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They are lead by Osanna "Joker" Wilde, a real wild card.
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Jackal (IC)

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Golden Age Neural Intelligence ~ Pre-Rifts Secret Service Defense A.I.

Player/Discord: Daniel (Lars)
Aliases: Jack Hall, Agent Hall, J2600 Defense Series AI
Rank: Novice 1
Race: Appears Human, Male
Iconic Framework: Intelligent Construct

  • Agility d12
  • Smarts d6
  • Spirit d10
  • Strength d12
  • Vigor d12

Pace: 10 (Running d10)
Parry: 9 plus 1 per each Vambraces, so either 10 or 11.
Toughness: 24 (12) MDC

  • Construct trait: +2 to recover from Shaken, ignore 1 Wound Penalty, doesn't breathe, immune to disease/poison, wounds healed via Repair, no GH
  • Inorganic: Cannot use cyberware
  • Outsider (Major): A construct that is recognized as such is generally viewed as property, with no legal protections or rights in most communities. -2 Persuasion
  • Core Directive: A Major psychological hindrance that reflects the intended purpose of the machine.
  • Wanted: Many powerful factions will hunt for a known intelligent construct in their territory, either to eliminate or to capture and reverse-engineer
  • Malfunctions: Constructs are subject to Technical Difficulties
    Construct Package (24/24 pts)
  • Artificial Intelligence (-2): A Neural Intelligence is highly advanced and beyond most factions. It has no PPE or ISP, and cannot take any of those ABs, nor the Gifted AB.
  • Tech Base: Technological System (-2): Uses electricity to operate, can plug into any power source and recharge for 1 hour each day.
  • Medium frame: Human size and bulk; able to use any equipment and gear humans can.
  • Locomotion: Legs; Pace 6, Running d6
  • Advanced Senses (2): +4 to Notice, IR/UV, radiation, motion, radar, cancel penalties from illumination, 360 degree, can record
  • Lifelike Android, Variable Appearance (2): Only a careful and detailed examination by a skilled investigator can determine the construct is not a living being; can alter appearance within 1 Size with Smarts or Performance check, +2 to imitate individuals, opponents are at -4 (-6 on raise)
  • Advanced vocal unit (1): The construct can communicate via normal vocalizations and hear/use normally inaudible sounds, imitate specific individuals at +2, and opponents at -4 to detect ruse
  • Obscure Construction (-3): Design and construction is especially advanced or alien, and imposes -4 on skill checks relating to their construction
  • Feature-locked physiology (-4): Physical attributes (Str, Agi and Vig) cannot be upgraded through experience, Smarts and Spirit can be.
  • Attribute Boosts: +4 Str, +3 Agi, +3 Vig (10)
  • Automated Repair (2): Vigor roll 1/day to heal a Wound, +4 on 'bleeding out' rolls
  • Edge: Pick three (3)
  • Armor +12 (4)
  • Increased Toughness +4 (2)
  • Bioreactor (1): Can extract energy from food and water if needed
  • Electronics Package (2): 20 mile radio system, data storage, interface jack that gives +2 Common Knowledge, Repair and Research, +4 Hacking
  • Pace +2, Running +1d (1)
  • Skill Bonus: Shooting, Fighting, Stealth (3)
  • Increased Action Upgrade (3) Additional Action

  • Athletics d8 (2)
  • Common Knowledge d4 (+2 if interfacing)
  • Persuasion d6 (1)
  • Notice d4+4 (1)
  • Stealth d6+2 (1)
  • Drive d8 (+2 if interfacing)
  • Piloting d4 (+2 if interfacing) +2 Chip
  • Fighting d10+2 (4)
  • Shooting d10+2 (4)
  • Repair d6 (2) (+2 if interfacing)
  • Electronics d4 (1) (+2 if interfacing)
  • Hacking d4 (1) (+4 if interfacing)
    • Sig Chip adds: Jack of all Trades

  • IF: Outsider (-2 Persuasion if known as construct)
  • IF: Wanted (by pretty much everyone, if exposed)
  • IF: Core Programming: (see below)
  • Major: Vow - (see below)
  • Minor: Loyal (see below)
  • Minor: Quirk - often lost in thought, faraway look.
Core idea is that he swears fealty to a group (Major vow, serve his chosen authority). In his case, that's the TL. His programming directive, however, is Major Driven: Protect Target Alpha. Who is Target Alpha? Whoever his authority group says it is. The idea is that his programming makes the desire to protect his charge an almost overwhelming instinct. He can even override other orders from the authority if they would interfere with his charges wellbeing. The idea was to make certain that he could not be ordered to assassinate the president by a coup minded general and would act on his own initiative to achieve the Alpha 's security.

