Resource - Vacation Spots

Information for the players of the CS 17th SOG Battalion
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Resource - Vacation Spots

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Vacation Getaway!

1. All expenses two week paid trip to the Battledomes of Ishpeming. You'll have a box for the bouts, dinner reservations every night (for up to four), a pass that allows you to tour the stables, one guided tour of the Northern Gun Robot and Power Armor Manufacturing facilities, and luxury accommodations for a week. Priority transport will be handled by the CS Embassy, and you will be an honored foreign guest of Ishpeming and will comport yourself in such a manner as to be invited back.

2. Two week's stay at the Chi-Town Athletic Association Hotel. Easily one of the most historic and luxuriously appointed hotels of all of the hotels in Chi-Town. Even the Imperial Family is supposed to have a permanent suite here (with all appropriate security). Everything is first class, and nothing is left to chance. Entertainment at the local theatres is available at a whim, meet with famous stars and celebrities, and dine with the elite of Chi-Town society. One week of all inclusive luxury awaits you.

3. Want to get away from it all? Test your fishing skills? Relax in the pristine woodlands of Missouri? Come relax in peaceful seclusion at one of our cabins on The Daizy Valley Reservoir, each with a boat house and small fishing boat, full selection of tackle and rods, and bait for sale at the local store. A SUV and ATV are parked at the cabin for your use. Just plug the boat and vehicles up each night to charge them. The cabin has all the amenities - full temperature control, air filtration, access to live television from New Chilicothe and selected programs from Chi-Town. The two week stay is perfect for the outdoorsman or the recluse who just wants to get away to enjoy a good book or the company of a special companion. Transport to and from the site is included.

4. Do you love Into the Flames? Are you drawn to the unfolding drama? Have you ever longed to meet the stars? Now is your chance! For two weeks in the summer each year, the production staff and cast of Into the Flames goes from their normal filming location to one of a dozen hotel sites. And for a very special few of their fans, you get to stay in the same hotel as the staff and cast, treated to the same amenities, and on at least two occasions, be treated to a special dinner with the cast, producer, and director; exclusions apply. The experience is always top notch, and its hard not to catch some hint as to the future of the show! Come join us!

5. Are you tough enough? Are you man or woman enough to handle dinosaurs? We are not your average dude ranch. We raise dinosaurs for sale to the meat markets of Lone Star City, Chi-Town, and the rest of the Coalition as well as Free Quebec. Come spend two refreshing weeks where you will learn to cook dinosaur the way it is meant to be eaten, dine with first class chefs, meet the leaders of industry as they try and get a handle for how they will market and sell the best meat in the Coalition. Provide vital feedback and dine on delicacies made more exquisite because of the work put in to making them happen. This is a working vacation, but far from your norm. Come experience the life and simplicity of a dinosaur rancher!

6. The Peoria Beach Resort is the kind of vacation you want to bring the kids to, but keep coming to once you've retired and the kids are all gone! With underground beach resorts, one for families and one for quiet reflection, we have the facilities to cater to nearly anyone. Nightly shows of all sorts will keep the family and yourself entertained. Five star dining, amenities, and accommodations are just expected at this sort of resort, and the Peoria Beach Resort fully delivers! Two weeks with us will be refreshing.

7. Are you single? While beaches are no longer something we can enjoy thanks to the horrors that the Coalition Army protects us against, we have the next best thing. Come to the New Peoria Beach Resort. Set up on the shores of Upper Lake Peoria, the real fun happens in the lower basement of our facility where a five acre fun park has been erected in the honor of pleasure. But this is not for the kids! No family outings here. We have other resorts for that! Everything is set up for the pleasure of adults exploring one another in whatever manner suits them, whether it's a quiet candle lit dinner, the nude beach, the suds pool, one of our hundreds of hottubs or four night clubs, or either of the two gentleperson's clubs [ooc: strip joints too classy to be called strip joints]. Between the other patrons and the professionals, every need is sure to be met. Five star dining, amenities, and accommodations are just expected at this sort of resort, and the New Peoria Beach Resort fully delivers! Two weeks with us will be illuminating.

