Vrothuss - Gemini Demon - LLW/Temporal Wizard

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Vrothuss - Gemini Demon - LLW/Temporal Wizard

Post by Vrothuss » Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:14 pm

Dice and Stuff
Vrothuss 200.jpg
Vrothuss 200.jpg (10.01 KiB) Viewed 479 times
Laonea 200.jpg
Laonea 200.jpg (22.48 KiB) Viewed 470 times
Heroes Journey (Choose 5)
Three Rolls _
  • Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets
  • Education
  • Experience & Wisdom
  • Magic & Mysticism
Two Rolls _
ANY table except Psionics.
Origin _
Cruel Master
You were trained by a cruel and possibly insane mentor, such as a temporal raider. The things you did and saw have marked you, scarring your psyche in ways that are hard to move past. But it has also increased your force of will, your pluck, and you command of magic.
  • Increase your casting skill by 2 skill points (Psionics) and your spirit or smarts by one die step. You also gain the Elan edge. You must gain the Arcane Background itself from another source.
  • You are also a product of your environment. You must choose twice from the Psyche Degradation table in TLPG page 17 or the Temporal Psychosis Table (above). Further, you have taken either a vow to serve your Master upon command, or you have earned his wrath and enmity. This is represented by either a Major Vow or the Hunted (Major) Hindrance. Note this Origin depends on some sort of arcane background.
Power & Greatness _
Superior Arcane Power
  • Temporal Wizard: Trained by a master of temporal and dimensional magic, your character has Arcane Background (Magic), 15 P.P.E., Spellcasting d6, the Master of Magic Edge, the Temporal Wizard Edge, and Survival d8. Use the Ley Line Walker Power List.
True Prodigy
  • Temporal Magic: The Rapid Recharge Edge, or the Expanded Awareness Ley Line Walker Feature.
ARES Extra Edge:

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Vrothuss - Character Sheet

Post by Vrothuss » Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:43 pm

Character Sheet

Player Name: Sgt 86Delta
Google Handle: Sgt 86Delta
Rank: Novice 2 Experience: 12 Advances Left: 0
Race: Gemini Demon
Iconic Framework: Ley Line Walker/Temporal Wizard
Attributes: Agility d6 (d4), Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d4 (d4), Vigor d8 (d6)
Charisma: 3; Pace: 6; Parry: 2 (½ Fighting +2); Toughness: 5 (½ Vigor+2 plus armor); Strain: 0

Notice: d10 K/Common: d10 (+2 conditional)

  • K/Arcana (Sm) d10
  • K/Politics (Sm) d8
  • Persuasion (Sp) d6 + 2
  • Spellcasting (Sm) d10
  • Streetwise (Sm) d10 + 2
  • Survival (Sm) d8 + 2
  • Wanted (Major): Vrothuss has escaped/been liberated from his current master, Demon of the 7th circle: Hesperinth.
  • Ruthless (Minor): Vrothuss is committed to finding his sister, Laonea. "I pity the fool that gets in his way."
  • Cautious (Minor): Vrothuss never makes a rash decision and likes to plot things out in detail long before any action is taken.
  • Temporal Psychosis Hindrance (Enemy): Whether it’s Vrothuss's original master or someone he crossed in his dimensional dealings he has earned himself an enemy.
  • Edge: brief description
  • Arcane Background: (Magic). 15 Starting PPE. 5 Starting Powers.
  • Master of Magic: Vrothuss now has access to Mega Damage versions of his powers.
  • Rapid Recharge: 1 PPE every 30 minutes.
  • Improved Rapid Recharge: 1 PPE every 15 minutes.
  • Temporal Wizard Temporal Powers available for every known power.
Name (how many times selected, i.e. 1) - Strain: 0
  • Abilities and bonuses
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Vrothuss - Background

Post by Vrothuss » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:07 pm


Gemini Demons are considered to be a sub-demonic species and in most demon societies are third rate citizens. Truth be told their nature tends to make them very passive and seemingly delicate and frail. Those from the 3Gs often speculate that the D'Norr are descendants of the Gemini Demons.

