Back From the Dead

Adventures of The Nameless
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Hobo Joe
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Back From the Dead

Post by Hobo Joe » Sun Jan 13, 2019 2:47 pm

Local Conditions wrote: TOLL BRIDGE AFTERMATH
  • Location: Northern Arkansas
  • Population: 110,000
  • Date & Time: 1130 Round 4 October 27 PA110
  • Ley Line Activity: Within 100 yards
  • Weather: Cloudy, 42 degrees F.
  • Visibility: Thin fog, morning sun
Nameless Map
Bridge Detail Map
Big ol' Map
1 Grid = 5 Feet
Woods Detail Map
Party Map
1 Grid = 5 Feet
It may be a forgone conclusion that the Nameless will defeat this demonic force. But there is never a straight line from start to finish when the forces of the Tomorrow Legion face of against the horrors of the modern world. The bridge holds, monsters appear seemingly out of nowhere, thralls fall over themselves to protect their sub-demon master. Battle destroys unfortunate flora and fauna that doesn't move fast enough to avoid the conflict.

There is the camp. Huts made of grasses, branches and found objects, plus something resembling thin pale leather. There are no kids or non-combatants, just monsters and insane humans of the grubbiest kind.

Hey there sports fans
Thanks for holding in there!
Rather than jump right into a tactical combat, let's move things forwards with some quick combat!

But there's more!

Action options are wide open: Fighting, Investigating, Wilderness-y things, Medical, etc. Use whatever you think is relevant and can justify with a narrative.

Success means two rolls at -2, same or different rolls, up to you. This is a Dangerous Encounter.

There are some exciting details here I can't wait to reveal! Well, they're exciting to me...
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Brody Conrey
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Re: Back From the Dead

Post by Brody Conrey » Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:00 pm

Brody delivers the captive to Chevy so he is free to go about his business. He has already picked up the vibro knifes and other blades and goodies

Fighting dice 9
OOC Comments
1d8 = 6: 6
Wild Dice
1d6 = 6: 6 Aced 1d6 = 3: 3
Eventually he as to fight some other Human and Simvan. As he goes about popping up behind his enemy and slashing them with his Psi Sword he gets to a grass hut. Brody Ghost through the oppsite side an d spots two Humans guarding the entrence to the this large Grass Hut. He gets behind some crates and pulls his pistol and shoots one as the other turns and fires. The ghost slips out the back and runs to the front where he sees the guard moving toward the crates. He then slices the human in the back. Brody looks around and sees the area Is a storag area.

Psychic Telemechanic 13
OOC Comments
1d8 = 8: 8 +4 Aced 1d8 = 1: 1

As he searches the area he finds a large safe buried into the ground and covered with a mat. He uses telemhanics to open the safe and on the inside he pulls out several boxes.
Brody Conrey
Brody's Sheet ... =32&t=2799
Brody Conrey,
OOC Comments
Psi Ghost from Psyscape.
Description: 6’ 2” Healthy, regular looking 19-year-old, athletic male. Blue Eyes, Blonde with a tint of red hair close cut. Wears CS armor, CA 7.
Stays in the background, (No he isn’t a front-line fighter, he is a thief.) Keeps Secrets. He is from Psyscape and will report back to them and also Elle the Owl at the Castle. He will gather extra funds, he is a thief but not from his team mates. Will gamble using his ability to read if the person is lying?

PP 35

Bennys: 3

Adventure Deck: 4th Quarter
15 Sudden Death
"Your hero must do or say something that gives his foes pause. All foes within 12” lose their next action."
POWERS (has Mega powers of each due to Master Edge)
OOC Comments
ARMOR: Rank: Novice Power Points: 2 Range: Touch Duration: 3 (1/round) Telepathy. GREATER ARMOR Power Points: 5 Range: Touch Duration: 3 (1/round) Success grants +5 M.D.C. Armor, a raise grants +10.

HAVOC:Rank: Seasoned Power Points: 2–4 Range: Smarts×2 Duration: Instan GREATER HAVOC Power Points: +2 Range: Smarts×3 Duration: Instant

SMITE: (has auto raise) Rank: Novice Power Points: 2 Range: Touch Duration: 3 (1/round)
GREATER SMITE: Power Points: 4 Range: Touch Duration: 3 (1/round)

TELEKINESIS Rank: Seasoned Power Points: 5 Range: Smarts Duration: 3 (1/round) EXALTED TELEKINESIS Power Points: 10 Range: Smarts×2 Duration: 3 (1/round)

TELEPORT Rank: Seasoned Range Power Points: 3+: Special Duration: Instant GREATER TELEPORTPower Points: 5+ Range: Special Duration: Instant.

DETECT ARCANE at will:: Novice Power Points: 2 Range: Sight Duration: 3 (1/round) or 1 hour (1/hour) EXALTED DETECT/CONCEAL ARCANAPower Points: 4 Range: Sight Duration: 3 (1/round) or 1 hour (1/hour) This Mega Power effect can be used by Masters of Magic who have detect arcana at will. They must spend 2 Power Points to use it. Using exalted conceal arcana means the caster is −2 (or −4 with a raise) to be seen or found with clairvoyance or divination
Ghosting as an action no PP.

• Psychic awareness leads many to the ability to sense the feelings of others. This empathy allows your psionic to determine the general emotional state of another being within Smarts range by making an opposed Spirit check. On a raise, she can tell if another character is lying or being evasive in a conversation
• He always gets a strange tingling in the back of her neck when things are about to go all pear-shaped. She’s seen enough trouble to know when it’s coming. Your character has the Danger Sense Edge.
OOC Comments
CA-7 Special Forces Heavy “Dead Boy” Body Armor:
+8 Armor.
+2 Toughness
Strength: no min
Environmental Protection: yes
Weight: 20 lbs
Vibroknives on the forearms (Str+d6, AP 4, Mega Damage)
Garrote wire connected to the left wrist (Str+d4, must follow successful Grapple with a raise).