8. Are you set for a culinary tour the likes of which have never been experienced? All the top restaurants of Chi-Town have come together to offer this once in a lifetime opportunity! You will get a tour of their world class kitchens, see them prepare some of the top dishes, and get to sample them! Included will be trips to the market to find the best ingredients, including tips on how to choose the best for your own kitchen. After a wonderful dinner, you will retire to one of the nightly shows, or perhaps to more private entertainment, as the mood strikes. The next day you'll be up and out by 9 so as to see the next restaurant. The last two days will include brunch at the Chi-Town Athletic Association Hotel, lunch at your choice of five locations, and dinner at any of the locations you visited earlier in your visit. All expenses are included, all gratuities waived, and anything is on the menu. Come join us!

9. What happens in Springfield, stays in Springfield! At the Imperial Lake Resort in Springfield, and any of the shows and facilities on the Springfield Strip, you will experience your fill of exotic shows, gambling, sex, and all manners of hedonistic pleasure! Your wish is our command, and the video recorders are all off. What happens here is not for the family or the military to know. So don't tell! Two weeks of pleasure. Lodging, food, and other amenities are covered. Bring your credit balance for the games and the special friends you'll meet!

10. Are you a sucker for a cute puppy? Who isn't? Are you interested in a future in the sciences and have always been curious about genetics? Then this vacation is for you. The Chi-Town Genetics Complex is pleased to announce the opening of its premiere resort facility where vacationers and students alike will experience what it means to be a geneticist and how rewarding such a career can be. Cuddle with newborn dogboys! Watch them grow and learn right before your eyes! See the processes by which they are made, and hear from the dogboys themselves why they do it. Why they sacrifice everything for our safety. It's a heartwarming and educational look at the most overlooked and least understood component of our army against the alien and the demonic. Includes two weeks of lodging at a five star hotel, food, transportation to and from the site, limited access to the genetics labs, and a chance to do some basic work of your own! Come make history!

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Re: Resource - Vacation Spots

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Baton Rouge
Open but Cautious: These people welcome trade and travelers and are fairly amicable, but a bit cool, wary, and cautious of strangers. They are a pragmatic group with practical sensibilities and attitudes. They can be fun and peaceful, but respond to trouble quickly and aggressively.
Typical Wilderness Town
There is a good balance of general laborers and skilled professionals, as one would expect in a town built for the hangers on of a military base and trade port. Supplies and resources tend to be adequate, though not always plentiful. The town is built to CS standards, and as such tends to be better planned than many cities which grow up in more organic manners. Everyone wants to live there, but the town only accepts those who can be productive, and tends to kick low-lives and other undesirables out.

