Proposed Race: Gemini Demons

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Proposed Race: Gemini Demons

Post by Vrothuss » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:16 pm

Known Reference:

Rifts - World Book 21 - Splynn Dimensional Market - Page 30/32 pdf

"Gemini Demons are born in pairs and each pair
is sympathetically linked. They possess minor psionics including
Sense Time, Sense Dimensional Anomaly, Total Recall, and
Mind Block, plus three Sensitive powers of choice. They are also
naturally inclined to learn magic and their link allows one to
augment his magic with that of the other and vice versa."

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Re: Proposed Race: Gemini Demons

Post by Vrothuss » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:18 pm

This race is demonic but certainly the lesser of all evils. Quite possibly the forefathers of the D'Norr.

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Re: Proposed Race: Gemini Demons

Post by Vrothuss » Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:06 pm

Abilities and Bonuses
  • Arcane Backround (Psionics) - As a Minor Psionic, a Gemini Demon
    begins with three powers (from the Mind Melter list) and 10 ISP. He also has
    a beginning Psionic skill of d6.
  • Inherently Magical - Gemini Demons know no magic spells, but they have a natural
    pool of 10 PPE and can use any TechnoWizard devices. A Gemini Demon who takes an
    Arcane Background adds his starting PPE to any gained from the Edge. Additionally,
    whenever he takes the Power Points Edge, he gains +10 PPE instead of +5.
  • Ley Line Magic Mastery - Like all arcane casters (see Ley Lines, page
    119), Gemini Demons can draw extra PPE from ley lines, though
    they do so with greater advantage. As a free action, they can roll
    their Spellcasting skill to draw PPE from a line at a distance of Spirit×3,
    and they multiply their current maximum PPE by ×3 while at that distance or closer.
  • Ley Line Rejuvenation - While on a ley line, a Gemini Demon gains a natural healing
    roll once per day.
  • Ley Line Sense - A Gemini Demon can sense a ley line within 10 miles,
    and she can automatically tell how powerful it is, in what directions
    it flows, where it meets other ley lines at nexus points, and other aspects
    as might apply (such as if a huge amount of its energy is being siphoned for some other
    purpose). She can also sense any nearby Rifts within 10 miles, and she can
    automatically sense the eruption of a new Rift, or one opening anew, within 50 miles.
  • Arcane Duality - Gemini Demons can get the Arcane Background Edge twice for two different
    types of powers, but whenever they take a Power Edge, they must choose whether it applies to magic or psionics.
    Gemini Demons can take the Power Points Edge twice per Rank but only to gain PPE with one use and ISP with the other.
  • Cybernetics - Gemini Demons suffer the same penalties from cybernetics as any other
    arcane character (page 108). Except for them the disruption affects two skills (−1 to both Magic and Psionics
    skills per point of Strain).
  • Disconnected - Gemini Demons constantly deal with the strange, alien, and
    inhuman. This makes them more than a bit difficult to deal with for the average
    person. A Gemini Demon has a −2 Charisma penalty in most social situations.

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Re: Proposed Race: Gemini Demons

Post by Vrothuss » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:21 pm

Retrapped D'Norr

Gemini Demons are considered to be a sub-demonic species and in most demon societies are third rate citizens. Truth be told their nature tends to make them very passive and seemingly delicate and frail. Those from the 3Gs often speculate that the D'Norr are descendants of the Gemini Demons.

Gemini Demons are always born in pairs with an equal number of the twins being male and the other half being female. These twins are symbiotically connected in the womb. Separating the twins at birth is death for each of the twins. As they age and years advance, Gemini Demon Pairs are able to be a greater and greater distance from each other. However killing one most certainly means the other twin of the pair will die as well.

D’Norr Bio _
Though not supernaturally connected
to evil in any way, the D’Norr are more
colloquially referred to as “Devilmen” due
to their distinctive appearance. Otherwise
looking similar to humans, their heads and
faces give them the moniker. They have an
elongated cranium dotted with tiny spines
extending up and back from the forehead
(dark red for males, purple for females),
and two small horns above the brow. Their
overall skin tone is tan-red, and the males
have a series of tiny spines on their chins.
All have dark blue eyes and pointed ears.
D’Norr are known, by those willing to
know them, as intelligent, compassionate,
and drawn to nonviolent pursuits and
social interaction. Many seek a pacifist’s
path, at least as much as possible in
such a dangerous world. Most seek
out new experiences, new people,
and new ideas. Due to their open
nature and sensitivity, they are more
susceptible to moments and sights
of true horror but have a natural
affinity for magic.
Distinctive D-Bee _
Unless they
hide their non-human (and devilish)
appearance, D’Norr face a certain
amount of prejudice from the Coalition.
They suffer a −4 Charisma when
dealing with such people.
Gemini Demon Pair: When outside of 10 feet of each other, Gemini Demon Pairs, become physically weak. Agility, Strength, and Vigor all decrease by 1 die type to minimum of d4.

Intelligent and Spiritual: Gemini Demons are highly intelligent and spiritual, beginning with a d6 Smarts and Spirit. This makes their natural maximums
for those Traits d12+1.

Natural Arcane Affinity: Gemini Demons have +5 PPE naturally, whether they pursue a magical path or not.

Personable: Gemini Demons are highly charming and easy to get along with. They have +1 Charisma.

Restricted Path _
The D’Norr have
no capacity for psionics and cannot
access ISP.
Sensitive _
Due to their inherently
sensitive and compassionate nature,
D’Norr are particularly susceptible
to Fear, suffering a −2 whenever
making checks against such
Linked Powers: Gemini Demon Pairs can not use Edges like Master of Magic or Master of Psionics outside of touching distance of each other.

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