Ng Mei Li - Power Armor Ace

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Ng Mei Li - Power Armor Ace

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Savage Rifts Character WIP !!
No game in mind yet - mostly wanted to write her background.

Player: Daniel
Character Details: Ng, Power Armor Ace

Once an elite CS SAMAS pilot, now an Ace Power Armor Pilot, handicapped she is still a force to be reckoned with in PA.


The strike team of eight SAMAS screamed across the night sky. Arcing southeast towards the Old Chicago ruins, racing away from the top levels of the Chi Town mega complex, in route to rescue a patrol of ground forces under heavy attack from a horde of gargoyles.

”Captain Li! Do we know what we are getting into, ma’am?” Lieutenant Jon Sanders, call sign: Stinger, inquired over secure comms.

Captain Ng Mei Li (pronounced: Ing May Lee), CS SAMAS Ace and team leader of Scorpion Group accelerated her PA-09A Super SAMAS to max speed, 500 mph, before responding.

”Scorpion Group, be advised I’m reading mission statement as we are in route to objective. I only just now received data package Stinger! Stand by and match my vector and everyone be weapons ready. This will be a blood bath rescue op for sure! Our specialty.”

Several veteran CS SAM Ace pilots responded over the comms, ”Aye ma’am! Copy that Mayhem!”

Mayhem being her call sign and a play on her middle name. Ng smirked and skimmed the marked: Top Secret, mission details. It was immediately concerning as a rescue op in Old Chicago should not be Top Secret.

A massive, for the location, rift had torn open in sector five over Old Chicago, a “horde” of class three demons, gargoyles, was erupting out of the tear in reality and attacking a platoon of CS ground patrol soldiers.

Her eyes widened as she read the last sentence of the mission statement. Growling Ng considered the options and best solution for saving the ground forces while still completing missions specs. Command didn’t care if there were survivors as long as their prisoner was acquired.

”Jet! Overwatch. Take two!”

Lieutenant Mike Hanson, call sign Jet, copied over the radio and pulled two others from formation and took lead of overwatch.

Stinger, her second in command called across the radio, ”Mayhem? Overwatch? What’s … can I get a personal link ma’am?”

Considering the last sentence of the mission op once more Captain Li frowned.

”Negative Stinger. Stay on mission. Scorpion Group, be advised I have read and re-read missions ops. We are three mikes out from contact with enemy. There is a ground team of CS soldiers in one Mark V APC being chased by - best estimate - two … hundred gargoyles. Our mission is to hold the horde at bay and allow Overwatch to secure the prisoner in the Mark V. Command deems prisoner security and retrieval as number one. Get … the prisoner to Chi Town alive. Ground forces and … Scorpion Group are expendable.”

As elite SAM Aces there was no banter or remarks voiced over the radio. The SAM Aces each considered Mayhem’s words and immediately come to terms with the mission.

”As far as I can tell it will require one SAM to gather the prisoner, and there are two surviving CS soldiers in the Mark V.”

The implication was obvious to the eight elite pilots.

Overwatch had three pilots. Buffering would be done by five SAM’s.

Overwatch, consisting of Jet, Slammer and Slipstream would grab the prisoner and two CS troops, the last surviving Commandos of their team in the Mark V, while the rest of the Aces, five Super SAMAS pilots, held off hundreds of gargoyles.

All too soon the five SAMAS pierced the horde of gargoyles, laying down suppressive fire, ripping into the demons like crazy hornets in a frenzy.

Both Mongoose and Ripper, veteran Ace pilots were dead almost instantly. Stinger, Mayhem and Lieutenant Cross, aka Red Wolf, unloaded slugs and plasma across the overwhelming horde of gargoyles.

Ng was able to see the three overwatch SAM make contact with the Mark V on radar and heard Jet broadcast, ”Overwatch has three!”

Captain Ng Li inwardly smiled, the two CS Commandos and mission priority, the prisoner, one Erin Tarn were all secure and back in route to Chi Town.

The HUD in her super SAM showed the last three of them were successfully occupying the horde and no chase was engaged on overwatch. Arcing her railgun across the gargoyles Ng laughed maniacally as the horde zeroed in on Scorpion Group.