Population: 1100
Points: 280
A. Weapons and Armor: Good (10) – The I.S.S. office in town is moderately well equipped, and has two suits of SAMAS Power Armor. Most people in town tend only to have hunting weapons, which suits the local I.S.S. branch just fine. There is an operator in town, and he charges heavily for recharging E-Clips.
B. Medicine: Superior (30) – The hospital in town is used by the military for overflow during major operations, and gets a lot of business from CS approved mercs and merchant ships as well. It is the best equipped hospital until you reach Greenville or Fort Defiance.
C. Agriculture and Natural Resources: Good (15) – The proximity of the pine swamps, as well as the abundant fishing in the gulf and on the river makes for a generally well fed populace, as well as having enough left over for emergencies.
D. Real Estate: Bad (1) – If it weren’t for the naval base and the oil refineries, this town would not exist at all. The area is swampy and the hurricanes and storms that batter the area have been known to completely wipe the settlement off the map. If the base didn’t keep a sufficient supply of prefab buildings on hand to rebuild after these storms, the town would have fallen into ruin long ago.
E. Vehicles and Fuel: Good (15) – Most vehicles in the town are personal and hardy vehicles – a lot of personal mobility vehicles, ATVs, and the like. There are quite a few boats as well, though most tend to be SDC or light MD boats, not military grade equipment. Fuel can be come by relatively easily, but it is not cheap. Having a refinery in town doesn’t make them eager to give it away. It is one of the cash cows of the struggling city.
F. Administration and Social Structure: Good Sound structure (10) – With a Mayor, a Town Council, and many judges, and a highly competent I.S.S. staff, this town runs fairly well most of the time.
G. Alignment: Mixed anarchist and unpricinpled (4) – In general, people are lax about the rules as long as the greater good of the community is upheld. This has helped to encourage sailors from both the military base and passing ships to call upon the city for shore leave and entertainment.
H. Magic: None! (0) – As a CS town, the practice and understanding of magic is forbidden. There are a few people who are overlooked by some, but they are few and far between, and generally otherwise very well loved and respected.
I. Racial Tolerance: Zero Tolerance (0) – Again, as a CS town, these policies are expected and fairly well enforced. The only notable exception to this is the market which is open outside the city limits (and walls), where human looking D-Bees can at least conduct some basic supplies, but aside from hand made ammunition, and the occasional E-Clip, weapons and ammo are scarce.
J. Trade: Trade Center (30) – With the docks and petroleum refineries here, a booming trade center has grown up in this otherwise small town. Only the fact that it deals mostly in bulk goods, and the presence of the CS base keeps it from becoming like Merc Town or Kingsdale. Still it is possible to find most big items, and explorers and mercs often use it as a re-supply point. The majority of items available are aimed at the hunter and fishermen markets, as well as those living in the surrounding areas as trappers and guides. Cybernetics, and some bionic reconstruction is available, for the right price. A shopping district, restaurants, and even three casinos are available for visiting ships crews and for the base personnel. Most modern amenities are common in most buildings in town, including a good sewer system, and good water purification and reclamation systems.
K. Threats: Moderately Dangerous (10) – The presence of a major CS Naval base deters most threats, aside from the occasional bad storm or random monster or raider attack. Occasionally D-bee bands of pirates will raid the city, but they are dealt with efficiently enough by the military.
L. Skill Levels/Professionalism (50):
Builder/Fortifications (10)
Mechanic/Operator (10)
Trapper (5)
Pilot: Boat (5)
Trader/Merchant (5)

M. The Community Overall: Skilled (10) – With all of the casinos, refineries, and docks, the half of the population who are general laborers rarely lack for work. Most of the others have some degree of a specialized trade in 10-15% are skilled professionals. 4d6% are literate. Tech level is typically middling.
N. Shelter: Solid (12)
O. Sheriff and Deputies (12)
P. Power/Energy: Good (Mixed) (25) – Nuclear Powered Battery Backups with Natural Gas Powered Generators and some Hydroelectric Power.
Q. Special Features (61)
Harbor (2) with 6 docks and piers suitable for large freighters and tankers
Large Advanced Garage/Shipyard (12)
Large Advanced Garage (12)
Electronics Lab (10)
Country Maps (5)
Communications Suite (10)
Oil Refinery (10)

Mr. Squash's Emporium.
of The Things You've Always Needed at Reasonable Prices

Mr. Squash's Emporium is a large but low building built around the hulks of two shipping containers long since turned into store rooms and housing. The exterior is painted bright yellow and the doors and features a crimson colour. The name of the shop (despite the extended name is in tasteless neon lights over the entrance). The storerooms and private living areas are off limits to the public. The shop sells all kinds of salvage and obsolete and found items. The shop has racks upon racks of shelving filled with knick knacks and gee-gaws. Need an old compressor coil for a T43 refrigerator, a copy of the classic "Casablanca" on betamax, or perhaps just a bottle of propane for cooking on your next hunting trip? You can find it at Mr. Squash's. This shop is actually popular in the surrounding area and the contents seem to change almost on a weekly basis. Shopping here, you're guaranteed to find something you've been looking for for some time. The shop does not contain ANY weapon components, though he has occasionally some armour items, particularly optics and radios and the occasional helmet.

