pair of matching blades, slashing them in the air in a cross-cut so quick it leaves an after-image hanging in the air. Sir Antoine raises an amused eyebrow. "Bowie knives? Really, Sir Blurre...." Blurre has the good grace to look a bit sheepish, but the blades hold their form.

Then Sir Runnin (she had vowed that anyone foolish enough to call her "Lady" was going to get a boot to the backside) steps up, and conjures a single blade, slender and with a slight arc and a shimmering edge. It practically pulses with the young woman's willpower. Sir Antoine nods in approval. "Ah, the classic. Well done, both of you!"

After some more congratulations and pleasantries, he grows more serious. "I am going to be heading up to Tolkeen. As things there get worse, more of the renegades are showing signs of losing the path; they are in need of correction. You two know my territory; I would consider it a great personal favor if you two would watch over it while I am gone."

The sting of being told they would not be accompanying their mentor to the battlefields of Tolkeen is greatly reduced as they realize just how sacred his trust is. The two of them readily agree, and discuss details of things he wants looked into.


6 months ago

The two walk side-by-side (although, of course, their 'stroll' is more like most people's 'all-out sprint', at least in terms of ground covered) through the New Mexico desert. Sir Blurre is the first to speak. "I can't wait to see Miss Annie again."

Sir Runnin laughs. "Same here, brother. She's going to be so surprised. Of course, now that we're Knights, we can't steal from her cookie-jar any more."

They laugh a bit at fond memories, and then grow a bit quieter. "She'll be sorry to hear about Sir Antoine, if she hasn't already." Blurre nods at his sister's comment.

"Yeah. I can't believe he was struck down by another Knight. Tolkeen's been a horror for the order. Hopefully, now that the fighting is over, we can work on re-building. Have you thought any more about Lord Coake's message?"

"About this 'Tomorrow Legion'? Yeah, it sounds like a good step forward, though really, what were they thinking, setting it up right in Coalition territory? I mean, I am sure Coake and the others know better than to try and stay and fight like Tolkeen did, but it seems like they're going to get pushed to make that choice sooner rather than later there."

"I think the idea is to remain small and unremarkable, at least for now. Prosek and his goons have enough on their mind with the people who actually want to kill them to worry about a small town in the middle of the moun--" Blurre's voice dies in his throat as he sees the smoke. Both of them break into a run, heading to the smouldering orphanage as fast as they can.

Blurre gets there first (as always). He runs past the gate, wrenched off the hinges, and through the doorway (the doors themselves are blasted into splinters), calling out, frantic, but there's no response.

He pauses as he comes to the parlor. The one-time place of respite and calm has been shattered and tossed, furniture smashed and even the rug ripped up. Runnin catches up to him, and she's always been made of sterner stuff than he, pressing on instead of being lost to sentiment. "We need to finish searching, first, then we can--" They both hear the moaning from the office, and renew their running.

Miss Annie lay in the rubble. A laser wound to her shoulder; she's dead. This time it's Runnin's turn to come up short. Then they hear sound, coming up through the floorboards. Looking at each other, they dash outside, and around the house, to the storm cellar entrance.

Running downstairs, they go to the small rack of pickling jars, and pull it open. Behind it is the small emergency hiding place Miss Annie had prepared long ago for situations like this. Some of the children are old enough to recognize them, and run forward. The story comes tumbling out amid chokes and sobs.

Apparently, the First Apocalyptic Cavalry had come to town for a few days. For some reason, they decided to attack the orphanage. Miss Annie had just enough warning to get the D-Bee children out of sight. One of the children, Amunet, a D'noor, looks up at the Cyber-Knights. "It was Pike that brought them here. He been hangin' round with them Cav'rymen. They let him ride a horse."

They both remember Pike, an angry, sullen child a year younger than Blurre. His parents had been killed in front of him by a Simvan raider; he'd never taken to Miss Annie's lessons of tolerance and judging by deeds rather than appearances. If Miss Annie hadn't heard about them being in town, the D-Bee children would probably all be dead right now....

