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Bron Stormbrew (Dwarven Operator)

A team of the Legions rising stars is sent on an odyssey to find the origin of some mysterious technology.
GM: Imperator
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Bron Stormbrew
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Bron Stormbrew (Dwarven Operator)

Post by Bron Stormbrew »

HJ rolls
[dice:1j1jhq2k]66363:0[/dice:1j1jhq2k] Cybernetics: Cyber-Wired Reflexes
[dice:1j1jhq2k]66363:1[/dice:1j1jhq2k] Training: Combat Ace and Driving up a step
[dice:1j1jhq2k]66363:2[/dice:1j1jhq2k] Education: +3 Smarts skill points
[dice:1j1jhq2k]66363:3[/dice:1j1jhq2k] Body Armor: Your choice to replace starting armor (Crusader Heavy EBA)
[dice:1j1jhq2k]66363:4[/dice:1j1jhq2k] Close Combat Weapons: Any CCW (Impact Maul)

F&G rolls
[dice:1j1jhq2k]66363:5[/dice:1j1jhq2k] Strong and Powerful
[dice:1j1jhq2k]66363:6[/dice:1j1jhq2k] Wealth and Connected

Money and Gear
[dice:1j1jhq2k]66363:7[/dice:1j1jhq2k] x 100 x 2 = 1800 Credits
[dice:1j1jhq2k]66363:8[/dice:1j1jhq2k] x 500 x 2 = 4000 gear and valuables

Narrative Hook
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Bron Stormbrew
Posts: 22
Joined: Thu Apr 30, 2020 2:12 am

Re: Brom Stormbrew (Dwarven Operator)

Post by Bron Stormbrew »

Character Name: Bron Stormbrew
IF: MARS Operator
Rank: Seasoned
Race: Dwarf
Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d10, Spirit d6, Strength d8 (max d12+1), Vigor d8 (max d12+1)
Pace: 5 (d4); Parry: 7; Toughness:18 (8); Strain: 1/3
  • Athletics d4
    • +1 climbing
  • Battle d4
  • Boating d4
  • Common Knowledge d4
  • Driving d10
    • Mountaineer: +1 Handling
    • Mountaineer: Ignore up to 2 points of Driving penalties for Difficult Ground and treat each inch of Difficult Terrain as 1.5” instead of 2”
  • Electronics d8
    • Gearhead: Free reroll
  • Fighting d10
  • Healing d4-2
    • +1 first aid kit
  • Intimidation d6+2
    • +2 Streetwise
  • Notice d6
    • +2 Mountaineer, ignore illumination penalties
  • Persuasion d4-2
    • +2 Streetwise
  • Piloting d8
  • Repair d10+2
    • Gearhead: Free reroll
    • Field Repair Kit: +1
    • UEMC +2
    • Mr. Fixit: Half time on a raise
    • UEMC: Half time
  • Science d8
  • Shooting d10
    • +2 Ion
    • +1 Wilks Laser
    • Ignore illumination penalties
    • Mountaineer: ignore up to 2 points of penalties
    • No Unstable Platform penalty for vehicle weapon
  • Stealth d4
  • Survival d4-2
    • +1 navigation
    • +1 food gathering
  • Weird Science d10

  • Greedy (Minor)
  • Loyal (Minor)
  • Ugly (Major): -2 to Persuasion rolls

  • Ace: Character may spend Bennies to Soak damage for his vehicle and ignores up to 2 points of penalties.
  • Combat Ace: Ignore the MultiAction penalty for making a Boating, Driving, or Piloting check and taking another action in the same round.
  • Common Bond: Share bennies with teammates
  • Connections: Black Market, help once a session.
  • Brawny: Toughness +1. Treat Strength as one die type higher for Encumbrance and Minimum Strength to use weapons, armor, or equipment.
  • McGyver: Repair roll to craft improvised weapons, explosives, or tools, that last until used or the end of the encounter (GM’s call). This takes one entire turn, and he can’t move or take any other actions while constructing the device. Failure means the device isn’t ready. A Critical Failure means he doesn’t have the right materials and can’t create the device this encounter. Success creates a minor explosive (2d4 explosive in a Small Blast Template), a one shot projectile weapon like a “zip gun” (Range 5/10/20, Damage 2d6), rickety raft, electrical source, etc. A raise creates a larger explosive (2d6 in a Medium Blast Template or 2d4 in a Large), a better ranged weapon (five shots, 2d8 damage, Range 10/20/40), a more stable raft, a more powerful battery, etc.
  • Menacing: +2 Intimidation
  • Mr. Fixit: +2 to Repair rolls, half the time required with a raise.
  • Quick: Whenever you are dealt an Action Card of Five or lower, you may discard it and draw again until you get a card higher than Five.
  • Rich: 15k credits, TX-30 Ion Pulse Rifle
  • Streetwise: +2 Networking for shady or criminal elements
  • Weird Science: 2 Powers, 15 PP

