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Signal - SWADE Rebuild

Post by Signal » Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:39 am

Character Sheet

Player Name: Timmy
Google Handle: MyDogIsAnEquestrian
Manny “Signal” Gibson
Rank: Veteran | Advances Left: 0
Race: Human/Nightbane
Attributes: Agility d6 (1), Smarts d10 (3), Spirit d10 (3), Strength d6 (1), Vigor d6 | d8 morphus (1)
Pace: 6 | d6 run; Parry: 5 facade | 6 morphus; Toughness: 4 facade, 6(2) w/kevlar | 7 morphus, 9(2) w/kevlar
  • Athletics* (Agility) d6 (1)
  • Common Knowledge* (Smarts) d4 (0)
  • Electronics (Smarts) d8 (3)
  • Fighting (Agility) d6 facade/d8 morphus (2)
  • Focus (Spirit) d10 (4)
  • Hacking (Smarts) d8 (3)
  • Notice* (Smarts) d8 (2)
  • Persuasion* (Spirit) d4 (0)
  • Research (Smarts) d6 (2)
  • Stealth* (Agility) d6 (1)
  • Thievery (Agility) d4 (1)

  • Driven (Major): A vow is a commitment to others. Driven characters want something for themselves. It may be to protect the realm, become a decorated officer, prove you’re the best gladiator in Rome, or the best pilot in the galactic fleet. The Minor version shapes the character and pushes his decisions but either happens rarely or is fairly harmless. As a Major Hindrance it’s an overriding desire that comes up frequently or causes peril for the heroine and those around her. Manny is driven to find the truth behind his adoptive father’s murder.
  • Cautious (Minor): This planner personifies restraint and carefulness. He never makes rash decisions and likes to plot things out in detail long before any action is taken.
  • Small (Minor): This adventurer is very skinny, very short, or both. His Size (see page 106) is reduced by 1, which reduces his Toughness as well. Size can’t be reduced below −1, but the Toughness penalty remains. A Small half-folk, for example, remains Size −1 and loses a point of Toughness. Manny is only a teenager, so maybe he’ll eventually grow out of this one.

  • Cybernetic Morphus (x2)*: This talent is considered a background talent, without exception this talent can only be taken at character creation. The nightbanes Morphus includes components of a cybernetic nature. The character gains access to Cybernetic or Electrical as a Trapping. (This edge may be taken twice to gain access to the trapping not selected Cybernetic or Electrical trappings, an additional +2 Nightbane Racial Abilities point. But you do not increase your talent bonus above +1.) In addition character gains +2 in Nightbane Racial Abilities to help represent the form and adds:
    • +1 to Clairvoyance, Detect Arcane, Divination and Light for characters who select Cybernetic trappings which are added to the nightbanes power list, but are restricted to the Cybernetic Trapping.
    • +1 to Bolt, Damage Field, Lightning Rider, and Speed for characters who select Electrical trappings which are added to the nightbanes power list, but are restricted to the Electrical Trapping.
  • Arcane Background (Dark Talents)*: Starts with 1 power and 15 PPE. Equivalent to AB (Gifted).
  • Martial Artist*: The fighter has trained in basic martial arts. Her fists and feet are weapons (see Natural Weapons, page 104) so she's always considered armed. She adds +1 when striking with them and causes Strength+d4 damage. If she already has a Strength damage die from the Claws racial ability (page 18) or the Brawler Edge, increase the damage a die type. Martial Artist does not add to damage from other Natural Weapons such as fangs or horns.
  • Combat Reflexes*: +2 to recover from Shaken.
  • Champion*: Champions are holy (or unholy) men and women chosen to fight for a particular deity or religion. Most are pious souls ready and willing to lay down their lives for a greater cause, but some may have been born into the role and follow their path with some reluctance. Champions fight the forces of darkness (or good), adding +2 damage when attacking supernaturally evil (or good if they're evil) creatures. The bonus applies to area effect damage, ranged attacks, powers, etc. The GM must decide which foes this bonus applies to, but generally it's any evil (or good!) creature born of magic or with any supernatural abilities.
  • Power Points: +5 Power Points.
  • Fake Elan: +2 to Benny re-rolls, awarded from training montage.

