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Table Rules

Post by RFT » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:01 pm

Okay, I figured this needs to be sticky here. The following are not setting rules, but instead Table Rules. Just simple guidelines for how I run things as a person.

  • Much like Pinnacle Games I like to keep the games generally PG-13
Bennies - Spend Them as You Like
  • Like a more powerful version of Common Bond all wild cards may spend their bennies however they like for themselves or others.
Beyond the Pain
The legendary warriors and supernatural wonders in the world often have the ability to keep on fighting well beyond when they should have fallen.
  • When spending a benny for a Wild Card to soak one or more wounds or fatigue any success, even if not soaking all of the wounds will prevents the character from being incapacitated regardless of the final number of wounds or fatigue that should have been taken.

Command Edges
Command Edges work as normal within 5" and 10" respectively, but also gain the following.
  • If you have effective communication and observation, you can use Command Edges on Spirit/2 people.
    If you have Command Presence this increases to Spirit in people.
Casual Power Use
  • As per the casual use of skills, as per page 23 of SWD, players may use minor non-combat uses of their existing powers. This can include floating things around with telekinesis, using bolt to light a candle, warming or cooling a drink, etc. There is no need to roll the arcane skill, nor expend any power points. GM approval is needed to use this setting rule. To use this setting rule, the character should have their arcane skill at least a d6. It has a range of Smarts.
Golden Bennies
  • Golden Bennies are something I learned about from Sean Patrick Fannon and latter when reading Shaintar. While not exactly the same as a Shaintar Golden Benny, I will have them in this game. Here is how they work.

    A Golden Benny May
    • The golden Benny belongs to the player, not the character. So if you are in more than one of my games it goes with you.
    • Do anything a Benny can do with an additional +2 to the roll.
    • Allow you to reroll a Critical Failure.
    • Allow you to add +4 to any roll.
    • Allow you to soak all of the damage from a single attack.
    • Be Exchanged for a random adventure card
    • Be Exchanged for 2 regular bennies.
    • Allow some other narrative awesomeness you can talk the GM into.
    • Allow you to reroll a Critical Failure.
    Wow Rob, that sounds so awesome. How can I get one?
    • You get a Golden Benny on Christmas, on your birthday, on your wedding day, loss of a loved one, or other unique days worth noting such as your mother in laws funeral.
    The Catch: Well there is always a Catch, and with the Golden Benny the catch is you can only ever have 1. Special Exceptions may be made if events fall withing a month of each other. For example if you are lucky enough to get married on Dec 23rd, have you mother in law die the day before christmass and your birthday is on Boxing Day I will not be a jerk, and will likely let you have two for up to 1 month. AND YOU HAVE TO TELL ME! I cannot give you a golden Benny if I do not know about the qualifying even.
Training Opertunities
  • A character that has been actively training a skill in game with an instructor who has at least d8 or better in the skill can learn that skill at d4 as if raising a skill bellow the linked attribute. To take advantage of this opportunity the character must include a minimum of 2 in character post each discussing intent or action.
Shaping Worlds Together
The 99's Game Master Bennies 0
  • +8 Players
    +2 Sidekicks
    -5 Stupid Slumber
    -4 To Soak one Neeto attack
    -2 EE and Unshake
  • Zarbun
    Ba'al Zarbun 0 (-1 Wound)
    Cookie 0
    Zwer 0 (-3 wounds, used Blaze of Glory)
    Headmaster 0

Shaintar Game Master Bennies 6
  • +8 Players
    -2 Bennies to save Yellow Jack

Nightbane Game Master Bennies 4
  • +5 Players
    -1 Sweeping can be very hard
  • The Jail
    Danielson 2
    Grimm 3 elan, Against the Odds, The Winning Side
    Harvest 0
    Marry 2 Against the Odds
    Michael 2 Against the Odds
Phase World - The Remorseless 10
  • +8 Players
    +2 Sidekicks
  • The Pursuit
    Nemesis (Captain - Temporal Wizard) 2
    Royce (Second Officer - Charmer) 4 elan
    Grudge (Security - Brute) 1
    Hiesh (Tactical - Illusionist) 2
    Iasah (Ally - Godling) 4 elan
    Slip (Partial Cyborg - Pilot) 2
  • Naruni
    Castruccio (Uteni - Contract Holder) 3 elan
    Opserv (Security - Repobot) 2
    Ultor (Security - Repobot) 2
    Indohc (Security - TW) 2

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