SWADE Rifts Race - Spirits of Light

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SWADE Rifts Race - Spirits of Light

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Spirit of Light.pdf
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Modified Description Text: Rifts Conversion Book 1 (non revised)
Page Background: Pinnacle Entertainment
Character Art By: 幻象黑兔 from Arknights (Mostima)

Hi everyone!

I had a hankering to play an angel-like character in Savage Rifts the other day, and after doing some digging, found that the closest thing to such were the Spirits of Light in the original Rifts Conversion Book 1. In keeping in the spirit of savaging items, I tried to keep with the spirit of the race rather than doing a one to one conversion for every ability.

As per the GM note in the conversion book, this version of the race is the mortal manifestation of a Spirit of Light made available to players and as such has reduced powers from what one might expect from a full powered elemental. That said, there might be some interesting RP value with a Shifter "Teleporting home" or perhaps a Mystic / grey seer doing a dream vision which might have the character visually manifest as its true form for brief moments.
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