Nightbane Racial Features
  • Dark Sight: Supernatural awareness allows the Nightbane to ignore dim and dark lighting penalties in either form.
  • Immortality: Nightbane do not age again after their first transformation, called becoming.
  • Mirror Wall*: By taking a full minute of concentration while staring into a reflective surface, Nightbane are able to enter the Shadowlands with a successful Spirit roll (for games not using the No Power Points setting rule, this ability costs 1 PPE). The Nightbane may take others across with her as well. For each additional character transported, the Nightbane incurs a -1 to her Spirit roll (or, for games not using the No Power Points rule, for 3 PPE each). Each passenger crossing with the Nightbane must make a Vigor roll or suffer 1 level of Fatigue.
  • Sense Nightbane: The Nightbane can automatically sense others with Arcane Background: Dark Talents within Smarts x2 inches. If a Nightbane attempting to avoid detection by using conceal arcana encounters another Nightbane, the two make an opposed roll between the conceal arcana power skill and notice.
  • Regeneration: Nightbane regenerate quickly in either form and may make a natural Healing roll once per day (rather than once per week). Whenever the Nightbane gains a permanent injury, it may make a natural healing roll once recovered from the Incapacitation that caused the injury. On a success, the injury heals after 1d6 days.
  • Supernatural Becoming*: The Nightbane has the ability to turn into their Morphus form by concentrating for one full round doing nothing else. While in their Morphus form the character gains the following abilities:
    • Dark Champion*: Nightbane are natural enemies with the forces of darkness and gain the Champion edge whenever in their Morphus Form.
    • Dark Talents*: The character has Arcane Background: Dark Talents (See below for details).
    • Inhuman Shape*: The Morphus form is a horrific expression of the Nightbane’s subconscious. The Nightbane is uniquely inhuman. The nightbane’s morphus form is built using the race creation rules allowing for 8 build points and a maximum of -4 in negative racial abilities. All such Racial Abilities must be representative of the physical change in the Nightbane’s anatomy/appearance.
    • Invulnerability to Mental Manipulation*: Nightbane are highly resistant to mind control, possession, transformation, and any similar powers or abilities. Such powers/abilities tend to simply roll off of targeted Nightbane, and they are immune to any mind control, possession, or transformation power or ability not specifically designed to affect Nightbane (such as, by way of example, a power trapped specifically to force Nightbane to switch between their Facade and Morphus forms).
    • Natural Combat Ability*: While in Morphus form the Nightbane benefits from d6 Fighting (or a die type increase in fighting over their facade, whichever is higher) and the Martial Arts Edge. If the character already has Martial Arts, then it is increased to Improved Martial Arts. In addition if the Nightbane has natural weaponry such as claws or tentacles, they may still add the d4 damage from the Martial Arts Edge damage rolls from their natural weapons.
    • Supernatural Physical Form*: The Morphus form is supernaturally powerful. They gain +1 die type to Vigor.
    • Supernatural Toughness*: The Morphus form has +2 Toughness, and Combat Reflexes.
    • Unique Nature*: All Nightbane begin with two unique racial edges of choice (see below for options).
  • Sorcerous Potential: A Nightbane may choose Arcane Background (Magic), however they share the same power Point pool as their Talents edge when using Magic and the Spellcasting skill must be learned separately.
  • Electricity Dependency (-2 racial trait): Signal must consume or have contact with an electricity source for an hour out of every 24 spent in Morphus form. Without the required contact, he becomes Fatigued each day until Incapacitated. A day after that, he perishes. Each hour spent recovering at an electricity source restores a level of Fatigue.
Bennies Unlimited
Golden Bennies 0
1 for Hardin’s blaze
1 for Christmas
1 converted to a Dark Benny
1 spent on Kharis in PW
Dark Bennies 2
1 for Dark Day, 1 because I converted a Golden Benny
PPE 16
-4 for speed/quickness
-2 for lightning rider
Wounds 0 | Fatigue 0
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Re: Signal - SWADE Rebuild

