Tormento Intelligent Construct for Fade Town Investigators

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Tormento Intelligent Construct for Fade Town Investigators

Post by Tormento »

Novice, Intelligent Construct

Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d10

Skills: Athletics d10+2, Common Knowledge d4+2, Fighting d10+2, Focus d8+2, Language (American) d8, Notice d8+4, Persuasion d4, Repair d10+4, Shooting d10+2, Stealth d10+2

Pace: 6; Parry: 7; Toughness: 22 (12); Size: Normal (1) Strain: 8/8

Hindrances: Cautious, Loyal, Outsider (major), Ruthless (major), Vow (major,support and defend the Constitution of the United States), Wanted (major)

Edges: Ambidextrous, Arcane Background (Gifted), Danger Sense, Martial artist, New Powers, Power Points, Two-Fisted.

*Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str + 1d4 )
*2x CAJ-5 FIWS Min Str d8 Weight 10 x 2
CAJ-5 FIWS Plasma Blaster : Range 12/24/48, Damage 3d12+3 MDC, It Burns, Linked, ROF 1, AP 0,
CAJ-5 FIWS Vibro Tri-Claw : Damage Str+3d6 MDC, AP 6, Min Str d8, +1 Parry, Claws Silver Coated.

Language: American (native, d8)

Current Wealth: 0.00 cr

Arcane Background: Gifted (SWADE)
Power Points: 20
*Armor Booster Capacitor (Protection; Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p165-166; Limitations: Self (limited); Skill Bonus: +2)
*Booster Capacitor (Boost Trait; Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p156; Limitations: One Aspect, Self (limited); Skill Bonus: +1)
*Disruption Personal field (Arcane Protection; Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p148; Limitations: Self (limited); Skill Bonus: +2)


Advanced Senses (Racial): In addition to the improved sensory capabilities, the Construct has advanced senses such as thermal, infrared, radiation, motion, radar, sonar, and so on, giving it 360-degree awareness ignoring Illumination penalties and conferring a +4 bonus to Notice rolls.

Advanced Vocal Unit (Racial): The Construct can fully communicate through the sounds made by most other races and can even speak at sound levels audible only to bats, Dog Boys, Combat Cyborgs, and other beings capable of hearing frequencies above or below the normal human range. It can imitate a wide variety of races and sounds. Even suspicious opponents are −4 on Notice checks to discover the artificial nature of the audio. This system also grants +2 on rolls to imitate specific voices (must have heard target’s vocalizations).

Armor III (12 MDC) (Racial): The outer layer of the Construct is hardened, gaining +4 natural Armor. At +12 the Armor becomes MDC and does not stack with non-MDC worn armor. At the GM's discretion, those of a compatible Rifts Earth tech base and designed for war may wear the equivalent of Cyborg Body Armor, though they start with none (double costs, multiplied by modifiers for its Frame). Small Frames can take one level.

Attribute VII (Racial): Increase an Attribute by one die type.

Automated Repair Unit (Racial): Make a Vigor roll as a free action once per day to attempt to heal a Wound, gains +4 on rolls to resist “Bleeding Out”.

Bulky Frame (Racial): About 7-8' in height or length, armor and vehicles must be customized or -1 on all Trait checks, doubling purchase and repair costs.

Edge (Racial) - Ambidextrous: Gain one Edge, ignoring all Rank requirements.
Edge (Racial) - Arcane Background: Gain one Edge, ignoring all Rank requirements.
Edge (Racial) - Danger Sense: Gain one Edge, ignoring all Rank requirements.
Edge (Racial) - Martial Artist: Gain one Edge, ignoring all Rank requirements.
Edge (Racial) - New Powers: Gain one Edge, ignoring all Rank requirements.
Edge (Racial) - Power Points: Gain one Edge, ignoring all Rank requirements.
Edge (Racial) - Two-Fisted: Gain one Edge, ignoring all Rank requirements.

Electronics Package (Racial): Gain a 20-mile range communications system, a sub-computer for data storage, and a Rifts Earth-compatible interface jack which can plug into electronic systems.

Feature Locked Physiology (Racial): Most artificial beings are highly advanced prototypes, and not easily upgraded. Unlike cyborgs or robots built using interchangeable parts, the Construct’s core physical systems cannot be modified and do not improve in performance after initial design and construction. The Construct may not purchase upgrades to Agility, Strength, or Vigor as it ranks up (though it may increase Smarts and Spirit as normal).

Hardwired Skill III (Racial): Increase a skill that is equal to or greater than its linked Attribute one die type, or increase two skills that are lower than their linked die type (including new skills the Construct did not have before at d4).

Legs (Racial): Construct has Pace 6 and d6 running die

Obscure Construction III (Racial): NEMA Prototype, Pre Rifts Nanotecnology

Power Plant (Racial): The Construct powers itself through an advanced, closed loop system such as dark matter, demon’s souls, nuclear energy, phase crystals, etc. Regardless of the Construct’s tech base, it will not Fatigue from physical exertion and no longer needs to recharge.

Reinforced Chasses (Racial): Gain +2 Toughness with each upgrade.