Gemini Demons are always born in pairs with an equal number of the twins being male and the other half being female. These twins are symbiotically connected in the womb. Separating the twins at birth is death for each of the twins. As they age and years advance, Gemini Demon Pairs are able to be a greater and greater distance from each other. However killing one most certainly means the other twin of the pair will die as well.

Vrothuss and Laonea were born to fairly normal Gemini Demon Parents. Their parents had gone through the necessary rituals of separation from their respective twins in order to great new links with their future spouses. Vrothuss and Laonea were stolen after birth in a raid that the parents hurting and empty and the infants orphaned.

Sold as slaves to various practioners of magic and the like, the pair began learning and creating magical effects with some destructive power. When the pair was together, they wer able to achieve powers and effects of Master Psionics and Magic, almost without effort. As the distance grew between them the challenges to achieve such power inceased as well. They have lived the last dozen or so years separated by 10 feet upto 2 miles.

Last Known Location ...

Vrothuss and Laonea were last together at the Splynn Dimensional Market, where they were 'rescued' by the Liberating Forces. The two were promptly moved from SDM to Phase World where Vrothuss was dumped in a shuttle bay and sat watching as the ship with his sister disappeared among the stars. Vrothuss has spent several weeks on Phase World watching ships coming and going, until he found one that looked like the one he had last ben on, The Soverign.

Speculations on Situation ...

Vrothuss and Laonea had become wise to their plight years ago. Their owners made great profit from their combined talents. Laonea was adapt at Telemechanics and had begun extensive work with Wierd Science. Vrothuss was great at manipulating Ley Lines and even risked venture into Temporal Magic.

The Pair had begun working on devices with hidden functions. Timers that gated the object holder had become their latest gadget. Vrothruss with time to think on their situation believes that Laonea has been taken to meet with someonewho purchased a rigged device. He has nothing to really confirm the idea but he is not ruling out any options.

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Vrothuss - Gear

Post by Vrothuss » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:18 pm


  • Info
Ley Line Walker Light Armor,
NG33 Laser Pistol,
NG-S2 Survival Pack,
1d4×1,000 credits.