Post by Signal » Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:42 am

Arcane Background: Dark Talents (Gifted)
PPE: 15 Recovery: 5/hour

Lightning Rider [Lightning Rider] (2 PP) [Novice]
  • Range: Smarts
  • Duration: Instant
  • Trapping: Manny (or his target) turns into living lightning and jumps into a wire, metal, water, or some other highly conductive material and pops back out in a different location.
  • Effect: (+1 to Focus roll to cast). Lightning rider allows a character to disappear into a conduit and instantly reappear up to 12″ (24 yards) distant, or double that with a raise. Riding to an unseen location incurs a −2 penalty on the arcane skill roll. Opponents adjacent to a character who jumps away don't get a free attack (see Withdrawing from Melee, page 109). If casting lightning rider on a willing subject, the caster decides where they move to, not the target.
  • Modifiers:
    • CONDUIT (+5): The character may spend 5 turns to navigate any distance through conductive material. If the character has an active connection to follow from the starting point to the finishing point no additional roll is needed. If the character does not have an active connection he must roll Electronics with a -2 for a familiar place, or -4 for a totally new location. Failure indicates he arrives somewhere completely unknown. This may include popping out periodically on the way to check on progress or other such trappings.
    • ADDITIONAL RECIPIENTS (+1): The power may affect more than one target for 1 additional Power Point each.
    • TELEPORT FOE (+2): Foes may be targeted by a Touch attack (page 108). This is an action, so the casting must be the second part of a Multi-Action if the attack is successful. The foe resists the casting with an opposed Spirit roll against the arcane skill total and is sent up to 12″ away with success and 24″ with a raise. Foes may not be teleported into solid objects.

Velocity [Sloth/Speed] (2 PP) [Seasoned]
  • Range: Smarts
  • Duration: Instant (sloth) | 5 (speed)
  • Trapping: Electricity (muscle spasms for sloth, electric jolt for speed)
  • Effect: (+1 to Focus roll to cast). Sloth lessens celerity and coordination while speed increases it. It halves the target's total movement each round (round up). With a raise, movement is also an action. The target automatically attempts to shake off the effects of sloth at the end of each of his next turns by making a Spirit roll. Success with speed doubles the target's movement (basic Pace and running). With a raise the character also ignores the −2 running penalty.
  • Modifiers:
    • ADDITIONAL RECIPIENTS (+1): Speed only. The power may affect more than one target for 1 additional Power Point each.
    • AREA OF EFFECT (+2/+3): Sloth only. For +2 points the power affects everyone in a Medium Blast Template. For +3 points the area of effect is increased to a Large Blast Template.
    • QUICKNESS (+2): Speed only. The character's total Multi-Action penalty each turn is reduced by 2 (she can do two actions at no penalty or three at −2 each).
    • STRONG (+1): Sloth only. The Spirit roll to shake off sloth's effects is made at −2.

Synapse Manipulation [Boost/Lower Trait] (2 PP) [Novice]
  • Range: Smarts
  • Duration: 5 (boost) | instant (lower)
  • Trapping: Electricity (Signal sends electrical signals to the target’s brain either improving or inhibiting his target’s abilities)
  • Effect: This power allows a character to increase or decrease a target's Trait (attribute or skill). Boosting an ally's Trait increases the selected Trait one die type, or two with a raise. Lowering an enemy's Trait has a Duration of Instant and lowers the selected attribute or skill a die type with success, or two with a raise (to a minimum of d4). A victim automatically tries to shake off the effect with a Spirit roll as a free action at the end of his following turns. Success improves the effect one die type, and a raise removes the effect entirely. Additional castings don't stack on a single Trait (take the highest), but may affect different Traits.
  • Modifiers
    • ADDITIONAL RECIPIENTS (+1): The power may affect more than one target for 1 additional Power Point each.
    • STRONG (+1): Lower Trait only. The Spirit roll to shake off the effect is made at −2.

Morphus Form Abilities (Total Build Cost: 14 Points, including -2 for Dependency)

Morphus [Altered Form] (3 points) [1 level, no modifiers]
  • Range: N/A
  • Duration: N/A
  • Trapping: Manny turns into a creature of pure electricity with a cybernetic faceplate/mask that helps him control his powers and manipulate electronics.
  • Effect: The hero can stretch or contort his body into basic shapes, raising or lowering his effective Size by 3. This isn’t actual mass, however, so he doesn’t gain or lose Toughness. Altered heroes have no vital organs (or they’re very resistant, protected, or hidden). Called shots have no effect on them. They also take only half damage from falling or collisions, both of which can only Incapacitate—not kill them.

Signal Jack [Broadcast] (2 points) [1 level, no modifiers]
  • Range: 1 mile
  • Duration: Indefinite
  • Trapping: The cybernetics in his mask, powered by the living energy from his form, pick up radio, television and other signals with ease, allowing him to listen in on even secure communications.
  • Effect: The hero can tap into radio and television broadcasts as long as there’s a connection to the network within one mile. Connecting to an encrypted transmission requires a Smarts roll at –2.

