Adventure 1: A Leisurely Stroll

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Adventure 1: A Leisurely Stroll

Post by Snake Eyes »

After a lively and relaxing morning at the First Call, you're called to your initial briefing for the 8th Special Exploratory Team. Clint "Hawkeye" Brock has a reputation for success against overwhelming odds through sheer guts and maybe a sprinkling of borderline crazy risk-taking. His last field mission cost him his eye but he still managed to take out some nearly mountain-sized Thing-That-Should-Not-Be in the middle of its meal (which consisted of a sizable village, land and all) with a suicidal charge on a mountaineer rigged with a huge arcane-explosive. How he escaped the blast radius is the topic of much debate; he has never weighed in. Word has it that he refused both arcane and cybernetic assistance to repair or replace his eye. "Badge of honor" he calls it.
Hawkeye Brock.jpg
You each find an appropriate seat in a small briefing room. The man stands at the head of the room in front of a large projection monitor with a map of the nearby region displayed. "Morning. Smells like you've been at Ricky's. Don't blame you." He lifts a mug to his lips and takes a sip. FIRST CALL is emblazoned on the front.

Setting the mug down, the veteran warrior begins explaining the purpose of your team. His voice carries a deep tone with a hint of grit and enough character to keep you listening. "Highups have need for a crew to run remote explorations. We know the territory near the castle well enough but further out is foggy. Even when we map something, some damned rift pops in and gives us new terrain or new critters to worry about." He murmurs a little bit of disgust at the idea. "Expect not to make regular stops at home. Expect to handle your business while you're out by any means necessary. The Legion's mission is a noble one. Act like it. But we'd just as soon have you make it back alive if you got a choice."

He turns back towards the map on the wall. "Need you to head out south-southwest. This region here -" He punctuates the location with a finger against the wall monitor. "- needs a fresh walkthrough. Some of the seers are getting some funny vibes out that way. Maybe go give it a look, see what you can see, check it against our existing maps. You're a multi-tool team. Meet people, reach out and make positive contact. Meet critters, make sure they're not hungry for our kind. Don't start fights, but end them if you need to. Once you've got it mapped out, bring it back. Easy enough. Motor pool is loading some mapping software into your ride. No muss, no fuss. Just make sure it's on." He picks up his FIRST CALL mug and takes another sip. "Questions?"
Fire off any questions and RP with Hawkeye and/or your team you think are pertinent, but the mission is simple enough. We will run the next couple weeks in-game as a Quick Encounter / Travel hybrid. Roll 1d4 to draw a situation. (1=Enemies, 2=Strangers, 3=Treasure, 4=Obstacle) Pick a skill that comes into play for your character and describe a situation your team runs into that you can contribute to using primarily that skill. If the team earns 8 tokens, we move on to the next situation with no hindrances. Fall short and you'll pickup a handicap for the next scene. Score 12+ tokens as a crew and the GM will find something nice to throw your way as a bonus somewhere along the way.
(note: nobody's picking up a Battle Fury Blade or anything similarly ridiculous for drawing a 3 and succeeding on their roll)
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Re: Adventure 1: A Leisurely Stroll

Post by Klaxie »

1d4: [1] = 1 Enemies
1 Token Earned (5)
Shooting 1d12!: [1] = 1
Wild Die 1d6!: [2] = 2
yuuuuck, good start. Bennie!
Shooting 1d12!: [5] = 5
Wild Die 1d6!: [3] = 3

“Guuh… Turns out it wasn’t infinity set after all…” Klaxie says dejectedly as she sees all of the familiar faces from the First Call in the room with her, at some point coming to the conclusion that her communications pad had indeed been tilted sideways. Well, she supposed it wasn’t all bad. They seemed a decent bunch even if they were kind of teetotaler. Not that it mattered all that much since it wasn’t like there was usually a lot of opportunity to get drunk during a mission regardless.