Another human child, Paul, apparently found out what Pike was up to, told Miss Annie and had her put all the D-Bees in the hidden room. She'd had to make the hard choice to leave the human children upstairs, believing they'd be safe.

Runnin stands up. "Come on, we might still catch them. You guys can't stay here--the building's starting to catch fire. We'll take you to the old church on the north side of town; you can hide there until we deal with the Cavalry and come back, okay?" There are protests, but the siblings are adamant; they need to find out what happened to the human children, and to stop the fiends responsible for this.

Once the children have been gotten to the church with their meager possessions in hand and as much food as they could carry out of the cellar, the siblings go outside and look for the horse-trails. Runnin is an excellent tracker, and finds the Cavalry's trail easy to follow. As they run, they agree to take the children to the Tomorrow Legion once they're done here--it seems to be one of the last safe places in the world these days. They know there's one of their SATs or SITs or whatever they're called in the area.

They catch up to the Cavalry shortly after dusk, at their camp. Creeping softly behind a rock outcropping, they stop when they hear voices. Crying voices, mostly, young children. And one slightly stronger. "Quit yer blubberin'! These guys did us all a favor. You're going to get to live for real, now, and not with a bunch of invader freaks!" The siblings look at each other, and Runnin connects their minds. Pike.

Another voice, older, harsh with road-dust and gravel. "You tell 'em, Pike. We're gonna make you all real Cavalrymen, and you can help us drive out these filthy D-Bees once and for all."

No signal is needed. They come around the corner, shouting challenges to the bandits who style themselves an army. They give their opponents enough warning to make the foolish decision to grab their weapons, then cut them down, hard and fast. In short order, every man in the unit is dead or running, and the children are all huddled together, weeping, except for Pike, who has fallen against the rock, and is looking at his former peers, now Cyber-Knights, with open terror. He begins to crabwalk away, towards the dark desert.

Blurre moves to calm the huddled children, assuring them that it's alright now, they've come to take them back to the others. Then he hears Runnin hiss. "You contemptible filth." He turns, and sees her striding towards the terrified Pike, Psi-sword blazing like the finger of God. Fortunately, he's still the fastest, and gets in her path. A shouting match begins immediately.

"You can't! He's not armed, not trained, he's just an idiot kid who doesn't know anything!"

"You can't be serious! His friends burned the orphanage; they killed Miss Annie. And all because he wanted to feel like a big man on a horse! I'm doing the world a favor!" The revelation that Miss Annie is dead sets off a new host of wails from the human children, who'd apparently not witnessed her demise.

Runnin tries to step around Blurre. He steps in her way again. This continues for a bit, but of course, he's always been faster than she. "Forget it, I can't let you do this to him, and you can't get around me."

She looks at him, sadly. "Yes, I can." And with a vicious stroke, she thrusts her blade down, straight into his foot, and into the ground beneath. Somehow, it remains there, even as she releases it, and easily moves away and then around her pinned brother. As he struggles in vain to free himself, he hears Runnin speak. "Pity about the sword. Now I'll have to use my hands."

There's a sickening crunch as Pike's head meets a rock, and his bleated protestations cease. The sword in Blurre's foot fades away, and is once again in Runnin's hand. "So long brother, I've got some more cavalrymen to kill, and you've got some children who need to get to safety, before the coyotes get them. Don't come after me; we're on different paths now." And with that, she dashes off into the night, leaving him with a dozen wailing, terrified human children. He almost goes after her, but she's right--he needs to deal with them first. He'll do as they said--take all the children to one of those Tomorrow Legion patrols.