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Vrothuss - Advances

Post by Vrothuss » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:19 pm

  • Attributes
  • Agility d4 --> d6 (chargen),
  • Smarts d4 --> d6 (racial) --> d10 (chargen) --> d12 (N2),
  • Spirit d4 --> d6 (racial) --> d8 (Hindrance, Major),
  • Strength d4,
  • Vigor d4 --> d8 (chargen)
  • Skills
    Complete Skill List:
    • Boating (Ag)
      Climbing (St)
      Empathy (Sp)
      Driving (Ag)
      Fighting (Ag)
      Gambling (Sm)
      Healing (Sm)
      Intimidation (Sp)
      Investigation (Sm)
    • K/Arcana (Sm) --> d10 (chargen)
      K/Computers (Sm)
    • K/Common (Sm) --> +2 (HJ/Travel) --> +2 (HJ/Forgery)
      K/Cybernetics (Sm)
      K/Demolitions (Sm)
      K/Electronics (Sm) (used for sensors and such)
      K/Engineering (Sm)
      K/History (Sm)
      K/Law (Sm)
      K/Medicine (Sm)
    • K/Politics (Sm) --> d8 (HJ)
      K/Science (Sm)
      Lockpicking (Ag)
      Mysticism (Sp)
    • Notice (Sm) --> d10 (chargen)
    • Persuasion (Sp) --> d6 --> +2 (HJ)
      Psionics (Sm)
      Repair (Sm)
      Riding (Ag)
      Shooting (Ag)
    • Spellcasting (Sm) --> d8 (IF) --> d10 (chargen)
      Stealth (Ag)
    • Streetwise (Sm) --> d8 (HJ) --> d10 (chargen) --> +2 (HJ)
    • Survival (Sm) --> d8 (chargen) --> +2 (HJ)
      Swimming (St)
      Taunt (Sp)
      Throwing (Ag)
      Tracking (Sm)
Racial Framework: Gemini Demon
  • Abilities & Bonuses
  • Intelligent and Spiritual: Gemini Demons are highly intelligent and spiritual, beginning with a d6 Smarts and Spirit. This makes their natural maximums
    for those Traits d12+1.
  • Natural Arcane Affinity: Gemini Demons have +5 PPE naturally, whether they pursue a magical path or not.
  • Personable: Gemini Demons are highly charming and easy to get along with. They have +1 Charisma.
    Complications & Setbacks
  • Gemini Demon Pair: When outside of 10 feet of each other, Gemini Demon Pairs, become physically weak. Agility, Strength, and Vigor all decrease by 1 die type to minimum of d4.
  • Linked Powers: Gemini Demon Pairs can not use Edges like Master of Magic or Master of Psionics outside of touching distance of each other.
Iconic Framework: Ley Line Walker
    • Walkers gain three rolls on any of the following tables:
      • Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets,
      • Education,
      • Experience & Wisdom, and
      • Magic & Mysticism.
    • They also get two rolls on any table of their choice, except for Psionics.
    A Ley Line Walker’s total grasp of ley lines and their energies grants him enormous power and flexibility. Naturally, many of
    his powers revolve around his ability to sense and connect to this extraordinary network of energy.
    • Arcane Background (Magic) Ley Line Walkers are powerful arcane wielders. They begin with five powers
      from the list above, 15 PPE, and a d8 Spellcasting skill.
    • Expanded Awareness Ley Line Walkers can use detect arcana at will, with no PPE cost, as a free action.
    • Ley Line Magic Master Like all arcane casters (see Ley Lines, page 119), Ley Line Walkers can draw extra
      PPE from ley lines, though they do so with greater advantage. As a free action, they can roll their Spellcasting skill
      to draw PPE from a line at a distance of Spirit×3, and they multiply their current maximum PPE by ×3 while at that
      distance or closer.
    • Ley Line Rejuvenation While on a ley line, a Walker gains a natural healing roll once per day.
    • Ley Line Sense A Ley Line Walker can sense a ley line within 10 miles, and she can automatically tell how
      powerful it is, in what directions it flows, where it meets other ley lines at nexus points, and other aspects
      as might apply (such as if a huge amount of its energy is being siphoned for some other purpose). She can also sense
      any nearby Rifts within 10 miles, and she can automatically sense the eruption of a new Rift, or one opening anew,
      within 50 miles.
    • Ley Line Transmission Walkers are able to send and receive spoken messages along ley lines, at any
      distance. This can be a wide broadcast that anyone along the line can hear, or it can be directed to a single recipient
      (who needs to be on the line and expecting the message).
    • Ley Line Walking A Ley Line Walker can, as her name implies, walk the line as though walking across level ground.
      She can fly at twice her Pace, at an altitude as high as 1,000 feet.
    • Master of Magic: She has Mega Powers for her spells, and A Ley Line Walker begins with the Master of Magic Edge,
      gaining Mega Powers for all known spells, and also starts with the Rapid Recharge Edge.
    • Temporal Wizard [Professional] You have learned the secret art of Temporal Magic. This special training grants spellcasters exceptional might and capability in bending time and space. A Master of Temporal Magic can choose to replace the Mega power with the Temporal Power for each power known upon taking this Edge. Each time he takes the New Power Edge, he gains the power and can choose the Temporal version as well (rather than the Mega version). Temporal wizards can take the following Ley Line Walker and Shifter abilities as advances (if not already available from their Iconic Framework):
      • (Ley Line Walker) Ley Line Magic Mastery, (Ley Line Walker) Ley Line Sense, (Ley Line Walker) Ley Line Transmission, (Ley Line Walker) Expanded Awareness, (Shifter) Dimension Sense, (Shifter) Rift Mastery
    • Rift Mastery : Shifters gain a +4 on all efforts to open and manipulate Rifts (see Characters, Ley Lines, and Rifts
      in the Savage Rifts® Game Master’s Handbook). They also gain +2 when using the banish Power.
    • Years of studying the ley lines and Rifts, immersed in all that lies beyond normal understanding, causes Walkers to become
      distanced from regular humanity. Their power makes them greatly feared and hated by the Coalition.
    • Cybernetics Such technology creates havoc for the flow of energy a Walker relies upon, imposing −1 to the
      Spellcasting skill for each point of Strain.
    • Disconnected Ley Line Walkers constantly deal with the strange, alien, and inhuman. This makes them more than a
      bit difficult to deal with for the average person. The Walker has a −2 Charisma penalty in most social situations.
    • Enemies As with all wielders of magic, Ley Line Walkers are “shoot-on-sight” targets for Coalition forces. Any who
      refuse to swear fealty to Lord Dunscon may consider the True Federation to be hostile territory as well.
Hero’s Journey
    • Training
    • Roll result [6]
    • Description:
      Part of your character’s extensive training includes a full understanding of a particular occupation or area of focus. You may give her one Professional Edge [Temporal Wizard], ignoring requirements, subject to the GM’s approval.
    • Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets
    • Roll result [7]
    • Description:
      When it’s time to negotiate with strange visitors just arrived through a new Rift, your character’s Communications Band is a vital asset. This upgraded item also enhances the user’s vocal output, granting him a +2 Charisma whenever he is speaking or otherwise using his voice.
    • Education
    • Roll result [11]
    • Description:
      Understanding the ebb and flow of power in the Three Galaxies may very well mean the difference between life and death, making your hero’s
      grasp of such matters extremely valuable. He gains Knowledge (Politics) at d8. He also gains +2 to Persuasion.
    • Experience & Wisdom
    • Roll result [12]
    • Description:
      He’s traveled far and wide, and he knows a lot about the Three Galaxies that could come in handy. Your character gains a +2 on any Common Knowledge rolls related to various dimensions and understanding the people and places of Three Galaxies. He also
      gains a +2 on Survival and Streetwise checks in Three Galaxies.
    • Underworld and Black Ops
    • Roll result [9]
    • Description:
      Though few and far between, the dimensions of the Three Galaxies are the hubs of numerous civilizations, vital as sources of information. Your character understands the ebb and flow of their streets and alleyways, gaining a d8 in Streetwise. He is also good at creating fakes of necessary papers, badges, and the like; he’s got experience and training in Forgery (treat as Common Knowledge), with a +2 to related checks.