  • Cyber-Wired Reflexes (1): Raise Agility by 1 die step

Powers PP: 15
Power List: arcane protection, barrier, blast, blind, bolt, boost/lower Trait, burrow, burst, confusion, damage field, darksight, deflection, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, drain Power Points, entangle, environmental protection, farsight, fly, havoc, healing, intangibility, invisibility, light/darkness, protection, relief, slumber, smite, sound/silence, speak language, sloth/speed, stun, telekinesis, teleport, wall walker, warrior’s gift
  • Nano-Boost (Boost Trait)
    • Limitation: Boost only
    • Cost: 1
    • Range: Smarts
    • Duration: 5
    • Trappings: Injecting a nano-rich fluid to boost ability
    • Boosts trait by 1 die type/Raise 2 die types
    • Range (+1/+2): Double or Triple the range
    • Additional Recipients (+1)
    • Greater Boost (+2): Success free reroll once per round/Raise one per action
  • Regeneration (Healing)(UEMC)
    • Cost: 3
    • Range: Touch
    • Trappings: UEMC
    • Success removes 1 Wound/Raise 2 Wounds within Golden Hour.
    • Neutralize Poison or Disease (+1): Apply any bonuses or penalties of the poison or disease.
  • Overcharger (Smite)
    • Cost: 2
    • Range: Smarts
    • Duration: 5
    • Trappings: Small device attached to weapon that excites energy
    • +2/+4 damage
    • Armor Piercing (+1-3): Add AP 2 for each point
    • Heavy Weapon (+2): Make MD
    • Lingering Damage (+2): On victim’s next turn, takes weapons base damage minus one die type
    • Range (+1/+2): Double/triple range
    • Additional Recipients (+1)
    • Greater Smite (+2): +4/+6, makes MD, Additional Recipients cost +2


Bron was born in a hidden dwarven community in Pike’s Peak in the Rocky Mountains. While hidden, it still kept in touch with the outside world, and the dwarves amassed a great library and excelled in advanced science, always eager to find and backward engineer any piece of technology they came across, though they were not much of a community for magic. They maintained connections to the Black Market for this sort of technology. They also mined their mountain, tapping rich veins of ore, leaving them wealthy and knowledgeable.

When Bron came of age, his people wished to make contact with the dwarven community they had heard about at Castle Refuge. They outfitted a Mountaineer Mark 2 for him and sent him to the Tomorrow Legion.

