24th COT Team Pay

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24th COT Team Pay

Post by Stoic »

Name : Rank : Title : Weekly Pay Rate
Tim Gates: Novice Specialist 2nd Class: 330/wk
Danny: Seasoned Specialist 2nd Class: 495/wk
Sig: Seasoned Specialist 2nd Class: 495/wk
Johnny Jones: Seasoned Specialist 2nd Class: 495/wk
Rika: Seasoned Specialist 2nd Class: 495/wk
Doc Olliday: Seasoned Specialist 2nd Class: 495/wk
Lance: Seasoned Specialist 2nd Class: 495/wk

Pay Rate is per game week, as determined by GM.
GM Bennies 9/9
Wild Card Bennies ?

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Re: 24th COT Team Pay

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Rika isn't a novice, she's Seasoned.
Tsuchiya Rika, M.A.R.S Rogue "Enchantress"
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    Battle Hardened: +2 to Soak rolls
    FEP: Fully sealed systems; Self-contained breathing; immunity to temperature extremes, radiation, vacuum, poisons, and disease; and other self-regulating life support systems)
    Master Exorcist: First raise on Spellcasting reduces PPE cost by 2, and by 1 per additional raise
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Bennies: 3/3
Adventure Cards
  • 15: Sudden Death - Your hero must do or say something that gives his foes pause. All foes within 12” lose their next action.
  • 36: Power Surge - Immediately recover all spent Power Points.
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Re: 24th COT Team Pay

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So, I looked in the GM Handbook. I've also done some chatting with Roberson on the PEG Forum about this. The new pay structure is a bit wonky:

Everyone starts out E1 or E2. (I think most PCs fit the description of E2: "Junior Legionnaire: Starting rank for those with advanced skills or abilities." A Sidekick or Follower would probably have an E1 designation.)

As we go up in title, we'll have a choice. The promotion that happens after E3: Senior Legionnaire, gives three possibilities:
E4: Specialist Legionnaire. After this, you become a Warrant Officer (the W series). Warrant Officers are basically highly respected field troops, and this is the most likely route for PCs--we're the guys who go out and do the thing, whatever the thing happens to be, usually without the full military structure of a more traditional Legion unit. Essentially, things like SEALs, Green Berets, etc. W4s who want to become actual officers can then be made O1s--but note, this actually is a bit of a demotion, in terms of pay.
E4: Lance Sergeant. Promotion continues through the E series, with the option of becoming either Petty Chief or Gunnery Chief at E7. This is the NCO path, meant for more military-style groups where you end up with a bunch of mook Legionnaires following orders. Usually, the NCOs take orders from an Officer, who is busy handling the paperwork of running the unit.
O1: Ensign. This is the Officer Corps, and the Ensign is basically equivalent to a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. These guys ultimately are the overseers of the Legion. They give an order to the NCOs, who then translate that order into action. They also deal with Legion HQ directly, and are responsible for the paperwork that keeps the Legion running.

The base pay is:
Novice: 300/wk
Seasoned: 450/wk
Veteran: 600/wk
Heroic: 1000/wk
Legendary: 2000/wk

This then has a rank adjustment. E ranks use their Number x10% (so E2 would get 120% of base pay), while W and O ranks get Number x20% (so a W2 gets 140%). This does mean that unless you are changing your character Rank at the same time, going from E4 to W1 results in a loss of pay.

As I said earlier, I'd say most of us are E2 right now. If we've got a designated 'team leader', that person (probably Sig?) could be E3. If you want to give a little more credit to the folks who converted (rather than bringing in new special snowflakes), you could even make team leader E4, other converted characters E3, and non-converted characters E2. (Basically, everyone who actually stopped the cult in Kingsdale gets a promotion; the rest of us transferred in after that, and so are lagging a bit behind.)
Serival Drumm
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Persuasion d6 (Free Re-roll; +2 Networking); Common Knowledge d4 (+2 Forgery, +2 Shady Characters)
Notice d8; Repair d6 (Toolkit = d8+5, Offset 2, Raise = 1/2 time)
Occult d8; Piloting d12+1; Spellcasting d12+1; Fighting d10
Stealth d10 (+2 Armor, Urban +2); Hacking d6; Athletics d6 (Urban Climb +2, Pads +4, Grapple Gun +2/+4); Thievery d10+1 (+1 vs. Electronics)
Charismatic; Electronics Security Expert; Streetwise; Thief; Ace; Concentration; Master of Magic
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PPE: 30
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Powers (Gear, no Modifiers): Night's Embrace, Wings of Night, Stealth Mode, Cloaking, Universal Translator, Agony, Paralysis
Arzno TWA-1500 Incursion EBA (+4A/+2T; EBA gives +4 vs. Hazards; Camo Mode; Concealable; Retractable Short Swords (Str+d6); Silver knuckledusters (Str+d4 Silver); Multi-Optics Helm: Ignore Illumination, Offset 2 Range, +1 Shooting Calibration; 1 PPE/Hr)
Branaghan Special Armored Overcloak (+2A/+1T; It Has Pockets!)
Psionic Mind Shield (+4 Resist/Armor vs. Psionics; 3 PPE/hr)
Neural Mace (Str+d6+4 Non-Lethal Damage, Touch Attack +2, Vigor -2/-4 or Stunned)
Whip of Pain (Str+d4 MD AP 2; Reach 2; Activation 1 PPE; 2 PPE cast Agony with attack roll)
Paralysis Staff (Str+2d4 MD Silver; Activation 1 PPE; 3 PPE cast Paralysis with attack roll)
Misc. Thief Tools, IRMSS
Glass (Infiltrator Automaton)
Size 1; Remote Operation 60"; Str d12+4; Toughness 14 (7 MDC); Pace 8
Shard Punches (Str+1d6 MD, AP 6)
Innate Intangibility: Become intangible (as Power) for 1 round, with no roll or PPE; has 1-round cooldown
Fast Regeneration: 10 Serival PPE, Duration 5 Rounds
40 PPE (Glass Powers only); Recharges as Serival does, also may be recharged directly by Serival
Powers (may use Modifiers): House of Glass; Reflect & Deflect; Mask of Deceit; Concealment; Mystic Portal

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