    • Initial Advances: (From Hindrances):
      • Major: INC SPIrit 1 die type (d8)
      • Minorx2: Improved Rapid Recharge Edge
    • Cybernetic Modifications: none
    • Novice 1 Advance: Rift Mastery
    • Novice 2 Advance: INC SMArts 1 die type (d12) (03APR2019)
    • Novice 3 Advance: Future Advance
    • Seasoned 1 Advance: Future Advance
    • Seasoned 2 Advance: Future Advance
    • Seasoned 3 Advance: Future Advance
    • Seasoned 4 Advance: Future Advance
    • Veteran 1 Advance:
    • Veteran 2 Advance:
    • Veteran 3 Advance:
    • Veteran 4 Advance:
    • Heroic 1 Advance:
    • Heroic 2 Advance:
    • Heroic 3 Advance:
    • Heroic 4 Advance:
    • Legendary 1 Advance:
    • Legendary 2 Advance:
    • Legendary 3 Advance:
    • Legendary 4 Advance:
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Vrothuss - Powers

Post by Vrothuss » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:20 pm

3 Bennies
Beginning 3
Track expenditures here
PPE: 20/20
Recovery: 1 per 15 minutes
Adventure Card:

Ley Line Walker Powers List _
5 Starting Powers
  • Novice: armor, blind, bolt, boost/lower trait, burrow, burst, conceal arcana, confusion, darksight, deflection, entangle, environmental protection, fear, healing, light/obscure, smite, speak language, speed, stun, summon ally, wall walker
  • Seasoned: barrier, blast, damage field, disguise, dispel, farsight, growth/shrink, havoc, invisibility, pummel, quickness, slow, slumber, telekinesis, teleport, warrior's gift
  • Veteran: banish, fly
  • Heroic: drain Power Points, intangibility

Expanded Awareness (Detect Arcana; 0 PPE) [Novice/IF]
Mega/Temporal: No
Range: Sight
Duration: 3 (1/round) or 1 hour (1/hour)
Detect/conceal arcana allows a character to sense supernatural persons, objects, or effects within sight. This
includes invisible foes, enchantments on people or items, mad science devices, and so on.

