I Won't Be SWADE! (Well, maybe a little)

A Savage Rifts game based in England.
GM: Sgt86Delta
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Seelia Nishnocket
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I Won't Be SWADE! (Well, maybe a little)

Post by Seelia Nishnocket » Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:20 pm

Starting a thread to discuss SWADE for this game, once the relevant conversion documents become available. Now that SWADE is officially 'out' and the rules are print-ready, I expect conversions will be relatively quick.

Some IFs will probably change more than others, of course. Seelia's MARS, so I suspect there won't be any huge shakeups in it. Alterations to skills, sure, and Powers.

May not be much to do here right away, but in a little while we'll be glad this thread exists. :)

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