  • Crusader Heavy EBA
    • Armor +8
    • Toughness +3
    • EBA: +4 to resist heat, cold, electricity, and radiation
    • Comms: 5 miles
    • 5 hours of air, plus filtration
    • Min Str d8
    • Weight 24
  • Impact Maul
    • Damage: Str+2d8+4 MD
      • +4 to break objects
    • Min Str d10 (Brawny d8)
    • Weight 18
    • Two Hands
    • Powered: Lose MD and special abilities when unpowered
    • 2 e-clips
  • TX-30 Ion Pulse Rifle
    • Damage: 1-3d10, ROF 3
    • Heavy Pulse: ROF 1, 3 shots, +1 Shooting, +3 damage, Snapfire, MD
    • Wide Spread: Shotgun rules +2 Shooting, lose 1 die of damage at Medium and 2 at Long
    • Range: 20/40/80
    • Shots: 50
    • 2 e-clips, 50 shots each
    • Min Str d6
    • Weight 7
  • Wilk’s 227 Pulse Pistol
    • Damage: 3d6 AP 2
    • ROF 3
    • Range 15/30/60
    • Shots 24
    • Weight 3
    • 3RB
  • Wilk’s 320 “Classic” Laser Pistol
    • Damage: 3d6 AP 2
    • Shooting +1
    • Range 15/30/60
    • Shots 20
    • 2 e-clips, 20 shots each
    • Weight 2
  • Wilk’s Laser Torch
    • Damage 4d4+4 AP 16
    • Parry –1 (unless otherwise considered armed), Strength does not affect damage.
    • Incapacitated targets are +2 Vigor vs Bleeding Out.
    • Min Str d4
    • Weight 1
  • Universal Matter to Energy Converter (Patron item)
    • Range: 5' or by direct application
    • Repair: The UEMC can effect repairs as if the mechanic has an excellent or dedicated facility. This adds +2 tool bonus to any repair attempts, but uses 1 charge per 30 minutes of use. Otherwise this uses the standard repair rules. It can also be used to repair a Technical Difficulties Glitch (1 charge), Serious Problem (2 charges per hour), or Severe Failure (2 E-Clips per day). The +2 tool bonus still applies.
    • Faster Repairs: Because of the very targeted nature of the repairs, repairs take half as long. This stacks with Mr. Fix It.
    • Regeneration: For every three charges used, the UEMC uses the Healing Power.
    • Payload: 10 charges per E-clip
    • 2 spare e-clips, 10 charges each
  • Field Repair Kit (Weight 10)
  • NG-S2 Survival Pack (Weight 20)
    • Climbing kit with cord, pitons, and hammer; +1 Athletics (climbing).
    • Compass/inertial mapper with a mirrored back for signaling; +1 Survival (navigation).
    • Emergency Kit with a survival knife, signal flares, and one week of sealed minimal rations.
    • Fire starter kit with pocket lighter and flint sparker.
    • First aid kit with three uses (each refill costs 100 credits).
    • Flashlight and radio (five-mile range), crank and solar powered.
    • Hunting/fishing kit +1 to Survival checks to gather food via fishing and trapping small game.
    • Sanitation kit with water filter, canteen, mess kit, soap and sterile cloth.
    • Two-person tent, insulated with a water collector, providing +2 versus cold or heat environmental Hazards. Paired with an insulated sleeping bag.
    • Wooden cross and wooden stakes
  • “Freya” Mountaineer Mk. 1 Nuclear
    • Size 6 (Large)
    • Handling +1
    • Top speed: 120
    • Toughness 34 (16) MDC
    • Crew 1+5
    • Mods 3/4
      • Light Laser (150/300/600; 2d10 AP 10 MD)
      • Reinforced Ram: When the vehicle is involved in a collision from the front (including ramming other vehicles), reduce the damage to the vehicle and passengers by one die type and increase the damage to whatever it hits by the same.
    • ATV: Ignore up to 2 points of Driving penalties for Difficult Ground and treat each inch of Difficult Terrain as 1.5” instead of 2”
    • ECC: Provides immunity to the Hazards of Cold, Heat, Disease, Poison, Drowning, Electricity, and Radiation. Includes one day of emergency supplies and air for crew per Size of the vehicle.
    • STS: Provides advanced communication (radio range 20-miles) and a full sensor suite with HUD (Heads Up Display) readouts incorporating chemical, 360 degree radar, thermal imaging, active night vision, 50× magnification optics, and audio pickups that can catch whispers at 100 yards—grants +2 to Notice rolls and ignores Illumination penalties. Onboard targeting systems negate up to 2 points of Range, Multi-Action, and other penalties when Shooting its weapons. The system also includes an Improved Stabilizer.
    • Range Unlimited (Nuclear)

Encumbrance: 82/80 (62 without pack)