It took longer than he'd expected to find the SET, but eventually, he did. By then, he'd come to feel responsible for the children on a more personal level, and so he stuck with the SET as they took them back to Castle Refuge. Part of him, of course, wanted to track down his sister next, but by then, he'd seen too much to believe that his personal quest was more important than the duties he had as a Knight. And besides, he had no way of knowing where she'd gone, after all this time. So he enlisted, because the Legion seemed to live up to Sir Antoine's ideals quite nicely, on the condition that he be assigned to the New West as much as possible. Just in case.

On his first assignment with the Legion, his SET caught wind of a group of refugees being harried by a 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry division. He and the others arrived just in time as a man and his daughter had been cut off from the others and the Cavalry were closing in. He personally accompanied the refugees back to Castle Refuge, and during that time managed to persuade the daughter, Kim Black, that she could effect some true change in the world with her Techno-Wizard skills.

Re: Blurre: Quick-Flex Cyber-Knight (Ready for Review)

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:58 pm
by Sir Blurre

Runnin's Crucifix (Enchanted Item)
This small crucifix is on a silver chain; it was Runnin's last birthday present before they were taken as Squires. She left it behind when she was abducted by the Shibboleth. It is from a purer time, and gives the wearer a sense of inner peace and focus.
Minor Mods (2): +2 to Spirit rolls when worn (Does not affect damage from Psi-Sword)
Major Mod (1): +1 Die-type to Spirit

Cyber-Knight Light Armor
  • Armor +4, FEP
  • +2 Pace, +1" Jumping Distance (2" horizontal from standing, 3" with a run-up, Strength roll = +1")
  • Can be worn under clothing; Notice roll to spot on inspection
  • 1 ISP/hr
  • Wall-walker
  • 2 lbs (9 unpowered)
Bandito Arms Branaghan Armored Overcoat (Rifts Patron Item)
The overcoat or long-coat — also known as a duster — is a favorite among cowboys, gunfighters and sheriffs because it is both stylish and offers a surprising amount of protection, as well as making an excellent raincoat (waterproof and a good article of clothing in which to hide a shotgun or rifle under). The entire coat is lined with (relatively) lightweight armor padding with plates over the shoulders and torso (often concealed under the fabric). It offers 8 small but usable internal pockets (four on each side). Blurre's is a bright scarlet color that provides no concealment whatsoever.
• +1 Toughness
• Characters with Super Strength (TLPG p. 65) will multiply their Load limit by 1.4 (or 2.0 if they have Brawny), while normal characters will increase their load limit to Strength x 7 (or Strength x10 if they have Brawny) in pounds.
• No Minimum Strength Requirement (10 lbs.)
Attachment points can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: small, one-handed weapons, canteen, minor items or individual tools.
• Attachment: Ion Pistol
• Attachment: Translator
• Attachment:Canteen
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:
• Attachment:

Bandit IP-10 Ion Pistol
  • 12/24/48; 1-3d6+1; RoF 1; 10 Shots
  • Shotgun Rules: +2 Shooting
  • Weight: 5
  • 2 Spare E-Clips
LGR-360s Laser Rifle
  • 30/60/120; 3d6+2, AP 2; ROF 3
  • Semi-Auto (Double-Tap for +1/+1), 3RB (+2/+2)
  • Shots: 60
  • Scope: Negates 2 points of range penalties, can be toggled to IR/Lo-Lite to eliminate illumination penalties, can be used to gain a +2 to vision-based Notice rolls.
  • 3 Spare Long E-clips
Magic Optic System
  • +2 Notice, 1 ISP/hr
  • Darksight
  • Farsight
  • Detect arcana
Combat Shield
  • +2 Parry, +4 Armor vs. ranged attacks
  • Can be used as Neural Mace:
    • Str+1d6
    • On Touch Attack (Fighting +2), victim makes Vigor check or Incapacitated; Roll Vigor each round to revive to Shaken status
    • Can be incorporated into Push Attacks
    • Cannot be used as Mace and Shield in same round
  • Weight: 10; Value: 50,000 Cr.
Psi-Sword (Summon Single or Dual Blades as a Free Action)
  • Single Blade: Strength+3xSpirit [1d6+3d12+3] Damage, AP 8
  • Dual Blades: Strength+3xSpirit [1d6+3d12+3] Damage, AP 4
  • Dual Blades resemble matching Bowie Knives
  • Spend 2 ISP to make Psi-Swords Mega-Damage; effect lasts as long as manifestation
  • Before Fighting roll, may spend 1-3 ISP
    • Single Blade: +4 Damage/ISP
    • Dual Blades: +2 Damage/ISP
  • Has effective skill of 1d12+2 in known languages
  • Visual or audio display
  • To learn new languages, roll d6, 1/d, while able to study it; success = +1 die-type in the new language
  • Known Languages:
    • d12+2: American, Spanish, Dragonese/Elven, Chinese, Gobblely, Japanese, Euro, Techno-Can, Faerie Speak
  • 1 lb