As they were presented with the various seats in the room, Klaxie stubbornly decided to sit on one. Resting her lower half on the biped shaped device, as the thing creaked backwards and bent in half, resulting in her hind legs pointing upwards and back in what looked to be a very awkward position. The entire time she did this she made eye contact with Clint, as if confirming that -yes- she was really doing this.

“Look at you calling us a buncha tools. Well I guess it’s not any worse than calling us Juments I guess.” Klaxie said after thinking about their assignment for a few moments. “Sounds easy enough to me. Until something goes wrong that is, but that’s how it always goes right? How long will it take to get there? Can we get some MREs for the trip from supply before heading out?”

The mechanical centaur glanced over to her companions seated next to her. Two elves, a cactus, the nice mons bons guy and the super ugly guy from Madhaven (who was also a nice guy) - guess it turns out he ended up here as well. Poor guy didn’t have any luck at all, did he?

At the very least they seemed to be an interesting bunch, so at least she wouldn’t be bored during the trip.

A few minutes later…

“Auuuugh! I’m so god damned bored!” Came a scream from the rear of the Mountaineer Mk2. The rugged terrain vehicle was thankfully large enough to fit Klaxie, but she had to enter from the rear cargo hatch and it was still a relatively tight fit for her. Not to mention when the thing had the ECC enabled, it was extremely stuffy. Her less cybernetic brethren probably would have died by now due to the intense agony of being cooped up inside.

“Stop the thing right now! I gotta get out, I gotta get out, I gotta get out I’m so bored! let me out, I gotta pee, let me out or I’m gonna pee in the truck!” Came a sudden rapid fire succession of demands from the back, which seemed to be a cascading flow of nonsense. But still, it was likely that Murpf and whoever he had designated as his assistant driver would abruptly slam on the brakes and open the rear hatch, as the pouring rain from outside immediately splattered those close to the back of the vehicle.

Without any hesitation, Klaxie sprung to her legs and bolted outside, galloping away several yards in order to clear her head. Of course she hadn’t really needed to leave that urgently, but it was definitely time for a breather. And while it seemed like they had been traveling for days at this point, her watch only showed that they had been gone for 45 minutes. One could actually still see Castle Refuge off in the distance amidst the clouds and falling rain.

As the centaur kicked a clomp of mud in frustration, there was a series of surprised shouting's up ahead from above a ridge where the trail dipped between two large rocky outcrops. What would have been a perfect ambush spot for a large set of bandits, who had their eye on acquiring a partially damaged Mountaineer Mk2 for a very reasonable price. But by sheer dumb luck, Klaxie had halted the vehicle early and foiled their plans for a perfect ambush, as they took the delay to mean that they had been spotted. Several of them scrambling to change their tactics and reorganize, while others among them fled as they assessed the situation to be too dangerous.

Thankfully their would be ambushers hadn’t been the incredibly disciplined and organized types, as Klaxie sprung into action, as all four of her arms extended with a different ranged weapon in hand. Strafing her piston legs in a zig zag motion as a massive hail of laser blasts, plasma and launched grenades came from her all at once, peppering the entire ridge with a near endless supply of suppressive fire.

Hitting them and ending the threat immediately wasn’t her immediate goal, but keeping them panicked and on edge for long enough for her teammates to realize what was going on was. Proving to be effective enough that they were able to do just that.

“We get scabs lookin to bone without buying us dinner first! Get out get out get out get out!” Klaxie yelled into her headset, a stray blast from above hitting her in the shoulder, but thankfully not being enough to penetrate her armor.

Once the others of her group were able to respond, they were able to thankfully make short work of them. But unfortunately the ridge up ahead had collapsed during the fire fight, and more than likely due to Klaxie’s overzealous use of grenades from her launcher. The resultant landside causing the team to slow down somewhat as they had to find a way to circumvent the rubble and use an alternate route to continue onwards.

When the fight had finally ended and they had all loaded back up into the Mountaineer, Klaxie admitted to the others at that moment. “I didn’t really have to pee back then just so you know. I was just using my warriors intuition and such, cause I felt in the back of my neck that those guys were there and had to do something about it. She finished, jerking a thumb towards her chest as she offered them a big grin.

