Juicer Uprising! (Looking for more Players)

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Juicer Uprising! (Looking for more Players)

Post by MJH »

This game will center around the event known as the Juicer Uprising that happened before the Tolkeen War and before the establishment of the Tomorrow Legion. The players will start in Los Alamo in March of 105 P.A. I would like composition of the group to be as juicy as possible, otherwise I am not sure it will be worth the squeeze.

To entice you, I am offering the following to those who choose the Juicer Iconic Framework for their character:

In addition to the advance granted by the site, those who take the Juicer Iconic Framework in the TLPG receive the Iconic Burn Edges for free once they reach the prerequisite Rank and meet all other prerequisites (so you start out with Burn Brighter if you have a Spirit of d6), in addition, they also receive an Extra Edge to be spent on a Juicer Treatment Iconic Edge found in EoH OR the Assassin, Thief, Woodsman, Legacy Scout, Monster Slayer, or Gladiator Edge.

Non-Juicers* should have some reason to be interested in the Juicer Uprising. Maybe you are a ‘Borg or Headhunter ex-Juicer, a Body Fixer specializing in the conversion or detox process, a Vagabond that gambles on Juicer sports, or even a Juicer Wannabe*. I am open to your ideas, but a Dragon Hatchling or Were Cat will be a tough sell.

Other rules for this game:
  • No Patron or Sig Items in this game. I am willing to allow all characters to have the Rich and Filthy Rich Edges to compensate.
  • A Phaeton (and only a Phaeton) Juicer can trade both these Edges in for a suit of Power Armor.
  • A Delphi Juicer can roll on the Psionics Table
  • Gear listed under Starting Equipment can be sold for 1/2 price.
  • Starting Burn: 6
*If anyone is interested, I have a Juicer Wannabe MARS package roughed out.
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Re: Juicer Uprising! (Looking for more Players)

Post by wytchfyre »

what day/nights would the game play on? wytchfyre#1600 on discord
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Re: Juicer Uprising! (Looking for more Players)

Post by Daniel »

wytchfyre wrote: Mon Jan 23, 2023 4:27 pm what day/nights would the game play on? wytchfyre#1600 on discord

I’m not the GM for this game, however…

SavageRifts.com is a Play-by-Post (PbP) website for role playing games. This means we use dedicated internet forums, or discussion boards, to creatively describe our world in writing. In this medium all of our character sheets, adventures, in-character, and out of character interactions happen in dedicated threads to help keep our collaborative enterprise organized and enjoyable.

Having said that, in my games I usual try to post on the weekends. Giving players a week to respond. There is no set schedule. If I see everyone has posted I will respond with GM post before the weekend.
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