Electric Manipulation [Energy Control] (7 points) [1 level, Selective]
  • Range: 12”
  • Duration: Instant
  • Trapping: Manny summons electricity and directs it to a MBT within his area of effect. He can select which targets within the MBT are affected by this power.
  • Effect: The controller can manipulate enough energy to fill a Medium Burst Template up to 12” distant. As a free action, he can perform and maintain minor effects appropriate to his power type (electricity). He can also cause more intense effects, including:
    • Control: With a Smarts roll and an action, the controller can make the environment within his zone of control distracting or extremely uncomfortable. This inflicts a –2 penalty to Trait rolls within the area of effect until his next action (–4 with a raise).
    • Damage: Energy control can be used to injure targets by striking them with electricity. The controller may use an action to make a Spirit roll. If successful, everyone within the area of effect suffers 2d6 damage.
    • Nullify: With a Spirit roll and an action, the controller can completely contain or otherwise negate the selected energy type in a Medium Burst Template. Extremely intense sources of energy might inflict a –2 or –4 penalty as determined by the Game Master. If the roll is successful, the energy causes no harm to those inside. Direct attacks of the same type that enter or occur within the protected area do half damage (round down).

Electronic Savant [Interface] (3) [1 level, includes +1 “Code Breaker” modifier]
  • Range: Touch (inferred from description)
  • Duration: Indefinite
  • Trapping: Signal sends some of his own electric essense into the computer or electronic device, giving him a greater understanding and control over its workings. The incoming signals are interpreted and manipulated by his cybernetic faceplate.
  • Effect: Your hero can interface with electronic gadgets, giving him much greater access to their inner workings than others. He gains +4 to rolls involving the use of computers or other electronics. In addition, the super can open electronic locks, bypass security systems, and override other similar protection devices without any tools. This requires a Lockpicking roll modified for the quality of the lock. The character can even try if unskilled and normally not allowed an attempt, and still adds the +4 bonus for interface. It takes 1d6 rounds to bypass a system or half that (round down) on a raise.

Electric Resistance [Resistance] (1 point) [1 level, no modifiers]
  • Range: Self
  • Duration: Constant
  • Trapping: Electricity
  • Effect: Your hero is resistant to a particular type of damage or effect chosen from the Power Types (page 21). For 1 point, this grants her +4 Toughness against damage of that type, and +4 to rolls made to resist opposed rolls or effects of that type. She's generally immune to all but the most intense background effects (but not attacks) of the Power Type as well. A fire controller could enter a burning building at no risk, for example, but still burns should she end up in lava.

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Re: Signal - SWADE Rebuild

Post by Signal » Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:48 am

Manny, short for “Manuel”, was one of the lucky ones. Though an orphan, he was adopted at a young age by a couple in their mid-40s who were never able to have children of their own. He grew up in a loving family in the city proper, which is more than many Nightbane can say. His father was a decorated police officer and his mother worked for a small insurance company, and they had a good life.

When the Becoming came upon Manny, everything changed. He was alone playing video games in his room when it happened (thankfully), and he wrecked most of the electronic devices he owned when his electric form overloaded them and then drew them in. Subconsciously, he formed his faceplate from the innards of his now-ruined computer, radio, game console, TV, and bits of every other electronic device he had once had lying around. Once formed, the mask became a permanent part of his Morphus, giving Manny control over his electric form and presenting him with familiar sensory input: a HUD with various bits of useful information, not unlike one would find in any modern first-person shooter video game.

He tried to keep his new powers secret, but he couldn’t resist the urge to change whenever he thought he could get away with it. The ability to influence and control computers was intoxicating, and the expanded awareness he felt at being able to listen in on any broadcast signal whenever he wanted gave Manny a sense of control and belonging.

It was while listening to random radio signals one day that he recognized his father’s voice on a police frequency reporting a “10-33,” code for an officer needing immediate assistance. Manny perked up, paying closer attention. His father was only blocks away! Without thinking, Manny jumped into the nearest power line and was gone, speeding toward his father and focusing furiously on the radio signal. His dad’s voice kept breaking up, and Manny couldn’t get a good description of what was happening.

It took him only moments, but by the time he arrived, it was too late. Manny’s father lay dead, draped across the hood of his car with no wound to be seen, his weapon drawn and still clutched in his hand. Sirens wailed in the distance, but Manny barely heard them. His dad… gone.

In his grief, his power went haywire, and he accidentally hacked a secure signal he hadn’t even realized was there. He heard a male voice say, “Is it safe?” and another respond, “Yeah, a cop might have seen me leave, but it’s taken care of.”


After the funeral, he wasn’t sure what to think. He felt like he was in a haze, and he couldn’t get those two voices out of his head. “Is it safe?” What was it? Was his dad the cop? Or was that signal about something unrelated?