Exalted Awareness (Exalted Detect Arcana; 2 PPE) [Novice/IF]
Mega/Temporal: Yes, Mega
Range: Sight
Duration: 3 (1/round) or 1 hour (1/hour)
  • This Mega Power effect greatly enhances detect arcana, giving it expanded analytical effects. With a successful arcane skill
    check on a particular magical effect or supernatural entity or phenomena, the caster can learn the following:
    • What kind of magic is at work.
    • Currently active powers.
    • General type of supernatural creature (vampire, werewolf, dragon, etc).
    • Any enchantments present on an item.
    • How much PPE or ISP a target possesses.
    • Other information the GM thinks appropriate.
  • When used on a supernatural creature, a raise on the arcane skill check reveals any general susceptibilities, including
    Weaknesses and ways to bypass Invulnerability. The power might reveal a ghost must be laid to rest by finding an
    object important to it in life, but not exactly what that object is or where it’s located.
  • This Mega Power effect can be used by Masters of Magic who have detect arcana at will. They must spend 2 Power Points to use it.
  • There is a drawback, however. Using exalted conceal arcana means the caster is −2 (or −4 with a raise) to be seen or found with
    clairvoyance or divination.

See/Sense Dimensional Anomaly (Detect Arcana; 4 PPE) [Rank]
Mega/Temporal: Temporal
Range: Sight
Duration: 3 (1/round) or 1 hour (1/hour)
This spell enables the wizard to feel ripples in the space – time continuum. He can often sense the general location of such anomalies. Senses the following:
  • The opening, closing and general location of dimensional Rifts within a 50 mile area.
  • The opening and closing of mystic portals, dimensional teleportation, Ley line storms, and time holes within one mile.
  • The opening, closing, and general location of dimensional envelopes within 100 feet.
  • The opening, closing and general location of dimensional pockets within 10 ft.
  • Sense when a space warp (teleportation), wink-out, or time warp is occurring within a 100 foot radius.
  • Sense the presence/essence of astral beings, two and fourth dimensional beings, entities and alien intelligences within a 100 foot radius. Cannot pin point location.

Flavor Text Here (Boost/Lower Trait; 2 PPE) [Novice]
Mega/Temporal: No
Range: Smarts (10)
Duration: 3 (1/round)
Trapping: Glowing blue aura made of what appears to be Ley Line and Rift material.
  • This power allows a character to increase any of a target’s Traits by one die type for a standard success, or by two with a
    raise. The affected Trait can exceed d12. Each step over d12 adds +1 to his Trait total. For example, a raise on someone
    who already has a d12 in the affected Trait grants him d12+2 for the duration of the power.
  • The power can also be used to lower an opponent’s Trait. This is an opposed roll against the victim’s Spirit. Success
    lowers any Trait of the caster’s choice one step, a raise lowers it two steps. A Trait cannot be lowered below a d4. Multiple
    castings stack, though the caster must keep track of when each casting expires as usual.
    ►►Additional Targets: The power may affect an additional target for every additional Power Point spent, up to a maximum
    of five targets. All targets share the same effect and Trait affected.

Flavor Text Here (Deflection; 2PPE) [Novice]
Mega/Temporal: No
Range: Touch
Duration: 3 (1/round)
[*] Deflection powers work in a variety of ways. Some actually deflect incoming attacks, others blur the target’s form or
produce other illusionary effects. The end result is always the same however — to misdirect incoming melee and missile
attacks from the user.
[*] With a standard success, attackers must subtract 2 from any Fighting, Shooting, or other attack rolls directed at the user.
A raise increases the penalty to –4. This also acts as Armor against area effect weapons.