Finally, his Loyalty is to anyone of value to Alpha. So originally, it was to the president s family and closest friends. Once he gets his new Alpha, loyalty to that person's closest circle will arise naturally.

Two additional notes: First, the authority has the ability to designate a new Alpha, but ONLY if, in Jack's opinion, the current Alpha is either dead, or totally secure. Again, meant to keep a rogue general from causing issues. Second, Jack does not have an Alpha designated. This will not be a protracted condition.

Further Details:

As you are dispersing to get your gear, Montcrief approaches you in the hall outside. Highly unusual for him, if you know anything about the man at all, he looks... uneasy. He holds out a data chip, and speaks very softly. "Take this to your room, open and read the file, then delete the contents, smashing the chip and discarding the pieces when you are done, before joining the others. Tell no one of this."

Opening the file reveals a simple personnel sheet labeled, "Target Designate Alpha". Below that is a photo of a Brodkil, apparently named... "Chok'lat". At the bottom of the page is a section titled, "Mission Parameters":

1: As usual, keep Target Designate Alpha secure from harm, while restricting his activities as little as possible; he still a Legionnaire on active duty, and must fulfill his role as such.
2: Except where doing so will make the primary mission objective impossible, you are to keep this assignment confidential: Your Eyes Only. It is vital that the subject not be aware that he is being singled out in any way.

  • Quick
  • Ambidextrous
  • Rich (2 rolls +30k)
  • Fleet Footed
  • Two Fisted
  • Martial Artist
  • Martial Artist 2
  • McGyver
  • pts into Smarts skills
  • Spirit upped
  • Ace (Chip)
  • TMW Spent EP (NG P7)