NG-S2 Survival Pack (30)
  • One two-person tent, insulated against up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. It has water collection capabilities, capturing ambient humidity and evaporating water from occupants, thus extending water supplies by 20%.
  • One sleeping bag, also insulated.
  • One flashlight, with a concealed pocket knife. Miniaturized solar panels give it near-infnite operation under typical conditions.
  • One biometric compass/inertial mapper. Body motion provides the necessary power, and the system lets the user know how far and in what direction he’s traveled over time (+2 to Survival rolls related to land navigation).
  • A mirrored back allows for reflective signaling to others if the sun is out.
  • One short-range radio, fvemile range.
  • One frst aid kit, provides +1 to Healing checks. It has three uses before it needs to be replenished (300 credits).
  • One hunter/fisher kit, containing wires, line, hooks, and other elements necessary for fshing and small game trapping. This provides +1 to Survival checks where food gathering is concerned.
  • Three saw wires, composed of serrated, high tensile strength wire and two ring handles. Capable of slicing through wood, stone, and even non-Mega metals.
  • One fire starter, a combination solar powered ignition cell and flint sparker (with six extra flints).
  • One survival knife, one small hatchet, and one wooden cross.
  • Four signal flares.
  • One climbing kit with 30 feet of lightweight cord, a pair of climbing gloves, four ceramic spikes, and a small mallet.
  • One bar of soap and a sterilized cloth.
  • One canteen.
  • Two weeks worth of minimal sustenance survival rations in sealed pouches.
  • One Silver Cross
  • Six Wooden Stakes
Max Weight: 42
Encumbrance (Agility/Psionics Penalty):
  • Armor Powered, no pack: 35 (-0)
  • Armor Powered, with Pack: 65 (-1)
  • Armor Unpowered, no Pack: 42 (0)
  • Armor Unpowered, with Pack: 72 (-2)

Credits: 79100


Re: Blurre: Quick-Flex Cyber-Knight (Ready for Review)

