The Black Company (Reunited @ Fate's End)

Blacklisted operations of the Tomorrow Legion.
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The Black Company (Reunited @ Fate's End)

Post by Lars » Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:13 pm

  • After returning to Gloom, both from Scara's Tower and from retrieving Hell Pillars and fighting t'Fethic and Cira, all the members of the Black Company assemble at a local establishemnt called Fate's End.

    Fate's End Bar and Grill

    The Fate's End is a local Gloom favorite serving both drink and food. The Chef is familiar too, he once worked in the bar outside of Castle Refuge. No, not Gordon, that CS Mook is still out there somewhere or was eaten by demons maybe.

    Mr. Bean!
    Mr. Bean was the cook at Gordon's before things went wiggidy wack. Moving on the Crazie made his way to Gloom, still a dangerous place, but safer than working in the Outskirts!

    Bean closed the bar, today, reserving the entire place for the Black Company to assemble. Mr. Bean adores the BC and genuinely sees you as heroes of Gloom! Free food and discount booze! His menu has some truly odd items on it, both foods and booze. There is plenty to pick from.

    Assembled with the Black Company are all survivors of the BC. Many tears are shed as talk of Thrudh and Gargamal is recounted, their heroics and many tales are told.

    Sgt Hurtt is present and says, "Quite a large army is gathering outside Gloom, from all walks of life and all parts of North America. Groups that would normally be at each other throats, are now allied in this struggle against Geist. Ironic, that in her madness she may make the world a better place. Tell me, as the rest of us were here in Gloom preparing for the coming war, what have you all been up to? Did you succeed in your missions?"
    Hurtt's Drink
    Alibhe chimes in: "It is so good to have you all back, I missed you Sammy. My heart is broken, so many lost, and so much more we must face. I am amazed at how things have gone. Yes, please, tell us of how both of your missions went!"
    Alibhe's Drink
GM Note
The massive battle will be starting on the 9th or 10th of March, as you resolve the last posts in your current adventures (Scara's Tower or Cira's Castle) feel free to RP here and let the other members of the BC (NPCs) and more importantly each other know how it all went. Every player who posts here gets a benny! Additionally, a second bennie to each Player who posts a picture of what strange and bizarre thing they order from Mr. Bean's menu!!
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Re: The Black Company (Reunited @ Fate's End)

Post by sammy » Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:13 am

Missed me Ailbhe? Doll, ain't nothing in this verse that will keep us apart. As long as you got my back I got yours. Sammy takes out a cigar and passes them out. " Meow, I am not sure what went down in the pinnacle hotel, after I left Cade in the hands of others, but if that is where gargamel perished, I only wish I had plugged Cade when I had the chance." Sammy swipes his cigar hard against the table lighting it. The last thing Thrudh ever taught me.
Sammy laughs, " Other than that Abasaurous, I think we were vanished to Hell, probably died 99 times, and that miserable SoB Cade brought us back each and everytime. Something strange was happening to him... Don't get jelous but after seeing Humble and Hans naked I think I can cross off all the to do items on my bucket list.". Sammy snifs the air taking out a plate of red robin burgers. He looks at the plate of pile high tasty burgers and then looks at mr. Beans kitchen.
" After what happened last time, Altoid, I don't reccomend eating the food. I brought burgers."

Three things seem a bit off about this cat. He seems to be packing quiet the six pack, two he and Ailbhe seem to have some kind of secret language, and three he keeps fiddling with this blue crystal as if it were the one ring.
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Re: The Black Company (Reunited @ Fate's End)

Post by Samson Malach » Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:30 pm

Samson orders the one thing that's not on the menu.
The Black Burger, in honor of the Black Company.
BK black.jpg
"Banished to hell? I thought all cats went to heaven. Oh, wait. That's dogs. Never mind. Sounds like you guys had a real blast."

The charcoal and squid ink infused Black Burger is placed before Samson. He doesn't hesitate before jamming the first bite into his mouth. "Oh yeah, that's the stuff."

He continues. "Yeah, we had an easy time. Had to fight an army of murder wraiths to sneak past some kind of crazy lava guardian to get into a portal to...who the frak knows where. That pretty boy from the 13th tried to swan dive to his doom, then he tried to go catatonic on us in the middle of giving orders in front of some crazy ghoulish army of...orcs, I think?...then...well, nice guy, but I don't think he's got the chops to make it in this world. Kind of reminds me of a pretty desk jockey, know what I'm saying?"

The black burger sauce drips down his chin. He catches it with a napkin.

"So we had to scale this tower, but someone decided not to take the direct route, so we went waltzing right up to the guarded front gate. Bunch of those CEAL things were blocking our way, along with this crazy tech-wiz converted Glitter Boy. I...I really don't know how we survived that. But the pilot of the TWGB tried ripping part of my soul out or something. Freakiest looking thing I've seen, and I've seen things with arms for mouths and mouths for arms, and buttholes all in between. When that thing farted...never mind."

He grinds another bite. Even the juice is black.

"So anyway, then we had to get a ring from the crazy broad in the top of the tower, and that little kobold or whatever he was from the 13th yanked the control rod out of the return gate. Pretty sure he died, but he also kept that orc army on the correct side of that gate, so...he probably saved us all. I liked him."

Samson polishes the last bite off of the Black Burger.

"What's hell like, Sammy?"
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