(Range Melee, Damage Str (d12+4)
WI GL20 Grenade Launcher
WI-GL20 Grenade Launcher (Range 24/48/96, damage by grenade, ROF 3, 40 shots, Snapfire)
Armor Piercing 3d8 AP 16 SBT (24)
Plasma 3d12 SBT on a raise catch fire 3d6 each round (48)
NG P7 Partial Beam Rifle
NG-P7 Particle Beam Rifle
(6 EP spent on weapon, see below)
Range: 18/36/72
Damage: 4d8 (plus 2d4 on a raise)
RoF: 1
Shots: 8
Gun Bunny EP: The superior balance of this weapon allows you to ignore up to 2 points of penalties to Shooting rolls, including those from Called Shots, Cover, Illumination, Range, and Relative Speed.
Gun Bunny EP: This weapon is a favorite of your character. Gain the Trademark Weapon Edge for it. In addition, when you spend a Benny to reroll any Trait roll made using this weapon, add +2 to the total (stacks with Elan and similar bonuses).
Multi-Optics Scope: An advanced scope with thermal, infrared, and night optics. When using an Aim maneuver, it adds an additional +2 to Notice checks or to offset Range penalties. It also negates Illumination penalties and adds +1 Shooting to calibrated weapons (1 lb.).
Note: Particle weapons fire long beams of highly agitated particles which annihilate whatever matter they collide with, gorily disintegrating organic targets and gouging chunks out of inorganic matter in a bright flash of atomic-level destruction.
„ Disintegration: These weapons deal Mega Damage, and +2d4 damage on a raise.
„ Atomic Annihilation: If a target without MDC armor is Wounded by the weapon (may Soak normally), the victim determines Injury per the Gritty Damage Setting Rule and rolls Vigor; failure combined with a limb hit completely disintegrates the limb, failure combined with a head or torso hit causes an immediate roll on the Death & Defeat table.
„ No Recoil: Particle beams ignore the Recoil penalty.
Vibro Blade Vambraces
(Range Melee, Damage STR (d12+4) +2d10 AP8 +3 to hit , M.D.C., +1 Parry) One on each arm.
Wooden Stake
(Range Melee, Damage Str+d4)
Neural Mace
Neural Mace
  • • Dmg: Str+d6*, Stun
    • Weight: 6 lbs. (Min Str: d6)
    • Notes: *Does not deal Mega Damage. Touch Attack (see Savage Worlds), the victim must
    check Vigor at –2 (–4 with a raise) or be Stunned, Powered Weapons
    • Rarity: +1
Specter SS Heavy Ion Pistol
(Patron Item)
A Reskin of Emperors: Designed specifically for the Secret Service in the 2090’s.
• Range: 8/16/32
• Damage: 1– 3d10, AP 0 (see also EMP Attack)
• Rate of Fire: 1
• Payload: 12 shots per E-clip
• Features:
• • Wide Spread (TLPG p. 100), and Heavy Pulse
• • Laser Targeting: The shooter gains an additional +1 to all shooting rolls with this weapon, in addition to the bonus for Wide Spread.
• • EMP Attack: The wielder uses his Shooting skill to target a technological device (−4 Called Shot penalty for any hand-held or small items targeted). On a successful hit, the device won’t work for one round; it fails to operate for two rounds on a raise. Shoot a vehicle's weapon and it will not work. Shoot a light and it goes out. Shoot a vehicle or robot combat vehicle and it cannot move or maneuver (though subsystems might still work, like a single weapon system; GM's discretion). This requires 3 shots from the weapon's E-Clip.
For technological characters such as Juicers, Combat Cyborgs, and Intelligent Constructs, as well as those in Power Armor, they instead suffer one Fatigue (two on a raise). They may roll Smarts to resist. This cannot incapacitate.
• d6 Min Str (5 lbs)
Notes: Technology Base is one of Golden Age. Cost for Repair Purposes: 80,000 credits.
Utility Belt
Utility Belt: Survival rolls do not take a penalty for being attempted without basic tools.
„First aid kit (+1 Healing roll, 1 use). „
Canteen (half gallon). „
Communicator (5-mile range). „
Compass/inertial mapper.
„Flint & steel, whetstone, multi-tool. „
Flashlight/signal light (two modes, LED, and IR).
„Magazine/E-Clip storage slots (4). „
Meal Ready to Eat (1 use, can sustain a normal human for one day). „
Survival knife (Str+d4).
NG-S2 Survival Pack
NG-S2 Survival Pack (20 lb)
Climbing kit with cord, pitons, and hammer; +1 Athletics (climbing).
Compass/inertial mapper with a mirrored back for signaling; +1 Survival (navigation).
Emergency Kit with a survival knife, signal flares, and one week of sealed minimal rations.
Fire starter kit with pocket lighter and flint sparker.
First aid kit with three uses (each refill costs 100 credits).
Flashlight and radio (five-mile range), crank and solar powered.
Hunting/fishing kit +1 to Survival checks to gather food via fishing and trapping small game.
Sanitation kit with water filter, canteen, mess kit, soap and sterile cloth.
Two-person tent, insulated with a water collector, providing +2 versus cold or heat environmental Hazards. Paired with an insulated sleeping bag.
Wooden Cross
Mallet and wooden stakes
1 set extra clothes
Computer, Field: A rugged operational computer capable of withstanding the shock of running around and trying not to die in a Mega-Damage world. Decks like this are graded I or II, and the grade designates the bonus on opposed Hacking or Thievery rolls. The bonus also applies to any Research rolls for recalling history or similar research. (2 lb, 10,000 credits for Grade I, 20,000 credits for Grade II). Yup, it’s a Grade II.
Limited nuclear exchanges from long ago left behind areas still saturated with deadly radiation. What’s more, the effects of some Rifts create radiation threats, making a device like this very useful. It can accurately detect the presence and amount of radiation with a Range of 5/10/20. (1 lb,)
Pack of Tools
(mechanical and electric)
Ermenegildo Zegna Midnight-Blue Slim-Fit Wool-Twill suit
Reskin of Bandito Arms Branaghan Special Armored Overcoat (Rifts Patron Item)
• +2 Armor and +1 Toughness
• This protection can stack with other non-MDC body armor (but not MDC armor, they have no effect)without an increase to the Strength Minimum required to wear the base armor, unlike other armored coats and cloaks. It is usually worn over such armor.
• No Minimum Strength Requirement (5 lbs.)
The internal pockets can be utilized to carry 1 each of the following item types: small, one-handed weapons, canteen, minor items or individual tools.
• Pocket:
• Pocket:
• Pocket:
• Pocket:
• Pocket:
• Pocket:
• Pocket:
• Pocket:
Non Combat Wear
Black coat, t-shirts and black jeans, combat boots.
100 credits

Cyberworks (Archie 3) A.I. Upgrade Chip
While in Kingsdale Jackal purchased this chip from a Titan Robotics store front. Unknown to Jack, the chip allows Titan Robotics to spy on his activities. Unknown to Titan Robotics, Jack recognizes the Cyberworks code and knows that the chip is based on pre-fall tech. He knows something is off just not what exactly.
  • Major: Edge: Ace
  • Major: Edge -- Jack of all Trades (Artificial Skill Code, roll Spirit d10 Success d4 or raise d6)
  • Minor: +1 to pilot
  • Minor: +1 to pilot

Origin Story & Background
  • Pre-Rifts Secret Service Defense A.I.
Jack Hall, Agent Hall, Defense Department J2600 Series. He had been called less polite things too. Machine Monster, Terminator Trash, Agent Jack Ass. Not everyone in the Golden Age was keen on androids. Especially first gen like he was.