“Also… I actually do gotta go now. Can you pull over again?” Came a sudden ask not 5 minutes later.

Bennies: 5/3
Wounds: 0/3
Fatigue: 0/2
Conviction: 0
Parry: 12 Toughness: 23 (12 MDC)

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Re: Adventure 1: A Leisurely Stroll

Post by Gangleri »

1d4: [1] = 1
Performance 1d4!!: [1] = 1 Wild Die 1d6!!: [2] = 2
Benny: Performance 1d4!!: [7!!] = 7 Wild Die 1d6!!: [9!!] = 9

Break ground and blazing trials is second nature to Gangleri who moves through the rugged wilderness with a grace that belies his physical mutations. Although the Mountaineer is an all terrain beast it still makes slow going off road. Whenever the going gets slow, Gangleri dismounts and creeps forward to scout a better route or look out for trouble. And, as it often does, trouble finds him. Moving from the trees to what looks like a clear pathway he finds a group of bandits lying in wait. Seeing a lone traveller they strike quickly for easy pickings.

"Gives us everything you got!"

Raising his hands slowly Gangleri pulls back his hood revealing his mangled visage.

"You don't want what I got. Wasting disease, pretty contagious from touching. Even my own family cast me out. Catch it and your pricks will fall right off!"

The bandit leader takes a few horrified steps back before signalling to the others, "Come on, this freak doesn't have anything worth taking anyway."

Shrugging Gangleri raises his hood gain and gives a crooked smile as he waits for the Mountaineer to catch up.
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Re: Adventure 1: A Leisurely Stroll

Post by Murpf »

Snake Eyes wrote: Fri Jun 28, 2024 8:47 pm
He turns back towards the map on the wall. "Need you to head out south-southwest. This region here -" He punctuates the location with a finger against the wall monitor. "- needs a fresh walkthrough. Some of the seers are getting some funny vibes out that way. Maybe go give it a look, see what you can see, check it against our existing maps. You're a multi-tool team. Meet people, reach out and make positive contact. Meet critters, make sure they're not hungry for our kind. Don't start fights, but end them if you need to. Once you've got it mapped out, bring it back. Easy enough. Motor pool is loading some mapping software into your ride. No muss, no fuss. Just make sure it's on." He picks up his FIRST CALL mug and takes another sip. "Questions?"
Murpf raises a hand, "I don't suppose while the tools jockeys are fiddling with Zazie's code they could stick a gun on her? A nice rail gun maybe, or even a little AP laser?? No? I promise there won't be another "misfire" incident. To be fair, who parks a sewage trunk next to a parade route anyway?" The look from their new CO leaves him doubting he'll receive the weaponry.

d4: [1] = 1 Driving d10!!: [2] = 2 Driving Wild d6!!: [5] = 5

"Speaking" over Zazie's internal speakers Murpf addresses the latest request from @Klaxie to pull over. I would but your friends from earlier are back for more. Everyone hold on tight, time for some defensive driving." Pulling into a section of forest with thick scrub growth but few large trees Murpf puts the hammer down and slaloms through the obstructions losing a few mercs on bike but a buggy looks to not only keep up but is closing until the cactus man deliberately clips a small tree and with a quick burnout of the rear tires, sends it like a missile through the smaller vehicles grill.
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Re: Adventure 1: A Leisurely Stroll

Post by Raphael Bachelier »

Treasure, Raise
1d4: [3] = 3
Persuasion 1d8!!: [6] = 6
Wild Persuasion 1d6!!: [11!!] = 11

Having evaded the various attackers (during which fights he stayed safely in the vehicle, though he was ready to have the lwa mess with anyone foolish enough to attempt a boarding action), the 8th goes through a relatively dull patch of Arkansas landscape. After attempting to flirt with Klaxie, who seems to think most of his terms of casual affection are culinary descriptors, he looks over the map while sitting in the Mountaineer. After a bit, Raphael gives a hearty chuckle. "Hey, mon ami, if you think we can bank a little further to the West, along the ruins of the old highway there, I think I might be able to be of some use to the group."