The impact to the back of her head was hard enough to immediately knock her out. Her SAM spiraled out of control to the ground and under the weight of dozens of gargoyles her power armor was torn to pieces.

Pain lanced across her back, from behind, as the gargoyle whipped her naked body. Head pounding she slowly focused, with her remaining one right eye on the demon standing before her.

It’s grinning face leaned down to look her in her one eye as it held her left eye in its hand. Blood dripping down from it and from her face.

Whatever vile thing it screamed at her, Ng couldn’t understand and her attention was focused on her eye, in its grasp, torn from her face. Her broken legs were not even registered by her mind as flesh was ripped from her back by the whip. Muscle, nerve and bone ruined. All she could focus on was her eye. Held out before her as the demon laughed then tossed it down its throat, swallowing the eye.

Months later Ng awoke one morning, not to the whips of demons but to a group of young men and women led by an older man, mercenaries led by a Cyber Knight.

Lifting her in his strong arms the Knight ran, followed and covered by the others. Up, out of a horrific pit, into blinding sunlight, hers eye blinded by the light and tears.

Weeks later Ng woke again, this time feeling an absence of pain and a vestige of hope. Even just the lack of pain was enough to be excited about. Seeing the grey bearded Cyber Knight sitting beside her hospital bed was gratifying and inspiring.

Ng had of course never met the icon sitting beside her, but knew who the man was.

Lord Coake, leader of the Cyber Knights, sat quietly beside her bed and patiently waited for her to awaken.

Finally, one afternoon, Ng opened her one eye and heard the warm, deep, powerful voice of Lord Coake say, ”Captian Li. I need your help saving my friend Erin. Ng, I hope you are okay with me calling you by your first name, you are responsible for both saving the life of Erin Tarn, and her being a prisoner of the Coalition States. Now I have saved your life and literally pulled you out of Hell. I’d like your help rescuing her from Emperor Prosek.”

Ng lifted her head, slightly, and blurted, ”You have beautiful blue eyes …. Ugh, crap.”

Coake laughed loudly then smiled.

”Rest Ng. I’ll come visit you tomorrow and if you are feeling better we will talk more.”

Captain Ng Mei Li, RPA Elite

(Pronounced: Ing May Lee)
Female, Human, Power Armor Ace

1. Select a MARS Package.
2. Roll on the MARS Fortune & Glory Table (page 44) two times, possibly modified by package.
3. MARS heroes begin with three rolls on any Hero’s Journey tables you like (though some make more sense than others).
4. Build your character as normal, and when finished, give her four Advances. This means she begins play as a Seasoned Rank character.

5d20: [20, 7, 12, 9, 13] = 61

7: Spiritual and Determined: Add one die to Spirit and begin with Strong Willed.
20: Choose Your Fate: Select any other result on this table, or gain two rolls on the Hero’s Journey tables of your choice.


This power armor jock is highly skilled and ready for action.
  • Begin with Electronics d6, Piloting d6, plus the Combat Ace and Power Armor Jock Edges.
  • Evasive Maneuvers: While piloting power armor the ace gains the Nimble ability, or Uncanny Reflexes if the armor is already Nimble.
  • Select any one suit of Power Armor, excepting the USA G-10 Glitter Boy.
  • Begin with standard Starting Gear, a tool kit, and one weapon of choice from Close Combat Weapons or Personal Ranged Weapons.


Pace 6-2 = 4, or 16 + d10 (100 MPH) in SAMAS

Body Armor
  • ——
Power Armor Suit

Sidewinder ‘Vectored Thrust’ SAMAS

Bandito Arms discovered schematics for a prototype SAMAS suit featuring a unique vectored-thrust engine system and expanded armaments when compared to the version fielded by the Coalition. They now produce and sell these advanced designs across North America. The CS is not happy about this development, and often attempts to “repossess” any SAMAS suits in the hands of non-Coalition forces. So far, the Sidewinder—named for the unique evasive maneuvers possible with its propulsion system—is quite popular throughout the New West and is gaining notoriety further east (350 lb., Rarity −4 Restricted, 3.5 million credits).

