Dragon Variant: Great Horned Dragon

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Dragon Variant: Great Horned Dragon

Post by Maximilian » Sun Oct 01, 2017 11:25 pm

Great Horned Dragon Hatchling
THe Great Horned Dragon is the most feared and powerful of all known dragons. The head, neck, and spine (down to its tail tip) of the dragon are covered with horns or wicked looking spines of varying sizes. They are particularly suited to the magical arts and exhibit an increased aptitude for all things arcane.
Initial Abilities
  • Arcane Background: Magic: As a natural born magician, a Great Horned Dragon Hatchling begins with three powers (from the Ley Line Walker list) and adds 10 PPE to his starting total. He also has a beginning Spellcasting skill of d6.
  • Cold & Fire Resistance: Great Horned Dragon Hatchlings are resistant to natural and magical sources of heat and cold, taking only half damage from any normal or Mega Damage, magical or natural, fire/heat or ice/cold attacks. In addition, they gain +4 to all Trait rolls when resisting the effects of ice/cold and fire/heat.
  • Fire Breath*: Great Horned Dragon Hatchlings can shoot a blast of fire doing 2d10 Mega Damage in a Cone Template starting from their mouths. Every target within the cone makes an Agility roll -2 to avoid the attack. Those who fail suffer 2d10 MD fire damage. They can also fire a bolt of flame at Range 12/24/48 and damage 4d6 (Mega Damage), using their Shooting skill.
  • Psionics: A dragon is one of the only creatures known to have the capacity for both magic and psionic abilities. Great Horned Dragon Hatchlings may take AB: Psionics as an Advance, granting 3 powers from the Mind Melter list (taking power rank into account), and 10 ISP.
Abilities available upon advancement
  • Master of Magic: The Great Horned Dragon becomes a master of magic, gaining the Master of Magic Edge, which grants Mega Powers for all known spells, and also gains the Rapid Recharge Edge. This Advance may be taken at Seasoned rank, ignoring normal requirements for the Edge.
Maximilian character sheet
Alex - Allied Extra character sheet
Bennies: 5 (+1 omission from debrief, +1 roommate interlude, -1 EE search for wand, +1 no armor, -1 soak, -1 EE resist fear, -1 EE shooting, +1 showering, +1 RP lunch area, +1 intercepted radio, -1 reroll Piloting, +1 Mikey Danger)
Wounds / Fatigue: 0 / 0
Parry: 7
Toughness: 22 (9) (Enchanted Berserker Plate Armor, Tough Breed)
Pace: 6/8 in armor
Edges: Robot Armor Jock, Ace, Combat Ace, Ambidextrous, Quick, Level Headed, Improved Level Headed, Charismatic, I Know A Guy, Elan, Battle Hardened
Weapon in hand: none
Weapon in holster: Vibroswords (2)
Wilk's 227 Pulse Laser
  • Range: 18/36/72
    Damage 2d6+1, AP 2
    ROF 2, Payload 24, Semi auto, 3RB
2 spare e-clips
Standard out-of-robot gear from NG-S2: flashlight, compass, radio, first aid kit, fire starter, wooden cross, 1 flare, 30 feet rope
Adventure Cards
  • Epiphany: Something you never understood before suddenly "clicks." You gain a d6 in any skill you previously did not have for the remainder of this game session.
    Boom! Head Shot: You may ignore any Called Shot penalties on your next ranged attack.
    Rally: Play to cause all allies in sight/hearing to immediately lose their Shaken status.
Titan TR-001 Combat Robot
Size: 8
Crew: 1+2
Toughness: 44 (22)
Pace: 10
  • Medium Rail Gun
    • Range: 100/200/400
      Damage: 3d10+4, AP 14
      ROF 3, shots 60
    Medium Missile Launchers (2)
    • Range: 200/400/800
      Damage: 8d6, AP 15, MBT
      ROF 1, shots 4
    Mini Missile Launchers (2)
    • Range: 100/200/400
      Damage: 5d6, AP 6, SBT
      ROF 1, shots 12
    Medium Laser
    • Range: 150/300/600
      Damage: 3d10, AP 10
      ROF 1
    Dino Bladder Water Cannon
    • Range: cone
      Damage: 3d10
      5 bursts
    Good Night
    • Melee damage: Str + 2d10 MD Plasma
      Plasma Ejector damage:
      • 2d6 plasma & heat (vigor -2 or suffer level of fatigue
      • 3d6 using 2 shots
      • 6d6 using 4 shots
      Payload: 10 shots unless hooked to permanent power supply
      ROF: 3
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Re: Dragon Variant: Great Horned Dragon

Post by Venatus Vinco » Sat Jan 06, 2018 6:09 pm

4 votes, good to go?
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Re: Dragon Variant: Great Horned Dragon

Post by Lars » Sat Jan 06, 2018 6:20 pm

Do it. Approved.

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