Weekday Roll 20 Game

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Weekday Roll 20 Game

Post by High Command » Tue Oct 16, 2018 7:45 pm

The PCs are city rats and mercenaries running the streets of Hammond, right outside the ruins of Old Chicago. They do odd jobs working for the black market, some of the pirates, CS intelligence, FoM terrorists, and pretty much anyone with cash. Gear is often paid in lieu of cash and so they are reasonably well equipped. Triax and CS gear are in hot demand, but low supply. Bandito and Northern Gun are the primary available options.

Sphinx (5PH1NX), Gnome Hacker City Rat (City rat, focused on computer and electronic warfare) - Thanks Marc!
Former Pirate (Personal Concept focusing on tricks)
Ex-Deadboy with cybernetics (Techno Warrior) - Derrick is building it
Rogue Scholar - Mike is building it
Lightning Bug Psychic (MARS Psychic with Major Psionics and lightning trapped powers
Ice Mage-for-Hire (MARS Magic user with ice trapped powers, no Master of Magic) - Derrick is building it
Vagabond Man about Town - Charismatic deal maker
Mystical Mercenary Healer (MARS healer with some sort of AB granting Heal and Succor, maybe Boost) - Derrick is building it

Thanks to Derrick for making the pregens for me. Anyone else who wants to help, make Pregens, here's the guidelines
  • Full MARS characters
  • No Mega Powers
  • No Triax gear
  • Bandito and Northern Gun gear is okay
  • These are mercs, not Tomorrow Legion, but that doesn't mean they can't be heroic. Just means they are worried about getting paid first.
  • Use rolls (Supporting Cast or whatever) but if a roll doesn't make sense, reroll. I want the random element, but I'm not interested in forcing something not in concept on a character.
  • Make the character using the Google Sheet in recruiting
  • Try and write a brief blurb about how best to use the character if you have time. Aim it towards first time players. I'll have a primer on savage worlds seperate for them.
  • Deadline: Preferably by Monday October 22nd, but if it takes longer, it takes longer.
Im unsure of the date of the first session yet, but I want it to happen. I'd like to get half new players and half veteran savage rifts players, but as long as I have one or two veterans, it's all good. It will be on a Tuesday or Wednesday night from 8:00 pm to Midnight EST (7PM to 11am CST; 5pm to 9 PM PST).

If you're potentially interested, chime in.

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Re: Weekday Roll 20 Game

Post by Stoic » Tue Oct 16, 2018 9:09 pm

I'll make the rogue scholar if no one has gotten to it by tomorrow night.
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