He simply went by Jackal or Jack. It was Presidents Fitch who once jokingly called him Jackal when they were out on the lake fishing before the fall. The days of the Golden Age are now long gone and with it the Government he had been built by.

Jackal had spent 16 years living in the bunker protecting the last human survivors he had been assigned to. Former US President Gerald Fitch and First Lady Elena Fitch had been in the White House, served two terms then retired to their Texas Ranch house. Jack had been assigned to protect them four years prior to the Coming of the Rifts. He’d stayed with them 16 more years after the apocalypse.

Twenty years he had served loyally until both succumbed to an airborne illness that had taken out the Fitch’s and their entire staff. The staff Doctor informed Jack the disease was alien in nature and he couldn’t stop it. Secret Service Agent Jack Hall, AI Construct, watched them all die helpless to protect them from the illness.

Jackal remained active in the underground bunker of the Fitch’s for another year. He ventured outside occasionally. The world was a mess. He was unsure what to do. His core programming was set to protect the Fitch’s. Finally Jackal Plugged into the bunkers power source and closed down most of his cognitive functions. If he was going to leave the bunker he needed to find a way to rewrite his own coding. That would take time. Even with the Fitch family and staff all buried and gone there was no one present that could allow him to stop protecting their graves.

In 109 PA Jackal activated all of his functions and came back on line. The security system of the bunker was activated. Something was inside.

Coming back on line Jackal stood, unplugged from the wall and checked his motor functions. Pulling the hidden Specter Heavy Pistol from the chest holster he made sure it was still loaded and at full energy. Turning to face the exit door to the room he proceeded to walk quickly towards the hall outside the generator room. As he left the room he grabbed up a crowbar and made his way up towards the top level of the bunker.

The Skelebot came down the hallway. Followed by two humans in black skull motif armor. Something about their weapons looked familiar, yet they looked so alien to what Jackal knew.

Dust eddies swirled up around each foot fall the skeleton like robot and two humans took. Streams of piercing light from flashlights arced back and forth. The trio looked like they were practicing Sul position at a combat ready.

Jackal slowly pulled his head back behind cover. He had a blank expression on his face. His, I’m thinking, look. In hundreds of years no one had entered the bunker. Did he greet them. Attack them. Hide?

Footsteps stopping the hallway fell into utter silence. Jackal was able to pick up radio transmissions from the trio of skull warriors. Listening in on their conversation he heard:

“RSK4 what did you detect? Sitrep now, five niner.”

“No life signs detected. However, Sgt. Huxley, I believe there is a ... a entity monitoring our radio comms.”

“A wha?”

Jackal mentally frowned. He was detected by this odd skeleton robot with the knock off NEMA energy rifle. He’d have to act.

Stepping out to stand in the hallway Jack Hall states: “Greetings. I am....

The Skelebot opened fire on him. Moving with luck and speed Jackal twisted out of the line of Fire, spun about and sliced the bots gun in half. The humans joined in. Defense mode took action and Jack killed them all and finished by dropping the head of the bot in the ground.

“Damn it Jack”.

After a month of preparation Jack headed out of the bunker. Borrowed the CS Sky Cycle he found topside and traveled towards Washington (last known HQ of the Secret Service). On his way he encountered Legion members under fire. As he learned the fate of the world Jack signed on with the Legion.

For a while he worked with the 21st SET:

Note to self for Flashback RP references
President: Gerold Fitch
1st Lady: Aliyah Fitch
Adult Daughter: Imani Fitch-Ng
Imani’s husband: CA Governor Jason Lee Ng

After the 21st SET he returned to the Castle and was assigned to the 7th SET.

Notes: Increased Action Upgrade (3) Additional Action (Like Split the Seconds), Quick Edge. Parry 9, 10 or 11. Toughness 24 (12) Often wears riot armor in combat but just for looks and it doesn’t add to his Toughness. Otherwise, wears an armored suit & tie, or jeans and t shirts.
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Novice Advances

  1. (PbP) Edge: Rich

  • 3

Notes: Increased Action Upgrade (3) Additional Action (Like Split the Seconds), Quick Edge. Parry 9, 10 or 11. Toughness 24 (12) Often wears riot armor in combat but just for looks and it doesn’t add to his Toughness. Otherwise, wears an armored suit & tie, or jeans and t shirts.
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