It wasn’t long before the first of the servants of ba’al came for him, and he began to realize he was part of a bigger world. He escaped by transforming and jumping into a wire, but he was afraid to go home; his mother had just lost her husband; she didn’t need creatures of the dark knocking down her door.

He made one stop at home to grab his dad’s old spare kevlar vest, but didn’t bother taking anything else he wasn’t already carrying. He was picked up first by the Underground Railroad and thought he could find a purpose with them for a time, until he heard an interview on the local news with an up and coming star in the tech world, a man named Andrian Habrand. Habrand was jabbering on about some new product or another, but the broadcast immediately caught Manny’s attention for another reason. That voice!

Habrand had been the male voice Manny heard the day his father died; he was sure of it. “Is it safe?” Habrand had wanted to know. Manny determined he would find out what the it was, and he would find out if it was connected to his father’s killing. The UR refused to help him because it would deviate from their mission, so Manny sought out and joined the Resistance. In exchange for his help in the struggle against the dark, they agreed to help him find out what he could about this Andrian Habrand and the night of his father’s death. Unfortunately, Habrand has taken notice of Manny’s inquiries and is none too pleased at the boy’s interference with his affairs...

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Re: Signal - SWADE Rebuild

Post by Signal » Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:53 am

  • Kevlar Vest: Taken from his home before he ran away, the vest had belonged to his deceased father who, despite department regs, had always kept a spare at home. Modified to fit Manny’s smaller frame, the vest covers Manny’s torso and provides +2 armor against most attacks. Against bullets, it also reduces damage by 4. (5 lbs) ($200)
  • Smartphone: It does what a smartphone does. Of course Manny has rooted it (jailbroken) and made some customizations of his own, mostly to help him bypass manufacturer controls and avoid detection when using it on a cell network. (1 lb) ($250, based on “pocket computer” price in SWADE)
  • Supplicant: Improved Bonded Heirloom Blade
    • Damage: Strength +2 Damage
    • AP: ∞
    • Notes: +1 Fighting, invisibility (Range: Self limitation) and silence (Aspect limitation)
    Signal's Knife.png
    The true name of this weapon has long been forgotten, but some refer to it in whispers as “Supplicant” due to the depiction of a praying, horned demon worked into the base of the blade. Whatever it was once called, the Supplicant is a fearsome weapon and has found its way into the hands of notorious killers and assassins throughout history. No one has seen it since The Dark Day, and most factions who care about such things believe it to be lost.

    Supplicant has the unique ability to pass right through armor, clothing and skin, slicing internal organs without leaving any outward mark. This ability makes it almost impossible to treat wounds Supplicant inflicts without the use of magic and tends to hide the cause of its victims’ deaths unless autopsies are performed.

    Some scholars of the occult have opined that the blade has a taste for death and that it seeks the hands of killers so as to better feed its own insatiable hunger. When Manny first picks it up, though, he senses something different from the ancient weapon: the Supplicant has hope.
    • Base Item: Knife (Strength + 1d4 damage)
    • Minor: +1 damage (Strength + 2 damage total)
    • Minor: +1 Fighting
    • Major: When wielded by one who has bonded it, this blade passes through armor, clothing and skin, doing internal damage to its victims without leaving any external sign. This allows the weapon to inflict Strength +1 damage AP∞ and ignore all inanimate material, armor and even skin at the price of losing the weapon die in the damage.
    • Major: New Powers Edge (invisibility and silence)
Cash: $50
  • Michael Powell: Resistance
  • Mary: Resistance

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Re: Signal - SWADE Rebuild

Post by Signal » Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:58 am

  • Initial Advances: (From Hindrances): +1 Smarts, +1 Spirit
  • Racial Edges x2 (Nightbane): Cybernetic Morphus x2
  • Novice 1 Advance: Power Points
  • Novice 2 Advance: Immortal Potential
  • Novice 3 Advance: +1 Spirit
  • Seasoned 1 Advance: Skill points x2
  • Seasoned 2 Advance: New Powers
  • Seasoned 3 Advance: +1 Smarts
  • Seasoned 4 Advance: Immortal Potential
  • Veteran 1 Advance: Skill points x2
  • Veteran 2 Advance:
  • Veteran 3 Advance:
  • Veteran 4 Advance:
  • Heroic 1 Advance:
  • Heroic 2 Advance:
  • Heroic 3 Advance:
  • Heroic 4 Advance:
  • Legendary 1 Advance:
  • Legendary 2 Advance:
  • Legendary 3 Advance:
  • Legendary 4 Advance:

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