Method for Random rolling available chips

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Method for Random rolling available chips

Post by Toshiro 'Cybermonk' » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:25 pm

I figure this will be a regular occurance, so I dont want to have to recreate this

Die type: roll 1d4

Skill type: Roll 1d23 and reference below. If knowledge roll again. (I'll make that table if it ever happens)

1 Boating
2 Climbing
3 Driving
4 Fighting
5 Gambling
6 Heating
7 Intimidation
8 Investigation
9 Knowledge
10 Lock Picking
11 Notice
12 Persuasion
14 Repair
15 Riding
16 Shooting
17 Stealth
18 Streetwise
19 Survival
20 Swimming
21 Taunt
22 Throwing
23 Tracking
OOC Comments
Toshiro's Character Sheet
Wounds: 0/4; Fatigue: 0/3; [/size]

Parry: 5[/size]
Toughness: 23(12 MDC)[/size]
Active Effects Chips: +3DT Fighting +2DT knowledge(electronics)[/size]

Notable Edges: Woodsman, Quick, Brawny, I know a Guy, Nerves of Steel, Danger Sense, Improved Arcane Resistance, Ace, Combat Ace, Elan[/size]

Bennies: 3/3 [/size]
+1 for good writing
-1 for EE on Knowledge (Politics)

Aventure Cards:

- Your hero somehow convinces orbribes a minor foe to perform a small favor—such as helping the hero escape, revealing the location of the “boss,” etc.

Last Stand
- Your hero and any adjacent allies gain +2 Parry and Toughness. Allies who move into contact after the card is played gain the bonus as well. The effect ends when a Joker is dealt.

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