Mr. Squash is a low and sturdy man, many suspect he might be a DeeBee, but his genetic scan proving him to be true human is prominently displayed on the wall. He is a short stout swarthy fastidious man with a full and proud moustache and beard. He wears insanely garish and flamboyant clothes. There have been many aspersions cast regarding his orientation as a result. He is the proud owner of six cats (alpha,beta,gamma,delta,epsilon and eta) and regards them as family. He will pointedly refuse to sell to anyone his cats dislike. He is very refined in manner and speech. He chooses words carefully.

Red Stick Row: Situated along River Street and High Street (which intersect and basically form an L), Red Stick Row is the ultimate red light district. Two brothels dominate the district (one at each end of the street) and in between are a collection of bars (many with karaoke machines), restaurants (that serve alcohol), strip clubs (strictly no-touch, though the girls often moon-light at the brothels), and stores selling a variety of goods meant to ensure that the only memories of being in town are fuzzy and pleasure filled. Nothing strictly illegal is available, but certain items that skirt legality are available for a price. Despite the rough and tumble area, all of the merchants take only universal credits. Further, the brothels run completely above board, with the working girls (and guys) having to undergo weekly health screens and have bodyguards provided by the brothel they contract to.

Gold Key Casino: The creme-de-la-creme of the casinos in Baton Rouge. It regularly hosts officer get-togethers, and has the best security in Baton Rouge, including the military base. The casino is four floors, plus two wings of rooms, and more hotel rooms over those basic four floors.
The bottom floor is open to everyone and has one of the best karaoke set ups anywhere, as well as cheap drinks, penny slots, low stakes card and table games, and plenty for the average enlisted man to have fun with.
The second floor is set up as a complex of entiertainment with movies, a live theatre with a stand-up or musical act most nights, and open mic once a week. The hallways are littered with penny slots, arcade games, and vending machines selling everything from electronics to alcohol, sodas, and grub.
The third floor is a copy of the bottom floor, except that the stakes are higher and instead of a karaoke bar, it has a sumptuous fine dining restaurant with one of the best bars north of Lone Star and south of Merctown. When officers hold parties, this is where it's done. The town's elite, few as they are, also hold perma-invites to these occasions and the guest list tends to be a who's who in Baton Rouge. This is the only place in all Navy Bases where the Brown Water holds court, and the Blue Water officers hold their tounge. This is partly due to the influence of Captain Saunders, and due to the backing the casino subtly provides.
The fourth floor is a VIP area with multiple rooms dedicated to high stakes games, private entertainment for high rollers, and meeting rooms.

The Castle Casino and Entertainment Complex: If the Gold Key is the best, then the Castle is the poor man's best copy. While it is flashy, it is also a bit grimier and the polish a little less bright. Most non-citizens end up here if they make it out of Red Stick Row. The odds seem in the favor of the gambler here (they're not, but they hold the illusion better). It's not as big as the Gold Key and only has a single attached hotel. While the facade gets rebuilt every storm (cheaper than making the facade out of something hard to destroy), the main building, including the hotel, is one of the most secure in Baton Rouge. The Castle is a pre-rifts building. During a renaissance of high-tech building restorations, the Old State Capitol was reinforced and rebuilt, and its foundations sealed and made water-proof. It was then turned into a museum showcasing the very best examples of civil engineering, and it was this find that helped the CS master the art of building in the swamp - a task few had mastered. This building survived the rifts, and was the center of a rebuilt Baton Rouge until the CS took over the town officially and moved the government building. It's showing its age, but the consortium who bought the building from the town have put considerable effort into restoring it. The remains of the museum is still a tourist draw, and one of the floors of the casino is dedicated to just that, though cleverly hidden penny slots and video poker machines await anyone bored by all that history, but unwilling to leave loved ones or friends who aren't.
The main floor of the casino is pretty straightforward, and is a cramped affair with tables dominating the center of the area, and penny slots and video poker dominating the sides. The ventilation in the Castle is actually better than the Gold Key, which always smells of stale tobacco smoke. The air is clean and fresh at the Castle, due mostly to the existing HVAC system, which was replaced by a state of the art system by the CS government before it sold the building. Unknown to most, the casino can actually be sealed and operate on its own air for a week without opening a single vent to the outside world. The management uses this hyper-efficient system to keep the air fresh and crisp, and therefore everyone awake, happy, and spending money.

