Jaxon, Psychic Handyman

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Jaxon, Psychic Handyman

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Hit Points 1d6: [1] = 1 1d6+Con Modifier
: 2/2; Armor: 13 or 16 (TA);
Constitution Score
: 0/14
15-(Better of Str/Con Modifier)
: 14;
15-(Better of Wis/Cha Modifiers)
: 15;
15-(Better of Dex/Int Modifier)
: 14
(Con+Int Modifiers+[Fix Skillx3)]2 (Tinker)
: 0/10;
1+Highest Psychic Skill +(Higher of Wis/Con Modifier)
: 4/4;
Character Level/2 (Round Down)
: 0

The Adventurer class is the catch-all for heroes who don’t fit so neatly into the other three categories. Perhaps your mercenary spent her girlhood at a psychic academy, or maybe your combat medic knows more about using a laser rifle than most physicians do. You can use the Adventurer class to customize your hero’s abilities, trading focus for wider versatility.
Adventurers split their focus between different spheres, gaining weaker versions of each class’ benefits. For example, an Adventurer who is a psionic warrior-adept might have considerable powers of telekinetic force and a brutal expertise at bare-handed combat, but they won’t have access to the wider psionic potential of an unrestricted Psychic or the death-defying combat luck of a hardened Warrior.
To define your Adventurer’s abilities, pick two of the following three partial classes.
Partial Expert
You gain a free level in a non-combat focus related to your background. Most concepts will take Specialist, though Diplomat, Starfarer, Healer, or some other focus might suit better. Gain an extra skill point every time you gain a character level which can be spent on any non-psychic, non-combat skill.
Partial Psychic
You are a restricted psychic. Pick one psychic discipline as a bonus skill at level-0. You can improve this skill with foci or skill points gained from advancing a level, but you cannot learn or improve any other psychic skill. Your maximum Effort equals 1 plus this psychic skill’s level plus the best of your Wisdom or Constitution modifiers, down to a minimum of 1.
Every Psychic PC has certain special abilities.
Hit Points and Attack Bonus
To get your starting maximum hit points, roll 1d6 and add your Constitution modifier, to a minimum of 1 hit point. Adventurers who’ve taken the Partial Warrior option add 2 hit points to their maximum.
The base attack bonus for Adventurers is equal to half their character level, rounded down, so +0 at first level. If the PC has taken the Partial Warrior option their class bonus increases this to +1 at first level.
; Background:
Background d20: [10] = 10 - Peasant: whether primitive or high-tech
A technologically-advanced world can usually produce all its necessary foodstuffs and basic resources with a handful of workers, the bulk of the labor being performed by agricultural bots. On more primitive worlds, or those with a natural environment that requires close personal attention to crops, a class of peasants will emerge. These men and women often become chattel, part and parcel of the land they occupy and traded among their betters like the farm equipment of richer worlds. Your hero was not satisfied with that life, and has done something to break free from their muddy and toilsome past.

You’ve had special training in a particular psychic discipline. You must be a Psychic or have taken the Partial Psychic class option as an Adventurer to pick this focus. In the latter case, you can only take training in the discipline you initially chose as a Partial Psychic. As with most foci, this focus can be taken only once.
  • Level 1: Gain any psychic skill as a bonus. If this improves it to level-1 proficiency, choose a free level-1 technique from that discipline. Your maximum Effort increases by one.
    Level 2: When you advance a level, the bonus psychic skill you chose for the first level of the focus automatically gets one skill point put toward increasing it or purchasing a technique from it. You may save these points for later, if more are required to raise the skill or buy a particular technique. These points are awarded retroactively if you take this focus level later in the game.
Level 1,
You have a natural knack for modifying and improving equipment, as given in the rules on page 100.
  • Level 1: Gain Fix as a bonus skill. Your Maintenance score is doubled, allowing you to maintain twice as many mods. Both ship and gear mods cost only half their usual price in credits, though pretech salvage requirements remain the same.
    Level 2: Your Fix skill is treated as one level higher for purposes of building and maintaining mods and calculating your Maintenance score. Advanced mods require one fewer pretech salvage part to make, down to a minimum of zero.
Level 1