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:22 pm
by Sir Blurre
Major Psionic
ISP: 60
All Powers:
  • +2 ISP for +1 Psionics roll
  • +4 ISP for +2 Psionics roll
Boost Trait (Self)
  • 2 ISP; Range: Self; Duration: 3 (1/rd); Free Action
  • Success = +1 Die-type to targeted Trait; Raise = +2 DT
  • Refresh: Jolt Trapping: May make a roll to Unshake when casting.
  • 2 ISP; Range: Self; Duration: 3 (1/rd); Free Action
  • Success = +2 Pace, move double Pace (32"); Raise = Run as Free Action, +1 Agility Die-type
  • Fast as Lightning: Jazz Trapping, effects factored in
  • 2 ISP; Range: Self; Duration 3 (1/rd); Free Action
  • Success = Attacks suffer -2 to hit; Raise = -4
  • Acts as Armor vs. Area effects
  • Faster Than the Eye: Hyper-kinetic movement, blurring position
  • 4 ISP; Range: Touch; Duration: 3 (2/rd)
  • Success = Target takes 2 full turns each round
  • Raise = Initiative cards below 8 discarded
  • Divine Haste: Run hands over target, causing them to speed into a blur
Wall-Walker (From Armor)
  • 3 ISP; Range: Touch; Duration: 3 (1/rd)
  • Success = 1/2 Pace on walls/ceiling; Raise = Full Pace and may Run
  • +1 ISP/extra Target, up to +5
  • Wire-Fu: Fast foot- and hand-work; on a Raise, if the character starts out on a stable platform and moves their entire Pace, they can also move across water/mud as if it were dry land; adds +1 to ISP cost (included)
From Magic Optic System
  • 1 ISP; Range: Self; Duration: 1 hour (1/hr)
  • Success = 1/2 Darkness Penalty; Raise = No Darkness Penalty
  • Laugh at the Darkness: Activated by smiling or laughing, causes eyes to open very wide
Detect Arcana
  • 2 ISP; Range: Sight; Duration: 3 (1/rd)
  • Success = See invisible foes, enchantments and other magic
  • Sparklevision: The lenses become clearer, and his eyes seem to have stars in them, maybe even floating around them.
  • 3 ISP; Self: Touch; Duration: 3 (1/rd)
  • Success = 1/2 Range Penalties; Raise = Double Weapon Range Increments
  • Grim Gaze: The lenses grow opaque from an observer's point of view, hiding his eyes completely

Re: Blurre: Quick-Flex Cyber-Knight (Ready for Review)

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:20 pm
by Sir Blurre
Racial Traits: Quick-Flex
  • Agile: Start with d8 Agility, max Agility = d12+2
  • Ambidexterity: As Edge, no off-hand penalty
  • Obvious D-Bee: Unless inhuman nature is disguised, -4 Charisma with CS
  • Elusive: +1 Parry
  • Fast: +2 Pace, +1 Run Die-type
  • Restricted Path: Cannot take Arcane Backgrounds or Iconic Frameworks that use PPE
  • Short Attention Span: -1 all Smarts rolls
  • Supreme Confidence: Overconfident Hindrance
Iconic Framework Traits: Cyber-Knight
  • Cyber-Armor: Summon +2 Armor nanite shell
  • Cyber-Kinetic Combat: Technologically-based attacks suffer -2 to hit (stacks with Deflection)
  • First Into Battle: Pace 8, d10 Run Die, improves with Fleet-Footed
  • Inner Light: Champion Edge, +2 Damage/Toughness vs. Supernatural Evil
  • Intense Combat Training: Start with Fighting d8 and two Combat Edges (Charge/Overrun)
  • Minor Psionic: AB: Psionics, d6 Psionics, 3 Powers from list, some Powers self-only/free action
  • Psi-Sword: Summon 1 or 2 swords as free action, maintain indefinitely
  • Revered Protectors: +2 Charisma if locals view Cyber-Knights favorably
  • Code of Honor: See Below
  • Cybernetics: Cannot use
Cyber-Knight Code of Honor (Crusader Faction)
  • Chivalric Code
  • To Live
    Live one's life so that it is worthy of respect and honor.
    Live for freedom, justice, and all that is good.
  • Fair Play
    Never attack an unarmed foe.
    Never use a Psi-Sword on an opponent not equal to the attack.
    Never charge an unhorsed opponent.
    Never attack from behind.
    Avoid cheating.
    Avoid torture.
  • Nobility
    Exhibit self control.
    Show respect to authority.
    Obey the laws if they do not supersede the rights of life.
    Administer justice.
    Administer mercy.
    Protect the innocent.
    Respect women.
  • Valor
    Exhibit courage in word and deed.
    Defend the weak and innocent.
    Fight for an ideal, like freedom.
    Fight with honor.
    Avenge the wronged.
    Never abandon a friend, ally, or noble cause.
  • Honor
    Always keep one's word of honor.
    Always maintain one's principles.
    Never betray a confidence or comrade.
    Avoid deception.
    Respect life.
    Honor all life.
    Respect all views of life.
  • Courtesy
    Exhibit manners.
    Be polite and attentive.
    Be respectful of host, women, and honor.
  • Loyalty
    To one's principles and heart.
    To one's friends and those who lay their trust in thee.
    To the code of chivalry.
  • The Four Precepts
  • Poverty
    Wealth is a distraction; materialism weakens the spirit.
    Own no more than you can carry.
    Carry no more credits than you need in the moment.
  • Humility
    Accept due praise gratefully and humbly, but do not tarry in the spotlight.
    Do not boast, nor brag.
    Never inflate your deeds; always honor the contributions of your allies.
  • Purity
    The world is often corrupt; you must remain unsullied.
    Do not tolerate the presence of the wicked and evil.
    When allies stray, guide them back to the Light.
  • Generosity
    Give freely to those in need.
    Share in your good fortunes, and do not demand others shield you from bad times.