Skill Bonus (Racial)
- Athletics:+2
- Fighting: +2
- Focus: +2
- Repair: +2
- Shooting: +2
- Stealth: +2

Specialized Construction (Racial): NEMA Omega Occult Slayer

Technological System (Racial): Must spend one hour recharging each day. Fixed with Repair skill.

Transferred Intelligence (Racial): Is alive, can take Arcane Backgrounds

Variable Appearance (Racial): The Construct is designed to morph and change its features. Whether the result of arcane forces, hightech materials, or holograms it may take on the appearance of a target of roughly similar Size (up to one Size larger or smaller without penalty). This takes an action and a Smarts or Performance roll. Opponents motivated to question the guise are −4 on Notice checks (−6 on a raise). The Construct gains +2 on rolls to impersonate specific individuals (must have observed target’s appearance).

Weakness (Racial): Electricity

Weakness (Racial): Radiation

Weapon System II, Integral (Racial): The Construct has a weapons system integrated into its frame. For +1 point a melee or ranged personal weapon weighing up to 50 pounds, or a pair of weapons weighing up to 25 pounds each, is integrated into the Construct's frame. 2x CAJ-5 FIWS

Gifted: Power Points: 20; Powers: Overcharge (Boost Trait; Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition p156; Limitations: One Aspect, Self (limited); Skill Bonus: +1)

Languages Known: American (native, d8)

Build Your Construct: Go to Custom Races and build your Construct, using 24 points and the Empires of Humanity Racial Mods.

Construct: Intelligent Constructs are beings made of inorganic material. They add +2 to recover from being Shaken, ignore 1 point of Wound penalties, don’t breathe, and are immune to Disease and Poison, and Wounds are fixed with Repair instead of Healing with no “Golden Hour”.

Inorganic: Normal cyberware does not work on Constructs. They may not take cybernetics or roll on the Cybernetics Hero's Journey Table.

Outsider (Major): People of Rifts Earth view Intelligent Constructs as property rather than sentient beings. They have no protections under the law and suffer a −2 to Persuasion when dealing with those who know of their advanced construction.

Core Directive (Major): All Constructs are engineered with a primary function, which instills them with purpose. This often functions as the Vow (Major) or Pacifist (Major) Hindrance but may take on other forms (a Major psychology-based Hindrance) per GM's approval. Vow (Major—support and defend the Constitution of the United States) As reawakened NEMA personnel(page 179 EOH)

Wanted: Once its true natureis discovered, many powerful factions will hunt down the Construct for disassembly and study, slated for immediate destruction, or sold to the highest bidder.

Malfunctions: Constructs are subject to breakdowns when put under extreme stress (i.e. Technical Difficulties).

Novice Advances
1) +1 Repair +1 Notice

Current Load: 20 (81)

Torment was a NEMA specialist Manhunter operative, who was selected to use his mental Patterst as the basis for the neural intelligence of a prototype autonomous robot.
In this prototype, fringe technology had been inverted, in order to create an exterminator of all evil supernatural things.
When their mental patterns were being recorded directly on the robot's hardware, at the same time that the different programs and protocols were downloaded, a Ley Lane erupted near the facility and the result was the transfer of consciousness and not only the copying of Tormento's mental patterns as well as the collapse of the facility, leaving Tormento's body in a vegetative state and a robotic body with a fragmented human consciousness and its devices uncalibrated and untuned, buried under hundreds of tons.
Just a few years ago Tormento managed to leave the ruins of the facility and returned to a land devastated by war and intolerance.
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Re: Tormento Intelligent Construct for Fade Town Investigators

Post by Tormento »

Base Race Points ----------------------------24
Technological System -----------------------02
Obscure Construction -----------------------03
Feature Locked Physiology -----------------04
Specialized Construction -------------------06
Weakness electricity ------------------------01
Weakness Radiation -------------------------01
Total Points Race Creation Points---------41

-Attributes Race points ---------------------07
Agility +1
Smarts +2
Spirit +2
Strength +1
Vigor +1

-Edges Race points --------------------------07
Arcane Background.
Danger Sense.
Martial Artist.
New Powers.
Power Points.

-Hardwired Skill Race points----------------03 ( 6 skill points)
Fighting +2
Focus +2
Shooting +2

-Skill Bonus (+2) Race points---------------06

-Racial Features---------------------------16
*Bulky Frame (+0)
*Legs (+0)
*Advanced Senses (+2)
*Variable Appearance (+2)
*Advanced Vocal Unit (+1)
*Armor 3 (Size +2) (+3)
*Automated Repair Unit (+2)
*Electronics Package (+1)
*Power Plant (+4)
*Reinforced Chassis (Size) (+1)

-Weapon System, Integral-------------------02
*Basic (+1)
*2x CAJ-5 FIWS (+1)


- Mayor Hidrance = +1 Attribute

- 2 Minor Hidrances = +1 Attribute

- 15 Skill Points + first avance +1 Notice +1 repair:
Athletics +3.
Fighting +2.
Focus +1.
Notice +2.
Repair +4.
Shooting +2.
Stealth +3.
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