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Mystic Warrior

Post by High Command » Wed May 16, 2018 11:06 pm

They gain two more rolls on any table except Cybernetics.

Experience & Wisdom 1d20 = 10: 10: Some experiences take a person back to the beginning, reconnecting her to her foundations. Select one Background Edge, regardless of requirements, so long as it makes sense and the GM agrees with it.
Mysticism and Magic 1d20 = 20: 20: (11) Often, one crisis is quickly followed by another, and your caster needs to get his energy back quickly. He has the Rapid Recharge Edge, or Improved Rapid Recharge if he already has the former.
Experience & Wisdom 1d20 = 15: 15: Life on the road, in the wilderness, and wandering the streets of the cities that remain gave your character special insight and some key experience with a particular calling. You may give her one Professional Edge, ignoring requirements, subject to the GM’s approval and it making at least some kind of sense.
Training 1d20 = 1: 1: After serving in a military, paramilitary, militia, or security force for some time, your hero has some solid combat training. She gains +5 Skill Points, which may be spent on Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing in any combination.
Mysticism and Magic 1d20 = 5: 5: More PPE means more power to work with, and your character has it. He gains +5 PPE to his base.

Body Armor 1d20 = 10: 10: Good for all combat situations, this armor suit has +1 embedded Toughness to handle the sharpest blades and most piercing lasers. This result may be applied up to two times.
Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets 1d20 = 16: 16: Your hero has a rare and coveted suit of TW Combat Mage Armor, which may or may not place him on a few bounty lists in both the Coalition and the Federation of Magic. Alternately, if he’s a Cyber-Knight, he gains a suit of TW Cyber-Knight Heavy Armor.

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