• Bandit 6000 "Big Bang" Grenade Launcher (Handheld, Range 24/48/96, damage by grenade, RoF 2, Shots 50, Min Str d12, Weight 60 uses 1 grenade/Shot per RoF, Heavy Pulse).

• 2 x Anti-Personnel Lasers (Forearm Mounts).

• Mini-Missile Launchers (Range 100/200/400, Damage 5d6, ROF 4, AP 8, M.D.C.)

Statistical Data
Sidewinder SAMAS: Size 2 (Normal), +9 Armor, +5 Toughness, Strength d12+4, Pace 16 + d10 (100 MPH) Notes: Nimble, MDC Armor, Flight System (VTOL, Handling +2, 250 MPH).
Height: 8 feet at the head, 10 feet at the shoulders.
Width: Wings down: 4.3 feet
Wings extended: 10 feet (3 m)
Length: 4 feet, 6 inches (1.4 m)
Power System: Nuclear; average life of a Sidewinder is 10 years.



Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str)
Survival Knife (Range Melee, Damage Str+d4)
Wooden Stakes (Range Melee, Damage Str+d4)

SAMAS Weapon Bandit 6000 Grenade Launcher
Bandit 6000 "Big Bang" Grenade Launcher (Range 24/48/96, Damage damage by grenade, ROF 2, M.D.C.)
50 Plasma
50 AP
50 AP
50 AP

SAMAS Weapon 2x Anti-Personnel Lasers (Range 75/150/300, Damage 4d6, ROF 1, AP 5, M.D.C.)

SAMAS Weapon Mini-Missile Launchers (Range 100/200/400, Damage 5d6, ROF 4, AP 8, M.D.C.)

Bandito BB-6 BigBore Revolver
(Range 6/12/24, Damage 1-3d6+1, ROF 1, AP 3)



  • Coalition Exile (Minor)
    The human hero was a member of Coalition society but has left the States on poor terms—and she is on the Internal Security Service’s wanted list. Additionally, if any D-Bees or magic users learn of the character’s past they instinctively distrust her, incurring a −1 Persuasion check modifier. On the plus side, she gains a +1 bonus to Taunt or Intimidate D-Bees and mages familiar with the Coalition.
  • One Eye (Major)
    This veteran lost an eye and has trouble with depth perception. She subtracts 2 from any Trait roll dependent on vision and more than 5′′ (10 yards) distant.
  • Slow (Major or Minor)
    A disability or past injury has hindered this hero’s mobility. As a Minor Hindrance, reduce her Pace by 1 and her running die one step (if already d4, reduce to d4-1). As a Major Hindrance, reduce the running die a step, Pace by 2, and subtract 2 from Athletics rolls and rolls to resist Athletics (such as Tests or Grappling).

    Slow characters may not take the Fleet-Footed Edge.

    She is slow, walks with a limp and could use a wheelchairs (but chooses not to).
Or maybe is wheelchair bound.
Ng 2
Ng 2
Agents of Titan Robotics Industries (AoT)
The Agents (Players)
• Jim - Sparkmort Zipwidget: Male Tinker Gnome Power Armor Ace
• Derrick - Caiden: Male Human, Momano Headhunter
• Steve (Hans) - Berk: Male Simvan Psi-Druid Monster Tamer/Rider
• Murp - Rupetta Martin: Female Human MARS Merc Soldier (X-CS)
• Freemage - Lance: Male Dog Boy Techno-Warrior (Cyber[netic] Knight)
• Tharmander - Rava: Female Human Shifter
• Rob (Ndreare) - Maurice Zimmerman: Male Psi Ghost Robot Pilot

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  • Blackfish - Ogre Combat Mage - 12th SET (On Hold)
  • Setrakian - Dragon Juicer - FoM Jungles (Retired)

NPC Accounts
  • Lord Coake - NPC
  • Valentine - NPC
  • Erin Tarn - NPC
  • James T - NPC
  • Hagen Lonovich - NPC

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