Method for Random rolling available chips

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Method for Random rolling available chips

Post by Toshiro 'Cybermonk' » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:25 pm

I figure this will be a regular occurance, so I dont want to have to recreate this

Die type: roll 1d4

Skill type: Roll 1d23 and reference below. If knowledge roll again. (I'll make that table if it ever happens)

1 Boating
2 Climbing
3 Driving
4 Fighting
5 Gambling
6 Heating
7 Intimidation
8 Investigation
9 Knowledge
10 Lock Picking
11 Notice
12 Persuasion
14 Repair
15 Riding
16 Shooting
17 Stealth
18 Streetwise
19 Survival
20 Swimming
21 Taunt
22 Throwing
23 Tracking
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Toshiro's Character Sheet
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Parry: 6
Toughness: 21(12 MDC)
Active Effects Chips: +1 DT Survival, +1 DT Shooting

Notable Edges: Woodsman, Quick, Brawny, I know a Guy, Nerves of Steel, Danger Sense, Arcane Resistance, Ace, Combat Ace, Elan

Bennies: 3/3
+1 for 'excellent writing'
-1 For EE on Fear check
-2 for Soaking vehicle damage

Aventure Cards:
Villianous verbosity: Play on an opposing wild card to cause them to lose their action talking about there master plan.
Renown: Play after some heroic event. Gain +1 charisma with people who have heard of you.

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