Improving Avanzada Seca: Poll

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How to Improve Avanzada Seca?

Convert a dilapidated building into a proper gymnasium (legionnaires training at a gymnasium who use an Advance to increase skills linked to Agility or Strength may treat those attributes as one die type higher for the purposes of increasing their skills.)
Update the local library (granting a +2 bonus to all Investigation rolls and to any Knowledge rolls appropriate to the scene, as determined by the GM).
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Set up a dedicated workshop for the technically-gifted members of the party to do their work (granting a +2 bonus to Repair rolls on equipment, device creation rolls, or device modification/upgrade rolls).
Install defense systems around the outpost (e.g., gun turrets or other defenses that could be engaged in the event of a barbarian raid, a mass battle, or in other thematically appropriate situations).
Prepare advanced training facilities (e.g., computer programs, VR training, etc., which would give anyone using an Advance to buy skill points the ability to spend both skill points on the same skill. Note: per our house rules, new skills can be bought at a d4 with one skill point while still retaining the second skill point to increase a different skill.)
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I don't really have an opinion, but I still want to cast a vote!
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Improving Avanzada Seca: Poll

Post by Pursuit » Tue Jan 01, 2019 10:20 am

Okay, as you may all recall, the people of Avanzada Seca love the 32nd, and you all get a +2 Charisma bonus in your dealings with the residents there. In addition, you all have access to the garage facilities, which gives you a +2 bonus to any vehicle Repair rolls made in the garage (pretty nifty, right?).

Each quarter, you guys will also get to "advance" Avanzada Seca in some meaningful way, building it up into a proper legion outpost. Please select from the poll options how you would like to see Avanzada Seca improved this quarter.

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Re: Improving Avanzada Seca: Poll

Post by Tyraxas » Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:00 pm

All great options. However, as mentioned in the HO, having a TW with a dedicated workshop in a long-term HQ will be of great benefit. Just one dragon's opinion.
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