Sig Item for Klaus, x420 Wilks particle pistol

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Sig Item for Klaus, x420 Wilks particle pistol

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Prototype Wilks x420 Particle Beam Pistol

Base ItemTX-26 Particle Beam Pistol Range:12/24/48 Damage: 3d8 RoF: 1 AP: 4(6) Shots: 15 Min Str: d6 Weight: 5 Rarity: −3 R Cost: 35,000
But with the wilks Manufacturer modifiers instead of Triax
Exceptional Balance: Like the venerated 320 before it, the x420 is engineered beyond even Wilk's normally high standards. Gives +1 to Shooting rolls.
Particle Focusing Magnofields: The magnetic fields directing the weapons particle streams are linked with the guns targeting system, allowing better penetration at all distances. Has +2 AP
Custom Grip: This weapon is a favorite of Klaus. Gain the Trademark Weapon Edge for it. In addition, when he spends a Benny to reroll any Trait roll made using this weapon, add +2 to the total (stacks with Elan and similar bonuses)
GM bennies

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Re: Sig Item for Klaus, x420 Wilks particle pistol

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GM Bennies 9/9
Wild Card Bennies ?
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