As they run along the long-destroyed roadway, they see a battered green sign covered with bushes, with the letters "P-A-R-T" being the only ones peeking out from behind the greenery. "Here, it is grand fortune we are passing this way!" His exuberance only grows as they come into a sight arguably more incongruous than Castle Refuge in the Arkansas landscape--a large Greek ruin, sitting on a torn up base of marble tiles! A relatively minor Ley Line runs overhead.

"Here, pull over about 100 yards from the ruin. Let me go alone, but I would greatly appreciate if a few gun-tips were pointing out from the hatch as I get close; sometimes having camarades bien armés helps to make a transaction go smoothly." With that, he hops out and strolls towards the impressive edifice, holding his staff in his good arm and calling out, "Ah, it is your old friend, Raphael, here to finish notre accord, yes?" A somewhat dodgy-looking human steps out from the pillars, carrying a small box, and hands it over to Raphe.

The houngan uses the strap on his staff to sling it over his shoulder, then looks into the box for a moment, smiling broadly. He says something quietly to the man (the Mountaineer's SRS picks up him saying, "A bit light, it seems? Ah, well, no matter, I think this will still suffice."). The man he's speaking to actually seems a bit disgruntled about how jovial Raphael is, but, noting the vehicle in the distance, just steps back into the pillars, while Raphe turns around and walks back to the vehicle, hopping in.

If anyone asks, he explains, "Oh, that is just a man who will do a thing for a price, but usually manages to find a way to make more than he charges; still, he can be dealt with, if you know ahead of time to include his overhead. Now, let us see...."

He opens the box again, revealing a motley assortments of random wearable trinkets. He gives his trademark grin. "Belle chance! As I said,I think I am now establishing my usefulness. Everyone, please, take the item you think best suits you!" He drops the box on the seat next to himself, and plucks out a skull-faced silver ring, slipping it onto his index finger, using his thumb and middle finger, with only a little difficulty.
What's all this then?
Describe the item you got. Should fit the description of a small, wearable bauble, no larger than a hat. It bestows a +1 to one particular Skill of your choice when worn, as an Enchanted item. (So it's worth about 10K Cr.) Enjoy!

I suggest both a post here describing the item you pick, and a write-up of the game mechanics in the group forum.
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Re: Adventure 1: A Leisurely Stroll

Post by Eldariel »

She nods at the instructions they are given and has no questions. She makes her way to the front seat of the vehicle as if it were a given she'd sit there. When they are ambushed, she sighs. She is about to get out to help with the situation but finds that they are already scrambling away from her deformed companion. She smirks at the story he gives them and the fact that they believe him so readily. When Raphael finds a person he knows on the road, even just as a procurer of goods she takes note. Best to befriend this one. He could be incredibly...oh! That necklace is LOVELY. She reaches out and picks up the chain and examines the pendant. It is a lovely celtic harp worked in an unusual green stone or mineral of some sort. Along the body of the harp is intricately detailed knotwork and the word "Baird" in a stylized calligraphy. The puts the necklace on and looks at it on then nods. This is the one she will take. She hums to herself afterward and the sound is rich and full. (+1 Performance)

Afterward she starts back for the truck and spies something on the ground. She picks it up and dusts it off then pulls out a cloth it give it a more thorough cleaning. It's a periapt with a dangling pendant of that same green stone though this one carved into just a standard square celtic knot. Perhaps dropped by someone. Or maybe her luck just makes it a matching set. Either way it draws a bit of a smile to her lips. She winds it into her hair and gets in the truck, ready to head out when the others do are also ready. (+1 Research)

As the truck takes off again, she keeps her eyes open on the landscape around them watching for further ambushes or other dangers that could pose a problem for them. She also suggests course corrections here and there if they are getting too far away from whatever it is she senses up ahead.

roll-treasure||Notice 5
1d4: [3] = 3

Notice 1d6!!: [5] = 5
Wild Notice 1d6!!: [5] = 5
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