Physical Attributes: Strength 12 (+0); Dexterity 11 (+0); Constitution 14 (+1)
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 14 (+1); Wisdom 8 (+0); Charisma 8 (+0)
Combat Skills: NA
Skills: Exert-0; Fix-1; Program-0; Sneak-0; Trade-0; Work-0
Psychic Skills: Telekinesis-1
Psychic Techniques
Telekinetic abilities are something of a mixed blessing to those psychics who have them. While they are among the least feared and distrusted of psychic powers, they also produce effects that are not nearly so widely-demanded as biopsionic healing or metapsionic brainguarding. A telekinetic must be canny and creative to get the most from their abilities.
Telekinetic powers are strong but somewhat imprecise. The force they generate is usually invisible, though a psychic can allow a visible glow if desired, and the source of the telekinetic manipulation is not obvious to ordinary senses. Objects being held or worn by a mobile creature cannot normally be manipulated by telekinesis, nor can unwilling intelligent targets be directly manipulated. Machines, including non-sentient robots, can be affected as any other inanimate object, however. The psychic cannot use this discipline to lift their own person without special techniques.
Some techniques refer to a “physical attack” or “physical damage”. This means a straightforward kinetic impact: bullets, punches, collisions, falls, compressions, or the like. Energy attacks are not included.
  • The adept may Commit Effort for the scene as a Main Action to direct telekinetic force toward an object or person within unaided visual range or with tactile contact with the psychic. This force isn’t responsive enough to be effective as a weapon without further refinement of technique, and cannot cause damage to living or mobile targets. If used to crush or harm immobile unliving objects, it does 1d6 damage per skill level of the psychic per round of focus. Objects move at 20 meters per round when moved telekinetically.
    A telekinetic force can be maintained over multiple rounds without expending further actions, such as holding a metal platform in place under a group of allies, but the psychic cannot again activate this technique on a second object until they release the first.
    • Level-1: The psychic can manipulate objects as if with both hands and can lift up to two hundred kilograms with this ability.

    Level-1 Ability
    The adept may Commit Effort as an On Turn action to create both weapons and armor out of telekinetic force. These weapons are treated as tech level 4 and act as a rifle or any advanced melee weapon. Attack rolls can use either Dexterity, Wisdom, or Constitution modifiers, and may use the Telekinesis skill as the combat skill.
    Armor may be created as part of this power, granting the psychic a base Armor Class equal to 15 plus their Telekinesis skill level. This armor does not stack with conventional armor, but Dexterity or shields modify it as usual. The gear continues to exist as long as the psychic chooses to leave the Effort committed, and they may be invisible or visible at the psychic’s discretion.

Technician Package:
-2 to hit, 1d2 dmg, TL 0
-2 to hit, 1d6 dmg, Shock 1pt/AC15, TL 4
Small: +2 to hit, 1d6+1 dmg, Shock 2pt/AC15, TL 4
Medium: +2 to hit, 1d8+2 dmg, Shock 3pt/AC13, TL 4
Large: +2 to hit, 1d10+2 dmg, Shock 3pt/AC15, TL 4
-2 to hit, 1d8 dmg, rng 30/100, mag 6, TL 2
+2 to hit, 1d10+3 dmg, rng 200/400, TL 4
; Armored Undersuit (AC 13); Postech toolkit; 6 units of spare parts; Ammo, 80 rounds; Backpack (TL0); Dataslab; Metatool.
Credits: 350

Strength 3d6: [1, 4, 3] = 8 14
Dexterity 3d6: [2, 5, 4] = 11
Attribute Roll 3 3d6: [1, 3, 4] = 8
Attribute Roll 4 3d6: [3, 2, 3] = 8
Attribute Roll 5 3d6: [6, 5, 1] = 12
Attriute Roll 6 3d6: [3, 4, 5] = 12
Background d20: [10] = 10 (Peasant: Exert-0)
Peasant Learning 1d8: [8] = 8 Work-0
Peasant Learning 1d8: [5] = 5 Sneak-0
Peasant Growth 1d6: [2] = 2 (+2 Physical: Con 12->Con 14)
Hit Points 1d6: [1] = 1
Adventurer Expert/Psychic
  • Partial Expert: Psychic Training - Telekinesis-1
    Partial Psychic: Telekinesis-0
Focus: Tinker - Fix-0
Bonus: Fix-1
Campaign: Program-0; Trade-0
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Re: Jaxon, Psychic Handyman

Post by Jaxon »

Planetside, Jaxon came from a barbarian world where his lot in life should have been grunt work and keeping what machinery worked running. It was the life he expected, and more importantly it was the simple life he wanted. Fate changed the course of Jaxon's life and sent him hurtling into space.
Occasionally teenagers presented psychic symptoms, and Jaxon was one of the (un)lucky few. Psychic abilities and their wielders were both revered and feared back home. No one wanted psychics in their village, but trained psychics can perform miracles.
Psychics were sold to nomadic groups who could provide the youths the mind-saving training needed to wield such power. Young nomads were expected to spend as many years serving the group as years they spent in training. Once trained and upon completion of their servitude, the young psychics were free to use their abilities for personal gain. The nomads were responsible for dispatching bandit groups, healing villagers, communication between villages, or whatever good their abilities could be used for.
Jaxon never grew out of his passion for hard work and fixing things, though. When a ship landed to perform emergency repairs and resupply, he stowed managed to sneak aboard and stow away. He was able to leverage his keen mind and strong back into a second apprenticeship of sorts onboard, and he has never looked back from the stars. He may be no less a nomad among the stars, but the terms are much more agreeable.
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