NG-33 Laser Pistol
Range: 15/30/60
Damage: 2d4+1, AP 2
RoF: 1
Shots: 20
Weight: 4 lbs
Notes: Semi-Auto

Thieves Toolkit
Credits: 1300

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Nomel Sagia
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Re: Back From the Dead

Post by Nomel Sagia » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:08 pm

OOC Comments
Roll 1: Shooting w/ Telemechanics, -2 for scene
Shooting 1d8+2 = 3: 1
Wild Shooting 1d6+2 = 8: 6 ACE 1d6+8 = 11: 3

Roll 2: Fighting w/Telemech, -2 for scene
Fighting 1d8+2 = 10: 8 ACE 1d8+10 = 13: 3
Wild Fighting 1d6+2 = 6: 4
Nomel grumbles into the radio mic. "Feels like we've been in this fight forever. C'mon, folks, let's finish this!" He opens up with a few rounds from the Boom Gun at the larger targets, flechettes slicing through beast-flesh and demon-skin.

Once he's softened up the worst targets, he disengages the gun and the anchors, just in time to meet some of the raiders who had been hoping to take advantage of the Glitterboy's known 'weakness' to swarm attacks. Of course, they weren't expecting him to pull out a giant Nymbu staff and start sweeping the area around himself, cleaving through them and generally knocking their heads around. He tries not to kill with the staff, but he's not above leaving them with nasty headaches.
Nomel Sagia
Fennodi Glitterboy
Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills: Shooting d8; Fighting d8; Psionics d10; Notice d4+2 (+4 Visual); Know: Battle d8; Know: Elec d4; Streetwise d4; Investigation d4
Cha: +2
In Suit, w/o Staff: Pace 10/Run d10; Parry: 6 (Size 3); Toughness 26 (18 MD)
In Suit, w/Staff: Parry 5 (Size 3)
Out of Suit: Pace 6/Run d6; Parry 6; Toughness 11 (5) [Huntsman]
Edges: Telemechanics, Major/Master Psionics; w/Staff: Imp. Sweep
Hindrances: Curious, Illiterate, Anemic
Other: +2 Visual Notice, Infravision, Cold Vulnerability, Distinctive D-Bee
Other Glitterboy: FEP w/Life Support, Lasers = 1/2 Damage, +2 Notice from Electronics Suite
Bennies: 2/3
ISP: 24/40

Powers: Telepathy, Intangibility, Armor, Stun
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    Noble Sacrifice: "Play when an adjacent ally suffers damage. You suffer the damage instead."

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Re: Back From the Dead

Post by Whisper » Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:19 am

Monsters erupted from hiding and charged. Whisper was done playing games. Sleep spells and illusions.

The light around her seemed to drain away as shadows lengthened and expanded, surrounding her in a blot of inky twilight. An unnatural chill seeped out, curling like invisible tendrils around trees and fallen bodies; spreading ground-hugging mist outward from it.

To those with the senses to feel it, the center of that artificial night pulsed with naked arcane might.

"Enough," said Whisper. Her voice was indeed a whisper, but somehow sounded as if it was spoken from just beside every living being's ear. The shadows coiled around her suddenly struck out, forming several very long, extremely sharp spines that pierced through the leaders of the pack charging her. They didn't have time to scream, or even whimper. Each tumbled lifelessly to the ground, a hole big enough to shove a fist into bored through their foreheads.

Still they came.

More of those spears of pure darkness lanced out, meeting each wave and leaving them falling over the bodies of those who came before.

The sorceresses voice still crooned in the ears of friend and foes alike, echoing eerily. "Fools" blind fools "I do not thirst for blood" thirsty "...had you let us pass, you could have lived." nevermore "Even now" it's too late "it's not too late. Give up and go. You" you "cannot" cannot "defeat" defeat "me." meeeeeee...

All the while she spoke, the shadows performed their grim work, leaving a low wall of corpses spread before her.

Partially pinned under a fallen dinosaur though struggled a survivor. Though injured, the darkness hadn't taken him in the head, but rather the right shoulder, next to the arm. He was finding it very hard to pull himself free of the dead beast with only his left arm working.

Then the sun went out. With dawning dread he craned his neck around to spot a figure looming over him, highlighted by a dim violent gleam. In the the gloom she didn't look like a person at all...more like a shadow in the shape of a person. A silhouette.

He felt something cold twining around his wrists, something sharp digging into his cheeks, his neck, his chest...pressing like a dagger tip, but not quite breaking skin.

"Stay here, and don't try to move. Take shallow breaths. If you try to escape, I will know."

More sharp points...his legs, and between them.

"When I'm done with the others, I will return for you. I will have blood, or answers. You have a few moments to consider which to offer."
Rolls: Spellcasting 12, Investigation 25
Spellcasting 1d12-2 = 1: 3 or 1d6-2 = -1: 1
Benny for EE (Elan) 1d6+2 = 8: 6
Ace: 1d6 = 3: 3
Investigation 1d8-2 = 0: 2 or 1d6-2 = 2: 4
Benny for EE (Elan) 1d6+2 = 8: 6
Ace: 1d6 = 6: 6
Ace: 1d6 = 6: 6
Uh...Ace: 1d6 = 5: 5

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