Money: 2,400 Credits

  • Black Market

  • D-Bee (Minor): Dwarves tend to most freely associate with their own kind. Their human-like appearance mitigates the most xenophobic initial Reactions, which typically start at Uncooperative, or Unfriendly for human supremacists. Those with an Unfriendly or lower Reaction will refuse to sell wares or provide services such as healing, repairs, etc. Failed social checks with Hostile parties often result in violence.
  • Low Light Vision: Ignore penalties for Dim and Dark Illumination
  • Near-Human Physiology: Those unfamiliar with dwarven physiology suffer only a −1 penalty to Healing skill rolls and cybernetics checks.
  • Physical Strength and Endurance: Dwarves start with a d6 Strength and d6 Vigor, increase Trait maximums accordingly
  • Racial Animosity: Ancient enemies, dwarves and elves are still coming to terms with their new circumstances on Rifts Earth (where they should be natural allies, as they were in eons past). Old habits die hard, though, especially for such long-lived races. Dwarves suffer −2 on Persuasion checks when dealing with elves.
  • Reduced Pace: Dwarves have short legs compared to most races. Decrease their Pace by 1 and their running die by one die type.
  • Squat: Dwarven proportions make most Rifts Earth armor and clothing problematic—these items must be custom-tailored at double normal cost. Glitter Boy armor (including the Iconic Framework) and most human power armor is not an option.
  • Technically Inclined: Dwarves have an innate knack for intuiting engineering, science, and technical concepts and are often attracted to related pursuits and occupations. Begin with d4 Repair and d4 Science.

Fortune & Glory
  • Strong and Powerful: Add one die to Strength and begin with the Brawny Edge.
  • Wealthy and Connected: Begins with the Rich and Connections Edges.

Hero’s Journey
  • Cybernetics: Your hero wants to give that Juicer a run for his money, so he got a level of CyberWired Reflexes installed.
  • Training: Though lots of folks can jump behind a wheel or grab a stick, your hero understands the nuances of guiding a machine effectively through the worst conditions. She gains the Ace Edge, or Combat Ace, if she already has Ace, as well as a one die type increase in her choice of Boating, Driving, or Piloting.
  • Education: Either her parents did everything they could to educate her, she attended one of the few schools left in the world, or she might even have found and lived in an ancient library. However managed, she has three additional skill points to spend at character creation, but they may only be spent on Smarts-based skills. (Science +2 die steps, Electronics +1 die step)
  • Body Armor: You may trade the starting armor from your Iconic Framework for any other body armor (not power armor or robot vehicle). If this is not your first roll, apply all other results from rolling on this table to your newly chosen body armor. (Crusader Heavy EBA)
  • Close Combat Weapons: You may add any non-TW Close Combat Weapon listed in this book to your character’s gear list. If this is not your first roll, apply any other results from rolling on this table to your newly chosen weapon as you wish. (Impact Maul)
  • Experience and Wisdom: A split second often means the difference between alive and a smear on the landscape. Your character has the Quick Edge. If he already has that Edge, he gains the Level Headed Edge instead.

MARS Package
  • Begin with Electronics d6, Repair d8, and the McGyver Edge.
  • Begin with Boating d4, Driving d4, Piloting d4, and the Ace Edge.
  • Gearhead: Gain a free reroll on all Electronics and Repair checks.
  • Begin with standard Starting Gear plus a Wilk’s Laser Torch and a Field Repair Kit.
  • Select one non-robot vehicle of choice (with the GM’s approval). (Mountaineer Mk. 2 Nuclear)

  • Initial Advances: (From Hindrances): Weird Science, Agility d10
  • Novice 1 Advance: Smarts d10
  • Novice 2 Advance: Driving d10, Weird Science d10
  • Novice 3 Advance: Mr. Fixit
  • Seasoned 1 Advance: Menacing
  • Seasoned 2 Advance: Agility d12
  • Seasoned 3 Advance: Fighting d10, Shooting d10
  • GM Grant: Common Bond
  • GM Grant: Battle d4
  • Seasoned 4 Advance: Streetwise
  • Veteran 1 Advance:
  • Veteran 2 Advance:
  • Veteran 3 Advance:
  • Veteran 4 Advance:
  • Heroic 1 Advance:
  • Heroic 2 Advance:
  • Heroic 3 Advance:
  • Heroic 4 Advance:
  • Legendary 1 Advance:
  • Legendary 2 Advance:
  • Legendary 3 Advance:
  • Legendary 4 Advance:
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