The Lucky Strike: By process of elimination, the Lucky Strike should be the middle of the road of the three casinos, with the top and bottom spots taken. Sadly this is not the case. Business wise it is the second most popular casino in Baton Rouge. It is also the one with the stingiest purses, the weakest booze, and the ugliest girls. The reason it holds it places is that it is also the only place you can bet on live sporting events - including a dog track, a professional fighting circuit and a popular amateur fighting circuit. They can host up to ten fights, with crowds in stadium seating around them, as well as two dog races. Its rumored that an underground juicer combat league is also organized there, but if so, the ISS hasn't tracked it down. It is also the only club that will allow D-Bees in its doors - as fighters. All D-bees are strip searched and scanned by on staff psi-stalkers and a few psi-hounds (on lone from the ISS, partly to keep the casino honest, and partly to keep tabs on the influx of fighters). D-bee fighters are allowed to participate in the amateur fights, and those fights are no holds barred, fight to unconsciousness fights. The casino has an excellent medical team, including a few psi-healers who are used for the diagnostic skills and for minor injuries.
Note: Naval Station Baton Rouge has barred any and all active duty personnel from fighting in these bouts. The casino, not wanting to lose one of its primary sources of funding, toes the line on this.

The Baton Rouge Riverside Mall: Baton Rouge has one thing few towns in Rifts Earth do - an actual mall. The building was once a museum, and was reinforced at the same time as the Castle Casino pre-rifts. Instead of replacing the impact resistant glasteel, the owners of the mall have opted for a more traditional approach - shutters. This means they can use much cheaper to acquire standard glass for the windows. The stalls and stores inside the mall are varied beyond belief. Outside there is even a small year round carnival with a ferris wheel and two roller coasters. All three rides are made to break down easily in case of a major hurricane (only takes 3d4 hours to break down all three rides). There is a collection of clothing and dry good stores, liquor and food stores, restaurants, bars, night clubs, even a few gaming halls (one room casinos with slots mostly, though a few offer card and table games as well - generally these places aren't packed, and therefore the odds aren't good for the player). The reason for the diversity is because the Mall is over a mile long, though only a few hundred feet wide and a single story.

The Kidd Floating Naval Museum: A pre-rifts Destroyer sits in a dry dock next to the Mall (which floods periodically, causing the old vessel to float). Originally the first USS Kidd was displayed here, but during the Golden Age of man, the third of the ships to bear that name replaced that antique which was beginning to rust through. Its SLEP improvements had given it a reinforced ceramic-lined hull. When it was retired in 2081, all of its systems were removed and the ship was converted to a floating museum. During much of the flooding which plagued the area during the coming of the rifts, the destroyer was sunk. The earliest inhabitants raised her from the mud, thinking they had found a usable ship, but the de-weaponizing had been too complete. Only a complete retooling and rebuild of the interior would ever make the ship seaworthy again. Instead it has returned to its purpose as a museum piece, though it now touts the wonders of the CS Navy as well as retaining some of the original pre-rifts displays. The Navy propoganda department has signed off on the museum ship, and approved all of its displays. Critics scoff that this means nothing remains that would challenge anyone to think or question the CS.

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