Re: Blurre: Quick-Flex Cyber-Knight (Ready for Review)

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:24 pm
by Sir Blurre
Advances (Planned Advances in Red
  • Initial Advances: (From Hindrances): Improved Psi-Sword, Master Psi-Sword
  • Novice 1 Advance: Two-Fisted
  • Novice 2 Advance: Fleet-Footed
  • Novice 3 Advance: Spirit d8
  • Seasoned 1 Advance: Elan
  • Seasoned 2 Advance: Spirit d10
  • Seasoned 3 Advance: Improved Cyber-Armor
  • Seasoned 4 Advance: Power Points
  • Veteran 1 Advance: Spirit d12
  • Veteran 2 Advance: Great Luck
  • Veteran 3 Advance: Dodge
  • Veteran 4 Advance: Power Points
  • Heroic 1 Advance: Power Points
  • Heroic 2 Advance: Smarts d8
  • Heroic 3 Advance: Master Cyber-Armor
  • Heroic 4 Advance: New Power: Smite
  • Legendary 1 Advance: Smarts d10
  • Legendary 2 Advance: d8 Psionics/d8 Notice
  • Legendary 3 Advance: Improved Cyber-Kinetic Awareness
  • Legendary 4 Advance: Cyber-Kinetic Denial
  • Legendary 5 Advance: d10 Psionics/d10 Notice
  • Legendary 6 Advance: Master Psionic
  • Legendary 7 Advance: Power Points

Re: Blurre: Quick-Flex Cyber-Knight

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 9:55 pm
by Sir Blurre
12/8/17: Added scavenged gear: Combat Shield, L-20 Laser Rifle, and Ion Pistol. Removed Neural Mace, L-5 Laser Rifle, and Wilk's Laser Pistol. 50K Cr. Loot received; 25K Cr. given to charity immediately.
1/1/18: N2 Advance = Fleet-footed
4/1/18: N3 Advance = Spirit d8
6/30/18: S1 Advance = Elan; S2 Advance = Spirit d10
7/25/18: Bonus XP from Interlude
9/31/18: S3 Advance: Imp. Cyber-Armor
10/25/18: Marron Bonus: Added Boost Trait Power, Runnin's Crucifix
11/20/18: Wishing Well Interlude: +1 XP, +1 Red Benny
12/19/18: Ziggaurat Interlude (Running): +1 XP, S4 Advance = Power Points
1/1/19: V1 Advance: Spirit d12
1/30/19: Fighting +1 DT (to d12+1), Arrogant Hindrance--acquired through play here
2/19/19: +1 XP from Interlude
3/17/19: +1 XP from Interlude
4/1/19: V2 Advance: Great Luck Edge
6/8/19: Extra Psionics HJ Roll as play reward here
6/29/19: +1 XP from interlude Here
7/10/19: V3 Advance: Dodge Edge