Spatial Distortion (Temporal Deflection; 4 PPE) [Rank]
Mega/Temporal: Yes, Temporal
Range: Touch
Duration: 3 (1/round)
Master over space allows the temporal wizard not only to deflect attacks against them but also to redirect them! The power effects are the same (-2 and -4 on a raise) but the caster can make a Shooting attack at -2 (no penalty on a raise) to redirect failed attacks to another foe! This applies to ranged attacks only, melee attacks are deflected as normal.

Flavor Text Here (Smite; 2 PPE) [Novice]
Mega/Temporal: No
Range: Touch
Duration: 3 (1/round)
[*] This power is cast on a weapon of some sort. If it’s a ranged weapon, it affects one entire magazine, 20 bolts, shells, or
arrows, or one full “load” of ammunition (the GM may have to determine the exact quantity for unusual weapons). While
the spell is in effect, the weapon’s damage is increased by +2 or +4 with a raise.

►►Additional Targets: The character may affect up to five targets by spending a like amount of additional Power Points

Phase Weapon (Smite; 4 PPE) [Rank]
Mega/Temporal: Yes, Temporal
Range: Touch
Duration: 3 (1/round)
Weapons gain phasic properties, able to cut through physical armor with ease. Damage becomes Mega Damage and damage and AP of the enchanted weapon increases by +2 (+4 with a raise).

Flavor Text Here (Summon Ally; 3+ PPE) [Novice]
Mega/Temporal: No
Range: Smarts (10)
Duration: 3 (1/round)
[*] This power allows the character to summon a loyal and obedient servant. On a success, the ally is placed at any point
within the range of the power. On a raise, the ally is more durable and gains the Hardy ability. A summoned ally acts on
the initiative card of the caster and gets an immediate action as soon as it is summoned.
[*] All Allies are Extras, even Mirror Selves (see below).

Bodyguard _

A bodyguard is a humanoid soldier made of stone (or equally tough material).

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d6
Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 10 (4)
Gear: Long sword (Str+d8)
Special Abilities:
• Armor +4: Stone skin.
• Construct: +2 to recover from being Shaken; no additional damage from called shots; constructs do not
suffer from poison or disease.
• Fearless: Bodyguards are immune to fear and Intimidation.

Flavor Text Here (Wall Walker; 2 PPE) [Novice]
Mega/Temporal: No
Range: Touch
Duration: 3 (1/round)
[*] Spellcasters are frequently targeted in combat because of their arcane prowess and high-utility spells such as this are
great for getting the caster safely out of harm’s way. Of course, it has countless other uses too.

[*] Wall walker allows the recipient to function much like a human spider. He can stick to any surface, allowing him to
climb walls and even hang from the ceiling. With a success, the character can move along such surfaces at half his normal
Pace. With a raise, he may move at full Pace and even run.

►►Additional Targets: The character may affect up to five targets by spending a like amount of additional Power Points.

Dimensional Envelope (Wall Walker; 4 PPE) [Rank]
Mega/Temporal: Yes, Temporal
Range: Touch
Duration: 3 (1/round)
The Temporal mage has access to a dimensional envelope that exists outside normal dimensions and is all but undetectable except to someone who can see dimensional anomalies. exalted detect arcana can possibly notice it but at -4. The space is about the size of a walk-in closet and holds enough air for the duration of the power. The character simply walks through a wall and enters into the space. While in it he can effect his space, drop items off, or grab items stored in the envelope. When he returns to the normal dimension he pops back out right where he disappeared. Note: The passage of time is not altered.

Code: Select all

[b][size=150]Flavor Text Here[/size][/b] (Power Name; PPE) [size=85][Rank][/size]

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Vrothuss - XP & EP Rewards

Post by Vrothuss » Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:01 pm

Vrothuss _

Novice Gemini Demon Ley Line Walker/Temporal Wizard
Parry: 2 || Toughness: 5
PPE: 20/20
Combat Edge: None
Bennies: 4/3

Adventure Card(s):
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